Britney Surrounding Herself With Family

Britney was spotted leaving Nobu restaurant in Malibu over the weekend. She dined with sister Jamie Lynn, mom Lynne, hubby Kevin and, of course, Sean. I think she looks elegant and refreshed with her new hair hue (even a bit Geisha-esque), but there is a certain sadness in her eyes. Poor Brit. It’s good to see her mom and sis at her side though.

Britney Spears

Britney was reportedly saddened and shocked by the reception her Matt Lauer interview received. She thought it would help her image and evoke sympathy for her and her family. She attempted damage control with the beautiful, classy portraits that she posed for that appeared in OK magazine. She had a photographer take pretty pictures of her – this time with professional hair, makeup and wardrobe. And despite tearfully begging for privacy, saying she hates media attention, and calling the celebrity weeklies “trash” in the interview, Spears then tried to sell the photos and an “exclusive” interview to those same trashy weeklies for $200,000. There were no takers. OK! finally bought the shots and the interview for a measly $5,000. A rep for the magazine declined comment but did say, “Who doesn’t love a discount?”

Hmmmm…I don’t know about all of this, but though I was disappointed by her Matt Lauer interview, I thought Matt was very condescending and rude to her at times during that interview and made her feel extra uncomfortable. But I do think that she can’t entirely blame the paparazzi and magazines for her current dilemma. She claims not to care what anyone thinks of her, but she clearly does when she is actively soliciting tv and magazine interviews.
Britney Spears



  1. carleigh says

    Hey Barb if you check out the blog here about Britney, Kevin and Sean stolen vacation pic’s you can see that Sean is already sitting up. Just an fyi.

  2. Barb says

    Can someone please direct Brit to the nearest stroller store in her area?! This poor child is never gonna learn to sit up?

  3. nicola says

    This girl has no clue. She`s 24 for god`s sake, she should know what`s right and wrong, I hope her mother gave her a grillin after the car incident, I know if that was me my mum would`ve killed me

  4. Jess says

    Britney made her life this way. She is the one staging pics by photgraphers to make like she was going down on kevin and she is the one who craved attention.. And talked about sex with him on her show before they were married. Now he is being the Dog we all knew he was and she is crying bout it.. She made her bed now she can lie in it. She wants people to thinks she is perfect. She didn’t mind all the people seeing her in slinky things and thinking she is sexy. And I feel bad that she takes her kid out to places to be harrassed. Maybe thats why Tom and Katie don’t have there baby out. If they even had a bb. lol. And whats with Katies nursing bra showing in her pics?

  5. Tasha says

    sean is so cute and i think britt is a wonderful person and a wonderful mom idk what she should do bout kevin because u have to think that he is the father of sean and the new lil one 2 come but i think that they could make the marrige work. i really hope they do cuz it would suck cuz then britt wouldnt be with sean and new babys real dad. I really hope they straghten things up for the kids and her sake!!!

  6. PaGirl says

    And Nicki #19 I agree With You As Well 100% ON everything you said. I Have A Doctor(Er Doctor) In Our Family & He Said One Incident One Time Even If Its Just Right Around The Neighborhood With A Baby On Your Lap Could End In Tragic Circumstances & For Britney Not To Even Say That She Made a Mistake & Thinks It Was Ok Because quote”Its Country” Its No Wonder Doctors Just Looked At Her as she Said In The Matt Interview After Seans Fall ,She Doesn’t Think What She Does Is Wrong? Its Common Sense That Tells You Thats Wrong. At Least Admit its a mistake ,We All make Mistakes, But Don’t Act As Though You Did Nothing Wrong & Expect People To respect you.

  7. PaGirl says

    Ok How Can you say Poor Britney? At The Beginning Of This Post? She Chose To Pose For 2 Magor Magazines & Interviews & She Chose To Do The Matt Laur Interview & She Chose To Dye Her Hair & Pose With Her new Color On A Magazine & Then She Says She Wants The Public To Leave Her Alone? If i wanted To Be Left Alone I Wouldn’t Agree To Pose For any Magazines ,I’d Keep My Baby Out Of Those Pictures On Those very Public Magazines For The World To See & I Certainly Would Not agree To Any Interviews On Television Nor Magazines. And I’d Just Ignore The Tabloid Mags But Remember She Chose To Be In two Magazines No One Made Her Do That ,Its Like Why Does She Feel Like She Has To Prove Anything? & Why Not Stay Out Of Those Magazines & Interviews If You Want To Be Left Alone? She Just Draws The Attention To Herself So She Really Has No one To Blame For that But herself .

