Julia Roberts With Family

Here Julia is with son, Phinnaeus Walter and daughter, Hazel Patricia. The twins will turn 2 this November. Why does Danny always look sooooo grouchy all the time?
Julia Roberts



  1. alexis says

    Like a love all har movies i seen all of them like my bast friends wedding.

    I love you Julia and you have the biutifule

  2. Lolitha says

    I think shes done well forherself,from the pics it looks like she has a very happy family,here kids look adorable,shes always been a great actress.im happy for her,i loved her in my best friend’s wedding and Notting hill(esp the line where she says,im just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her).good luck for the future,i hope its for keeps

  3. cb says

    Beautiful kids and hats off to you for keeping your private life private.

    Looks like the “Pretty Woman” has some really adorable kids.


  4. Ms D says

    I agree with #8 and #9.

    I also found it funny that the webmistress commented “Why does Danny always look sooooo grouchy all the time?” when to me, that was my first thought–about the kids. (well at least the little girl–I couldn’t really see the little boy very well)

  5. sparky says

    i’m sorry, i know it’s mean, but i don’t think her little ones are very cute. maybe it’s just the pics but i have yet to see a pic where i think they look cute.

  6. Sheri says

    I think Julia is a terrific mother. Her twins are gorgeous. Julia has always been wonderful in my book. She is my all time favorite actress. I have every movie ever made with her in it. Now to see her a a mom is out of this world. Right on Julia.

  7. JoAnn says

    I think that Julia is an amazing womaen mother and acctress, anyone that can walk around with cameras flashing in ther face all the time and still have not made a fool of them self deserves if nothing else respect.

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