"Leaked" Pics Of Joyful Britney, Kevin & Sean

I think these pics of Brit, Kev and Sean are precious, so I’m posting them. I thought the Angelina and Brad baby shower photos were gorgeous too, but the whole “memory-stick shopping thing” was too obviously suspect. These are being published by US Weekly, and I do not honestly believe that US Weekly would steal and publish stolen photos as I’m sure that Britney has a pretty top-notch team of lawyers. I think Britney’s PR folk let these photos leak. NOTE: Last year, the same publication, US Weekly, “leaked” photos of Britney and Kevin’s honeymoon in Fiji….hmmmm. The pictures are so happy and natural and actually make K-Fed look like a great, proud, and loving dad…and that is a miracle!

Britney Spears

OMG! What a joyful little imp Sean is!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. Towyikkk says

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  2. Diana says

    Nana – in her bead? You want to check your language. And why use bad language anyway!? Is it because you don’t have the intelligence to use normal words Nana? Dear me…..

  3. nana says


  4. Diana says

    Give poor Britney a break you guys. I am sure if Sean was not looked after properly then he wouldnt look so healthy and cared for as he does. And lets face it, we all do silly things, and perhaps at times do put risk to the children in our lives, however we are not snapped at every minute of every day whilst we take risks. I am sure Britney did not set about causing harm to Sean (and yes I do believe sometimes that celebs do ask for it being in the limelight). 😉

  5. Diana says

    I think that it is very difficult to bring up babies in the limelight (and yes celebs do often deserve the paps taking pics of them – they almost ask for it), however sometimes the paps can take photos of celebs with their babies when the celebs least expect it. I am sure all parents make mistakes in the real world, but yet there are no photographers about to take photos every second of every day when they are out!! 😉 Also, Sean looks perfectly healthy and gorgeous too. I am sure if Britney was putting his life at risk all the time, he wouldn’t look this gorgeous, healthy or well cared for as he does now. Also, you see many other celeb parents without their babies. Credit to Britney for being around Sean so much.x

  6. nicola says

    A few good words???? Maybe if she put her brain in gear and stopped puttin her son`s life at risk, then maybe we would.
    And it`s spelt Britney

  7. Sheri says

    I think Britany looks great and she deserves to be left alone. She is a young mother who is always in the spot light and every little move that she makes is critizied by the press. If you really stop to think, out of all the celebrity moms she is one of the most that is always with little sean. A picture is worth a thousand words. She really seems to be a hands on mom. She is always with him. Britany deserves to have a few good words said about her.

  8. Braydie says

    Just people that are bored trying to start up trouble is all. Maybe they should talk about the ACTUAL topics. they wouldnt be so bored and dumb.

  9. carleigh says

    Ditto Braydie! Just a buncha idiots changing their screen names and posting about you and I….how stupid is that??? OMG…how ignorant!

  10. Braydie says

    Tom i actually believe i was talking about the post at hand….. maybe you should state your opinion about something other then other posters. you sorta sound familiar…just beacuse you change your “name” doesnt mean i dont know what your tryin to do and who you are dumba@@. nice that you pick me and carliegh out again in this post. if this site was called “admire they worthless” then i can see your point of not saying anything bad. but it isnt and were not the only ones saying bad things on this site so get over it and move on bitch.

  11. Tom says

    braydie and carliegh address the pictures, state UR opinion, leave people alone. U miserable people need to shunt up N spot ruining this for every1.

  12. SIS says

    How come in the 3rd and 4th pictures Sean P. is looking at K-moron like “Who the heck are you?”
    It’s like Sean doesn’t even know him.
    I guess thats a good thing?
    Just wish Britney would send him packing.
    She is so much more without him.

  13. nicola says

    Britney`s not a bad mother, no1`s sayin she is. We`re just pickin out the same things that the press do. We only get 2 read about her faults, neva the good times she has wiv Sean.
    She`s a 1st time mum and heaven knows, I was and still am nervous about the things I do wiv my son.
    She needs time away on her own 2 get her head 2gether b4 the other baby`s born.
    Maybe then she will realise what she wants in life and come back a better person that every1 can see

  14. Braydie says

    veronica mistakes are one thing….putting your child intentionally in harms way is another. which she has done on many occasions. no one disputes that she loves her son, however she should be more aware of the things she does concerning him.

  15. veronica jackson says


  16. Braydie says

    carliegh ..look at him. its either a “omg deer in headlights picture taking time nervous itching gotta get off the plane look” or the boy got something from all those whores hes with at those casinos and bars he goes to.
    as for sean he looks so cute in that second picture. we hardley ever see a big smile like that in pics and he looks so damn adorable when he smiles lol

  17. braydie says

    sean needs ya… go get him. no matter what she will always be looked at as a bad mother in most peoples eyes. AND she did it to herself. she blames everyone but herself and she should just put the blame where it belongs, i believe people would say better things about her if she would.

