Tom & Katie's Friends Getting Worried…Where Is Suri?!

This is soooo weird! I honestly hope that everything is ok with Suri and Katie.
Three months after her birth, baby Suri is still unseen by her family’s closest friends. A source told Us Weekly that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have yet to show their daughter off to fellow Scientologists John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Lisa Marie Presley. Even good pals Will and Jada Pinkett Smith supposedly have not met her, despite repeated calls to Cruise. “Every time, it’s a different excuse: He’s busy, or Kate’s not feeling well,” says a source. “The Smiths think it’s so weird.”

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Also, rumor has it that Tom wanted to sell Suri’s baby pictures for more money than baby Shiloh’s photos went for. And apparently there were no takers. So maybe he is just stubbornly hiding Suri now.


  1. lily says

    tom cruise is just holding off on showing the baby because he knows everyone wants to see her and he thinks he could get alot of money ifhe waited. But soon people will stop caring and won’t want tosee the baby.I also think tom is friggin out of his mind and wants all the attention to be on him

  2. lily says

    tom cruise is just holding off on showing the baby because he knows everyone wants to see her and he thinks he could get alot of money ifhe waited. But soon people will stop caring and won’t want tosee the baby.I also think tom is friggin out of his mind and wants all the atantion to be on him

  3. Terry says

    Tom is proof that money can buy and hold on to anything…case in point…Katie, and now the notion of Suri.
    I hope to heaven that both the Katie and Suri come out of this whole ordeal as whole people…but Tom and the religion he is tooting are pretty strong.

    I do want to add, I dont know much about his religion, just what he has spouted about…and what I have read on the ‘net. It just looks like his version is pretty much in control of his household. I wish Katie and little Suri much strength.

  4. Debbie says

    Come on people. Get over it. After I had my daughter I wasn’t parading her all around and she is a normal beautiful baby. Newborns are better off at home where they can be taken care of and have all their needs met. If anything Tom and Katie should be respected for not using their daughter as a showpiece.

  5. Angie says

    Loved the “TOP 10 Answers” posted by Cindi (#50)

    #7 “Squashed between Oprah’s couch cushions”

    …..are you kidding me….too funny!

  6. NIcki says

    Maybe it is those “vitamins”(the spelling looks wrong?) he said Brooke S should take for her “problems” she had after her first child. Sorry just not totally comfortable with this situation. I wish Katie all the best, and the baby, if she is real. Everything about the whole “I’m soooooo in love with Kate”, couch jumping, photo-op kissing, Paris engagement, etc, and then BAM……………………….nothing. It is just strange, not really saying there is no baby, but WTF. He is such a media whore when he needs publicity, but OK can’t see the kid? Please, Who really cares now Tom? Not me! I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for a picture of “your kid”. Lots of other Katie fans will, but you won’t get the “sales” and money you think you will, NOONE is really very interested anymore.
    And I’m not saying pap’s flashing in the kids face. One reputable photographer taking 4 or 5 pics, like everyone else, Gwen S., Brit with Sean P., the Spice chick? Ginger?, Gwyenth P., Mira S., all the rest.
    I do admire SJP and MB for calling the paps and telling them when they were leaving the hospital, like GP did with her Apple,( WTF is that name?) LOL.
    It is a catch 22 with any one of them, with whatever they do.
    But I have to admire the proceeds going to charity and helping whoever it can and will.

  7. Carleigh says

    I wonder if Katie has been hypnotized and brainwashed by the Scientology cult?????? Strange but maybe true. I have read that Good Housekeeping article they did with TC and the author stated that Katie was very sullen, subdued and almost unresponsive sort of glazy eyed and catatonic when she came into the room during the interview. The interviewer said TC was rubbing her belly and cooing to her but she was just kind of DUH dazed. Then there are all the pic’s lately where she hardly smiles at all and just seems to be staring off into space or looking down at her feet. What gives? It is a bit strange.

  8. says

    It truly is unusual that no one has seen a baby;mom, dad, best friends! Is Katie really okay or locked away as a prisioner?

    concerned for her care.

  9. Cindi says

    I was doing the google search on TomKat and found a few interesting things. One was that TK were offered less than 3 million for pictures of Suri and refused the offer. Another was that close friends, Scientology and otherwise, have not seen Suri. TK always make excuses for why friends can’t visit.

    Regarding birth certificate, legally needs to be filed within 10 days of birth. Suri’s wasn’t, and was also signed by a friend, not Tom or Kate. The purpose of getting it was to get a passport for the baby.

