Brad Pitt Talks With Ann Curry About Fatherhood

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad sat down for an interview with The Today Show’s Ann Curry and reveals the joys of burping baby! Cute!
Pitt: Man, I got kids now. And it really changes your perspective on the world. And, you know, I’ve had my day. I’ve had my day. I made some films and I’ve really had a very fortunate life. And it’s time for me to share that a bit.

Curry: Angie says that having children really changes things.

Pitt: It’s true. It changes … it completely changes your perspective. And certainly takes the focus off yourself, which I’m really grateful for. [Laughs]

Pitt: I’m really grateful to them.

Curry: You tell …

Pitt: I’m so tired of thinking about myself. I’m kinda sick of myself.

I can’t do justice to it anymore than any other parent can. You feel that you want to be there and you don’t want to miss out on anything. And it’s a true joy. And you want to be there for them if they need anything. It’s a true joy.

Curry: Love.

Pitt: Yeah, it’s … oh, a very profound love. Yeah.

Curry: Wonderful.

Pitt: Best thing I ever did. You know, you can write a book, you can make a movie, you can draw, paint a painting, but having kids is really the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever taken on. And, man, if I can get a burp out of that [baby], that little thing, I’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment.

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  1. Mika says

    Why didn’t they stay in Namibia and never come back here? Now, that they purpose is done, they don’t care about Namibia anymore. They are here living in their fancy masions, driving in their air conditioner cars, eat in fancy restaurant, etc… These people are users and I am tired of Brangelina pictures, they are both pathetic people, him saying he is tired of talking about himself? Well, then go hide your face in a cave. I am so sick of these hollywood people

  2. braydie says

    Was that post addressed to you tina? no i think not. I believe i made it to carliegh. Unless i missed it TINA you havent wrote not one thing about the post at ALL, well except for thinking you can tell other posters what to do. so you sound like a poster hater…..heavy sigh….. sorry about double post

  3. braydie says

    Was that post addressed to you tina? no i think not. I believe i made it to carliegh. Unless i missed it TINA you havent wrote not one thing about the post at ALL, well except for thinking you can tell other posters what to do. so you sound like a poster hater…..heavy sigh.

  4. Carleigh says

    Yeah Tina and your just as guilty because you chose to comment on the situation so what preytell does that make you exactly? The model of maturity and wisdom??? NOT!

  5. braydie says

    Carleigh…its been solved. i dont think i gotta worry about the other “Braydie” with the capital B anymore. “who” ever it was got a taste of her own medicine.

  6. Carleigh says

    WOW…what have I been missing??? Days of Our Lives on babyrazzi! LOL…Braydie I haven’t been around for a bit but I tried reading though the posts above..what’s up with this whole mess? Somebody is messing w/ you or your name or something? That’s kind of crazy girl ain’t it? It was probably one of the Braydie/Carleigh haters trying to mess w/ ya! F*CK EM if they can’t be real!

  7. Tina says

    I’ve been enjoying this site so much…and I have fun reading comments posted about some of the pictures found here. But if you all scroll up and read what’s going on, you’ll find you are all so self-absorbed…like anyone cares about your personal feelings and what’s going on with you. I say get a freakin life about the whole celebrity thing…you guys are so funny taking things so personally on behalf of these celebs! Each person defending a celeb is telling the other not to be judgemental…and they are doing it themselves! How hilarious! I say stick to the subject and don’t get so freakin upset!!

  8. Nicki says

    If she even bothered to read the posts she would have known that. I don’t agree with you Braydie on anything, but I think I do on this. I’m not pointing fingers, but just by reading the posts, and MMM not here, and then defending herself after being called out, I don’t know but looks like you were right.
    I would prefer an honest bitch, over a deceitful ‘person’.

  9. braydie says

    yup sure. whatever you say. its nice that the other braydie hasnt been back since you got back though. BTW post 39 was ME. i have no reason to hide it …nor did I ever try to.

