Gwen Holding Her Beanie Baby!

This pic of Gwen holding Kingston is super cute!

Gwen Stefani

The singer reportedly blew up at a pal who suggested she hire a personal trainer to get her once rock-hard abs back quicker.

“A friend of Gwen’s tried to put her on to a personal trainer, but she went mad at the idea,” says a source.

“Gwen has never conformed to any stereotype and she’s certainly not going down the celeb mom road. Right now, all she wants to do is enjoy being a mother to Kingston, and spending time with him and Gavin.”

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  1. V says

    I Love the Fact that gwen isnt that worried about losing the baby weight and she shouldnt be!!she looks Great and she had herself a beautiful baby boy!! and for the rest of them your baby is only a baby once!! Good Job gwen!! i luv ya

  2. mari says

    i think shes gorgeous nd she isnt fat! she looks healthy & glowing.. but that piece of hair hanging down of her cute hairstyle is so annoying!

  3. Braydie says

    well first off you cant really exercise after having a c section for at least 8 weeks. I tried it hurts lol. second i dont think she looks fat …she JUST had a baby. 3rd that baby boy is so cute and i JUST LOVE THAT HAT!!

  4. says

    gwen is such a cool down to earth chick. I give her major props on chewing the friend out. we get enough exercize…. lift baby up, rock baby to sleep, bathe baby, walk baby, feed baby,change baby, not to mention clean after baby and husband………..she already looks awesome, it shouldn’t take long with all that baby work she has to do, not saying that she even needs to shes a sexy mommy!

  5. carleigh says

    Good for her! She is beautiful inside and out! You can tell she rocks to her own beat and I am glad she’s being a nonconformist! GO GWEN!

  6. AnotherMama says

    I think thats great! The time flies So very fast and before you know it your little babe isnt so little anymore. We all have plenty of time to put into ourselves eventually. Cherish every moment with the little one!!

  7. tina says

    Good on her!! its nice to see a celeb just wanting to spend time with her newborn, and she certainly seems very devoted to him and has a very strong bond already, i luv gwen!

  8. drama says

    Thats great for her… Too many celebrities are worried so much about their wieght that they end up missing out on the first few months or so with their new babies. I thinks it great to see a new mom just being a new mom.

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