Gwen Stefani Continues To Look Way Too Glamorous For A New Mom!

Gwen continues to look ridiculously too glamorous and serene for a new mom! I was lucky to get out of my pjs…much less wear perfectly applied red lipstick! Here she was snapped leaving a Radiohead concert with Gavin. I don’t love the coat, but she is one of the few people that can pull it off.
Gwen Stefani

And here Gwen and Gavin were snapped out and about with 1-month-old baby Kingston in his sling…reportedly as they made a house call Sunday to Brad and Angelina’s home in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

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  1. braydie says

    rose…. she HAS ALWAYS looked this way. she hasnt changed. what? just because shes a mother now she gotta get a betty crocker look? get into this century…better yet get into last century!

  2. Shammra says

    The sling she is using is Rockin Baby Sling from but she has it on backwards. I wear my baby all the time and have quite a stash… just google babywearing, ring sling or baby pouches and you will find a huge selection. There are a different kinds of way to wear your baby… go to and you will find info on what would work best for you. Ring slings and pouches are my fave… MT’s (Mei Tai carriers) are just never my thing… too scared to even try them!!! 🙂

  3. Rose says

    My name is Rose, therefore I am offended that some other person named “rose” would say such horrible things about sweet Gwen. There should be no doubt when it comes to Gwen being a good mother, she has always spoken about her wish to be a mother. I am happy for them, they seem to be be happy, in love and blessed. How can anyone say that she doesn’t look great. I am sure she has a lot of help but having a baby is no excuse for not taling care of your looks. After I had my son, I always made time for daily showers and make up,(lipstick included). Everyone has to make time for themselves, that’s what helps you to be a better mom.

  4. NIcki says

    Rose, no she is not on tour, but she was going to visit friends that day. Maybe that is why she was made up.
    This is the same day Gavin, her and the baby went to Brad and Angelinas for the day so she probably felt the need for make-up.
    Kingston looks so cute sleeping there.

  5. Evangelina says

    okay, but she can rock the red lipstick because that is her signature style, duh!!!!! She is one of the fewpeople who can pull off red lipstick and still look like a rock star. Why not flaunt it?

  6. rose says

    Braydie, she’s ridiculous because she’s full of herself. Enough of the bright red lipstick, she’s not on tour, she’s a mother.

  7. Braydie says

    WELL she has done just fine with the geisha look …since shes ALWAYS had that look. shes got a great hotty hubby that takes great care of her and his family. a great career. a healthy gorgous baby, and shes still has a better figure then most women in the business. i hope she never changes who she is.

  8. Eyesofpearls says

    Well, I have to say, she made me cringe – total disharmony of colors, shapes and forms. I see nothing elegant here, but it’s just my opinion. And I definitely think that she must give up on that red lipstick – she is so pale and blond that red makes her look like a geisha. She should go for more gentle, discrete colours. But at leat the baby is not wearing just diapers….

  9. Kamineko says

    She looks pretty darn good, new mom or not! The baby was destined to be gorgeous anyway..look who the dad is!! Gavin has aways been classicly handsome.

  10. carolyn says

    gaven and gwen congadulations on your new son he’s very handsome and lucky to have you both for parents i love his name kingston good luck

  11. Braydie says

    I understand that you have your opinion ROSE, but why is she so ridiculous in your eyes? explain please

  12. carleigh says

    She looks funky and fun and that’s the way Gwen has always dressed! I am sure she wants to be as comfortable as the rest of us when we go out and she just throws on her funky little fat clothes because they are comfortable! Leave the poor woman alone she can’t wear the little bra tops and half shirts yet but I am sure once she gets those fierce little abs back that will be a different story! She looks lipstick, moo moo’s and GAVIN and all!

  13. Maria says

    I think in that first picture she looks ugly !!!!!!!!!! Nothing matches and look at those green tennis shoes !! EWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. tina says

    i love gwen, and face wise she looks fantastic, but the clothes are ummm terrible for a woman that has always been so well dressed and stylish, i wouldn’t want to look copy any of the looks especially the top picture

  15. Braydie says

    jmo but i think she looks great. in those last two pics she looks slim and healthy and she doesnt look like she has a belly to speak of. as for the top picture thats just her. heck the baby is what a month is when these pics where taken and after i had my c section i couldnt fit into my jeans. maybe she felt self concious(sp) no matter i think she looks great as always and i hope to see more of this great family.

  16. Nikki P says

    Well, y’all are gonna hate on me for this but…she still looks pregnant and I think it’s because those moo moo’s or maternity tops (?) aren’t very flattering. I keep seeing her bathing in all this material with her pants peeking out of the bottom, it just looks sloppy to me. JMO though and it has NOTHING to do with weight loss after a baby etc. A person’s weight should be their concern, not anyone else’s. I just think she’d look more pulled together in something more fitted – or something that fit period!

  17. says

    GWEN U GO GIRL!! CONGRATS on ur lil boy he’s handsome. i’ve always loved u and ur music and now u truly have one of ur biggest fans with u all the time!!!!

  18. Erica says

    i think that gwen looks great and that her baby is very beautiful and he is going to be one cutie. and i like the baby sling thing! it is really hot! and gwen u look awsome!

  19. Nicki says

    I love Gwen………. Anna I don’t always, probably only once or twice, lol, but totally agree with you here! She has the help, so she can look as good as she does when she goes out, then get the kid from nanny and strap him on , look great, and walk outside.
    I’m not saying shes not a great mom and doesn’t love her kid, but come on she has help. I have 3 best friends, 2 sis-in-laws and my hubby has 5 sisters……….all had kids and not one of then, unless going out for a (once or twice in 6 months) night on the town ever looked this put together. Some were even wiping spitup off thier new (or borrowed) dress as they were heading out the door.
    Gwen is a beautiful lady and I’m sure a very loving Mom, but she has help. So every other Mom out there just remember that. It’s OK to be a Mom, as long as you love your kid, thats all that matters to them right now. They don’t care one bit what you look like! Just love them!

  20. says

    Yes for a new Mom I must say she looks beautiful and put together but don’t feel bad and remember girls

  21. Lisa says

    Are you kidding? She’s a mess. I love Gwen, but she has gine from cool, to a mess. There’s a difference.

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