Rachel Takes Henry To The Salon

Rachel is looking gorgeous! It seems like she went through a rough patch right after Henry was born….totally normal of course! Now she looks refreshed and absolutely beautiful! Here she was snapped heading to the hair salon with little Henry in his sling. LOVE her sandals!
Rachel Weisz



  1. niyati says

    rachel was and will always remain beautiful and with henry always there with her in tow, i think she is a really great mom.

  2. NIcki says

    Maybe because Gwen always has her make up perfect and Rachel is just out without make up. I think she looks beautiful, but she should have sunglasses on so she isn’t squinting.

  3. mari says

    im sorry.. shes got good skin, but doesnt any1 else think she still looks rough!? Gwen-S is looking 1000+ better

  4. Claire says

    Yay! More celeb mum and baby news… thanks babyrazzi owner, keep up the good work! Dying to know who you are though…

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