The TomKat Update

Well…I must admit that there isn’t exactly a lot to report. Oh well. Katie taking a solitary walk seems to make a major news story these days though. She was photographed taking a walk on the grounds of Tom’s Telluride, Colorado home where “the family” has been vacationing, though it seems “the family” consists of Katie and 3-month-old daughter, Suri.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom isn’t with his wife and child…he has been in Chicago where he honored Steven Spielberg on Saturday. Tom presented Steven Spielberg with The Golden Hugo Award at the 42nd Annual Chicago International Film Festival. Hmmmm… Tom looks like Tom here.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

And I guess this is proof that Suri exists…a stroller was photographed parked on the porch of Tom’s Colorado home.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom’s Colorado home is gorgeous!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

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  1. lynn says

    im not sure i understand, tom made her be in public the whole time ,even when she looked tired she look’s worse now,and why wouldnt he show the baby off that’s all he did when sge was pegnant (ultrasound machine) just for one example.

  2. E.J. says

    I am curious why Tom Cruise wouldn’t show his own daughter Suri in the picture?? I don’t think that Tom and Katie should keep relationship… I would like to have them to split, so I think it would better for Chris Klein to get back together with Katie Holmes unless its up to Chris if he would accecpt to be the stepfather.

    I am sorry for Katie Holmes to be very suffering


  3. Diana says

    Braydie – I just think that you say a lot of funny things that’s all and it is fun to make comments about the celebs, not just being bitchy all the time!! 😉

  4. braydie says

    post 22 was supposed to be under braydie. my son decided to change my handle to write a post of his own and i didnt see it.

  5. PunydickpittNangeldicklips says

    Diana I believe when ever anyone brings me intentionally into there own personal crap i ALWAYS say to them…say it about the post at hand and not the posters that have there own opinions. but after i tell them off that is:)

  6. Diana says

    She will be gorgeous. By the way, there seems to be more personal bitchiness on this website than anything else. It is so easy to get sucked in, but remember to enjoy the site and comments on the celebs, not get personal with other people! Otherwise you will go round and round in circles and nothing will get resolved. It won’t make you feel any better, but that’s my opinion! 😉

  7. braydie says

    Cindi also read the actual post…it said a stroller was photograghed a there house and i responded that i didnt see one.

  8. braydie says

    Cindi first off i was asking everyone…and no i dont know tom or katie nor would i want to. I was stating MY opinion ..why is it so hard for people LIKE you to understand OTHERS have a opinion too?? bitch, you need to stop calling people “child” cuz it can come back at ya. you posted previously WHAT?? i dont see a post from you on this topic at hand so why dont you say something about the post and not other posters. “peace within thy self” ??? lady you dont know me so dont assume you know ANYTHING about me. also, let go of what???? why dont you say anything to the other posters here? some said worse things then i did. If you dont like what i say and if it bothers you so then why dont you “let go” and find some “peace” yourself. NOW i was addressing YOU on this post. no one else is that clear enough for you?

  9. Cindi says

    braydie, as I posted previously, who are you addressing when you make these posts ? i dont see a stroller……are you expecting Katie or Tom to answer you? Child, you need to let go and find peace within thy self

  10. braydie says

    i dont see a stroller……i see a big blob of pink and black. The press is ALWAYS on them i can see why she would be pissed and sad. I cant see why NO pictures of suri exist though BECAUSE the pesterazzi ARE always on them. Somethings not right. Even though tom c. didnt “officailly” allow pictures to be taken of his 2 adopted children doesnt mean there werent pictures OUT there. there was. Wheres suri???I really hope there not keeping that baby in the house 24/7. thats not good for a baby. I do believe ther eis a suri though…why would they “fake” it for???

  11. Kelley says

    I’ve been on the (why can’t katie come out and play) side for a while now, but I was thinking back.

    She never really was a get out there kind of girl. All the time she was on Dawson’s creek she stayed out of the spotlight a lot.

    First Daughter wasn’t a blockbuster or anything, but she didn’t do a lot of press on that.

    She did do some Batman Begins press tours, but lets face it, even though it was right up there in status with MI3 we saw more of her at Toms stuff then we did of her on hers.