    Above info was gotten from news sites, not gossip sites, both US and foreign. Found below in a article regarding friends concerns about not being allowed to see Suri which I found amusing.

    And so we ask…. WHERE IS SURI? The top 10 answers:

    10. Snapped up by Brangelina as their latest baby acquisition
    9. In rehab, suffering ‘exhaustion’
    8. Chillin’ with Xenu
    7. Squashed between Oprah’s couch cushions
    6. Giving parenting advice to Britney
    5. Writing her thesis on the dangers of cult mentality
    4. In Tom Cruise’s mind
    3. Writing a tell-all book
    2. Sitting in the props department until Tom needs publicity for a movie
    1. Being packaged as an “extra” for the upcoming Mission Impossible 3 DVD

    Also did some google searches on Scientology, quite interesting.

  10. SHEILA says


  11. Denise says

    I think Tom is a little touched and Katie is very submissive she needs to get a back bone. His Scientology is a farce and is not a true religion it is considered a cult. When people search for another way I think that they are lost and not have a true grasp on what is important. Katie should be spending time with her family not just Tom and his cult. It’s time he lets Katie be with her family because eventually he will lose her like he did Nicole, Pennelope and Mimmie. Wake up Tom you are not God! I also think that you need to seek some professional help.

  12. Nicole says

    I think that if baby Suri does have a birth defect, they should just come out and say so. It should not matter at all.

    Tom Cruise has clearly portrayed himself as the “loving”, and caring father. If there is something wrong with his child, he should come out in the open about it and maybe it will help other families having to deal with the same problems and pressures.

    He is a celebrity and whether or not we like him, people will follow his example. It could turn out to be a good thing. Research and attention could be given to babies who have the same problem.

    Just a though…….

  13. SHEILA says


  14. Braydie says

    HOW can you say in post #35″Carleigh, how come your so rude to everyone who has a thought different from you” and then say the whole post of #42? its kinda counterdicting (sp?)yourself in many ways. I believe carliegh says what she thinks and if its diferent then anyone else or if YOU believe its rude then you have the right to say nasty things about her?? W/E and why bring up Brook shields? She had nothing to do with this post at all.

  15. Lizzie says

    Hee Hee, I meant Brooke Shields, Nothing like acting like I think I’m somebody and then make an ass out of myself………….Hee Hee Hee………………………………….. I do really like hearing what y’all have to say, all of you, I so know what I think already and gotta say, I agree with most of you and most of what you say. I used to like the guy, in fact in Top Gunn, he was so hot!!!!!!!! but begining with the couch jumping, that was a big whoa in my opinion, then the wall climbing at that club, the guy kind of has been way to weird for my thinking……… She in my opinion is way too young for him. If he isn’t gay and there actually is sex going on, lets face it, he is going to get limp way before she is ready to just go to bed and sleep. What do they talk about, how great he is????, that can only be a thrill for so long, Religion, that is only new for so long too, after a while all wives roll their eyes and think idiot ,I’ve heard it a zillion times, got anything new to talk about????? .

  16. Lizzie says

    I for one wouldn’t look at this site if I didn’t want to see photos of the babies and if I wasn’t curious about what other people think and if they agree or disagree with my thoughts. Truthfully, it does bother me when getting to the thoughts is also going through the nasty stuff. I’m no perfect poster, and I do sometimes use tacky talk, but geez, no one even knows each other, so why get so nasty and so mad? I, for one am just as interested in your opinions as anyone elses, not one of us knows for sure. There’s no good guy and no bad guy, it is just a bunch of nosy people who like to wonder and gossip, myself included. No better no worse and certainly of no greater importance than any one else’s opinion. Mean while, was there any difference in Book Shields baby’s birth certificate? Was I mistaken that signatures were signed on the 8th, but recorded on the 7th? I also don’t understand the relationship to father section signed friend? The print is pretty little, maybe I didn’t read it correctly?????????

