Kate Hudson Gushes About The Joys Of Motherhood

“Just watching him discover every part of himself and especially his mind is just fantastic,” Hudson says of raising Ryder Russell Robinson. Indeed, the actress (in Malibu) relishes every moment she spends with her 2-year-old. “Isn’t it funny how it takes over everything?” she told InStyle of parenthood. “It makes you never want to work again.”

Kate Hudson

She also has explained Ryder’s long locks! She said on The View last week, “I’m part-Jewish, Hasidic Jews – they don’t cut their kids hair until they’re three. “I’m not very religious, but it’s actually kind of beautiful, they compare the men to a tree and trees don’t bear fruit for three years. “So I just figured maybe on his third birthday I’ll cut it. I’m going to cry my eyes out!”




  1. braydie says

    I guess your not leaving boo hoo. what you get pissed off because someone proves you wrong or tells you off , and you threaten to leave the site? NO ONE CARES. leave. “enlighten” us WITHOUT your presence. and i didnt remember you …i was actually reading past posts from a long time ago and seen you try to sneak a post in trying to tell me off. your a stupid crazy stalker. IM sure you like long hair on BOYS.

  2. Lovinall says

    Oh how Sweet bradie to remember me from another site!
    I just happened to look up and see you are still ranting!!!
    Keep spreading the love LOL LOL

  3. Lovinall says

    I never cut my little boys hair for probably four years and he was so cute with his long blonde locks. I suppose it was because I like long hair on boys or men!!!! It is all about what you like personally. I still have his ponytail!!!!
    So it was a great choise. Some folks tried to get me to cut it
    but I never worried about that. It makes perfect sense to me that Kate would like long hair. Most Rockers do!
    Now braydie is stalking me on this site and I do not have a clue to what she is talking about? Still lovinall Brad D????

  4. braydie says

    lovinall~ i just read your comments on a older site about brad pitt being father of the year. I dont know why you believe you can say what you said( you know what you said) and then believe you can have a opinion of your OWN. That was MY opinion ..IF you dont like it then leave the site like you said you were and havent yet. I will continue to say what i wish if you dont like it kiss my ass. from now on i will be a total bitch to anyone that brings me into there personal feelings. i dont care what your feelings are. this is a site about opinions and not about what you think i should write or not write. sorry to break in the topic at hand. and talk about somehting diferent all but i had to and this was the last place she was at that i could remember. no one has to comment on this. if lovinall wants to respond thats fine but ill only respond to her, its between me and her.

  5. Nicki says

    Braydie~ Did you post today on the Brad Pitt/ Ann Curry fatherhood thread at 3:16pm? #34? It didn’t sound like you, just wondering.

  6. braydie says

    THESE are the pictures that made me change my mind on his hair in the other post about his hair…it dont matter if he likes it that way, then who am i to say anything. they look so adorable in these pictures !!!

  7. Angie says

    Who cares about his hair?? It’s well cared for and his mom obviously loves him. I dressed my daughter and still do in blue clothes. Doesn’t mean I thought I wanted a boy or wanted to degrade her as a girl. She just looks pretty in baby blue. I like seeing the pics where he has no more binky in his mouth! I had a hard time weaning mine and can only imagine Kate has too.

  8. fawna says

    i ADORE Kate Hudson! she is luminious! she is the girl you wish you had as a friend, and the women every man would like to have………she is not at all conceited, she is smart as a whip and a wonderful mother to boot…….I love seeing pictures of her and Ryder, kudos to goldie for raising such a smart, talented daughter!

  9. Shira says

    I think that Kate is a beautiful person putting her son, motherhood and her family’s traditions and beliefs at the forefront. Mazel Tov! 🙂

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