Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer Expecting Their First Child

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer have confirmed that they are expecting their first child later this year. They are not yet married, but are engaged. Tobey Maguire is the guy of Spiderman fame and Jennifer Meyer is the daughter of Universal Studios president and COO Ron Meyer. Networking, networking, networking! Jennifer is also a jewellry designer. Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, Courteney Cox, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Kidman are fans of her work. Jennifer said: “Let’s just say this is truly the best time of my life. I’m walking on air. I’m getting married, starting a family and have an amazing company.”

Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer

Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer

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  1. Diana says

    Lisa- I wasn’t meaning to be judgemental at all. I wish all those people who do have children outside of wedlock the best of luck, and sometimes the children are better looked after outside of wedlock than inside of wedlock in an unhappy marriage.

  2. Lisa says

    I think that having a relationship that works and raising an emotionally and physically healthy child is hard enough these days without having to justify ones actions, choices.

  3. braydie says

    exactly my thoughts on the matter. you took my post wrong Kelley I actually got married and had my son after we were married, HOWEVER i dont see nothing wrong with having a life together without being married. my husband and i were together for 6 years before even talking about marriage. Actually the only reason we got married is because we thought insurance would help us pay to get pregnant(which it doesnt cover infertility) but we didnt know that if we did we prob wouldnt of gotten married at that time. we had the commitment BEFORE we got a piece of paper saying we were “legally” supposed to be together.

  4. Diana says

    Lisa, I do understand what you mean, but I agree with Kelley on this fact, mainly because of my beliefs. But you are entitled to your opinion, and I respect you for it. It’s just sad these days that so many marriages end in divorce even before they have given it a go 😉

  5. Lisa says

    Oh yeah, the importance of the piece of paper means bulls@#% when half of everyone getting married gets divorced

  6. Lisa says

    Yeah, but using the terminology Mistake, saying people are wrong for their decisions, practically condeming people for the right to live their lives, come on, Having a child together is a commitment as well as being married. There is nothing wrong in “a certain order of thing” but that does not make other peoples actions WRONG. Do you get it, don’t be so discriminatory.

  7. Kelley says

    …..and that is why I think it is a problem. What is the big deal about a piece of paper? So many people feel that way and I scares me. I happen to think that there are a lot of people out there who think a piece of paper is a very big deal. Including many gay and lesbian couples who would desperatly love ot have that piece of paper.

    Personally, I believe that my marriage is more then a piece of paper. It is a commitment. That piece of paper is not what keeps my husband and me together, then commitment we made did. I don’t think there is anything wrong in believing that things should come in a certain…..marriage….kids.

  8. braydie says

    think they look great together. I love it when celeb guys get with a regular girls. what i hate is when they fall in love with a co star and dump that regular girl. I wish the best for these 2 …they’ve been together for a long time who cares about a piece of paper. whats the big deal about being married ? the only diference is when we fight i now can tell him i get half of everything…he shuts up real quick:) but other then that i cant see a difference.

  9. Kelley says

    I definatly thinks she looks like a sweet girl, and I like that she is not the typical hollywood girlfriend. She looks comfortable in her own skin, which to me looks good on anyone.

    Mistakes do happen, and I wouldn’t critisize someone for having a baby without being married. I do worry that a lot of Hollywood couples are perpetuating a stereotype that since a marriage would not work out it is still ok to have a baby. Its one thing to accidentally get preggers and not get married for the wrong reasons, but as much as it seems to be happening in Hwood I don’t think they all could be accidents.

  10. Diana says

    Kelley – I totally agree with you 😉 Well said 😉 I am not going to go on about being a Christian, but I do believe that marriage is sacred and having a baby out of wedlock isn’t the right way to go about your life, however people do make mistakes, I realise that. I think all too often these days people get married and then it is so easy to get divorced if they are not happy. But that’s my opinion. Tobey is gorgeous though don’t you think? She looks good pregnant too. I wish them all the happines. Spider Man 3 comes out in May 2007, I can’t wait!!

  11. Kelley says

    Ummmmm. Well I care as a matter of fact. I think there should be the benefit of marriage (before) someone gets pregnant. Does what matters to me amount to a hill of beans? Most likely not.

    Everything in Hollywood seems to filter down to general society, most importantly the ideals find their way to our youth. I don’t think that having a child (intentionally) out of wedlock is the message that I want given to my son or anyone of the young people in my family.

    So yes, it is a big deal, and the perception that it isn’t is why I think it should be.

  12. Lisa says

    who cares, it is a new century. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner shotgun wedding-Reese and Ryan-shotgun Kevin Dillon (Entourage) and his girlfriend-shotgun Hiedi and Seal-shotgun Julianne Moore-after 2 kids Casey Affleck-after 1 child CZJ and Michael Douglas-after 1 child. Does running out rushing a marriage that maybe one does not want for the sake of the baby legitimize anything-I think the prevelence of Divorce is pretty high on shotgun weddings.

  13. Kelley says

    Actually I think you are right. Reese and Ryan did get married after she was preggers. I think that if someone goes ahead and gets married they have a better chance of going ahead with it then if they wait for the kid to be born. Different strokes I guess. I know how much of a strain having kids can put on a relationship and having the bond of marriage can ease it a bit. Kids are tough man, they take a lot out of you. Personal friends that I know, who wanted to wait till after baby to get married generally never do.

  14. Diana says

    Kelley – I know what you mean. I think it is a very old fashioned thing to do now. I am not sure if Reese Witerspoon may have been married out having kids?

  15. Kelley says

    I know it is generally not ‘that” big of a deal anymore, but what happend to getting married and then having kids? Seems there is a lot of this in Hwood lately. Maggie Gylnehall, Tobey, Brangalina, Tomcat……….are they boycotting marriage?

    Someone help me out. Can you remind me of someone recently who got pregger and then actually ended up getting married? I think maybe Heidi Klum did it, but I’m not sure.

  16. Diana says

    Motormouth Mama – I totally disagree. He could have any girl he wanted, and I think she is cute too. You are just jealous 😉

  17. Angie says

    That kid has coolness built in. Imagine the first day of school:

    “My dad owns a toy store.”

    “Oh yeah? Well my dad owns a cookie factory!”

    “Haha, I got you both beat. My dad is SPIDERMAN!!”

  18. Angie says

    That kid has automatic coolness built in. Imagine the first day of school:
    “My dad owns a hardware store”
    “Oh yeah? Mine owns a toy store”
    “Haha, I got you both beat. My dad is SPIDERMAN!”

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