  18. Lizzie says

    Amanda said it correctly the first time. It would be totally cool if all all those shaking in their boots and pointing their finger at Britney for being a young stupid first time mom with good intentions, who will one day look back shake her head and say “what the hell was I thinking”, taking, all that critic energy and butting it forward in changing laws that protect people who intentionally abuse and kill children and then get 60 days community service. Put that energy where it could do some real good. We’ve heard it a million times and it has been beaten to death, good god, get on with it and do something besides bad mouth Brit, get involved in helping to find a solution for those children who really need your time effort and help. AND YES, before you even go there, YES, I do put myself out there for abused children, children who need us all.

  19. Braydie says

    shes been in the press’s “eyes” since she was what 13? after 11 years or so i would think she would know how to carry her child correctly in front of them and she KNOWS how they are….also she has the right to go out and be free or whatever…but she can go to places that the press is not gathered at 24/7, but she doesnt she goes to the places where the pesterrazzi is always at. i dont say she deserves it …but theres only so many times the “its not my fault ” excuse works.

  20. Amanda says

    nicola 24# yea i agree with you dont get wrong im not givin britney any kind of medal some of the things she has done have been VERY stupid but she has the added stress of the press puttin her under pressure as a mum and criticisin her for every wrong doing other celeb mums have not been heavily critised and im sure theyve made there fair share of mistakes. i understand you must be a very dedicated mum my mum is a single mother and i cant remember her doing anything wrong but yet she would still admit to makin some mistakes i do have common sense and im sure britney does to i just think ppl need to lay off her so that she find her place as a new mum and sort out where she mite be goin wrong instead of ppl always bein on her back about her as a mother and her marriage maybe if ppl(the press) give her some room she mite come out be an amazin mum for sean and her unborn and in her marriage.

  21. just a friend says


  22. nicola says

    Amanda #21, calm down…..my husband works away most of the time and when he does for 5 days of the week, I am like a single mum, that`s no excuse to not use ur brain, common sense is all it takes wiv kids. My son`s 1, walkin and as wiv all kids, he`s a handful. I`d neva put him in danger, I always think b4 I act. My house is baby proof. Caps on plug sockets, things unplugged when not in use, stair gates top and bottom so he can`t get up and down alone or fall. If he`s outside I`m there wiv him, in his high chair he`s strapped in PROPERLY and I neva leave him alone in it.

    You say get off her back, well if that`s u agreein wiv the things she`s doin wiv her son then i`m sorry 2 say that , u obviously av no common sense either. As 4 practically namin her as mum of the year, so very sad…. Would u honestly do the things wiv ur kids that she`s doin wiv Sean and will most likely do wiv her unborn child?

    Does her mother not help out?

  23. Susie says

    why does that poor baby NEVER have any flippin pants on? does Brit not know what to dress him in?
    I did see him once with a cool NO Added Sugar T-shirt on, but that was it! yet againg his nappy was exposed.
    You would think that with all her money, she could get him in some cool gear?

  24. Leann says

    wow! for once brittany has a shirt on and not letting her boobs hang out..she’s a beautiful gal..but kinda trashy..Just my opinion, of course.

  25. Amanda says

    o yea and as for ppl sayin that brit has neglected her son wise up its hard enough bein a mum but bein a mum while the pap run after you is harder for all those who are soo eager to put her down dont talk the talk if youve never walked the walk lay off of her shes a new mum tryin to find her feet give her time there are worse parents who abuse their kids in all ways i dont see you pointin your finger at them get a life and get off her back. and im not just sayin this because im a fan or anything im sayin this because im sick of the stick she has been given ever since she gave birth if you havent got somthin good to say dont say anything at all.

  26. Amanda says

    Im sooo happy to see those pics. everytime i open a magazine im always lookin at photos of britney so sad because of the cruel comments being said about her. i think sean is a beauty i hope to see more photos of britney smiling she looks like a brill mum.

  27. Carleigh says

    OMG Braydie I am cracking up…he was stuck on the plane so he was FORCED to sit and pose for the camera! That’s too funny!!!!

  28. braydie says

    these are a adorable looking family pictures …sean looks so cute and britney is so pretty and kevin is there….but we all know the only reason why brtiney has these pics is beacuase kevin couldnt get off the plane while its in flight. who but britney could of gave these pics to the media their in a hotel room and on a freaking PLANE!!

