One More Bazaar Britney Photo Emerges

This is a new pic from the Bazaar magazine photoshoot of Britney. Gorgeous! I’m sure it’s at least a little airbrushed, but she looks pregtastic!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. nicola says

    I`m still a firm believer that when ur pregnant it`s somethin u share wiv ur partner, not the whole world.
    Pregnancy`s the most amazin and precious thing in the world, ur bump`s not a fashion accessory like Brit thinks it is.
    She`s probably showin off 2 the world cos her own husband`s such a low-life and never around 2 experiance the pregnancy wiv her.

    #19, don`t u know that a tannin bed isn`t safe 4 a pregnant woman? It`s just a lot of air brushin, that`s made her look really bronze

  2. Kel says

    but at least no 17 aint dissin on every site i agree wiv her may not have used the language but at least shes got summat positive to say, and no 11 no offense coz u obviously comfortable enough in ur body not to wanna show it off but when i get preggers i no i wanna show off that beautiful bump pregnant women always tend to glow and she just wants to show the world how amazin she feels every1s different so each to their own i say lol

  3. Diana says

    Nicola – I agree. It just lowers the tone when people use such language. Probably because they are not intelligent enough to use big words!! 😉

  4. nicola says

    Mizz whatever ur name is #17, u don`t know me “bitch” so stay the hell out of my business, oh and as 4 the language, any need????? I think not

  5. mizz miguez says

    why is everybody always on fucking britney’s case? damn yall cant you leave the bitch alone? you hate on her for the things she does or doent do, but then again there you are buying the magazine with her on the front cover. I think everybody should just mind their own fucking business shes a human being like everyine else. but she happens to also be a celebrity & thats why tha spotlight is always on her

  6. nicola says

    I had my little bopy by C-section cos he got stuck, when they eventually got him out he wasn`t breathin, i could`ve lost my little man.
    After that, i`m in 2 minds whether i`d risk it all again.
    I spent the 1st 3 months in hospital on drips cos i couldn`t eat, the last 3 months were a nightmare, so uncomfortable !!!!!

  7. braydie says

    when i first got to the hospital to have my c section i was so nervous about who would see me naked…after about the fifth doctor..12 nurses( including 2 male nurses named nick and tanner) the person that takes blood… the brestfeeding lady…last… my father in law…(YUK, he walked in by accident while i was dressing for the surgery)….I didnt care anymore.

  8. carleigh says

    Nicola I have to wonder how you managed to sail through L & D with a modicum of modesty still intact? When I went through L & D it seemed like there was an endless parade of nurses, dr’s, anesthesia people and even the cleaning crew staring up my gown! LOL! I used to feel the same way about covering my body all the time but when your in L & D w/ your feet in stirrups there’s just something very enlightening and quite revealing about the whole modesty concept….lol

  9. nicola says

    I know 4 a fact that when i was pregnant I didn`t show it off, the only person that i let see me naked when i was avin my little boy was my husband and that`s the way it`ll always be if i av any more, pregnancy was hard enuf 4 me the 1st time round.
    So b4 u come on here pickin at sum1 2 av a go at Danielle, think long and hard cos I don`t take it lyin down !!!!!!

    Pregnancy`s meant 4 u & ur partner, not the whole world. 1 thing u keep 2 urself as a couple and private is ur body

  10. Danielle says

    i don’t see anything wrong with showing off your body when you are pregnant. if you are happy with yourself and you want to show people you should. pregnant women are radiant and gorgeous. if she had no dignity then she wouldn’t be showing herself. if you can be that talked about and eidiculed but still be yourself and put yourself out there then you deserve more respect than some STUPID people will be willing to show you. stick to talking about things you know nicola!!!

  11. nicola says

    A woman needs a bit of her own dignity and Brit`s lost it, pregnancy is a blessed event and should be shared wiv ur loved one`s. I guess in Brit`s case, she doesn`t really av and loved ones so chooses 2 share wiv the world.
    Av a little respect for ur child and unborn child

  12. braydie says

    I dont read magizines, i didnt know it was a cover picture but ty lisa for the info but right on! …this one is a kool picture. she does look really pretty and happy in it.

  13. fawna says

    whoa! yes for sure its airbrushed! her body is sooo tight! and perfect, and we pregnant ladies no that when your pregnant, you have a little jiggle her and there going on! but i wish i had some pics like this when i was pregnant! (sure would of made me feel better!) britney looks beautiful!

  14. Braydie says

    i didnt like the other pics besides the one with sean but this one is kool. i think this one should of been the cover not the other one where she looks like shes constipated(sp?)

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