Michelle Williams With Her Little Kewpie Doll!

Oh…these pics are soooo cute! Little Matilda looks just like a little kewpie doll! She is so cute!

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger



  1. emma fleming says

    shes quite a pretty girl but the baby just looks the spite image of heath-he is sooooooooo hot-with his long hair like in knights tale!!!!!!!!!! yum yum yum

  2. courtney says

    honestly i think she is a private person and i think she always looks pissed off because she doesnt want a bunch pictures taken of her! but then again if ur famous, get used to it lady and start makin the pictures worth it by like smiling or something!!

  3. Diana says

    Cindy – that is so cool. I keep telling me brother and sister in law that they must get their year old twins to go in to modelling. I am biased, but they are beautiful little ones 😉

  4. says

    i think matilda is a cute baby. But not as cute as a 8 month old little girl!!! and thats not just my opinion, aside from the miilions of compliments i get a day about how beautiful she is, i was just approched by an agent to start her in modelling.

  5. Diana says

    Braydie – I agree. My little niece and nephew hardly ever have shoes on, and neither do my friends little girl. I think it is better not to put shoes on when it is hot, only to have them kicked off and lost in the street! 😉

  6. braydie says

    babies dont need shoes when its hot out. My son tears his off before i get the other one on. by the time i get that one on the others off…whats the use when its nice out and i carry him everywhere anyway 🙂

  7. Diana says

    Jennefer – I am sure you are very right!! She looks great in this pic doesn’t she?! How people can determine whether you are bitchy by a couple of pictures is beyond me!

  8. jennefer says

    to those who say michelle looks bichy, i have met her and she is soft and quiet and beautiful. i am sure she does not do well with lots of pictures she is very humble. just so youfans know.

  9. carleigh says

    She’s a bit thin but not scary, feed-me-now Victoria Beckham skinny thank goodness. The baby is too cute and OMG looks like her daddy to a T!

  10. Sammie says

    If the baby isn’t walking I don’t think they always have to where shoes especially in the summer.

  11. Lisa M says

    I have a something to say that I always see..You know how celeb. make all of this money and stuff..Why dont they ever have shoes on there kids..I know that she cant walk or whatever but all of the celeb. that i see dont ever have shoes on them..Like Lil Sean(brits baby) I mean at least but somethin over his feet..I always did with my kids..And something else..Does the babys feet not look purple/blue to you?

  12. Braydie says

    well said sammie…. now go tell the people that bother them that.
    also that baby girl is the splitting image of heath its amazing! michelle looks alot skinnier from her dawson creek days. I hope she doesnt have a eating disorder, cuz i like her and always have… that would be a shame. I like her outfit also. but its something a skinnier girl can wear not someone with a booty like me.

  13. Sammie says

    I think everyone should just leave her, her baby, and Heath alone. Let them live their lives. And no one smiles twenty four hours a day or she could just not be happy to see the photographers.

  14. Diana says

    Kinny – Michelle was in a drama called Dawsons Creek I believe, with Katie Holmes as well. I think she is gorgeous 😉 I loves her clothes in this pic

  15. kinny says

    I am unsure just who this michelle williams is. Cute baby. Who is the daddy? I dont watch alot of tv.

  16. braydie says

    well at the oscers heath said they were taking a year off to travel and see the world and bond with their little girl….i winder why they havent yet ..maybe shes upset that they havent went who knows

  17. Kelley says

    Sure Clair, I say that she looks bitchy in a lot of photos because that is my perception of a lot of the pics the “public” gets to see of her, just as your perception is that she looks miserable. Just the opinion that I have drawn based on my perception of the photo.

    In this photo I think that she looks irritated http://babyrazzi.com/baby/index.php/category/other-celebrity-moms/page/3/ (scroll to the bottom).

    It’s ok to disagree with my opinions, but I don’t think I insinuated that all people who look miserable in photos look bitchy.

  18. cherisse says

    she is very skinny. is it healthy too look like that. i know that when she was on Dawson’s Creek she was skinny too but i never noticed on the show it always looked like she was a little big she had meat on her, she doesn’t have nothing on her but bones i am not trying to be mean. Oh my God and i always thought that compared to Katie i thought Katie was skinnyer than her. i used to think that Katie was the skinniest on the show i guess i was wrong. Also i am not trying to be mean again the baby is cute looking but she looks funny she looks like a boy on the first pic. SORRY!

  19. Claire says

    Kelley, please explain why you think she looks ‘bitchy’ from photos? Yes she does look miserable but I am always being told I look miserable, I think it is something to do with the shape of my mouth because Im certainly not, but I hope people dont think I look ‘bitchy’ because of it!!!

  20. Angie says

    It’s like she shrunk Heath down and started carrying him on her hip. That baby is so pretty and I love the fuzzy hair!

  21. Carrie says

    Michelle never looks too happy, maybe she is just a very serious person? When are she and Heath getting married? It looks as if she is sporting a ring on her left hand?

  22. Kelley says

    She always looks a little bitchy to me. Maybe she really just does not like the whole having her picture taken thing.
    Ah well.

    Isn’t that just sad though, I know how it is. You carry a baby for nine months and then give birth only to have the baby look nothing like you :>( oh well, hang in there chelle she’ll most prob grow to look more like you later…..then again….looking like that hottie Heath can’t be all that bad cause that baby is gorgous.

  23. NIcki says

    Oh my gosh, she looks just like her Daddy! She’s getting so big, what a cutie.
    Whats up with the boots in summer? Is it just me or is this ridiculous? I’m not picking on Michelle, many of they are wearing them. Give me flipflops all summer long. My feet are starting to sweat just looking at the boots, not to mention my legs, lol.

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