Gorgeous Young Mom Of Two Kate Winslet Voted Hottest Bod!

Kate Winslet, 30, has the most desirable body in Britain, according to a survey of female magazine readers.
The curvaceous mother of two was voted top by readers of Closer as having the body that most women would like to have. Her daughter, Mia Honey Threapleton, is 5 and her son, Joe Alfie Winslet-Mendes, is 2.
Kate Winslet

“I know that I have a real woman’s figure,” says Kate. “It’s nice that it’s acknowledged and appreciated, that I refuse to conform. I don’t starve myself.” What makes the mother of two – to Mia, 5, and Joe, 2 – feel beautiful? “The happiness I feel in having a family has brought me a real beauty.”
Second was Charlotte Church, and Pirates Of The Caribbean star Keira Knightley was third.

That is awesome that a mom of two is the hottest! Way to go Kate!

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  1. Vee says

    Kate has a perfect figure! She isn’t one ounce too heavy. Everyone should have her figure and they would be blessed. Thank God for her daughter she is an intelligent woman. She is also a wonderful actress. I own Sense and Sensibility and will buy more of her films.

  2. Arsa says

    Kate, Looks Beauitful!! WOW A mother of 2 she looks incredible. Amazing how she kept her figure. She is an excellent role model for everyone. God bless her

  3. Diana says

    She does look mean. Coming from England, I watched a documentary about her and David. She comes across as being lovely, and really sweet, and if she does have an eating disorder, I just feel sorry for her, as she is a beautiful girl, personality and looks wise. I read an article from a psychologist recently saying that she is loosing more and more weight just to get attention. I think that is sad. Kate truely is an English rose for sure! 😉

  4. Demetra says

    I love that Kate won because a lot of people call her fat and I think she has a healthy body weight a lot of young girls can look up to. And it’s amazing that she looks this great after having 2 children. Now Victoria ont he toher has got to eat. She may be naturally skinny but prove to us you EAT! And maybe she should smile more. She looks sooo mean which makes her ugly.

  5. tina says

    thankgod for that, i think kate looks great and victoria is way to skinny she looks terrible, she needs some curves how does david like ******* that? some one hand her a cheeseburger

  6. renae says

    honestly, victoria beckham looks like she is going to break in half if she sneezed. we all would like to be slim and gorgeous looking, but thats just pushing things a bit too far. she looks so incredibly unhealthy

  7. Kelley says

    Kate does look wonderfule, I think there are several actresses in hwood that should take her example. Mrs Becks looks very unfortunate and needs to get some help. If she is staying that skinny on purpose then she needs a therapist, if she is that skinny naturally (she was skinny in her spice girl days, but not that skinny) then she needs a NON hollywood nutricianist.

  8. carleigh says

    Thank goodness average ppl have finally got a healthy, beautiful, curvy, womanly role model! Kate is gorgeous and her inner happiness radiates to the outside! She has never been a conformist or into the whole “shallowminded” ideal that Hollywood has been presenting in ways of super, scarey skinny starving scarecrow women like Posh Spice, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Ritchie and so many others! Kate’s a class act and she is a fine example in the beauty of a life well lived! Good for her!

  9. Tonya says

    Kate is so beautiful. Victoria looks like a bobblehead doll as her head is freakishly disproportionate to her sickeningly thin body. I am afraid a good gust of wind would send her flying.

  10. nicola says

    Kate is stunnin, as 4 Victoria, she`s settin a bad example 2 her fans. No way is it safe and healthy 2 be that skinny. Doesn`t Brooklyn look like Becks?

  11. dreamer says

    Kate looks absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. a fine example of Good health. She is one of the smartest actresses who can see skinny is NOT healthy and even my daughter likes kate, i’m glad that young girls can look upto her as a good role model. As Victoria Beckham is disgusting, she looks way too skinny and unhealthy, is she so blind to this FACT!!! Go Kate!!!

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