Courtney Cox-Arquette With Coco

Little 2-year-old Coco Cox-Arquette is adorable! Here she was wading in the water with mom, Courtney Cox-Arquette. Courtney looks amazing in her little bikini! Though looks like she got a little exposed!
Courtney Cox-Arquette

Courtney Cox-Arquette

Courtney Cox-Arquette



  1. Nicki says

    Courtney looks great, and Coco is so cute. I read somewhere that she has never spent a night without her, and she went on to say, “probably never more than 8 hours away from her.” They do look very happy. And I know 2 yr. olds can be trying on Moms but they look so absolutely happy. I’m glad Courtney and David have thier little girl. I know they tried for a while for her.

  2. nicola says

    She`s top class, I admire her. She`s been through hell tryin 2 av a baby and look where she is, she looks so happy

  3. Sandey says

    She is such a class act, seems so every day and not full of herself and her daughter is a cutie. That grin she has going is adorable with a little touch of devil.

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