Star Magazine Exacts Their Revenge On Reese

Oh boy! Star magazine is really out for revenge! They printed this lovely montage clearly to piss off Reese after she sued them. Oh well…Star shouldn’t be such creeps, but it seemed a little intense of Reese to sue them. Who knows…

Reese Witherspoon



  1. Lorrie says

    She is truly dedicated to her children and trying to enjoy the day with them. These photographers are so low.

  2. Lolitha says

    Is it because of the Oscar that Reese and Ryan are divorcing,Im so heartbroken about this its like i just had someone died.

  3. mizz miguez says

    I love u reese!!! she is not fat @ all this is just s bad angle/shot whatever. she is a beautiful girl & shes just out having fun with her babies. she is still a very pretty/glamorous woman. and who isnt entitled to gain a few pounds??? geez!

  4. Briana says

    Embarrasing! OMG if I were Reese, I would just die. That’s terrible! She’s happy the way she is and in due time will get to the gym. Because unlike some of hot hollywood who are back to their pencil thin figures like two seconds after they have had their baby, she’s a hands on mom, who doesn’t leave her kids with a nanny 24/7 just so she can go hit the gym and be back in a size two. It’s a publicity stunt! So everyone can marvel at them and wonder how they got back to hollywoods’ standards of “normal” and do a magizine article on them and others. While their child is sitting at home with a nanny learning how to say, “Let me stay up late or I’ll call immigration.” in fourteen different languages. Added that funny little note in, myself! I respect Reese for her staying relativly calm on this one.

  5. Braydie says

    I hope she sues them for as much as she can get and then is pregnant for real that would be awsome lol. i hate tabloids.

  6. says

    I think the Star Mag. is a bunch of bullshit to begin with. If they want to write something , write about all the awards u have won. Write about how down to earth she is to the public eye. I rather look thick and sexy, then a frail crackhead any day. So star, get your damn facts together before you start spreading lies.

    P.S. and to think I use to be a fan of your papers, now I see you are just out to hurt people

  7. Lucy says

    No wonder people have eating disorders in hollywood,
    She looks beautiful, healthy, and happy. Star is a crappy magazine.

  8. Kelley says

    The girl marries young, has children. See’s that her marriage needs some help and gets that help. She plays with her kids and minds her own business and Star wants to come out with the crap. Now I didn’t mind the first article because she was looking a little tummyfied but I was excited that she might have a new baby, but instead of admitting their mistakes and aplogizing they print this hooey. Well Phooie on them.

  9. carleigh says

    She is truly a class act when it comes to balancing marriage, family, and career. She shows how you can be a great, talented and diverse actress with a modicum of tact and class because she unlike many of the female actresses doesn’t go around stripping and posing for the camera. She shows that she is talented not because of her body or how good she looks but because she puts her abilities first. She seems to be a great mother and her and Ryan although young seem to both share and value each other and their young kids before and above everything else. She’s great and I hope to hell she sues the Stars pants off! She looks great! Screw the stupid mag!

  10. Lizzie says

    I don’t think Reese over reacted. with the suit. PMS may have played a part. What woman wouldn’t be mad as hell if anyone dared call her preggers or fat because she was retaining water. I know I’d blow. Ass holes, women are suppose to get bolated once a month, it just is the way it is. I’d bet $ with-in 3-5 days she was back to where Star seems to think she should be. Basically Star called every woman who isn’t stick thin, who may be retaining water feeling like crab because of PMS a fat bloated pig. I’d like to smack them for sure……………

  11. Kay says

    That is such a nasty thing to do and very un-professional! I just wanted to give Reese a big hug after reading that!
    Who cares what her stomach looks like, as long as she’s happy, and from the pictures it looks like she is.

    Im never buying Star magazine again, how dare they tell her to go to the gym – they should be congratulating her on focusing on her family instead of stupid diets and weigh loss programs

    Reese – you go girl – sue Star for every penny!

  12. nicola says

    What is it wiv the press? I`ve got a little podgy belly, i gave birth ova a year ago, but that doesn`t make me pregnant. Can`t a celeb be natural 4 a change rather than worry about what comment they`ll read about themselves day in day out?

    The press av nothin better 2 do than take joy in celeb`s misery. Reese isn`t the only celeb 2 go through this remember. It`s not about her but all celeb`s out there who can no longer av a normal life. Themselves and their families av cameras pointed at them everyday of the week. Fair enough, they chose their life but y do their families need 2 suffer?

  13. Sandey says

    These comments are Great. She has “always” appeared to be as beautiful a woman on the inside as she is on the outside, the love in the girls heart failry makes her glow!. That in it’s self makes her a target to a lot of people, but not for Babyrazzi readers!!!! I love you guys, what a class act you all are. Ya know, there just may be hope for this world after all. I hadn’t read any of this because I thought it was a load of mean tastless crap. I’m glad I did, as usual you put a smaile on my face and totally made my day brighter.

  14. fawna says

    this is outrageous!!! reese is out having a beautiful day with her children and the photog, (and public) are having a field day picking apart her body!!! myself I think she looks truly beautiful and her body is glorious!!!! so she has a bit of a tummy, most of us do exspecially after having children,perfection is inperfection, reese you look healthy,happy, and the rest of the people who want to critique you should look closely at their inner selves!!

  15. says

    As well I agree, what a bunch of hyprocrites STAR is. When actors look like Nicole Richie they are, Quote STAR, “Gross, eating disorders, drug addicts, can’t handle Hollywood….”
    When they put on a few pounds or have a pic taken from a bad angle (which by the way was beautiful Reese, bad angle) they are, Quote STAR, ” Fat, need to hit the gym, stop eating all that food…”
    These AS*HOLE* need to get off the drugs they are smoking and take a look in the mirror. I met a reporter from STAR and he was a BIG FAT GREASY PIG! SO they should just shut the hell up! I know one mag I WON’T be buying anymore.

  16. DJ says

    I agree with everyone. There are more important things in life than the perfect body; she has her priorities in life right. She is human just like us and down to earth. She is still gorgeous!

  17. Wendy Lou-Who says

    I received a free subscription to Star magazine last year, and what a bunch of trash! I let the subscription run out because of stories like this.

    Reese is an awesome mother/wife/actress/person….sue ’em Reese!

  18. tina says

    thats just not nice, and she only has a tummy when she arches her back, when she stands up straight there is no tummy, maybe they shouldn’t print stories that aren’t true in the first place then they wouldn’t get sued!!

  19. carleigh says

    I get so sick of these rag mag’s picking on a star because they aren’t picture perfect! She was clearly enjoying time w/ her kids at the beach and she’s not like “Britney See Me See Me” Spears. She doesn’t court the attention at any rate and they should have just left her alone.

  20. KellyMay says

    Wow that was incredibly uncalled for! I will never buy their mag again, Reese did not deserve that!!! Idiots!

  21. braydie says

    this is just wrong………….i really hate these mags….shes a great mother wife and 3rd a great actress. her family comes first to her not her belly………I still love ya reese…sue them for everything!!!!!!!!!

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