  10. motormouth mama says

    I don’t have anything to prove to anyone on this blog…but I also have just as much of a right to be here as the next person. Braydie, believe it was me taunting you or not I could really give a shit less to be honest! I know that in my previous post I told you all about my husband and ONE child and this other person taking over my godamn handle is claiming I have KIDS! I am opinionated enough and have enough balls to post UNDER my OWN name, the things I want to say and in whatever words I have to say….I don’t play this stupid shit of hiding…why it’s a fucking computer for godsakes! Why would/should I mess with you just because you happen not to care for Brad or Angelina? That’s really stupid and immature! I might not agree with your ideals or your posts but to attack you through the computer is absurd and if you really feel that it’s me behind this little “Braydie” conspiracy then more power to ya!!!!!!!!! Like I am going to sit around and BEG you to believe me……NOT! All I can do is reiterate that it is NOT me and as much as I like Brad and Angelina and admire them as people I wouldn’t write such rubbish as in post #39! Get a grip gf!

  11. braydie says

    I can honestly tell you all that this other braydie isnt me. I dont care what anyone says..i havent hid the fact im a bitch. Ive always said i was …. I also believe that pottymouth mama was the one on doing this and now that she has someone to “back”her up she is “suddenly” back? w/e……. also there has been no post under my name since i made fun of her…I dont know what people go threw or what is in their personal lives. WHO knows if its really the truth? I wont tell them im sorry for what they have going on in there lives…I do feel for them but to me really it doesnt matter what is going on in other peoples lives that i dont know. Do you people care about what goes on in my life …no. I DO feel for sandey. my mother in law just had a liver transplant right before my son was born and without it they gave her 2 weeks to live. Im glad she was here to see her frist born grandchild born.
    I always almost just say something about the post at hand and then SOMEONE else brings up stupid crap about me… I do have the right to respond … im NOT going to apologize for being myself. IF ANYONE has a problem with that tell me under your OWN name. as for sandey believing it wasnt i dont agree. I DO believe it was her. NO ONE will know for sure who it really was. TO me it sounds like her. ALL i know it wasnt me. post 45 was me …and i dont believe it was a low blow at all. i believe i have the right to stand up for myself no matter if its IRL or on a computer. also i bought her name up beacuse of post 21. read it after all the others…the only ONE i was argueing with was her, then all the sudden shes gone and this other “Braydie” starts in. yeah right ….pottymouth mama was upset because people werent agreeing with her. THATS why I believe it WAS her. oh and now shes back …wierd huh?

  12. Sandey says

    I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, that was not the point of my post. I am way luckier than some as I have been given the opportunity to make the most of what ever time I have. My point is I am sorry someone or a lot of someones were disrespectful for what ever reason to apparently all involved. I just wanted to make sure posting or reading people understood why I felt the way I do about the comment I made regarding I honestly don’t think mmm has it in her to be that mean. When a person’s world is not so happy all the time, it isn’t easy to make someone else unhappy intentionally. I don’t know what was posted in her name and it is of no importance. Giving any attention to whatever valadates (probably misspelled, oh well but I don’t feel like going to the trouble to check if I spelled it correctly or not) someone who shouldn’t be valiadated. I get a lot of smiles and chuckles from this site, but it is just a site, it isn’t personal. Now Braydie, this is said with a smile and who ever else it is said with a smile. Opinions are just like ass holes, we all have one and if we don’t well we are gonna get backed up. an opinion is just that and so needs to be taken as such with out getting personal or angry. I need a good chuckle so how bout it?

  13. motormouth mama says

    The above posts taunting Braydie weren’t me. I haven’t been around the past few days because I have many personal things going on. I just think it’s very sad that people have nothing better to do than fuck around with my handle and try to provoke things on my supposed behalf. First of all if you all read my previous post you would know that I have one child not KIDS…just an FYI! So in the future if someone cowardly wants to piss people off and take cover behind MY screen name more power to ya and rock on and all that good stuff! I will write more when I have time but I can assure all of you here that post #39 was NOT me and I don’t even speak like that. Sorry for all the BS on here but I don’t have to hide behind an alias and try to egg someone on into a verbal sparring match. Sorry Braydie and I know that some of the other posts that were supposed to come from you obviously weren’t made by you’s blatantly obvious! You all take care and I have a lot of fun on this board but it’s just been hard to get on here much with things being as they are! Will keep all informed.

