Britney's Manny Is Back…Hurray!

Well…Brit has been laying pretty low lately other than her pictorial spreads. Who can blame her? The hunky naval academy grad named Perry is back in action! He was spotted picking up Velveeta mac and cheese, lots of regular coca cola and little swimmies at the grocery store and chauffering Britney to McDonald’s. Britney looks a little down… But she says, “After this baby, I’m going to get really intense with it.” I think she really will come back with a vengeance after her second child is born!
Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. Kelley says

    I dont think there are many out there that like this pot head. Yes, I think he smoke, look at him. Anywho, I think Britney is press hungry just as she should be, being a celebrity. I also think that she honestly loves her son, and in the end that love will be what saves her from herself. I have a good friend, who was in a terrible relaitonship and I stood by her even though I knew that she was making a terrible mistake. Now she is free of him and I still have my friendship with her because I didn’t abandon her. Anyone who wants to see Brit on top again should be the same way. Keep her in your thoughts and encourage her when she tries again. SHe will grow up and leave this idiot soon enough. I know I will be happy for her when she does.

  2. Angie says

    I think Brit needs his support and encouragement just as much as Sean does. He seems like a nice and decent guy and I think right now Brit needs confidence in mothering and someone to remind her she is a great mom and its ok to make mistakes. How sad that her husband loves her money and not her. He has two lovely kids with Shar Jackson and soon will have two more with Brit. And I think he could really care less. I saw so many more pics of Brit with his and Shar’s kids than I have ever seen of him with them. The guy needs to wake up, TAKE A SHOWER, and be a man. Then he needs to be sent packing, with plenty and I mean plenty of birth control to aid his journey into the real world.

  3. Carleigh says

    I think her “manny” would be a better role model for Sean than Kevin. Kevin is to busy partying himself to take an active role in Seans life. Maybe this “manny” will be the positive male influence little Sean P. needs in life, I hope he sticks around. Sean could learn a lot from someone with his background. Maybe this is one decision that can be looked upon as good for Britney’s judgement. Maybe she see’s how much Sean needs a good man around in his young life and this is her way of ensuring that Sean is exposed to a decent man. Unlike his father who is too busy running around from club to club and doesn’t come crawling home sometimes for days at a time. Kevin is such a loser and I hope in time Britney will get her senses back and leave his worthless heiny in the dirt! K-Fed needs to find that rock he came out from under and go back there! He has brought Britney down to a very low point in her life! I hope she gets motivated to make a good comeback once these kids are a bit bigger..I know that when your down the only way to go is up! So climb and aim high Britney!

  4. Braydie says

    Her “manny” reminds me of a guy i dated in college looks almost just like him..he was a dick but this guy looks like he cares for sean..hes always holding him and theres more pictures of him with sean …then kevin with sean which is sad i guess but at least he has someone to look up to ..who better then a military man 🙂 I wonder if brit makes him wear his uniform??? :P~

  5. Kat says

    KellyMay who knows if she will be anything better? I hope she just doesnt think restarting her career is more important then raising her children. She stated it was so hard now… just wait until that 2nd baby comes…its going to be alot harder. I seen the interview today where she said she was going to get really intense on her career..she not once mentioned her children. Im NOT saying its bad for a woman to go back to work …but everyone knows theres not alot of time when your in the business shes in. She made her career sound like her priority.
    and to Nicki…. I totally agree on #9

  6. KellyMay says

    Mary, excellent point! My babes were 2 and a half years apart and I was tired, poor girl!

    Braydie I do believe she will be a better songwriter after kids! I really did not understand what love was until I had children! I love my husband but it does not compare to love I have for my flesh and blood! Mama Bear will prevail…

  7. maryj smith wilder says

    Awww…Anyone ever have 2 babies at the same time? An old baby and a new baby? Or been pregnant while one baby was still a BABY? She must be exhausted. Not that everyone else isn’t exhausted..they are. I really feel for her, for the first time, ever,because, she actually hauls her little baby man-child around in her arms, and has another in the belly. Wooosh. That makes me tired looking at her. As for “country”, who,really arrives in Hollywood having Miss Manners’s manners? I love her black hair. Black means, ‘don’t tell me what to do”…so, she is wanting to experience some empowerment I think. I love this site! Keep on ‘rappin, girls. !!

  8. nicola says

    Look at that manny, wow.
    No wonder Kevin`s ssooo jealous.
    He`s the father figure that Sean`s never had.
    Maybe if Kevin was around more often, she wouldn`t resort 2 a male nanny.

  9. KellyMay says

    here 😉 It’s still too early LOL By the way Perry is yummy!!!

    Don’t get me worng Britney really has some refining to do on social skills but she still is just human like the rest of us. She just hit it big…
    Did you guys hear she wants to sing with Kevin?!?!

  10. KellyMay says

    Sorry Braydie 🙁 not meant towards anyone hear, some of the comments on ‘other’ sites are so bad! They are constantly cutting her up because of her Southern roots, laughing about anything they can and questioning her ability to sing at times. It seems she is judged so much, it was a random rant on my part! I hope no offense was taken :b Children really changed me to, I never realized how selfish I could be before I had kids, it’s been the best learning experience!

  11. Braydie says

    sarah…as for brits comment ” I’m going to get really intense with it” im guessing that wasnt about her children. Who knows what she thinks …Shes lived in a mansion in beverly hills for for what 8 …10 years now but yet still calls herself country.

  12. Sarah says

    I think she realizes shes not gonna be the “pop princess” anymore. As for her career, its gonna be being a full time mother.

  13. Braydie says

    KellyMay — Whats with the comment “those who chose to talk bad about you only do because they can’t look themselves in the mirror” I talk bad about her all the time and i do just fine looking in the mirror……..and i actually, for once, said something halfway decent about this woman, just because shes a mother now wont make her a better singer/songwriter lol… i do agree that motherhhood makes you a better person though…you should of seen what a bitch i was BEFORE i had my son. 🙂

  14. KellyMay says

    I think Britney has been through hell with the ‘razzi. God knows I couldn’t handle it if it was me, craziness! I know Britney will come back even better then she was before, why you ask?!? Because she is a mother now, and God knows we learn so much about life and most importantly ourselves when we are mothers. I feel sorry for all those that will never experience motherhood good and bad, it really makes you a better person! Go for it Brit, those who chose to talk bad about you only do because they can’t look themselves in the mirror! It’s really too bad for them!

  15. Braydie says

    I dont think after everything she has done that her career will ever recover. Shes no longer the “pop” princess and i hope she goes for more adult themed songs. I do think she has a pretty voice, but shes a married mother of 2 now and should know she cant sing teenager songs anymore.

  16. Sarah says

    I really like the new look that Britany has goin on. I think she is doing the best that she can with everything that has happen and all. YOU Go Brit.

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