Katie Holmes Says, "Suri's Doing Great!"

Katie Holmes gave birth on April 18th…so it’s been 85 days now and Suri remains a mystery! Katie just told US Weekly that, “Suri’s doing great!” Hmmmm.. Katie was photographed in Telluride, Colorado strolling with a friend with a cappuccino in hand. No Tom or Suri in sight. She looks like a normal, tired new mom in the pics. US Weekly is also speculating that Katie is preggers again, but I highly doubt that! I wonder why they are speculating that!

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Reportedly Tom and Katie are set to get married in late July or early August in a Scientology ceremony to be performed by church leader David Miscavige. Katie’s devoutly Catholic parents are said to be horrified! I can’t blame them! First no baptism, and now no Catholic wedding! Yikes!

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  1. Diana says

    Perhaps they just want to protect Suri for the first few months of her life, I guess it came as a surprise to both Tom and Katie when she fell pregnant. I know if I had a little one and was always in the spotlight then I would want to shelter them from it. I am sure she is a very beautiful baby though being a product of Tom and Katies!! 😉

  2. braydie says

    No one cares…he lost out on all his money. all people are offering is 3 mil…thats a low number lol.

  3. NIcki says

    If pictures of Suri came out, I would only look at them while waiting in line, I wouldn’t give 10 cents for any pic of her now. No one really cares now, I agree.
    I mean really she is what 3 months old now, who really cares????? Maybe if we saw her as a baby, then 3 months later, it would be interesting. But now who really gives a hoot now??

  4. laura says

    i can respect that fact that they do not want Suri photographed– probably because she doesn’t really exist–but if she did– then i can respect their privacy and not wanting direct pics of Suri. But being a mother myself, there are doctor visits to go to, walks in the park and simply allowing children the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air!!! if they do not want Suri photographed that’s fine, but how about pictures of her pushing a stroller, pictures of her holding an infant carrier or hell even toting a package of diapers—hey every kid poops so you gotta buy diapers! but no signs of nothing. if there is a Suri Cruise then this is just a big media hype and quite frankly one i am sick of now….don’t care about seeing ‘Suri Cruise’ any more.

  5. NIcki says

    Shari, what screenplay did your Dad win and Emmy for? What did he act in TV shows or movies?
    Yes I did complete all the chapters of your post. But those are the two things I’d be interested in knowing.
    I do agree with you on the Sci-cult mess, and the world mess for that matter.

    Kelley, if you couldn’t finish reading her first post, why ask her opinion on stars using the media for thier political views? Do you think Sharis answer will be any less long?

  6. Kelley says

    Sorry Shari, I couldn’t make it past the middle of your extremely long post. Could you please sum up?

    The only message I did come to was the part about the eve of a global war. What is your opinon on stars who complain about publicity, but then use the advantage of having cameras available to them in order to voice their opinons on politics? i.e. Susan Sarandon. I’m not asking if you agree with them, but isn’t it funny how they hate the media attention they get until her and her live in lover decide to voice political statements and simply because of who they are the media come running to put them on tv and in print?

  7. Shari says

    SOME Celebrities (the younger set in partiuclar) often complain about their fame has robbed them of their privacy. Yet, the majority of them don’t walk out their front door without first being sure they’re heading out with just the look they want to be noted by, by the paparazzi for that day.