  14. Nicki says

    Sandey, I like to address everything, but I am going out for the night. Just quick~ Braydie and I agree on basically nothing. I do respect her openish and honesty, she will tell you straight up she is a B*tch. I haven’t read your whole post because I do have to go, but I did want to respond and do tell you I do understand the diversion. I help physically handicapped people, teenagers and adults, who have lost use of thier limbs. Thats why I’m on here a lot, (most (of the male) for entertainment who lust and dream of Angelina)
    I would like to continue this tomorrow if you’d like. I’m sorry for what you are going through, we all know someone who’s there or been there, OK maybe not all, most. I know I have many times. I think the key is don’t take it personal,(it’s a gossip site) or join an online chatroom which is in realtime.

  15. Sandey says

    Here’s the deal, I’m going to die and I know it. Babyrazzi is a diversion for me. Her husband is very ill I believe babyrazzi is also a diversion for her. A place to escape to when the real world hurts too much. People who’s lives are falling apart don’t have the time or energy for this kind of stuff nor do they even have the mental capacity to give it a thought. Escape for a short period of time is all they want or need. I have my own feelings about all of this and I think the first post was a rude joke, but I don’t think motor momma did it. I have real mixed feelings about the rest of the posts. I think other people jumped on the band wagon because Braydie reacted. I think her (mm’s) world is hard enough and we were her friends who may not agree with her, but we were important to her just like all of you are important to me, you help me escape the reality of what is real when I need it. Whether I comment or not reading your thoughts is an escape for me. Lots of people who used to post haven’t posted lately. Lots of people don’t agree with lots of people. What if I’m right and she had no part in it? I had to say something because my heart is going out to her. I am sick inside my heart because I don’t think she had any part in anything, she got the blame and it rolled on from there. I think it was a joke from unknown and she took the fall. Go back and read her posts, I did and I don’t think she has it in her. She was too grateful sounding to have an escape. She opened her heart to us and like it or not agree or not it is what it is. It could have been anyone any where in the world. What if Braydie’s belief is not correct and lots of people are and have done the posts? Lots of people aren’t always amused or agree with all comments. So what? It’s no big deal….Please?????????

  16. Nicki says

    ( none of you know for sure! )
    I totally agree with not knowing who it is, but it is CLEAR it wasn’t Braydie. But I can see in #44 by my adressing #39 by saying nice comeback, it would appear so, not true I don’t know who it is. I could tell #39 was Braydie and only addressing the content of what she wrote. That is who she believes it is, and while it seems like it is, your right it could be someone setting motormouth mama up which is even worse.
    I’m sure Braydie and whoever it is will figure it out.
    And yes there maybe lots of Braydies, but from the begining this was directed personally at her, using her name. There is the 1 Braydie here we know and luv!!!

  17. Sandey says

    Lots of people, including myself ,haven’t been on in a while. Maybe so maybe no, I don’t think it’s very fair to assume anything just because someone has a different opinion than some people on some subjects. Maybe she hasn’t been on because her husband is sicker and she is busy with that. It could be anyone, even me or Braydie for all any of us know. I don’t think it is fair to jump to conclussions and for ,it seems to me like, a lot of posters to follow suit. If 45 is the origional Braydie, I think that post was a tacky low blow when you don’t actually know. As far as I’m concerned, the person being accused is going through a difficult time in life and babyrazzi was a diversion in life , it is just that for me and this looks to me to be kicking a person when they are down because they are easy. I’m in a difficult time in my life too so kick me for a while and give the girl a break., none of you know for sure! Braydie I thought you were better than the statements in 45, I’m going to stick my neck out and say what you wrote in that post makes me wonder if motor mouth wasn’t set up for amusement. You were the first one to bring up her name ya know. OK let me have it now, everyone seems to be real good at that. At least everyone knows for sure I am the one who said it and no one can just assume, because it is easy . There is just no excuse for this apparent witch burning. Did it ever occur to anyone that Braydie isn’t the only person in the world with the name Braydie? There are lots of people with the same names and the same spelling in this world. There isn’t any point in being so mean. Why can’t you just be the bigger person, I honestly thought you were?

