Denise Richards Glams It Up For Photo Shoot

Denise took part in a photo shoot on Friday in LA. She did glamour poses of strolling with baby and getting gas. Hmmm…

Denise Richards

Funny….this is exactly how I look when I pump gas!

Denise Richards



  1. JoeMama says

    You are all such haters, it’s crazy! What has she done in any of these pics to draw such venom?

    (17. Lizzie | July 11th, 2006 at 2:30 pm) He is well known to be a total whorebag. I was hoping that when he hooked up with the complete queen of wholesomeness/whoredom that he would be ready to settle down. He wasn’t. Charlie has a long history of spending tens of thousands of dollars on hookers/ prostitutes (see Heidi Fleiss case).

    But I hated him for getting the hottest woman in Hollywood and not settling down. He’s had it all and he could have had it all, but he fucked it up because he couldn’t control himself. Denise is the epitomy of whore in the bedroom and wife in the kitchen.

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe she was a total cold fish? If that is the case, then I would have no problem with Charlie stepping out, but he could have been discreet about it and talked to her first.

    Maybe he did, I don’t know their personal discussions, but I do know my personal opinions. Denise is a complete goddess and anyone that throws this opportunity over, must be an idiot.

    I was in the same horrible situation of being engaged to a woman that seemed all about it, but after we got enganged it dropped to once per month. That is not even human, ONCE PER MONTH, WTF.

    If I was no good or there was something I was missing I would be happy to comply. Except I need to know what it is. Direction/ instruction is always good, because otherwise it is just guessing.

  2. Angie says

    what’s up w/ the half tan up her back?? she looks like kate moss (w/ alittle more meat on her bones) in the one w/ the gas pump. hope i look that good in a swimsuit when i have my baby!

  3. Lisa M says

    Did you notice that little boys face in the background..LoL..But i do agree she looks like total crap..She is nasty looking..She looks better when she doesnt wear no makeup and dresses casual..

  4. Angie says

    Ya know,I’m thinking that this is not going to help her out on the whole sole custody/Charlie is the bad guy and I’m so mistreated thing. I like Denise Richards, she was really cute in Starship Troopers, but she is becoming the living Girls Gone WIld poster child.

  5. Lisa says

    She is not thinking things through. I mean, the media and public are all over her for the way she is acting and the things she has done, and then she poses like this? Plus the Pussy Cat Doll ordeal? If she thinks this is helping, she is way off base. She looks horrible.

  6. fawna says

    ooooooooooooohh Denise is a mummy now and she is trying to prove her sexiness to herself and the world…………but to me the pictures look very harsh, her face looks like that of the past/ heroine chic look, its not sexy, to me she looks alot better when shes with her kids llittle or no make-up and her hair flung over her shoulder in a half poneytail.

  7. Braydie says

    She looks like a old ass pimped out ho. Her face looks like shes been tanning a bit too much…shes leatherface.

  8. Lizzie says

    I don’t know what to think, it’s impossible to know, but is it my imagination, or are the photo’s of Charlie kind of fried, razzled and deranged looking? The guy looks to me like he has a buzz going in every photo. Kind of wild eyed, sweaty and greasy looking, in other words, creepy????? The last 2 1/2 men episode in the US, was also creepy, to me. He was bragging up the same qualities that have been issues in the divorce papers and tabloids. Actually isn’t that what his Charlie character in 2 1/2 men has always been about?. So two thoughts here, did she take his character in the sitcom and blow it up, or is his real life a bit more sleazy than the character he plays? Taking her out of the thought process for the moment, cuz I totally would be looking squeeky clean if I was in her shoes right now, but hasn’t his history always been kind of sleazy wild? The rest of the brat pack seemed to have grown up and lets face it, I know I was a brat packer type before I clued in and grew up, (as much as I have) Anybody know any history on him? Did she have a major reputation before she married him? Obviously I’m new at on line gossip and never really paid that much attention before. Maybe I just need to get a life of my own …./… Hee Hee I do wanna know what y’all are thinking, not an admirer of sleazy chatting, but I do wanna have strangers opinions …….

  9. Elle says

    Okay, I have always enjoyed Babyrazzi and appreciated a website dedicated to Celebrities’ Babies. However, it seems that Babyrazzi is becoming more of . . . “Babe”razzi and it is getting pretty sleezy. This used to be a website I could recommend to Family and Friends, but now it is becoming so much like the other Sleeze on the Web, I can no longer recommend others to tune in. That’s unfortunate, because I so enjoy the idea of a Website devoted to Babies! That was the Original Idea, right? A website full of Precious Baby Photos! Now that is something worth Awe-ing over! Less Sleeze and more Babies, Please!

  10. Kelley says

    I wonder what the photo shoot was for. She is not a model so god knows it could have been for anything. I am going to refrain and save my opinion for when the purpose of the photo shoot is revealed.

    As for the example she is setting, I don’ t think this is that bug of a deal. It may be part of her job, and she is wearing a lot more then some other celebrity moms (hello Ms. Spears) so what’s the big deal?

  11. Helen says

    She looks like Skeletor but with make up on – not pretty! Look at the kids face stood behind her in the second shot, doesnt know whether to laugh or cry!

  12. tina says

    I just don’t like her eye make-up it looks like she wants to be a panda, it doesn’t look sexy just black smudge

  13. carleigh says

    She has embraced her inner ho and it’s taken over. From the neck down her body is picture perfect but the way she has been wearing her hair and makeup she looks so tacky and trashy and these pic’s don’t help her cause any either! EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW…and this can’t be blamed on the Sambora influence either…she’s just icky anymore! What kind of role model is she for her daughters?

  14. DJ says

    What happened, she used to be so pretty. The makeup job is just terrible. Not a good image for her children

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