This Just Isn't Good!

I am honestly not a prude, but this just doesn’t seem like it is good. I’m sure Pam’s 5-year-old son loves yachts and playmates and all that fun in the sun, BUT it has to be weird to have his mom’s boobs flying around all over the place! I can’t tell if she is letting him try on her triangle bikini top or trying to help him put on goggles. Hmmm….

Pam Anderson

Pam Anderson

UPDATE: Well…I had her son’s age wrong (if that even is her son…could be her friend’s son I suppose). Her son, Brandon Thomas, is 10 and her other son, Dylan Jagger, is 8. To me, that makes this even weirder, BUT my husband, who grew up in Switzerland and Australia, confirms my prudishness! He says that it is only here in the States that boobs are a big deal. I guess I have a bigger hang-up about nudity than I realized! Pam and her kids look happy…so shame on me! 🙂 Even though my bosom is hardly x-rated…actually G rated I think, I wouldn’t feel comfortable topless around my 5-year-old son, but I shouldn’t judge others for doing what they feel comfortable with.
Here is another pic of her in Monaco (applying sunscreen on, who I assume is one of her sons).

Pam Anderson

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  1. Demetra says

    yea im def. not sure wat to say about it. I don’t kno how other countries work but in the U.S i would never want that to happen to me as a child.

  2. says

    She is a PIG, that is so gross then people wonder why the world is the way it is!!!!
    I don’t care if they are her kids, there are for sure other people around, she needs to grow up and put some clothes on!!!

  3. NIcki says

    Whats wrong with this picture?? LMAO.
    The new pic added, she is covering the kids eyes, and she has a bathing suit on. The other two full frontal topless and not coving the kids eyes.
    Sorry my silly humor, I thought is was funny.

  4. KellyMay says

    LOL Pam is Canadian… here in Canada it is legal for us to go topless where ever we want LOL

    My god, she has huge breasts! I’m actually rather speechless for once!!!!

  5. Eyesofpearls says

    I used to go topless when my daughter was very young and couldn’t really understand. My husband and I thought it was natural. However, when she was 5, she told my mum one day to tell me not to do it any more because she felt embarassed . I felt very bad because I never realized that I was embarassing my child with something that I thought was “natural”. So we should think twice. Not all of us fancied seeing our parents naked ( I actually never did), so why do we assume that our kids want to see us naked? I guess it’s just like making love – it’s natural, but we all make sure our kids never see us doing it

  6. carleigh says

    I think it is totally inappropriate for her to bare her breasts in front of her children! She has posed for Playboy, made trashy dirty movies and now this! She’s just as bad as Denise Richards! And NO I am not jealous of her or her body she looks really good but there is a time and a place for nudity and in front of impressionable young children is not it.

  7. Jude says

    Everyone in Europe goes topless. I was amazed when I went to St Pete’s beach in Florida for my honeymoon that everyone had their tops on! We live on the south coast of England and people are always ‘getting them out’ on a hot day on our local beach. I have 2 boys and they see me getting in and out of the shower all the time. I realy don’t see that baring your breasts when you are on holiday is a problem. To me it is completely normal. But I suppose it depends on what you are used to.

  8. Maria says

    Pam is nasty and her poor child is going to be weird like her !!!!!!! Please I don’t care how much the body is beautiful this woman will do anything for a picture !!!!!!

  9. NIcki says

    I don’t think it is her son, too young. But you have to remember they are in St. Tropaz or some place similar, and I think everyone on the beach goes topless. OK granted most don’t have Pam’s size fake bazookas, but if that is how everyone on the beach is, then nothing would be strange to him. Yes I know they are on a yacht, but also very close to the shore.

  10. Kelley says

    You know, I’m on the fence about this one too. It is the human body and we should not be ashamed of it. Perhaps she is trying to teach him some lesson based on her set of values which is her right as his mother. In this case I don’t think the boy is in any danger so hey, to each their own right?

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