  18. braydie says

    well if she can do it ……I can do it better. 🙂 jeez she didnt even come up with something original in 36. it was MY post but mixed up. If shes using my name she can AT LEAST be creative. but w/e i guess ill see whats next on her warped agenda mind.
    c’mon pottymouth you can do it….c’mon sit…..roll over!….beg… speak? thats a girl..wanna treat?

  19. nicola says

    Sorry Nicki, was meant to see it`s gr8 2 see her happy.

    Motormouth, how old r u? Honestly, grow up, stop messin wiv ppl.
    Everyone`s meant 2 be 2gether and i hope that Brad & Ange r happy 2gether, all i was sayin was that the way that they got 2gether wasn`t fair, u can`t help who u fall in love wivbBut at the end of the day, the guy was married at the time. 4 someone 2 cheat on u is the most hurtful and humiliatin thing in ever imaginable

  20. motormouth mama says


  21. Cindi says

    Per all you comments above (and other boards on this website) about someone being your “imposter”, taking over your name, etc. You seem to take this board so seriously. It is just a place in this wide, wide, world for all people to express themselves. You need to find some peace in yourself and do something to help yourself from expressing the inner anger.

  22. braydie says

    your such a coward …scared to say something to someone you wont ever meet under your own handle. im done write whatever you want under my name people know its not me …you cant ever sound like me dumbass. your not original. your a wanna be.

  23. Braydie says

    Very funny, I’m going to ignore you, one last comment though, like I said I have seen some ass’s on this site, but you not only take the cake, you take the whole bakery!!!!!

  24. braydie says

    OMFG post 43 ISNT ME EITHER……… really need to stop posting under my name, i know its cuz you prob forgot to change the name on it after your last stupid attempt to be funny. but your really not. I never swear on these most much maybe one or two words but YOUR STUPID DUMB ASS COMMENTS UNDER MY NAME IS FUNNY. ALL YOU ARE IS A FUCKING COWARD THAT HAS A THING FOR ANGELINA…GET YOUR RUG MUNCHING MOUTH OFF MY NAME BITCH! ALL YOUR STUPID POSTS POTTYMOUTH IS ALL THE SAME SO I KNOW ITS YOUR CRACKED OUT MIND THATS WRITING THEM. ok im good ….

  25. Braydie says

    ~~~~~~~~~~~They don’t look uncomfortable together. They look happy & thrilled to have found that special someone who it now appears they were looking for in life. Everyone has a kindered spitit and I believe these two found theirs in each other. Everyone has a match out there that is the one fate meant for them. Their soul mate. It was their destiny and fate brought them together. Has anyone seen GIA? HBO movie that was just released on DVD. Amazing movie. I think there you have it. Wandering around being a total screw up, messing up your life because the love destiny has planned for them is out of reach. Then finding that someone, who ever it may be, growing up and realizing what is important. Taking live by the horns having the balls to admit this (not only to themselves, his wife,, but the world as well) is what fate had in store for them and reaching out and grabbing the brass ring. It is sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along, thats what happens when people get impatient and settle. Better if they had walked away from each other and never had what was right for all concerned ??? Better to be miserable, or half sorta happy your entire life because you made the wrong choice?? I think not. Every living human being has one life, one chance to make the most of their life, it’s all they are going to get. Did he do Jen a big favor??? I think so. I certainly wouldn’t want to be married to a man who deep down inside knew he had settled. These two found it, did it, got to live it before it was too late. Jen will find the man fate has instore for her. I don’t think it is Vince Vaughn (shudder), but the man she deserves who is her soul mate, kindered spirit is out there and when the time is right they will meet and know the instant their eyes meet. Jen will be thanking Brad then for the gift he gave her when he went with his heart as fate had intended.

