Nicole Kidman Is NOT Pregnant

Oh well..Nicole Kidman is officially NOT pregnant. I had never really thought that she looked particularly preggers, but there had been a lot of speculation that she was. Star magazine had her on the cover a little while ago and her pic was captioned, “Pregnant at 39!”

This pic taken a month ago of Nicole leaving a yoga studio in Tennessee seemed to spark the debate.

Nicole Kidman

Her publicist said, “Nicole is not pregnant. This story began with the tabloids and truly is no one’s business, but I am compelled to respond just to try and put the rumors to rest.”

I hope her and husband Keith are brought baby blessings soon!



  1. Kelley says

    I never heard anything about Tom Suing a Dr. I hope Nicole does have a baby with Keith if that is something they want. Bless her heart. I remember reading that she was devastated after her miscarriage.

    Now in to the realm of my silly mind. My conspiracy theory is that she got artificially inseminated and that is why she and Tom split up. After all I bet Scientolocult has views on artificial anything. Wouldn’t explain how Katie got preggers would it?

  2. jenna says

    I thought Tom was the one who couldn’t have kids because didn’t he sue that doctor after Katie got pregnant?

  3. lala_brit says

    I think that Nicole didn’t want natural children with Tom due to his Scientology links. I really think that played a big part in all his long-term relationships. I also think that it was reported that he was a ‘jaffa’ and seedless. Maybe I’m wrong?. However I’m totally ecstatic that Nicole has found a new man and is happy. I can’t wait for the baby news!

  4. Kat says

    no she i bleive can have kids..that was just tabloid crap…she was actually pregnant right before they filed for divorce but had a miscarriage. I hope she does have more children though shes a great mtoher to her other 2

  5. Tess says

    I was under the impression she could not have children and that is why she and Tom C. adopted. Is that incorrect?

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