    My father was an Emmy Award winning screenwriter for decades and an actor beofre that. I grew up with people in the arts in my home, and the majority of them werer of wekk known celebrity status. But since they were a part of my life from whe I was very young, I came to know them as people. They are that. Just that. They ‘re not the characters tye portray in their films, yet it’s scary to see how many have come to believe that their true identity is synonymous with their hero identities and super power – super intelligent roles they play ……They may not even know anymore who they are – many never do know and they generally become the best actors of all becasue they are like chameleons adopting whatever colors and paterns they’re cast in – easy when they are void of a stable, balanced sense of self …….Thta said – and it is harsh – there are also atcors who are wonderful at the craft, yet live normal lives as well, and they don’t go out of their way to brig attentionto themselselves in ways that warrant complaints and are usually very accomodating when a fan recognizes them and wants a word with them or a photograph ….BUT – Whta about this sociopathological aspect of the entertainment industry that hosts onscenely wealthy lives of people like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ….he, like many others her age who came into “fame” cheaply really, don oversized glasses that are a comment saying “Oh my goodness – I hope you don’t notice who I am” when that is precisely what they want – to be noticed – Add to that that there is this Scientologycult -and yes it is that – and I know a good deal about it, and I assure you that the onlu reason “Suri” hasn’t been in any magazines as a “Conratulations! Wat a cute baby!” figure in the arms of doting parents which is just natural, is because Scientologists are already formulating her life and she is only permited a certain amoutn of time with her other from birth, until……? Good God – watch the news that matters people – We are on the verge of perhaps a global war, although what is going on and what is imminent is bad enough, and best to place your spirit, energy, mind and creativity into finding way to solve real wars right here and now – real problems right nere and now, not the fodder of sci – fi from a man who came to believe in his own fiction and then set out to recruit wealthy business people and celebrities to live inside a lucrative bubble as elitists – or so they see themselves as …….Right now , children – all children ought to be learning about life socially in healthy ways and in ways having nothing to do with exclusivity and separatism, as we all should be aiming for, if we want to go on to blossom into the fmaily of Mankind here that we ought to be, in peace, globally, rather than ever on the the brink of one major disaster or more, while others are still raging ….I think that to see the sweetness of a newborn is a celebration of life and spirit and all the corny oohs and ahhhs are wonderful ….That suri is kept sequestered is already priming her to be an elitist who will wind up like the sociopaths her parents are, with a limited and ditorted view of the world and life – and never having received the chance to see things freely through her own eyes. Frankly I don’t want to see her picture becasue it tells a sad story and one that would make me cry for that child if I saw her. cary when people lose the ability to know the difference between work and real life in the entertainment field and Scientologists are abbsolute parasites feeding off a handful of successful “stars” – most a re generally more intelligent than to be suckered into to that insaity ….and then there are the rest of those in the cult – Do they reap the same benefits as those of the Celebrity Centre? Of course not! They play the role of the frones as in L Ron’s sci fi books – they are at the base of the pyramind – Scientology is a much like the old pyramid scheme, only moreso, much moreso and much more consequnetial as it effects people’s livs far beyond the financial …….My heart goes out to this poor kid Suri, who, if she was the child of Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary at just above poverty level or middle income, would be taken from their parents for abuse by keeping them in a cult situation brainwashing them right from the start …But poor little Suri doesn’t stand a chance for anyone to help her for her “celebrity” parents who in my humble view are out of sanity would never be approached b ychild protective services to see what exactly she is going through ……I’ve looked forward to all new baby pics – Wehad a coffee table book in our Long Island home that was all photos of babies, newborns and toddlers – the most enjoyed book in our home by our family and guests with the hankerin to look through art books on our tables ….But there is one photo I would not want to see – and it is Suri – It would make me cry …I am so sad for tha child. So as far as I’m concerned they can keep her out of the limelight forever …The moment anyone with any insight about what she is likely being subjected to -a lifestyle designed by a ascience fictio writer and called a religion – and anyone has to look into precious new eyes that will be molded into wat they see by others – their freedom taken as soon as they are born, is utterly tragic in my book. Poor baby. Poor Suri. I don’t subscribe to any formal religion but I live a spirituallly rich life and I have a deep and abiding sense of Divinity about Creation and living right and loving right and so do millions of others …..This stinks to know that in our midst in this country, a baby is a prisoner of a cult and yetthat fact is overshadoweded, clouded by the smoke and mirrors of how cleverly the tinseltown cruise clan can work their fans. (sigh)

  8. braydie says

    I believe that she wore those jeans while she was pregnant. I remember beacuse i see the gold on her butt and i remember thinking they where cute but i see she needs to go up a size now there kinda tight. DONT yell at me im not sayin that to be mean. its JMO 🙂

  9. Maria says

    There is a baby don’t you see it in katies hands ???? I guess baby SURI is short for STARBUCKS !