  26. Sammie says

    No one ever stays together anymore, but I will say I like Jen and Vince together, I don’t like Brad and Angelina together they look so uncomfortable but people love to see 2 hot people together and people love it even more when it ends bad.

  27. Nicki says

    OH sorry I thought you wrote=i’d be gr8, my mistake. You wrote= I’d gr8. Sorry I do tend to misread these 4=for and 2=two or to or too and gr8=great. My apologies for the misread.
    Persaonally I don’t think her and Vince will be together much longer, but I don’t think they were ever serious in the first place. Just My Opinion.

  28. Brangelina RULES says

    If Angelina wears the trousers, more power to her! I get it if men dislike that – but the fact that women think it’s bad – wow. Serious problems there.

  29. nicola says

    It`s not about who the better performer is, it`s the fact of what Brad did 2 Jennifer, a vow is a promise u make on ur weddin day, the 1 day every girl dreams of while growin up. U dream of a lovin husband, she had that wiv Brad once, then he ruined it along wiv Angelina.
    Jenn`s moved on and it`d gr8 2 see her happy

  30. Kelley says

    Wow, talk about a smack down up in here. OK, so I’m usually miss attack people not ideas but I’m going to give a big ol’ thumbs up to this one. Posting with someone else handle is not cool, and if someone does the GAME ON! I think, MM Mama got way out of line here, obcviosly she is a big fan of Brad and Angie, and hey kudos to her. I like all three of them seperatly but as couples I frankly could have cared less.

    I don’t like the idea that a man would be wooed by another woman and leave his wife so I take a little offense there, but I can say that Angie is hands down a better performer then jennifer is and I respect her for that.

    So back to the show, have at it ladies!

  31. braydie says

    Nicki~~~~~OF course it wasnt me …Im SUCH a better bitch then that. 😛 The person that wrote it is someone I must of pissed off …More or less i was right and she/he was wrong and they know it so they have to go and write something stupid like that to show that they can and not get caught. I could of reported it but whats the use? get a diferent name and email address and your back being a dumbass poster again that cant write there own opinions and takes things so personal that it must eat up there life. I really cant argue with myself so i hope they have the nerve to say something on their own name and not MINE. THEN that person will see what a real bitch is. 😛

  32. NIcki says

    Braydie I saw #21 earlier and knew it wasn’t from you. Not sure who is too afraid to write an opinion with thier own name, but it is very cowardly. For what it’s worth, I don’t think most people believed it was you.

    Nicola- you have the right to write whatever you want, whenever you want………As does evryone else……….. and most do so without SCREAMING!

  33. nicola says



    GOT IT?

  34. braydie says

    OK first off…post 21 wasnt me. I dont apprieciate it who ever you are doing something like that. if you had any thoughts of your own you should say them…IF thats what you think of me then you say it on your OWN name. you are such a coward. Im sure this is pottymouth mama so say what you want. your just making yourself look stupid. Why should people be afraid of me , thats what i want to know…what am I going to do ..? come out of their comp AND GET THEM? I hope you feel better about yourself after this, I seen some ass’s on this site but you take the cake. Get a life of your own and stop trying to have mine.

  35. Braydie says

    Nobody is better than me-ask me & I’ll tell you-I am a pushy- know everything-bully because in real life I am a mousey-pathitic- trailer trash-don’t know any better & don’t want 2 know any better kind of person and I feel powerful 2 bully everyone on this site that don’t agree with me. I get *orgasmic* when I get a bunch of sucky idiot crowd followers 2 kiss up to me on this site and agreed with every nasty stupid thing I say because they are afraid of me. Pow Pow Power makes me less trashy LOL fools LOL this is my site
    NOT babyrazzi**** braydierazzi*****

  36. Sammie says

    Motor Mouth you are such a hypocrite, you sit there telling that we’re bad people for not liking Brangelina and liking Jennifer but your sitting there praising Brad and Angelina like there gods and talking about Jennifer like she’s dirt. You sit there talking about Brangelina like you know them and that Jennifer never wan’t kids because that’s what Brad said but Jennifer always said that she wanted kids. So Motor Mouth I suggest you take some of your own advice and don’t just judge some people when you can’t even handle it when someone doesn’t like your precious Brangelina.