  17. Braydie says

    I believe there is a suri…however i dont believe that everything is right with her. i can understand not wanting the public to see your child for awhile but i cant see Tom NOT wanting to show her off. He made it a POINT to tell the world that he was crazy in love and that he wasnt going to “let” katie go. he said he wanted to show the world their “love” and then the product of there love comes and he wont let anyone see her…i.e. family and friends? Somethings wrong there.
    also… If you dont want a pissing match DONT bring other posters into your post. stacey you really had no right to bring carliegh into your post at all there was no need for it say your piece and move on this is a computer shes not going to come though it and get ya. and to pamela, WHY? why state anything if it doesnt pertain to you? The reason im saying anythingis beacuase carliegh and i are usually the “bad” posters so i believe i do have a right to defend her since she didnt do anything.
    to lizzie, carliegh DID NOT say anything about stacey in THIS post at all. IT was STACEY that bought Carligh into this. and now when carliegh defends herself you think shes has a potty mouth???? I just cant believe you people sometimes….Its A OK if someone says something you agree with but the minute they say something you dont agree with you say a bunch of nasty things about them. AND IF IT DOESNT BOTHER YOU THEN WHY SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT AT ALL????

  18. carleigh says

    Hey Lizzie I only open up potty mouth when someone directly states or uses my name in a blog! I don’t come on here to be critiqued by you, Stacey, Pamela or anyone else for that matter. I am entitled just like you or anyone else for that fact, to say what I feel. I am sick of getting hosed when I retaliate by defending MYSELF not my opinions mind you…myself! I don’t care what other people say about a celebrity or whatnot, however, when someone takes it upon their PERFECT selves to bring me down or involve me in their blogs because they might not happen to like my posts you know what…then I defend myself. That is MY right and I intend on using that right because if you check above Lil Miss Perfect Poster…I was NOT the one who made this personal. Say what you want and post whatever you want just leave me out of the SHIT because I don’t solicite it or ask for it! Thank you for your opinion but ya know something I don’t care what you think about me or my blogs. Don’t like them or me then don’t read them! Pretty simple for someone who understands simple logic right???

  19. E says


  20. Lizzie says

    Carleigh, how come your so rude to everyone who has a thought different from you? And Stacey, the form says comments, not comments that are acceptable to Carleigh. Say what you want, her potty mouth is just that. with a big helping of bully control freak, reminds me of Tom Cruise, actually. People can only control you when you let them. My opinion, for what it is worth, the guy is as gay as gay can get. Katie was suppose to save his ego and reputation by having a baby for him. My opinion, Suri wasn’t up to TC’s standards ( if she exists) which is why no one has seen her. Katie is beautiful, but I’m not too impressed with her brains nor ability to control her own life. There used to be a lot in the news regarding her parents, are they visiting Fort TC at all? Katie may be weak, but her parents didn’t seem to be. As far as the rags, as much as I hate to say it, Princess Di rumors began in the rags and I totally didn’t want to believe any of it but look what happened??? Sometimes they are right on and sometimes they are just blowing smoke full of lies. Sorry to say I’d lay money on life is not as sweet as TC would like the world to believe. Something is very wrong and everyone knows it. If it’s all B..S.., well the little man could stop the rumors any time couldn’t he!!! People put Britney down as a horrible mother, well, what kind of mom is Katie with all the time she spends away from Suri, (if there is a Suri)) She went to Aberdeen Washington, to promote MI, what a week after Suri was “suppose” to have been born, with out the baby??? That isn’t a good mom in my opinion, hell, it isn’t any where near a “normal” new mom at all. Ok Carleigh, go a head and open up your potty mouth can of whoop ass on me….. Won’t bother me one tiny bit at all.

  21. cherisse says

    i just think that whenever they are ready they will show her. Maybe they are not like every other celebs to eager to show her off . In plus i could understand the first month, because a newborn could not come out at a certain time. But the rest of the two months i don’t know maybe they want their pravity maybe they was freaked out when Katie did go into labor . The photogs was camping and stalking their house and maybe they want to be a little more careful and don’t want to put their baby in danger in the public eye. Besides i was watching Access Hollywood and they had these soar da physc on the show and she said taht “Katie is feeling that she want to be pravite with her life now a days.” i mean who can blame her after what happened last yr.



  22. Kelley says

    Do I think I have a “right” to see this baby, or that I am “entitled” to? Well no! Does that mean I want to see her any less? Hell no. I want to see her, and I am going to blog here about it till I do. Period.

  23. nicola says

    Has any1 at all seen this child?
    Why sell their child`s pics 2 the highest bidder?
    Guess what Tom, it`s not ebay!!!!!