    All this makes me think that maybe it really is more about Katie wanting to lay low, then Tom keeping her under lock and key. It is very possible that she has had the baby out for walks many time, and the lack of pics could easily be explained that Tom paid off the photogs, after all whats a few thousand bucks to each of them to him anyway? JMO

  12. Elle says

    Katie Holmes looks like someone who is depressed and just wanted to take a walk and “get away from it all”, as much as she is “allowed” to do so. Also, she looks irritated that she could not simply take a walk on her Fiance’s property without being “spied upon”. So! I think she is both sad and angry in this photo. I think that is normal and she is probably the only “normal” one living in that house, other than her poor baby who does not know what is going on. I think it’s interesting that Tom was in Japan the week before and in Chicago last week and meanwhile Katie is in hiding in Colorado. It is all so strange. No, this is not normal behavior for two people who are so inlove and so happy to have a new baby and planning to be married very soon! This is NOT NORMAL. Something is amiss here and it shows on her face and Tom’s fake smile is no longer convincing.
    I know a small baby should not travel all over the place, but couldn’t he have taken Katie to Chicago and treated her to a special night out when he was honoring Steven Spielberg? He has a Private Jet. Couldn’t he have taken Katie and the baby and the Nanny with him? Brad and Angie traveled a lot further to bring their tiny Newborn home from Africa. But, Tom could not “allow” Katie a night out in Chicago with him? . . . She sure was fooled by Tom in the beginning of their relationship and now she is paying the price. Run Katie . . . Run for Your Life, literally! I am willing to bet she is even more depressed with all the Glorious coverage on the absolutely Fairytale Wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban! Can you imagine how Katie feels seeing their absolute and complete JOY all over the place?! And there she is stuck with the one Nicole escaped from . . . and regained her Life as Katie continues losing her Life! It must depress Katie beyond belief! See

  13. Courtney says

    Poor Katie! I really hope she doesn’t have PPD. If she does, there’s no telling how long she will have to go through that terrible stage without getting the proper treatment. My best friend had a baby 6 months ago, and is just NOW getting over PPD after seeing a psychiatrist 3 times a week and taking the appropriate medication for it. She says she feels like a whole new person and can finally and properly take care of her daughter. I am proud for my friend for getting the help she so desperatlely needed. I just hope and pray Katie (and especially that little girl who didn’t ask to be born to such a wacko father) are both happy and healthy, physically AND mentally!!

  14. cherisse says

    i think that Katie needs a little break she looks soooooooo tired and exhusted. She looks like she was going to fall out while walking. She needs to take a break from Tom and just sleep all day or at least relax watch tv or something. I know she should go to Ohio and relax their her town is very peaceful.

  15. kendra says

    Katie looks like hell.
    Celeb moms don’t look like this. She has all the help in the world.
    Something’s not right here.

  16. Lisa says

    All I know is I get up 2 hours before work to get ready and get my child ready, not to get to work out while the nanny stays with and get s the baby ready to go with me to the set for the day. I pay a good percentage of my paycheck to have my daughter at daycare away from me, and I drive her there and leave her there because I live check to check and if I lost my job I would not be able to feed her. I love celeb gossip and I love Kate Hudson but her book bears no relevance to how I raise and thorougly adore my child

  17. NIcki says

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if she actually used the stroller.
    Instead it looks like a movie prop. Maybe “little Suri” can’t be exposed to fresh air.

  18. Kelley says

    I really hope that she isnt going through PPD. I realize it would be ironic, but I worry that Tom would not let her seek treatment based on his views. At any rate, I hope this is not the case and she is just irritated at having her picture taken.

    I am not all that concerned about seeing a ppic of Suri yet. After seeing the pictures of little Kingston with cameras in his face I commend them for saving their baby from that fate.

  19. Maria says

    I think it was planted !!!!!!!!!! There is no baby !!!!!!!!!! Okay it’s like a million degrees everywhere and she has a sweater on and black sweats !!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with those 2 !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. KellyMay says

    She looks so sad 🙁 I heard that the wedding would be in the next few weeks to early August and also that Kate had lost a ton of weight. She looks pretty healthy to me there. I wish they would just show the babe so the fear of the ‘razzi’ getting the first shots isn’t so….as much as I love Tom and Kate, enough is enough!

  21. Braydie says

    his “wife” thats alittle misleading isnt it or did they get married and i havent heard about it???

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