Kate Hudson Out With Ryder Yesterday

I can’t hold it in….WHY DOES HE HAVE A PONYTAIL!!!!! Sorry…I just had to let that out!

Here they were snapped in NYC yesterday. Kate is gorgeous!

Kate Hudson



  1. bennette says

    he has a pony tail b/c of her part jewish (i think) decent… they don’t cut their hair until 3 yrs old or… some sh!t like that…. she was just quoted, talking about that…

  2. Braydie says

    I actually want to change my opinion. I seen a picture of them today in the store while waiting to check out (it was on a tabloid) and they looked so adorable and cute in it i gotta say who cares he has long hair if HE likes it that way so be it:)

  3. Kelley says

    I checked it out last night. The pattern is a simple circle. The middle section where the child sits is one yard of material squared. the you add a 1/12 foot by 1/12 square to each end of that and sew the whole thing in to a ring. The secret I am told is in the material. You have to get something with a little lycra in it for stretch but just a little bit. Iam going to experiment with on this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. braydie says

    I dont want to start a bitch fight here , however why do people say “enough said” when you know it wont be???

  5. Susan says

    How could a linen sling cost $450?? Kelly, if you figure out a pattern, let us know.

    I think a person religious beliefs should be respected. Thus there is a simple answer to the question posed. Enough said.

  6. braydie says

    I know shes a good mom you can just tell but i couldnt let my sons hair get that long and stringy. People got to ask how old her “daughter” is or crap like that. It would get to me.

  7. NIcki says

    I love Kate she is so naturally cute and funny without being stupid. My nephew who, wasn’t jewish, had long hair until he was 6. (He did have a first hair cut, so it was never that long and fine). I can only recall once when I was with him at 5, at Boston Aquarium where a woman asked if “she” wanted to get in front of her, to see. Granted the lady was about 80, and I just no thanks we are fine. My nephew looked up at me and said, “You didn’t tell her I was a boy cuz she’s really old right?” I Love that kid, my first nephew, and he is a Dad of 2 now, almost 30 yrs old, (Sept.) Wow I had to think about his age, thinking he was maybe 25 (probably just hoping for my longevity, lol)
    I do love Kate and think she will do just fine as a Mom and he looks loved and happy, isn’t that all that matters?

  8. Kelley says

    Ummmm. “Mind our own business”? OK then what the hell are these blogs for?

    “Mind our own kids or do the work we have to do”? Ok, then what the hell are you ignoring to be on here typing.

    “You guys are so Judegmental? ” Pot…calling kettle hello?

    (((deleted comments were here)))

    p.s. read the original blog. The person who runs this site asked a specific question I will copy if for you “WHY DOES HE HAVE A PONYTAIL!!!!! ? So the people here answered it. BTW, I believe in the attack ideas not people so I went back and deleted the comments I had inserted about you mentioning your friends. Sorry if this in any way offends you, but you are coming in to a public blog and attacking people for having opinions that differ from yours. All you needed to do was come on, say how you liked his hair long and been done with it.

  9. Renae says

    God you people are judgemental…why the hell do you care if his hair is long or not? Mind your own business. Don’t you have work to do or kids of your own to pay attention to?
    We have lots of friends that let their kids hair grow for religious reasons, personal reasons, whatev. Do you expect the kid to walk around with his hair in his face. What’s the big deal if she pulls it back.
    Would you criticize a mother for keeping her little girl’s hair short?

  10. SaraJoan says

    My kid brother had long hair for quite a while, our mom just couldn’t bring herself to cut it. If the kid’s happy, who cares?

    As to sling, you certainly don’t have to spend $450! You can make them for yourself pretty easilly, or here are some options if you don’t want to sew (or don’t have time to):

    Maya Wrap ($44 to $80, depending on style chosen)

    New Native Baby Carrier ($40 – $48)

    SlingEZee Baby Sling ($46 – $57)

    Mama’s Milk slings ($45 – $65)

    Over the Shoulder Baby Holder (about $45)

    …and those are just a few — just type in “baby slings” for a search.

    FWIW, I’ve used a Maya Wrap with both my girls and love it; my S-I-L has used an Over the Shoulder… with both her boys and loves that.

  11. Kelley says

    I don’t remember Rocco with hair long enough for a pony tail either. Do you have a link may haps? Also I would really like that sling, my fella is 8 months and is too big for my bjorn. Sure don’t have 450 buckos though. Must find a design and make my own. If I figure out how i’ll post here for anyone who wants one, and I won’t charge anywhere near that. The material and thread wouldn’t cost more then 20 bucks.

  12. mage says

    I love her son’s hair. Nazarene and Orthodox Jews are just 2 off the top of my head that follow the teachings of no hair cuts till a child is 3. It is very hard to follow your faith in America when those who do not understand judge, but that is part of the process. The citicism from outsiders was hard, but the upkeep of my sons hair was much harder.

    I can’t believe I am so addicted to this site!

  13. eBirdie says

    Is she still with the boy’s father? I wonder why we never see a photo of the three of them as a family? Or even of just the papa with his son?

  14. Maite says

    Oh jeez. He’s a boy with long hair. Get over it. And I cant believe the ponytail bothers you. What do you propose she does? Let his hair get in his face, and his mouth so as not to upset you with his ponytail? She’s a great mom, and he’s a happy little boy. You cant ask for anything more.

    And why does a boy with long hair upset you so much anyway? I dont ever see you complaining about Maddox’s mowhawk.

    Sometimes your rantings have a accurate point. This time you are just wrong…

  15. Braydie says

    nothing against the jewish religion but i dont see alot of kids that are jewish boys with long hair

  16. Jenn says

    I am so happy that I am not the only one who feels that way about his hair. My lord! Just CUT HIS HAIR!!! Well, atleast he has really pretty hair, if it is going to be that long you know?.

  17. Louisa says

    she is erally beautiful and all but does she really need to carry him around like that? He must be gettin quite old now!

  18. emmy says

    i saw kate being interviewed and she said that she is not cutting ryder’s hair until he is three years old because of their jewish heritage….

  19. Braydie says

    OMG that kid looks like a little girl….i know shes all into the hippy look and all, and im not saying that she should cut his hair but damn really, she should.
    she looks great of course, shes should take her son to the barber to get a “little boys” haircut.

  20. says

    She is a very sexy woman and who knows about the pony tail…maybe she just REALLY wanted a girl, with my third daughter I dressed her all in blue for the first year then I got over it, and she is a princess!!!!
    Have a great day.

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