  24. Kamineko says

    Well, I did see the aforementioned papparazi photo on the web, the one where Katies belly is exposed (accidentally) to view. Many purple stretchmarks,a poochy belly, and no muscle tone. All this equals” A BABY. I have had 4, and yep, she HAS had a baby, believe me!
    As to Katie running off with Tom Criuse due to “Catholic girl rebellion”, she was an adult when she ran off with him. Not only that, but I read an article in a magazine about her “happy single life in the city” just before she met him. She appeared to be am well adjusted, normal midwestern girl, close to her family and still practicing her faith! In fact, it was mentioned that she intended to remain a virgin till she married “Mr. Right” in a traditional Catholic church wedding. So much for that idea. Tom Cruise has ruined her life. Her family is probably losing sleep at night praying for her to RUN. At least they haven’t gotten legally married yet, that is some consolation. It’s not too late for her to get herself, and her baby, out of this nightmare, and return to REALITY. Pray hard, Katie.

  25. Grace says

    Wow, reading over these blogs, some are barely readable due to poor spelling and grammar and punctuation. I can barely believe you people are old enough to type.

    Why are all of you so much entitled to see these parents’ baby? No one owes you a picture of a baby just three months old. If the whole world was eager to see your new baby, knowing the strangest folks are lurking, so you provide as much security as possible while she’s still very young, would you just walk out into public and let the sharks start snapping pictures? Think about it! Of course not! She’s a baby! It’s not like NO ONE IN THE WORLD has seen her. Just because it’s not in the STAR doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. And whomever has seen her, someone who is friends with Tom & Katie, do you think they’re going to run to the tabloids and say, “Oh wait, I saw her! Yeah, I took pictures too!” You have to exercise a little bit of discretion if you are in the category of a friend and you are invited to meet this child.

    Yeah, I think Tom is creepy, too. That’s due to his comments about psychiatry and Brooke Shields’ postpartum depression, and blabbing stuff about Scientology when he was out supposedly doing publicity for “War of the Worlds”. Notice I’m not just saying, “He’s weird.” I’m giving an example of WHY I think he’s weird.

    But what the hell does this mean?:

    “Katie is trash (pregnacy attire). ” HUH??? What does it mean? Katie is “trash” because someone doesn’t like the way she dresses? Don, you must really be a child to think Katie is expendable because you didn’t like her clothing. Yeah, it’s these kinds of folks I’d let come over and get to play with my newborn, oh right. C’mon!

    And if you are going to hose someone for “giving their opinion”, saying “no one cares for your opinion”, then why are you writing a blog? Which is a compilation of journal type entires, which undoubtedly give one’s opinion about *something*, duh.

    Why can’t you all proof your entries before you enter them? Half of these posts I can’t even tell what the subject of your blog is, the writing is so horrible. I mean, you can always study English a little better just so you can “make sense” when you’re writing your blogs–if for no other reason.

  26. Nicki says

    Braydie your nana is lucky to have you, and vice versa. Just enjoy her while you still can. My Gramma was the best person I knew, even with her quicks, I was lucky to have her. (tabloids are good for pics only)

    Dottie thank you for that. Your 6 and a half are lucky to have a loving meme like you. The strangest thing happened today, I had a red cardnal(sorry spelling) land on my deck this morning and sat for about 1 or 2 minutes looking at me. Also two of my cats, who go out during the day sitting out there (I have a six foot fence so no worries about them) didn’t even stir a bit. I thought, wow thats weird. Then I come in tonight and see your post and thought either your MawMaw was visiting me, or maybe my Gramma was trying to say the same to me. I loved your post, thanks. We do have lots of birds around here, NC, but never a red one (or anyone) and never for that long sitting on the deck rail. Thank you for your lovely post.

  27. carleigh says

    Hey Pamela same to ya sister! Bite me bitch! Stop making shit personal and grow up and get a life of your own….to each their own.

  28. nicola says

    Fair enough, they `re holdin Suri back from the press 4 the right amount of money (which may i add, is disgustin), but y is it that NONE of their friends av seen her?????

    I find this quite strange and disturbin, Tom`s a strange 1 in himself anyway, but he doesn`t need 2 be there all the time. What`s wrong wiv Kate bringin her own daughter out in public, alone? Tom seems 2 be controllin her. She`s a vunerable age and seems 2 do as he asks. I can see this bein an unhealthy marriage….If it gets that far.

    Has any1 seen this child yet?????

  29. Dottie says

    Nicki, I agree totaly with your opinions on Tom Cruise.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. I am the stepmother of 3 and the Real Grandmother {meme} to 6 and a half. I had a Wonderful funny MawMaw. She always took me on walks in the mountains. She told me that every time you see a red bird its me telling you I will love you till the end of time.
    My Grandmother and Mother-in-law also loved the crazy tabloids -{just those pictures honey}.
    I hope Katies family railes around her and her baby. AND I hope somebody will help Tom get the help he so needs.
    Show all the children around you a red bird.–And if they act like Tom call somebody!