  10. Carrie says

    She must have had a baby. There is a picture on perezhilton.com that shows a peek of her belly with stretchmarks. There is a baby. The problem I have is all the outings without her. All the other newborns in hollywood are out and about in baby slings….! Suri is going to need to see the great outdoors, its just not natural to keep the baby inside for so long!

  11. jojo says

    There’s a baby, Suri will be seen when they get married. Dressed as a flower child. If they ever get married, but that’s their choice. I feel for Katie Toledo family. Can you see yourself standing in the grocery store lane and reading all the stuff the tabloid has to say about there grand daughter ??I would be upset with my daughter and the father for letting this get carried away. There would have been no harm if they would have done like the other celebrities stars have done and just show one of Suri after she was born. But my heart goes out to those grandparents in Toledo.

  12. NIcki says

    Katie has lots of beautiful dresses and gowns. She wears them all the time Tom is dragging her around to his photo ops. Whats wrong with a young girl or older one for that matter, wearing jeans?
    I think she looks good there, just needed to run a brush through her hair, or maybe its just windy.

  13. Eyesofpearls says

    My theory: As many times before it was said that tom cannot have children, Katie had to fake her pregnancy because they had a surrogate mother waiting to give them a baby. However, she changed her mind and now they have to fake that the baby was born until they find a new one. That explains the weird certificate. Also, if you go through Katie’s pics, you can see how her stomach changed – it was enormous and two weeks later, much smaller!!! So unnatural.

    This may be a ridiculous theory, but it’s logical, isn’t it?

  14. Braydie says

    suzette they must be still celebrating because she has her ring on and she never looked that worn down before TC. also she was pregnant at christmas time

  15. says

    I love Katie and Tom, they are putting that baby first, obviously they don’t need the money and don’t feel the need to “show off” for millions pictures of Suri, they will bring her out when they feel fit to.

  16. KellyMay says

    Tom and Kate will introduce their beautiful child with something different, it will be interesting what Tom does! He waited with his older children as well…

  17. suzette says

    either these photos are old or the starbucks in colorado is still celebrating Holiday. The 2 of them are carrying Starbucks red Holiday cups. Is it possible these are not recent photos?

  18. cherisse says

    i think that Katie needs a break from all the negative comments. I know that she is with crazy Tom but the thing is that Katie really cares about her baby, i mean it is her first child and she wants pravicy and maybe wants some peace and quiet. My guess is that she is the one that made Tom claim down i am sure if she did it took a lot of confencing.

  19. Lisa says

    Didn’t these two jet overseas for MI3 premieres alone. Come on, new mothers/fathers all over the world do not seperate from their babies as much as these two do.

  20. Kelley says

    I don’t think they are jetting around anywhere without her anymore. I know that Katie made a trip with Tom to Washington for a publicity thing, but Washington is not all that far from Le really, just a couple hours flight. I spent longer then that at Target’ one afternoon when my little guy was 2 weeks old. She most prob took Suri with her to Ohio and to Colorado. Perhaps that feel it will be easier to stay confined there. Kudos to Tom and Katie for putting the needs of Suri first and not using her as a publicity stunt…..you know, like Tom did when he started dating Katie…..couches anyone?

    Now that said, I would not think bad of them if they would at least comment a little more on her. Give us a little something, like what she looks like or if she sleeps good…..somthing, anything.

  21. Angie says

    “Suri’s doing great”. I’m sure ‘she’ is in TomKat’s happy land. If the kid exists, now I have to say that Katie is a pretty lousy mom jetting all over and doing whatever while the kid hides out at the TC compound. Sure she wants to keep her precious out of the press, but she nor Tom have no problem whatsoever running up to cameras and saying cheese, then getting defensive on the Suri subject or blantantly ignoring the Suri subject and gush about either each other or TC’s new movie.
    I noticed in other threads that people have made an excellent point. We as the public are not in any way entitled to view anyone’s child for our own satisfaction. Here’s the rub for me:TomKat won’t even say they want her protected from the press. They simply make happy statements and then go onto another subject. If Suri is so great and so wonderful and doing her Baby Einstein homework,at some point TC, by nature would have to make an ass outta himself and start flashing pics.

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