Sharon Stone Adopts Third Son!

Sharon Stone, 48, apparently adopted another son named Quinn! I wonder why she hasn’t adopted a daughter? Sharon’s 6-year-old son, Roan Joseph Bronstein was born in Texas and adopted about 1 week later by Sharon and her thrird husband, newspaper executive Phil Bronstein(Phil and Sharon are now divorced). Sharon’s 1-year-old son, Laird Vonne Stone was also born in Texas and adopted by Sharon shortly thereafter.
Here is Sharon with Roan

Sharon Stone

“Sharon Stone gathers no moss when it comes to expanding her family – she’s just adopted her third child. Sources say the “Basic Instinct” bombshell became the proud mom of newborn Quinn Stone this month. “He’s absolutely adorable and the apple of his mommy’s eye. Sharon is tickled blue,” said one pal. Quinn joins two brothers, Roan, 6, and Laird. Stone’s publicist, Cindi Berger, would neither confirm nor deny our scoop.”

And here is Sharon with Laird

Sharon Stone

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  1. Diane says

    I am the mother of the most adorable 17 month old baby girl from China. Its common for people to think that we “rescued” her from a terrible life. Maybe we did, but I can say without question she also saved mine. there is not a day that goes by that I dont thank god for her. I never knew what I was missing until I became her mother. I was so scared and almost backed out because of all the unknowns. I thank God I went thru with it.

  2. Janet Chester says

    Children do not ask to be put on this planet, we owe it to them, to do “whatever” it takes to make them loved.
    If you have the means, adopt any baby, child, or teenager. We are all just looking for love and acceptance.
    It will make the difference of a lifetime

  3. Sheryl says

    What difference does it make if Sharon can or cannot have her “own” children? It shouldnt matter HOW she builds her family. Her children are her “own” children, biological or adopted.

    Domestic foster care is a nightmare. These children have been in and out of the foster care system for years. It is VERY hard to adopt a child from the foster care system. They try reunification numerous times before parental rights are terminated. I know someone that was murdered by the bio father when their parental rights were terminated.

    Domestic adoption is risky. The birth parent can ask for the child back after that child has lived with you for months. With International adoption, there is no chance of that happening.
    It doesnt matter where a child comes from, or why a family adopts, every child deserves a home and a family.

  4. carleigh says

    Kelley nobody can adopt from certain middle eastern countries because they have all but closed international adoptions because of politics. At least that is what has been being reported here in the US.

  5. eBirdie says

    My husband and I were going to adopt and were in the early stages when we found out we were expecting. All the research we did revealed that international adoptions cost far more. The agency we were working with confirmed that. We also found that the list of requirements for prospective parents were much longer for international adoptions than for domestic. Maybe Kelley is mixing things up? Not that I’m an expert…that was just our experience.

  6. Kelley says

    I can not speak fro experience but perhaps someone else here can remember. had an article some time about about foreign adoption vs. US adoptions.

    It went something like this:
    Famalies in the US who may have a hard time adopting due to illness in one of the perspective parents, same sex marriage or past criminal history have greater success in international adoptions.

    Also, in some cases adopting a child from overseas could in fact be cheaper dependant upon where the child is from. Children form Asia can be adopted but the cost is higher then what it would cost in the US, but the wait is a lot shorter and the criteria notso strict. Children from Middle Eastern countries can be adopted cheaper then in the us, because basically all you do it pay a bribe to a government official there and they don’t even do a background check. Can’t remember what they said about Africa.

    US adoptions are far more stringent and that is why they usually cost more, thank goodness at least in this arena they are making sure the children go to good homes. I always feel bad when I see people who have children and basically let them raise themselves.

  7. carleigh says

    I think Sharon being almost 50 years old would be a bit too old to have a child of her own at this point and also she’s not married so she may not want to have a biological child w/o the benefit of being married who knows! Her little boys all look so much alike it does make me wonder if she’s using a surrogate or something or maybe paying a woman to use her eggs and carry the babies for her?? Who knows? Anyhow her boys are very cute and lucky to have found a forever family w/ her! She seems to have a wonderful heart and be dedicated to her charity work and family! Best to her and her three beautiful little boys!

  8. K says

    There are many children in the US who need adopted families, Sarah, but they aren’t healthy newborn infants. The number of parents waiting for newborns is much higher than the number of babies being born and given straightaway for adoption. The children in the US who need help are in the foster care system and many are several years older than people generally want to adopt. If only our celebrities would adopt children instead of babies, then I think the whole US adoption thing would be more virtuous. Otherwise I think children are being helped more by international adopting. That said, I guess the point is that a family is growing and they are happy about it. One shouldn’t adopt primarily as a charity act anyway, anyway, they should adopt in order to have children, to parent, to experience family. Otherwise they’re not approaching parenthood from the right angle. My two cents…..

  9. eBirdie says

    It isn’t cheaper to adopt internationally. It can actually be much more expensive. But, adoption is great no matter where the child comes from.

  10. Sarah says

    I think its great that she adopts within the US. There are so many babies that need help over here but yet its so much easier and cheaper to go over seas and get them. I just think its awsome!!!!!!! Way to go Sharron!!!!!

  11. eBirdie says

    If you adopt infants domestically, usually it’s a case of being connected with a birth mother, not a baby. The birth mother wants to give up her baby for adoption and she chooses a prospective adoptive family and they come to an agreement that they’ll adopt the baby, etc…so, if a boy is born, you adopt the baby boy. If a girl is born, you adopt the baby girl. It’s just like having a baby – you don’t get to choose the gender! Congrats to Sharon and sons.

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