Provocative Article About Mothers

Wow…check out this article.

It is quite interesting. It mentions a website community called I had never heard of this site before, but it is apparently quite popular with urban mothers.





  1. Diana says

    It sure is, I just wonder how people can be so shallow. I don’t mean to sound judgemental but you do wonder what society our children will grow up in if in 2006 this is what we are looking at, and what people get pleasure out of reading. Gone are any morales x

  2. Diana says

    I just think it is very sad that the second picture down portrays that mother saying such a thing. How very sad.

  3. Debs says

    I just signed up for UrbanBaby after reading about it here. I think it’s great to have a place where mothers from all over the country can talk about their experiences and troubles. However, I was deeply saddened by the level of non-compassion displayed by some people on the message boards, specifically the toddler board. One person called another a “dumbass” for asking what message board they were on. That foul-mouthed person proceeded to ask that no “newbie” come on to the message board, only experienced UrbanBaby surfers…………………………….

    Make up your own minds about whether the people using UrbanBaby’s message boards are at all supportive…….. Shame on that one person!

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