Michael Douglas Is Funny

This is a wacky story! You can tell Michael Douglas has a fun sense of humor though! (This is just a older photo of Michael with Dylan and Carys)

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Michael Douglas has quipped about his holiday jellyfish attack in Majorca, Spain, insisting his son may need therapy after urinating on his back. The actor was vacationing with his family at their summer home when he suffered a nasty sting and pleaded with five-year-old son Dylan to alleviate the pain. The Wall Street star explains, “I took my kids down to the ocean the other day and we had a little problem – we have jellyfish. I got stung actually pretty bad, across my back just last week. There’s sort of a remedy that we’ve all heard…urine. It’s the remedy if you have a bad sting. So I asked my five-year-old son if he would pee-pee on my back. He looked at me like he’d gone to heaven. He was like ‘This is what I call a good summer holiday! Pee-pee on daddy’s back!’ I don’t know if it helped at all, but my son was happy. We’ll work it out in 20 years (when he’s in therapy)!”
I’ve never heard of this jellyfish sting remedy before…good to know I guess! 🙂

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  1. says

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  2. braydie says

    Have you ever seen that episode of jackass where steve-o put jellyfish on himself for fun? he peed in a container right before hand and as he was pouring his own piss on himself he said that it was working. i dont know but i have been stung by a jelly fish…it hurt like hell. but i didnt know that urine helped Cuz I would of done it lol!!

  3. Jackie says

    Well there are plenty of reliable sources that say it is completely a myth. I guess you just have to do some research and decide which ones to believe.

  4. KellyMay says

    Interesting girls! I now on survivor they had been told that is what they were to do, and I thought it was the salt that helped but I’m wrong it’s the ammonia?!? You learn something new everyday, Thank god Jelly fish do not live in fresh water(it’s all I am used to LOL)!

  5. KellyMay says

    That’s so funny!!! They will talk about that for years!!! I remember seeing that remedy used on the first Survivor show by Sue and Richard LOL

  6. Kay says

    Ive heard of the Jellyfish Remedy – well it was in an episode of Friends – but i heard to worked!

    So good on Dylan to be able to relieve his daddy’s pain!
    Thankfully he was around to help him x

  7. shelly says

    I also heard that you should urinate on the spot a person gets stung by a jellyfish, it’s weird yeah and I have no idea if it works though lol

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