  30. Sandy says

    I feel people who bash Tom and Kate should mine there own business. In time Tom and Kate will show Suri.

  31. Braydie says

    Nicki OMG my nana makes me go every friday so she can get those stupid mags also lol. probably why i hate them so much lol. sorry just sounded alittle to familiar and had to comment 🙂
    I always said tom would wait it out til he gets the highest bidder..i still believe hes going to try. as for her everchanging belly…i still think she was wearing her size zeros while pregnent and when she didnt wear them her belly popped out in happiness.

  32. carolyn says

    tom and katie i thought you both would want everyone to see your daughter suri money for pictures are very wrong without your public you wouldn’t be famous please be kind and stop all the bad talk about both of you and let everyone see suri

  33. PamEla says

    #13 – mum always said, keep you mouth shut, no 1 cares for you 2 cents. U need to focus on you’re own F****d up life.

  34. Don G says

    Agree, don’t believe there is a Suri. If there is, something is wrong with it. TomKat are sick, demented people. So sad for siblings, TC such an embarassment as a father. . Nicole and Keith are wished the best. Katie is trash (pregnacy attire). Tom is even lower. Church does not want to be asssociated with him. I live in LA, practice Scientology, and PLEASE PEOPLE, DO NOT ASSOCIATE TC WITH US OR OUR BELIEFS. TC is an embarassament to what we believe, crossed the line, and we wish not to be associated with him. TC has made a JOKE of our beliefs.

  35. betty says

    i heard from a very good source, that yes, there was never a baby, it was an annitiation she had to take to become a scientologist,

  36. Nicki says

    Katie, oh sorry Kate, looks positively beautiful in this pic. It must have been taken in the first 3 weeks they met. But she does look beautiful, him, just short and regular.
    I don’t like him, really never did, and positively dispised him after he tried to slam Nic after he surprised her with divorces papers after they celebrated thier 10th and he tried to claim they were only married 9 and a half years. Total jerk, in my opinion. (after 10 years in CA, it is like 50 in no fault states)
    But do we really know if any Sci fi people have or haven’t actually seen her? It is just tabloid crap, they couldn’t even quote Will and Jada, just a freind says. I mean come on, wouldn’t it mean more if it were thier quote?
    My Gramma read the tabloids for ever, and went to her local store the day they came out and bought them all. I asked her one day, at least 20 years ago, do you believe what they say in here? She she “God no ladybug ,(my nickname) It is just nice to see the pictures.” I said “Why do you buy them all the time?” Her response was “It is just a diversion from everyday normal life and housework, to see how they live,( but don’t believe anything unless it is quoted by them) and just to enjoy the pictures of nice clothes and houses.” She told me she didn’t even read most of the articles, and when she did, if it said source of was an unnamed friend she dismissed it as B.S.
    My Gramma was a great woman and I guess I am just paying tribute to her because it was 4 years ago yesterday she died, at 93. I loved that woman so much and the good thing is she knew it!

  37. carleigh says

    Stacey you don’t have to be stifled because your worried about me cutting you down for your opinion. Grow up and say what you want and don’t blame it on me….uh got issues? I think maybe. Anyways back to the Tom/Katie/Suri thing:

    1.) I did see Katie’s tummy in pics with stretch marks so I do believe there is a Suri.

    2.) I think Tom is being as controlling about his new daughter as he has been with anything in his life…do you all remember seeing many pic’s of Connor and Isabella when they were little? Maybe a few here and there. Britney and Gwen show their babies off constantly but Tom and Nicole never really did.

    3.) I don’t believe Suri is sick or deformed I just think Tom is trying to draw out the situation to maybe try and pique ppl’s interest in him again and what better way by FINALLY showing off little Suri (God I still hate that name)

    We will see her when we see her whether it be a staged photo opp in People mag or while Tom/Katie are being stalked by one of those telescopic photographers lenses. Eventually we will see her…unless the Scientology aliens came down and snatched her away already! LOL

  38. Tina says

    I am worried about Katie also. I’m not surprised by not being able to see pictures of Suri yet (though can’t wait!) because Tom hid his other kids from the world’s eyes for years after adopting them. I am VERY troubled, though, that close friends have yet to see her. Too wierd there. I did see a copy of her birth certificate on the Today Show so there is an actual Suri somewhere. Can’t wait to see her. And I really hope Katie is just being a private new mom and that she will emerge the same beautiful person we all love.