  29. PaGirl says

    As I Mentioned in another Post concerning Britney ,I Understand She Wants Her Privacy But Then Why Keep Putting Yourself On Tv Live Not Admitting What You Did Was Wrong Saying quote “its country” To hold your baby in front of a steering wheel on your lap & trying to drive at the same time (My Family Member an Er Doctor sees everyday how not usingcommen sense can end up in tragic circumstances & simply just driving wether right around the neighborhood in a car or down a major highway is extremely dangerous),So to simply say “its country” I Just have no respect for that statement no matter who it is . Ask Some People That have Lost their Children By simple Mistakes They Knew Were Wrong How They Feel??? & Ask My Uncle What It Feels Like To Have To tell someone Their Child Passed Away Needlessly because of negligance.

  30. PaGirl says

    Its Like I Just posted on another Britney Post If Britney Says She Wants “To Be Left Alone” Her & Her Family ,Then Why Does She Draw Attention To Herself By posing For a Magazine For The World To See Recently ,Actually 2 magazines about her that she CHOSE To Pose On the Front Cover & Give Interviews As Well & Trying To Leak Out Pictures To Prove Her Image As A Mom ,If She says She Doesn’t Care What People Think & If She Wants The Press, Papparazi & Fans To Leave Her Alone & her family then WHY Does she constantly do these things???? that she chooses to do such as the 2 magazine spread covers? Why Not just Lay Low ,Live her Life Stay Away From Doing Interviews Where People Judge You & Stay Away From Posing On Major Magazines???? I Just Don’t Get It?

  31. PaGirl says

    Like i just posted in 1 of the other Britney Posts On Here If Britney Says She Wants To Be Left Alone Then Why Does She Keep Drawing Attention To Herself By Purposely Posing On Magazine Covers For The World To See & Trying To Get Pictures Out There To Make Her Look Better & Dying Her Hair Right After An Interview ,All These Things Bring Attention To Her & If She Really Wants To Be Left Alone Then & Wants To Live a Private Simple Life Then Why Keep Doing All These Things??? Then Say Leave Me Alone? My Family alone? I Just Don’t Get It?

  32. says

    Its just sad that Britney feels that she needs to do this. I feel like she’s just reacting to the media in hopes that they’ll leave her alone. These are gorgeous pictures though.

  33. Sarah says

    I think they could possibly be as happy as what Britney says. The media does give K-fed a hard time and all but on the other hand he does help that image by doing the things he does. Sean is such a cutie pie, Brittneys starting to get the hang of this whole mom thing, They will be just fine.

  34. nicola says

    Why isn`t there any of Kevin and Sean alone? Why all Brit?…..That`s right, Kevin`s never around…….Sean`s so cute

  35. Nicki says

    They look so happy. Brit has a great smile, and that baby is so adorable.
    Amanda, people don’t have to make her deadbeat husband look bad. He does that all by himself. Yes, your right we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Problem is he is NEVER behind those doors. He is at clubs partying 5 to 6 nights a week. They have pics of him ALL the time at different clubs nightly. So he does all himself.
    Brit and Sean look great.

  36. cherisse says

    i think they are cute, my favroite is the picture when it is just Brittany and the baby on her lap he looks adorable. But not to seem mean but “K-Fed” looks like he is doing a fake smile on two of the pics.

  37. says

    I agree with every message on here (1-6) they look like the happiest pics yet of the fed fam.
    I agree with people makeing kev look like a bad dad because he has lots of kids but we are actually blind to what goes on behind closed doors….(when they don’t have a camera around)
    but look how happy they are, you could’t fake those smiles, they are a true sign of happiness, even if it is momentarilly smiles or the real deal

  38. Bryleigh says

    I think the pictures are BEATIFUL they look like a HAPPY FAMILY. BRI is a GREAT MOM. She DESERVES some PRIVICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Leona says

    Yeah, I think definitely leaked. Britney has full makeup on and hair done in them, they’ve got to be leaked – she NEVER has that in actualy paparazzi shots!

  40. mari says

    that 2nd pic of sean-p is utterly the most cutest baby pic ever!!!!!!!! nd im saying that with 1 model child nd a cheeky wee boy!!!!

  41. Stephanie says

    I think Brit is a good mom … I was young when I had my 1st son … I made tons of mistakes … luckily I did not have cameras in my face 24/7. Sean looks very well taken care of – well fed & very happy. I think they are doing a good job and are happy of the little family they have. Props to Brit (o:
    In regards to Kevin … well, love is blind … what does not kill them will only make them stronger … hopefully they can survive.

  42. jay says

    I don´t know about Kelvin very much,i think the press have painted him really black but I know Britney is one of the Best promi Mom if not the best.She is seen in all pictures playing with her Son. Respect for Britney.

  43. Erica says

    these are so cute pictures of the whole family! i think that sean is just a cutie i cant wait to see her other baby thats on the way!YEAH!

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