Britney Gorgeous In Harper's Bazaar!

Oh my goodness! These pics are gorgeous! What a beautiful celebration of pregnancy and motherhood! I don’t know how much truth is in this, but there were rumors that Britney decided against letting the issue of Harper’s Bazaar with these photos be released, but then decided to go ahead with it. It is hard to believe that this is same woman that did the interview with Matt Lauer!
Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. Carleigh says

    Hi guys it’s been awhile. We have had a lot of internet issues and major power outages here in the midwest and it’s been HELL! No electric for about 10 days and then once it comes back on it’s been off and on continuously since then. Just a passing comment…why does everyone feel so sorry for Britney and her situation and how bad she has it? She has made her bed and YES she did steal Kevin from Shar…isn’t that the same reason everyone hates Angelina??? JMO.

  2. Diana says

    Kat – that wasn’t very nice!! She looks beautiful in these pictures I think. A homewrecker? Get your facts right before you start prejudging Kevin’s previous relationships, and why they went wrong etc.. etc.. People make mistakes and move on. Yes state you opinions and views but that was just plain evil.

  3. nicola says

    A woman should av pride in herself when pregnant. Yeah she looks awesome, but av some respect 4 urself and ur unborn child

  4. Kat says

    I think shes looks like a stanky whore and shes a homewecker. I hope she gets everything that she did to his ex Shar. What comes around goes around. Just beacuse she got money doesnt mean he wont fuck her over the same way, just worse cuz he’ll ask for alimony with britney.Shes as lame as he is if not worse, everyone knows what a fuckup he is! Now its her time to show it

  5. Braydie says

    Demetra how can you say all of post #47 and say what you said in the post of their “leaked” pictures you want to see more of them being a happy family?

  6. Demetra says

    I think the pic is nice and i think she actually looks happy. Now all she has to do is leave her lame loser husband and find a nice man

  7. Eyesofpearls says

    Why are all these celebrities dying to pose nude while pregnant? Can’t they just keep at least one part of themselves private? Who cares what Britney’s swollen stomach looks like?! I don’t even find that sexy, and as a matter of fact neither do men!

    And then they complain that they can’t get any privacy because the paparazzi’s are following them everywhere… What’s next? A pic of her using the toilet?? Come on…

  8. Kamineko says

    I had 4 kids, and I didn’t get any stretchmarks at all.I think genetics has something to do with it.My last child was born when I was 39. I do agree airbrsuhing was used here, tho. That, and great lighting. The pics are well done.

  9. Braydie says

    SIS You can say ” then dont read it” but i cant say i dont wanna hear it that makes sense. dont give advice, if shes intitled to her opinion, then im intitled to mine, as that was MY opinion. I dont want to read about how god will not forgive this person or that person. I actually had a good point if you would actually read anything other then i dont wanna hear it. BTW i wasnt off by much in the name game. your making nicki look like shes double posting in another name.

  10. SIS says

    Carol, I will try to do that from now on, just had to comment on that one, lol. Won’t do it again. Thanks!

  11. SIS says

    I am SIS and NOT Carol or tom or whoever else you said. You do come off a little abrupt, but whatever. You also said, I don’t want to hear it to Veronica Jackson. My point was “Then don’t read it.” I do think she is entitled to her opinion, comment on her content of post, which you did until you said “I don’t wanna hear it.”

  12. Braydie says

    first off to sis…AKA carol. when someone makes the comment “OBVIOU8LY YOUR’E IGNORANT AND ILLITERATE” to other posters its ok but when i tell her that shes preachy im all those nasty things that carol said right? DID i ever once say she couldnt voice her opinion? I was stating my opinion that i dont want to hear who SHE thinks god will forgive and who he doesnt.. opps my bad i mis spelled ONE word…. and thanks for the spelling lesson, but next time why dont you take up the whole page with your lesson, and tell everyone to “read a book” that mis spells words. i believe its about everyone on this blog.
    and to carol… do you know me?? No, you DONT know me. assume much? yeah im uneducated…i just work for the goverment and make sure sure stupid people like you dont get thier crappy identies stolen. I have NO need to feel in control, that would be you , someone that ALWAYS has to get involved in other peoples arguements. I am rude…cant say anything to that. what was that other word ….? oh but im the uneducated one. Sit by the comp screen sis,carol,tom whatever your name is today and think of some more nasty things to say about other posters but NEVER about the topic at hand. yeah that sounds like you.

  13. Carol says

    Don’t fret SIS, bradyie is just an unhappy person who has to put us all down. Rude, uneducated, obnoxiou, needs to feel in control. Try and ignore.