  8. carleigh says

    Amanda it’s never a good idea to not secure your child whether your going two blocks, two miles on a country road or interstate. I don’t know if my last post came through or not but I had a cousin who lost his daughter in 1998 in a fatallity w/in a block and a half of his home. She was buckled into one of those lap only restraint things with the lap belt across her chest but she sustained major injuries and died. Please never minimize the importance of buckling up a child! It takes a minute or two but it’s worth it! Anything to keep them safe.

  9. carleigh says

    Amanda it’s never Ok if your backing down the driveway, going two or three houses down or driving on a major highway you should never, ever, ever take that drive w/o first making sure your little one is safe and secure in a car seat. My cousin marcus had a daughter charlsie and she was killed in 1998 because they didn’t have her in a four point harness car seat, they too were not going more than a block and a half home. They had her in one of those lap harness booster things and they were hit head on by a drunken driver and she was instantly killed! I cannot stress with enough passion and importance to everyone I know…PLEASE buckle up those babies! The one time you take it for granted may be your last and your baby is gone forever all because of a “short” trip!

  10. Kelley says

    I agree with everyone here, at least she has her son with her. Children are precious and what the heck is the point of having them if you are going ot just pawn them off on nannies. I sure can think of a lot less painful things to do with MY time can’t you?

    Pregnancy is tough too, I actually think pregnancy is way harder then the actual birth part, and I’ve done it both ways, planned Csection and Natural (and i mean n.a.t.u.r.a.l) labor. Anyone that says she looks rough and thinks it is anything other then the pregnancy has never been pregnant. Its hot, your tired all the time, you ahve this big ol belly to lug around, your feet hurt your hormones are raging and it seem like the entire world is trying to piss you off. Then on top of everything you are famous and you have cameras in your face 24/7. No freaking wonder she can’t string two coherant sentences together.

  11. Sandey says

    Gotta agree with Anna on this one, except, I don’t think Brit is any where near rock bottom. Rock bottom is more along the lines of Whitney Houston, in my opinion and I can’t imagine her ever going there. Yep, Brit has made some mistakes, anyone who says they haven’t or didn’t with their first baby is fooling themselves, not anyone else. I applaud her for having her baby at her side (in her loving arms) in almost every photo since he was born. The girl looks to me to be a protective momma with more love in her heart. for her son than she knows what to do with. She looks, to me to be, sad, wounded, afraid of a mis-step, and stressing to be perfect with the constant critisum, and the world holding their breath waiting to catch her being young and a new not “perfect” momma. It is almost as though she is holding on to her son for dear life. If anyone of us watches anyone long enough, we are sure to see something we can jump on. I hope she relaxes, enjoys her babies and the hell with what others say. People are going to talk about others and bad mouth them no matter what they do. Celebs and us mortals alike are not immune to critics. Good job of speaking your mind Anna! How long is every one going to keep the can of whoop-ass open on the girl for being a young inexperienced mom? Looks like god forgives us our sins and mistakes but it appears humans are going to beat it to death forever. She screwed up, admitted her mistakes, god has forgiven her, that baby is in good hands that are learning as we all do, give it a rest.

  12. Maria says

    I think BRIT looks sooo beautiful and classy with her hair dark ! The pics in HARPERS BAZAAR are sooo good. I think she just needs to stop looking for attention and when she has this next baby she needs to start her career again because people are going to start forgetting why they liked her in the first place !!!!!!!

