Brad The Dad Gets The Recognition He Deserves

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad was picked as one of the 15 people who make America great by Newsweek. As he described the helicopters buzzing overhead outside of his Malibu home and legions of photographers mulling outside he said:
“It’s madness,” he says. But he doesn’t sound annoyed. Far from it: he sounds like any other blissed-out new dad. “Do you have kids? It’s absolutely sublime.” You can virtually hear him smile over the phone. “Whether you have them or adopt them, they’re all blood. And the funniest people I’ve ever met.” Pretty soon, it’ll be their generation’s world. “I’ve had the luxury of being able to see these issues firsthand,” he says. “If I don’t share that, I’m complicit in the problem.” Instead, he’s making sure he’s part of the solution.

Fatherhood, he says, helped accelerate his activism. Not long before Shiloh was born, Pitt adopted Jolie’s son, Maddox, whom she originally adopted from Cambodia, and her daughter Zahara, whom she adopted last summer from Ethiopia. “I look at [Zahara] and imagine what her life could have been,” he says. “You want to grab as many of these kids in your arms as you can. They need our help, and we should be doing more.”

What a wonderful recognition for Brad, but I wonder how Angelina feels about not being picked herself. Just kidding! I’m sure she is thrilled.



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  3. GIT-r-DONE says

    I don’t know about y’all……All I want to see is baby SHILOH …….But I have to admit that you all
    “MAKE MY DAY”…….. reading all these none stop messages everyday just keeps me going @ work….But please don’t forget that this is “BABY”razzi people….give all these babies a lil respect please !! BUT……to me ,”BRANGELINA” is just a short word for

  4. braydie says

    michele~~~ yea thanks for the history lesson like all we dont know that already…..
    except!!! ~~~~~ nope……i thought about it ….long and hard……. I dont believe im jealous….i dont know them…i dont care about them…..i dont know jen A. ….so why would i care?….. “brad fell in love with her son… if Jen had a kid for him he would still be with her” your words. Hmmm nice way of putting it… i guess. My way of saying it is……brad is a womaniser dick and angelina is a husband stealing bitch that used her son to wim brads heart becuz im sure he confided in her that he wanted a family and she used it for her advantage, so she made sure Mad was at that set EVERYDAY for brad to play with him. He took vows he made promises, vows say til death do us part…not til children do us part. and he broke all of them for a crack whore like angelina and her ready made family. AND i believe when you get married its a MARRIAGE. Also GET OVER WHAT? YOUR stupid post? ok im over it.

  5. michele says

    you people need to get off Angelina and Brad.first Angie had maddox when she left Billy and that was before Brad came into the picture, and when she adopted Zaharah they believed the child had the Aids Virus, turned out she diden’t but if it was for publicity she took a risk that most people woulden’t and certainly not for any pubblicity. and also she gives 1/3 of her income to charity do you people really believe that someone would give away that much money when they don’t have to all she would have to do is go to a club like Paris and those other childish actors to to get there props. Angie had her son and when she did mr. and mrs. smith Brad fell in love with her Son. good for him. if Jen had a kid for him he would still be with her.and i thik all you jen fans are just mad he found someone better and that would give him a family, you act like Angie just took him away, if they had a marriage to begin with they would still be together. Brad choose to leave Angie coulden’t make him leave her.Get over it .

  6. nicola says

    And, as 4 my spellin, in case u haven`t noticed, it`s the quick way of typin rather than use full words. I break them down….screw u and concentrate on the subject rather than av a go at others. U av a go at other posters coz u ain`t got anythin else 2 write about, GROW UP !!

  7. nicola says

    Angelina and Braydie, yes I have my own opinions and I use them when I see fit. I wasn`t tryin 2 copy Braydie, I was sayin that I agreed with what she posted, that`s all…….
    Angelina fan, get your own life and stop attackin every1 else, if u haven`t got anythin nice 2 say, don`t say it at all. This site`s for leavin your opinions, not for havin a go at others……….I`m just gonna put your little outbursts down to immaturity and frustration…………

  8. braydie says

    Angelina Fan~~ blah blah blah…. once again all you can do is talk your crap that doesnt make any sence and your making yourself look even more dumb. NICLOA (thats how her name is spelled) writes how she wants and if you can understand it, which you did, then theirs no need for insults, since you didnt write everything correctly either. as for post 209….nicola doesnt usually agree with me, so your wrong lol. as for having her own opinions…why dont you come up with some of your own….instead of taking mine( the whole up the ass thing). yup im a dumbass, i guess i dont get what a “little hanger on” is….Id rather be a dumbass then a retarded stalker, like you…. i have never said i wasnt a bitch, i AM a bitch. I write my opinions the way I see THEY are….if they were all about angelina being this god…like YOURS, i would get pretty boring ….like YOU are. also….you have no room to talk about alice the goon….. FOR REAL.

  9. Angelina Fan says

    Yeah and Nicole why don’t you learn how to spell proper english for one thing and get your illiterate head outta Braydie’s dumb ass! Nicola do you even have ANY opinions of your own or are you just Braydie’s little hanger on??? Everytime Braydie makes a scathing comment (oh my god..which is usually everytime she blogs here) your right there on her tail making stupid little “I agree Braydie” or “Braydie your right” or some other stupid Braydie comment. There was a character on Popeye called Alice the Goon and all she did was stand around and chant “I love Popeye, I love Popeye” over and over and over again….ring a bell Nicola? Braydie, Nicola is so far up your ass she could give you a tonsil check here! Having online buds is nice but you two are bordering on being connected modem to modem. Nicola why don’t you get a fuckin’ life and some of YOUR OWN opinions! If you even know how to form your own personal thoughts and aren’t busy kissing Braydie’s ass!

