Mariska Names Son August

Mariska update! Mariska and husband, Peter have named their son August. That is unique-sounding.

Mariska Hargitay

Making plans for the baby’s arrival, Hargitay told People magazine in April, “I want everything ready so that when he comes it’ll be all about him.” That meant stocking up on “soft, fuzzy things. I want him in swaddles and blankets.”

As for staying in shape while she was expecting, Hargitay did prenatal yoga, rubbed Belly Smooches cream on her stomach – and dreamed about two off-limits pursuits: “I’m looking forward to taking a bath and going for sushi!”

Still, the first-time mom said she loved being pregnant. “I can’t wait to meet this child, but I also don’t want it to end,” she told People magazine last month. “I feel more beautiful and goddessy than I ever have.”

Well, I’ve never heard of Belly Smooches. All I know is that I used Clarins Huile Tonic Oil ALL OVER my stomach, hips and thighs throughout and after two pergnancies and don’t have a single stretch mark. I had heard it was great for that purpose and kept buying bottle after bottle at about $40 a pop. I was completely freaked about stretch marks for some reason. I had seen pictures in a book of what they look like and was frightened. I’m sure that they aren’t that big of a deal, but that Clarins oil was great! I liked the smell too…very herbal and relaxing.



  1. Braydie says

    hate the name but love Mariska and hope her and the new addiction are doing well. Cant wait to see the pics:)

  2. Annie says

    August is a boy’s name, not a girl’s name. I believe it it Scandinavian in origin. I’ve heard of a lot a baby boys named August lately.

  3. says

    I like her too but isn’t that a girls name?? August…and yet the silly Hollywood trend contiunes. What is so wrong with normal gender appropiate names? JMO

  4. Carleigh says

    I think she’s beautiful! I have loved her since she was on Law & Order SVU she’s sucha great actress! I like that name it’s different w/o being overly weird like some of the recent names.

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