  13. Nicki says

    Amanda, I’m not sure if you have kids or not, but NO WAY is it ok to drive with your baby on your lap. ( It’s not even ok if she was a passenger and was holding him. ) If she was going 2 houses down on a street, it it no guarentee that the air bag won’t explode. And if that happed he would be dead. Children under 6 yrs old aren’t even suppose to be in the front seat of a car, or SUV in this case, with air bags.
    Please remember that for your own childrens safety! Thier lives might depend on it. (Older children have been killed by air bags.)
    I have always said she loves Sean, but she has to use better judgement, just because she is famous it doesn’t mean she is immune to having a tragedy happen.

    By the way her new photo shoot (leave me alone media) she looks stunning. I love her darker hair. Some pics are weird, but she looks beautiful. Where were those makeup people for her pitiful Matt Lauer interview.

    Please NEVER drive with your baby in your lap, no matter how many “inches” you are only going. Maybe if she admitted it was just wrong, she could send a strong message to people who think it is to go a couple houses down the street.

  14. nicola says

    If i was caught drivin wiv my son on my lap ova here in the uk, i`d av been arrested for dangerous drivin, and social services would`ve been involved. There`s no excuse 4 what she did, it`s careless and she put her son`s life in extreme danger….COMMON SENSE GIRL, U NEED SOME

  15. says

    she really is being a good mommy, ITS TRUE, she does have sean with her everywhere she goes………… I think the paparazzi, blow things way out of proportion, like saying the things about seans head flying back, he never wears clothes, and the car incident……………..#1how are you going to walk when you have people all around you taking pic’s of coarse there is oppertunity to fall……..#2 if he never wears pants or shoes, and being that he his a chuncky little cutie, (duhhhh) its probably because he gets hot or he just doesnt like em’…#3 now the thing with the car, i agree, but then i don’t agree, let me justify this statement: If she was going to a house down the road 3-4 houses down, and was not on a highway, it’s cool, if she was going on a highway and a mile or so away, noway no how would that be o.k but other than that, it seem i vered away from what i was going to say, shes doing good and when you are at the bottom of the barrell, you need to climb your way out so she can only go up from where shes at now………… good luck britt, keep up the good work…………

  16. Jennifer says

    Anna your right. Every picture taken of her seems to be with her son. I think it is great she is taking the time to be his mother not just a person in his life.

  17. says

    Britt may be a lot of things but I have to mention, I have not seen one article in the way of “Britt takes time away from Sean” She is one of the FEW in Hollywood who ALWAYS has her child with her, (Unlike – Katie, Denise, Angelina and her nanny Brad, to name a few. And I don’t know why they aren’t with thier kids, frankly I don’t care, but AWAY from your children is still AWAY.) she may not be “Mother of the Year” but at least she is raising her child and not pawning it off on some Nanny.
    We all know she has hit rock bottom, so the only way she can go is up!!! Keep Smiling.

  18. whatever says

    Matt is very condescending and rude to most people.
    Brit will be okay. She’s just having the pregnancy blues.

  19. says

    I think she went to nobu to try to show everyone shes trying to do better, but yet people are still puting the girl down………….. do a bad thing get talked about for a year…………… do a good thing you only get talked about for a week…….or try to turn your life around for the good, people then say your crazy,oh my good shes stupid, its never anything good…………… everyone needs to back up off of her, shes trying, and who can put her down for that, she is a regular person trying to make it and if some mistakes is what takes her to learn from to get it right then it does so leave her alone ( I got your back britt)

  20. says

    I think she went to nobu to try to show everyone shes trying to do better, but yet people are still puting the girl down………….. do a bad thing get talked about for a year…………… do a good thing you only get talked about for a week…….or try to turn your life around for the good, people then say your crazy,oh my good shes stupid, its never anything good…………… everyone needs to back up off of her, shes trying, and who can put her down for that, she is a regular person trying to make it and if some mistakes is what takes her to learn from to get it right then it does so leave her alone ( I got your back britt)

  21. tina says

    at least she is only in mags for leaving a resturant and not for falling over or driving stupidly, i think that where ever she goes she will be photographed and i wouldn’t like to feel trapped in my house all the time because i can’t go outside for being snapped, hopefully it will all die down soon, also about the clothing thing, my son does not wear shoes mainly because he is a baby! and because we did put shoes on my daughter and then spent 2 years trying to correct them (her feet i mean) this is just my experience,shoes for her are really expensive now because we need ones that will help develope the arch, but because of it my son does not wear shoes (he’s 7mths) and hardly wears socks either, he normally wears shorts or trousers and a top, it depends on the weather and because he is a big boy like sean, he over heats really quickly. I’m not sure about brits dark hair maybe its just how shes feeling at the mo, she is off the music because of kids but still needs exposure to be able to come back, i wouldn’t like to be her.