  37. Lisa says

    I am always swept up in great love stories and destiny romances of which I think Brad and Angelina are one.

  38. Kelley says

    AMEN Braydie. I was sitting here reading that Motor Mouth was typing wondering if she was aware that she contridicts her own opinions by slamming someone elses. Motor Mouth, I don’t know how mush you post here, but there is a very easy way to go, attack opinions not people.

  39. NIcki says

    Hey Nicola, I was wondering about Angelina’s powers. Do you think she has a magic wand? Or just posses this power from within herself? Maybe she mixes up potions and makes him drink them?
    Whatever it is I say Wow, a rich man who cares about other people and is trying to get something done. How the f**k does that turn him into an idiot? I’d say he is 100 times better of a person than he was even just 3 years ago. And happier than he has ever been. You might not see that because of the illusion of the so called “Golden Couple” but if that was making him happy it would still be. Oops, I forgot…Angelina’s magic powers.

    Motormouth Mama- #9 post, thanks for the information on all Brad has done. Only problem is they won’t read it and if they do, people like nicola, emily and sammie are too heartbroken over the breakup of thier golden couple to see through thier tears and pity. They want thier cardboard “Ken” doll back on the red carpet with Rachel Green. Not gonna EVER happen kids!

    Braydie thanks for #7 post! LOL on that one, it was cute.
    And Emily #8= WTF?

  40. braydie says

    motormouth mama—-I guess you know them so personally that YOU know there the “perfect” people you say they are?? HOW do you know what their motives are? I believe everyone has there right to say what they want ..including you …however, dont judge posters because YOU dont like what they have to say. how can you say such nasty things about Jennifer…then say that we brangelina haters shouldnt pass judgement??? BUT i guess it ok for YOU to pass judgement so freely and to dispense judgements about jen as long as it comes from your mouth huh? Go take your fascination with brad and angelina to a site DEDICATED to just saying awsome things about them. CUZ ITS NOT GONNA BE HERE.

  41. motormouth mama says

    Who cares if he only received “attention” for the charity work and has raised awareness because of Angelina! So much the better! No I don’t think it’s only because of Angelina bossing him around is the reason that he is involved in all these charities! And so what if she is the primary reason or motivating factor—plain and simple Brad is happier than he has ever been, he is giving his time and money to those less fortunate and that says a lot in and of itself! Those two have done more unselfishly than you or I or anyone else on this board will probably ever do in the realm of GLOBAL CHARITY! WTF have you done Sammie that makes you able to sit there and pass judgement so freely and to dispense judgements about Brad and Angelina’s motives??? Do you know them personally? No you don’t, you only know what the media and a few select interviews have given you privy to. What has Jennifer ever done selflessly except promote her shitty movies! She’s not even a GOOD actress and the pity pot she’s been sitting on is about getting old! Brad and Jen got divorced (BOO FRIGGIN HOO) he just moved on a lot faster than some deem appropriate and with a controversial woman to boot! But get over it already… you really think any woman Brad got involved with would be acceptable because of the “poor little Jen” mentality that everyone seems to have adopted! The man has a right to love, family and happiness and he just happened to find that with his equal in Angelina! People grow apart, Jen wouldn’t or wasn’t ready to have kids and we still see today that she says she wants a family and yet we see no kids and no wedding plans do we? Seems like if that were really Jennifer’s priority she would have done something to take the steps necessary to make that happen! Brad has done nothing wrong and has nothing to atone for! He has every right to be happy..he deserves it after putting up with that bitchy ice-queen Jennifer!

  42. Sammie says

    He is just a sick little puppy following his master around because she’s the boss. Don’t you think it’s a little coincedental that he is in all these charities and giving all that money to charities after he hooked up with Angelina.
    And Jennifer isn’t a conceited self-centered bitch, she wasn’t the one that started seeing someone else while he was married and even got her pregnant before the divorce was even final.

  43. anna says

    10. nicola


    i kiss my brother this way, and it’s platonic ;
    and felt good and confortable;
    Anithing else?