  14. SIS says

    #34 braydie isn’t this a place where people can voice thier opinions?
    I usually never post, just read, but this one got me.
    1) Isn’t veronica jackson allowed her opinion?
    2) If you don’t “wanna hear it” don’t read it!!!!!
    She is entitled to her opinion as you are yours..
    But by the way it is “a woman” not “a women”.
    Woman is singular and women is plural.
    So instead of bashing her for her thought, read a book.
    Or better yet, read post #31, you might learn something.

  15. Nicki says

    Sandey, What a lovely post. I’m sorry you had, have , to go through what you are going through to realize what you learned. You sound like you’ve learned quite a bit, and I’m sorry about your chemo. I know 2 people who have gone through this and have seen first hand how awfully diffcult it is. Best wishes to you and you sound like a person many people would benefit from knowing. I’m glad your not a cruel bitch anymore, lol. I wish you the best and and wish I was as wise as you.

  16. Braydie says

    veronica since your so preachy…think god will forgive her for taking these pics? naked pregnant pics that millions of people are seeing? i thought in gods eyes a women is only for her husband. so please stop bringing god into this posts. you dont know who he forgives and who he doesnt forgive. Everyone finds out when they die and until that time comes i dont wanna hear it

  17. veronica jackson says


  18. me says

    shes such a skank ho…took A LOT of air brushing and photo shop for these pictures. shes here posing half nude pics while pregnant and shes sapose to be a MOTHER?

  19. Sandey says

    I wasn’t so nice before, I try to be now. I didn’t appreciate who I was & what I had, some people wanted to be me, wanted to live my life. Life was a party& I was the shining star. My biggest problem in life was keeping each of my natural nails the exact same & perfect, what a smuck!. I shopped when bored, I looked down on others, I laughed at others, I was sooo all that. I got ill & I fell and the pack of wolves I thought adored me came in for the kill. Lies, rumors, just plain mean out to hurt me I was shocked at how much I was hated becaused I was envied, rude awakening @ a time I was ill prepared to deal with. Down & safe 2 kick! No one would have dared before. Some I think just didn’t know what to say to me, but many even those I didn’t know, but knew of me came in for a kick. I didn’t know then they were doing me a favor. Life is a gift and reality comes for each of us at different times. We learn from our mistakes even if others think not. It is easy to talk trash, easy to hate, easy to not give the benefit of the doubt, Hell, I was the queen of trash talk, looking down, actually a real cruel bitch, & didn’t even know its sad that its popular & admirable to be like that. I was ashamed when I realized what a fool I was, but now Geeeez, I shake my head and laugh at myself. Important (or so they think) people are flesh and blood, money doesn’t buy happiness, it can’t buy back a wasted day, ( this I know for sure) it just puts your nose up in the air where it is difficult to know how much your attitude, wastefulness, and cruelty stink. Trust me every nose up there will one day fall to the level where reality bites. However, I have come to find each of you great fun, I love your comments, and it reminds me I am so very lucky to have slipped off my throne, I’m so lucky I was given the opportunity to not be who I was before I wasted my entire life being someone who was just a big fake with too much money and was just another stupid important bitch. I’m living now and I’m loving it. So, now you know, I have been there this is the end of this conversation.

  20. PaGirl says

    Sandey, I Read your post, best of luck to you with chemo ,hope everything is coming along well. I Don’t know How you can Tell If Britney Had Airbrushing Done Or Just Tanned In A Tanning Bed Actually ,But Some People Say Its Airbrushing ,I Use Jergens Lotion To Tan My Skin & Give It Some Color ,I Used To Tan But Skin Cancer Can be dangerous so I’m Changing That ,I’d rather Use The Lotion for some color now & then .You seem like a very nice person goodluck again & keep smiling!! Its How We Deal With Situations That Gets us through things in Life & Laughter Is The Best Medicine & You I’m sure Realize All these Posts Are Trivial To What Some People Are Going Through In Life at the Moment .Hope Your chemos soon over!Until then Pop On Here(HeHe) .

  21. Sandey says

    Jess, I used google search,engine using “Matt Lauer/Britney Spears interview Dateline” The interview came up in writing in MSNBC the page also had many sub sites and vidio’s were included. There were many hits on the search question so do a google search with that and you’ll find what your looking for. Hpoe you find what your looking for.

  22. Sandey says

    I think you can order a dvd or tape from the show’s web site for a fee. Look it up and check it out, I am so sure your not the only person looking for an extra viewing. Actually, I’ll check it out for you and get back Jess, if I can find one.