  39. Briana says

    Fisrt let me say Tom Cruise is friggin’ wierd! Okay now that I got that out of my system, hiding the child, just because they couldn’t get more money than Brangelina’s baby pics! I mean we all knew that that Brangelina’s baby is going to be super adorable, I mean she was the product of the 2 most beautiful people ever. Some people even prdicted that the world was going to burst into flame when Shiloh was born! People didn’t pay big money for pictures of Suri because Katie Holmes is cute not beautiful (Comparing Katie to Angelina) and Tom is just ugly (Comparing Tom to any guy). Their baby can’t be sooooo gorgeous as to have her picture be worth more than 4 millon or Brangelina’s baby’s pics (Can’t remember how much the magazine paid for them) Dream on TomKat!

  40. says

    katie not beening be a mom
    she never stay home with suri
    tom go out not stay home with his new child suri
    katie and tom needs to stay home for month with suri

  41. Angie says

    This whole ‘Suri’ deal really makes me positive that:

    1. The child simply does not exist. Has anyone even attempted to locate a birth certificate for the ‘kid’?

    2. I might even indulge to believe that Katie was pregnant, but not by Tom. Isn’t it possible if the child was truly born, it was given to a ‘church’ member to raise and opening the door for Tom to claim something disgusting as ‘SIDS’ later on to elicit sympathy?

    3. Being a mom myself, I remember very clearly that my ‘tummy’ size did not ever change from day to day. I just kept getting bigger. Katie had an interesting pregnancy to say the least. One day, small…the next hugely pregnant. Repeat as necessary.

    4.Anyone remember when Prince and his exwife Mayte announced her pregnancy and subsequent birth? Try to google search that kid. Good luck. Prince now denies that they were ever expecting when pics were abound during her pregnancy. Later rumors indicated the child had a deformity commonly called Cloverleaf Syndrome. No child survives from this. Isn’t it possible the ‘Suri’ child has a major defect and Tom does not want her exposed.

    Yes, I am a conspiracy buff on this. Too many things not right and no answers.

  42. kendra says

    Katie likely has severe post-partum depression. Before ‘baby’ (assuming there is one), she’d go out nearly everyday –didn’t care if she looked like crap.

    Now, it’s been months since she’s left Tom’s mansion. Normal people don’t/can’t do that.

  43. stacey says

    Someting is wrong here. Can’t go into details. Katie had that object protruding. fake. park pictures, will get cut down if I comment in detail from carleigh. Sad, can’t state an opinion w/o being ridiculed. What EVR , Suri has issues.

  44. Braydie says

    Its always about the money with these celebs. I can see not showing the public suri for awhile but not thier friends and families. suri is going to be socially undeveloped if they continue to not allow her to visit with more people then then just them. i dont feel bad for katie. shes a grown woman ..if she wanted to leave his crazy ass she would. Theres always a way out.

  45. Jennifer says

    I just can’t believe that a well liked and talented, strong actress like Katie could get caught up in a controlling relationship and religion. I hope that if this is the life that she chose that she is happy. If it is a life that she was pusshed or controlled into than I hope she gets smart enough to be strong again and think of what is best for her and her daughter.

  46. nicola says

    Tom seems very controllin, since they got 2gether I don`t think I`ve eva seen her out alone.
    What`s goin on?
    She`s a posession 2 him…..I hope she has a good pair of trainers, she may need them…………………………to run with

  47. Elle says

    Well, this is one of those situations where your instincts tell you something is not right and you really hope you will be proven wrong. Katie has lost her “life”. In less than One Year, we have watched her deteriorate, rapidly. It is only my opinion, and as I said, I hope I am wrong; however, it seems that Katie got all caught up in the Magic of meeting and dating Tom Cruise, her childhood crush. He probably represented the “rebel” in Katie as a young Catholic Girl. I don’t know her, I have the feeling she doesn’t know herself these days. I believe Tom is this dark and unknown person to us all and is indeed a great Actor, as he has fooled us all into believing he is a nice guy! He is probably very controling over Katie and now she feels trapped. Either that or she is just fine and is just dealing with being overweight for the first time in her life and all the drastic changes in her life over the past year, her new home, loss of Family and Friends and Freedom and Faith and Career and . . . You name it, she has lost it! In more ways than one. Katie . . . Run!

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