    You just focus on the sex part.
    Perhaps you ‘re frustrated
    What about the brain?

  44. nicola says

    He`s bein forced in2 all this. Angelina wears the trousers in the relationship, it`s HER that won`t marry HIM, see`s a controllin weirdo.
    She`s a freak, honestly, who kisses their own brother the way she did?????????????????
    She needs therapy, sumthin`s not fusin 2gether in that so called brain of hers

  45. motormouth mama says

    Maybe that is because Jennifer was such a concieted, self-centered bitch thats why he IN YOUR OPINION EMILY didn’t care about others less fortunate. Have you sat back and really investigated the charity works that he has been involved in????? No I think not otherwise you wouldn’t sit there and make such an uneducated post! He is involved in the Nelson Mandela Aids campaign in Africa, through his work with Global Green he has personally donated $100,000 of his own money towards the rebuilding of New Orleans, he is passionate about using eco-friendly construction and is actively involved in the BP Solar Neighbors program along with many other celebrities, he and Angelina donated monies from their own pockets to build better prenatal facilties in Namibia, he is involved in the Alliance for Stem Cell Research , both he and Angelina are involved in Wyclef Jeans Yele Haiti charity which provides healthcare, educational, environmental and humanitarian assistance to Haitians. Brad attended the Clinton Global Initiative Summit which is founded by former President Clinton and addresses poverty, climate change and a wide variety of other WORLDWIDE issues. While in college at the University of Mo. Brad posed for a charity fundraising calender and that was in 1986 or so. Maybe Brad isn’t the BIGGEST celebrity advocate out there but he has done a helluva lot more things since his DIVORCE from Jennifer the bitch! Maybe he realized that he can’t be so stuck on himself and Angelina has been the influence he’s needed all this time to get him to open up and be a better person! You know people do grow and change and Brad has done that more w/ Angelina than he ever did with that dumb bitch Jennifer Anniston!

  46. Emily says

    The only reason why he’s interested in “devastating” areas is Angelina, he was never really concerned about the welfare of others while he was with Jennifer. Wow what a sensitive guy, NOT!

  47. NIcki says

    I think it is EVERY interviewer who turns it around not him. What would you have him say when he was asked about his family?? He didn’t turn anything around to talk about himself. He talked about his FAMILY AFTER he was asked. If he said no comment everyone would be bi*ching about how he must be so unhappy, he wouldn’t talk about his family. He simply answers questions he is asked and he turned it all around to him and he is all wrapped up in his big ego? This doesn’t even make sense.
    I will say as I watched it today he was truly happy when he was asked about his family. He is one happy man and thrilled to have a loving family. I think he is really enjoying fatherhood. He is a generous caring man.

  48. Jacky says

    You said it Nicola! Finally, someone else with a level head and understanding of how pathetic Brad is. Down with Brangelina.

  49. nicola says

    Any chatshow he goes on, no matter what the subject is, he ALWAYS turns it around on2 somethin about him. He`s out 4 himself and doesn`t care about the world, 2 wrapped up in his own big ego

  50. NIcki says

    This is pretty misleading. He sat down with Anne Curry to discuss the Global Green project in New Orleans. About the devastation that New Orleans is still in and how bad everything still is after almost a year.
    Yes he did say what is printed above, but that was only a very small part of it and after being asked by Anne Curry.
    He did look excited and truly happy though talking about his family.
    Maybe the headline above with-During his Global Green interview or some mention about what it was really about.

  51. Angie says

    The statement ‘I got KIDS now’ just endears him to me. He is a great man to step up and become a father to Maddox and Zahara and keeps them on the same level as Shiloh. What he did in the past with Jen and their divorce is done and over. He may have gone about it the wrong way, but he is proving himself to be a man of honor to the three most important people affected the most in the public eye. I would love to see his relationship with Angie last, but if it doesn’t, there is no doubt in my mind he will always stay close and involved with his children. Thanks to Brad for being a real man.

  52. Maria says

    He is such a great person and I’m happy to see him all smiling and talking about the baby !!!!!!!! BRANGELINA rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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