  23. Jess says

    Can someone plz tell me where i can see the britney interveiw with matt lauer as i am an aussie and it hasnt been shown here!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. Sandey says

    I love babyrazzi! You guys are so funny. I have to thank all of you for bringing a smile to my face every morning. Doing Chemo sucks, especially in the morning. Have to say I drag my sorry butt out of bed and out of the loo just to get a chuckle from you. I am curious today though, do you actually know how to tell if it is air brushed or are you guessing? Laughter is the best medicine and I thank each of you for the laughter in my life. I needed something to smile about and to find laughter again,and poof, there came babyrazzi

  25. PaGirl says

    I Just have to say Why if Britney Says She Wants To Be Left Alone Does She Put Herself Out There Once Again In The Public Eye In such A Way that you can’t Help But notice Her,Its Like She Wants People To Buy these Magazines But Then Leave her alone??? I Don’t Get It ,All i know Is if i really wanted To Be Left Alone With My Complete Privacy With My Family I & Enjoy My Family I Would Stay Away From As Much Publicity Brought To Myself As Possible & Stay clear Of magazines Interviews Etc & Just Stay Private & Not care What Everyone Thought& Lay Lowkey Somewhere & eventually you would fade as news & the next week it would be someone else putting themselves all out there for the papparazi , But If your Gonna Put Yourself Out There After saying “Leave Me& my family Alone Leave Me Have My Privacy” then put these type of pictures out there & interviews ,Thats Sending Mixed Messages To The Public & the papparazi.

  26. says

    STEPHANIE, girl I’m with you she always looks that good and even that last pic looks great, preggie people can look sexy too, but she actually looks classy sexy, go britt

  27. Stephanie says

    I found a picture of Brit in the recent issue of OK in her bathingsuit walking along the beach … her body looks just as good without the airbrushing (:

  28. KellyMay says

    Amazing Britney, what a beautiful pregnant woman! Thanks so much for posting those! I just read a report she wants to move back to Louisanna?!?

  29. Elle says

    the last picture definately isnt my favorite, but i love the rest and i love that these pictures are out there. i love them. they’re gorgeous and she looks brilliant.

  30. carleigh says

    The pic’s are beautiful and at least somewhat tasteful. But you can’t detract from the fact that as lovely as these pic’s are and as happy and content as Britney appears in these pic’s it’s not the truth of how she feels inside. It seems like she is trying to hard to present a certain image to the press by doing this interview and now these pic’s. I think she looks pretty in the pic’s don’t get me wrong that’s not what I am debating. I am saying is that as much as she says she’s happy unless she’s in front of a camera, being posed or paid…I don’t really think this poor girl is as together and happy as she is trying to convince the public that she is. I hope she pulls her act together soon because although she has made some stupid mistakes she is one of the very few mothers in Hollywood that seems to really be hands on and with her baby day in and day out! I hope she cleans her act up and finds peace for herself soon!

  31. Farrah S. says

    Britney looks beautiful, but i have a big problem with the fourth picture, i hate it she looks trashy, like she is trying be sexy, it doesn’t seem right at least to me.

  32. kinny says

    wow she looks beatuiful! Pregnant ladies are almost always completely gorgeous! Airbrushing can help though.

  33. Mandi says

    I can say that the second picture is beautiful, but Brit, honey, you can’t cover up your redneck ways with makeup and tons of “No-Really-I’m-Not-White-Trash” photo shoots.

    I miss the old Britney, but I know now that’s just not who she really was. What we saw in the Matt Lauer interview was the real her.

    She does look amazing in these pictures, though. ANYONE would after many hours of makeup, hair styling and some airbrushing.

  34. says

    She looks beautiful, who cares if it was airbrushed, but maybe she is one of the lucky few that didn’t get stretch marks while she was pregant. Her legs and arms shouldn’t be skinny anyway she is having a baby, it is wonderful to see a healthy pregant woman gaining the weight in Hollywood, heck she can worry about that later, a healthy baby is all that matters.

  35. kt says

    I think Britney looks amazing in her photos. Her son looks adorable too. Congrats Britney,may you have a wonderful pregnancy and just enjoy your children

  36. braydie says

    well if you look at other pictures her legs and arms are NOT that skinny. and ive seen some stretch marks on her belly right after she had her baby in a picture…so i guess if making herself look like SHES not herself makes her feel better then so be it, i kinda like her in the dark hair with the makeup shes got on though. but it looks like a wig to me in these pictures

  37. Kelley says

    Man, I wish I had someone to airbrush me. I would like to know what celebrities do about stretch marks. Palmers Cocoa Butter did nill for me and I used it religiously. I remember that Katie had some right after. They do seem to walk away without any though don’t they? So not fair.

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