Kelly Ripa & Joaquin Enjoy A Carriage Ride Together

Kelly Ripa and 3-year-old son Joaquin, enjoy a carriage ride together in New York’s Central Park on Wednesday. Kelly and Joaquin look very happy!

Kelly Ripa



  1. Kamineko says

    She is a funny lady., Her kids are adorable. Her hubby is an A-1 hunk, and a really nice guy, and good dad, I hear!

  2. Nicki says

    All My Children, not GH.
    What an adorable smile, he looks sweet. Her oldest boy looks just like Mark.

  3. jen says

    Wow Joaquin looks cute! But when of think of the name “Joaquin” I think of dark complexion , dark hair, brown eyes, oh well she must have thought her boy was going to look like her husband Mark . He is still a cutie!

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