Celeb Tots Rock Out In Crib Rock Couture!

Crib Rock Couture’s spunky, luxurious and vibrantly colored tees are sweeping Hollywood. Angelina Jolie, Denise Richards, Reese Witherspoon, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are all fans of the fun and ultra-luxurious tees. Crib Rock Couture made its unofficial smash debut at Denise Richard’s baby shower for Lola Rose, hosted by Heather Locklear in May 2005. Crib Rock Couture also created a gift basket from Matt Damon and his new bride Luciana especially for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s daughter Violet. (And I’m sure Matt Damon’s baby daughter, Isabella will be sporting Crib Rock Couture tees!) This is their Miss Muffet tee which whimsically states, “Drop it like it’s hot!” I want this for my one-year-old daughter!
Crib Rock Couture

Their celeb following continues to grow and the accolades have been rolling in. Crib Rock Couture has been deemed the hottest tee in Hollywood for tots to tweens by MSNBC’s “The Hot List!” This week they will be featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada in a children’s fashion show featuring all the hottest celeb-owned children clothing lines.

When Tracy Bobbitt, founder and CEO, conceived of Crib Rock, she did not consciously target celebrity parents and children as clientele. Reading classic nursery rhymes with her young daughter is the genesis of Crib Rock Couture. Traditional rhyme characters mashed with urban and pop lingo on custom dyed raglans, the concert tees are the first dedicated specifically to the Mother Goose crew.

Unlike many trendy tees, creating a garment of superior quality was essential to Crib Rock Couture’s CEO. The company is commited to using the finest materials in their garment construction. Tracy declares, “Ultimately I want kids to be so comfortable with the fit and feel of Crib Rock Couture that they wear our tees more often than any of the others hanging in the closet.” All Crib Rock Couture garments are made of the finest pima and Supima cotton available.

Crib Rock Couture is debuting a new mary quite contrary tee (2T through 14) inspired by the Pussy Cat Dolls. It says, “Don’t cha wish your gardener was hot like me.” What fun!

Crib Rock Couture
Crib Rock Couture has added 25 new stores nationwide this month including Cantaloup in NYC; Petite Boutique in Miami; Polkadot Whale In Long Beach; and the hot new IzzyandAsh.com. All of their fun designs can be found at the Crib Rock Couture website.


  1. says

    i agree, to a certain extent……………It’s mixing your fairytale with up to do date hip hop / current fashions of vintage looking style. i think its cute, but its not really for the kids to like its for the parents, if you ask me because they like it……… if you brought your kid to pick out a shirt and they had one of these shirts next to a disney character shirt, which one you think the child would pick. the disney charater of course

  2. maryj smith wilder says

    Oooww. What’s cute about babies having to be “hot”…as in sexy????
    Give me a break. Or am I missing something here? How can a baby want a hot gardener???? That’s exploiting children.

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