Kate Hudson To Pen Book For New Moms!

Here Kate, Chris and Ryder were snapped out in NYC yesterday.

Kate Hudson

I just love Kate Hudson! I hope I get the chance to see her new movie, “You, Me & Dupree” soon. I love a good comedy. I honestly want this dress she is wearing…I love it!

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson, 27, wants to write a book for new moms, and will address how some women don’t feel great about themselves after giving birth. “Part of that is the way your body feels, not necessarily how it looks – especially after you’ve gained 70 pounds,” Hudson says, reports the London Sun. “I was depressed. I was the happiest, jolliest pregnant woman, then I had the baby and then I was just fat. …I didn’t lose any weight delivering. You’re breastfeeding and you’re starving and looking at yourself in the mirror going: ‘I don’t feel good about myself.’ That is not a good feeling for any woman.”

I love how honest she is about postpartum weight loss. So many celeb moms claim that losing the weight was easy and effortless. My favorite phony baloney claim is, “breastfeeding made the pounds disappear!” Ugh! I guess everyone has a different experience, but my body clung to the extra pounds during the year I breastfed my son despite exercise and a heathful diet. As soon as I weaned my son ALL the weight fell right off.
She revealed on The View that she has no problem with her hubby, Chris Robinson enjoying porn!

“Who cares? It doesn’t matter. Sex is sex is sex is sex no matter which way you like it. I don’t have any qualms. I probably wouldn’t hold it against my husband if he wanted to enjoy it – well, actually he does enjoy it!”

“Men like sex. So I have absolutely no issues with pornography. People can do want they want to do. They can watch it if they want to watch it,” she added.

I guess that isn’t exactly shocking that she is ok with a little porn, but a little while ago she described how she does pole dancing for Chris to spice things up in the bedroom and keep him interested…keep him interested!!! I wonder what he does to keep HER interested! Yikes! She is the perfect wife! Chris lucked out!
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  1. Kelley says

    I weighed 5 pounds less when I had my son then before. But, I am also already overweight. I think body chemistry determines how much and how fast you loose weight if you were like me and chose not to breastfeed. I was really upset about the pressure people put on me to BF. I just really could not stand the thought of it. Now, admittedly after I had my son, a week or two later I changed my mind and think that I will prbably try it with the next one.

  2. Lisa M says

    and another thing…All of the celebrity people out there say that parenting is really hard..But if they were to live one day in our shoes without nanny and stuff like that and actually do somethin other than acting they would realize how easy they have it..Im not sayin that FILMING is easy or anything but when you work all day long and then have to get your kids and cook supper clean house give baths put them to bed and start all over the next day isnt easy..They dont realize how easy they have it..

  3. Lisa M says

    there is another Lisa on here so I thought I would but my last initial at the end..Ryder is cut and he does need a haircut but that is good that she is sticking to her beliefs bout some stuff..I couldnt agree more that Chris could interact with Ryder a little bit more one on one..Along with other celb. daddy could too..

  4. NIcki says

    She is just so cute. As cute as her Mom was back at her age, even though I think Goldie is still pretty cute for her age. Kate is adorable. She looks like a great Mom and if she wants to write a book, good for her, noone has to buy it if they don’t think it fits into thier lifestyle.

  5. Carrie says

    SO nice to see a picture of Chris out with the family! I would like to see more pictures of HIM interacting with Ryder. So many people are down on Kevin Federline, but no one ever seems to wonder where Chris is when so many shots of Kate and Ryder ALONE seem to surface! She always seems so grounded and happy though. Whatever he does or does NOT do seems to work for them!

  6. jules says

    I weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant…my daughter is 9 months old and I swear I did nothing but breastfeed to lose the 28 lbs I gained while pregnant. I do not work out aside from the occasional Yoga class a couple times a month and have been struggling to keep weight on – I am on the smallish side (5’4″ and 115 normally). If I lose more weight after I wean I am going to be in big trouble! Every person is different and I never would have thought I would be this small again… I even gave all my small sized clothes away thinking I would always be bigger after having a baby. So you never know.

  7. KellyMay says

    Well the claim that you breastfeed you lose the weight faster is BS! In my professional opinion as a birth and postpartum doula as well as a nurse, we naturally hold on to weight while breastfeeding to ensure if by chance (slim in this day and age) that we don’t have enough intake to sustain BFing. Woman commonly lose 10-20 pounds after weaning because of this, our body wants to insure that our babes get fed nothing worng with that!

    I agree Lisa! Live the life, talk the talk!

  8. Lisa says

    Love her, I do- but lets be realistic. I at one time was a mother of a newborn and I was not rich and famous. How does someone with the life of Kate Hudson know what regular mothers go through. Working 40+ hrs, dropping the baby at the sitters and not being able to have the nanny bring the baby to work with you, no personal trainers or personal chefs, no nanny to watch the baby so mom can go workout, come on. Cry me a river.

  9. Lisa says

    He is not fug..He does need a haircut though..This isnt the 60’s or anything..But he is cute..Kate is soooo pretty..Love her love her…

  10. Jackie says

    Okay I know that I’m going to be eaten alive for saying this, but that kid is fug. It’s not just the hair either.

  11. Sarah says

    Amen Elizabeth needs to lighten up and get over the fact that she thinks she is better than everyone. And I jsut love kate. Shes the best

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