  22. Jennifer says

    I think she needs to spend some quiet time with her family (mom, dad, sister) and enjoy the surroundings of people who love her. She seems so withdrawn and sad. It is like she lost her spark. I hope she can find herself again. I guess I dont get why she did the “pretty” photos and tried to sell them if she doesnt want the publicity. It seems as though she is grasping at straws to get positive media attention and all it is doing is making her look contradictory. It is so sad to see a young mother look like she feels so bad about her life. Hopefully this new baby will change some things for her. Maybe she will learn from the mistakes she is making now.

  23. Nicki says

    Yes there are a few cameras outside her house, a few, Many, many hang out at certain resturants and therfore way more of a chances of pics taken.
    She needs a good relaxing vacation, to a nice private spa. And without that idiot she is married to.

  24. nicola says

    Is it just me or does she look drained? She`s pregnant and she`s had a lot 2 deal wiv lately. Put ur feet up and chill girl

  25. carleigh says

    Poor Britney she can’t even have a marital collapse w/o the press keeping track w/ every pic she is looking more and more forlorn. Poor girl she was right she appears to be an emotional wreck but unlike she said in the interview it’s probably because of Kevin! Jerk!

  26. Kelley says

    Well I don’t know…..after all like Nicki says that Nobu place is constantly surrounded by Papparazzi, so why would you go there? I mean, we are talking about the girl who had a private jet bring her, her favorite coffee when she was out of town once. I know she probably can’t go anywhere without being mobbed, which to any sane person would be a reason to lay low for a while, not go on TV and make a fool of yourself, then hire a photographer to make you look pretty and sell the pics. SHe is going about this all wrong, she needs to go to a spa or stay in the house and in her private gardens for a while. Or go to Africa, do something. SHe looks pitiful.

  27. KellyMay says

    Ahhh, I truly feel sad for her! She looks so sad!

    Yes her family is with her now but her personal outcry for help cannot go unnoticed. Britney has crashed… will she burn is the question? Being pregnant with her second babe she probably is feeling overly emotional (as we all should relate while pregnant). I feel so sad for her! I cannot do anything so I just need to get over it atleast Kevin was there it would speak so much if he wasn’t, sorry Brit! You dug this ditch now you need to lie in it! Gosh how much one person’s life can change in a matter of years or months if that!

  28. Emily says

    That’s a dumb comment. Paparazzo are posted outside her home 24/7.

    However, it’s proven Britney needs a caring mom. Maybe she needs more help than sushi, MOTHER!

  29. braydie says

    Nicki i agree, she shouldnt go to places where she knows the photograhers are going to be…thats just plan her fault.

  30. Nicki says

    I feel feel bad for Sean P too, but it did say they were leaving Nobu. The press hangs out there, you go there if you want to been seen. I’ve lived in S. Cal for 10 years and there are so many resturants to eat at, I mean really.
    On another note, lots of you here should be thrilled the baby has pants AND a shirt on, lol.
    I still like her dark hair, I think she looks good.
    Oh yeah the video I saw was frightening, they were so close they couldn’t even walk out. But as I said you don’t go to Nobu if you don’t want your picture taken.
    I think it was an attempt to show her with her family, idiot husband, and Sean with pants and a shirt on. All these are what people have been questioning lately. Where’s her family, she needs her Mom, why is her idiot husband not with her, and why does she never put pants on that boy. Well now she answered all that with one little lunch.
    I do feel bad for the baby though al those cameras and people yelling for her to look thier way.

  31. Kelley says

    I feel bad for her little boy, because he is the one suffering through all of this. I can’t imagine taking my poor little guy around and exposing him to hundreds of flash bulbs. It has to be a little frightening, especially at his age with his just starting to be completely aware of his surroundings.

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