  10. nicola says

    well said Braydie……i agree.
    Angelina fan,Braydie`s right, ur so far up Ange`s arse, no1 can tell where 1 of u ends and the other 1 begins…….get a life!!

  11. braydie says

    Give it a rest huh? sure since you said that i guess i better huh???? Wrong. Your so much up angelinas ass i cant believe she hasnt felt you… I had dogs before i had my son….i believe im a good dog mommy too …i guess if angelina had a dog you would say she was the greatest dog owner EVER!!! and maybe if angelina wasnt adopting children to have as trophys, maybe i would think she was a better person. At least jen knows that she wants them when SHES ready not when some womaniser, cheating ugly ass man wants her to. What a ultamatum…….have kids or ill cheat on you. Yea angelina got herself a real winner…..
    ALSO…..why do you think you got me “going like this” w/e that means?? I dont give a rats ass what you say on here to be honest, with your handle and you tryin to tell everyone about how great angelina is …you just sound like a half retarded stalker. oh yea…. Skankelina Fan…. you talk dog real nice…. c’mon girl /boy/ IT?….speak…sit …roll over….FETCH. –l–

  12. Angelina Fan says

    Oh and BRAYDIE I don’t think your the site administrator so little ole’ you is hardly in any position to tell me where to go..but I got a suggestion for where you can go…..STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!lol, LOL, LOL, LOL : )

  13. Angelina Fan says

    Oh Braydie give it a can hate em and I can love em’ and we don’t HAVE to agree. Wow, it’s nice to know I can get ya going like this though!!!!!!!! While Jen A. adopts dogs–as her replacement for the children that she so desperately wants…Angelina adopts children who need a good home..and whose the selfish one here? All Jen A. is good for is raising DOGS!!!!!!!!! Now that’s funny!!!!! Jen is a good doggie mommy because she is a FUCKING DOG!!!!!!!! BOW WOW!

  14. braydie says

    Angelina Fan you sure think you know what jen thinks and what she wants dont you. Shes not that old shes 38..not 68. do you know her in person? how can you say shes self centered and selfish? i might of listened to your point if it wasnt for your stupid stalker name. your opinion is biased since all YOU can think about is angelina! so from now on take your opinion to a site for angelina loveing freaks.

  15. Angelina Fan says

    GOD to everyone still speculating and hoping and wishing and the likes…Brad and JENNIFER ARE O-V-E-R!!!!!!!! Jen has Vince, Brad has Angie and the family he has always wanted. Jen A. always maintained she wants a family well if that’s the case the only family addition she has made in the last year and a half is to adopt a new DOG!!!!!!!! I don’t think I need to state the obvious here but kids and family are SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO not at the top of Jen A.’s priority list right now! She better get to making some babies because her clock is ticking away and she’s getting kinda old! But she probably won’t because she’s self centered and selfish and probably worried about the pain of childbirth, the change in lifestyle because the ATTENTION won’t be on her only anymore and lastly she’s probably worried she will get fat and get OMG stretchmarks GOD FORBID! Ya know she’s so perfect she loves herself more than anything in the world!

  16. nicola says

    If u read my post properly, u`d see that I neva said that I hope Brad and Jenn get bk 2gether, I said maybe they both thought there was hope!!!

  17. Nicki says

    #200~~~ spelling- sorry, I meant nicola. Didn’t check for the other sp mistakes, just thought her name was important to correct. Sorry nicola about the sp. mistake with your name.

    Good night all.

  18. Nicki says

    I know you didn’t say anything like that Braydie, # 195, nicloa did. Not sure if she was way to good for him, just had different ideas and goals as far as which way they wanted thier lives to go. It’s all good, as long as everyone involved agrees, which would be so, as the way it has worked out.
    I hope Jen is engaged now, I think if she is ready, good for her. I don’t think Vince is the perfect guy for her, but what do I know sitting over here and them over there.(and I do love Vince) I truly want her to be happy and whoever it is she finds that with, then good for . I do believe Brad and Angelina and the kids have found that true harmony. JMO. Peace and love to all.

  19. braydie says

    i never said i hoped jen and brad get back together ๐Ÿ™‚ actually im glad their not. Jen was way to good for him.

  20. Nicki says

    Some people have to snap back to reality!!!
    Brad will never go back to Jen even if by some chance him and Angelina don’t work out for the long run.
    And Jen would be an idiot if she even tried to get him back. She should have a little more respect for Vince, her boyfriend/fiance, or just loyal friend. All these stories about not moving on until Brad and Angie get married (etc) are disrespectful too everyone involved, more so Vince who has stuck by her in whatever role they call it.

  21. nicola says

    Team Jolie, get a life.

    Brad and Ange r neva goin 2 last, so when they do split, u`ll be the one`s cryin in2 ur pillows cos that`s just how sad u r. Grow up

  22. braydie says

    nicola ~~~ i said that a month ago. adoptions when not contested dont usually got this long. more or less the only way i se it not going forward is because of angelina…maybe she has doubts and doesnt trust brad…lol wouldnt that be funny. and i believe angelina said she wont marry brad. prob. cuz shes knows they’ll get divorced a month later anyways

  23. nicola says

    I`m curious, if he`s in the process of adoptin the kids, y is it takin so long?

    Maybe he`s like Jenn A, she won`t marry till Brad does, maybe he`s waitin 4 her 2 move on b4 committin himself 2 her family properly.
    Who knows, maybe he has some hope 4 him and Jenn as well as she does

  24. braydie says

    this is probably going to be a double post but i dont see the one i did either so sorry in advance if it is…
    Team Jolie~~ what article are you freaking talking about?? i never said ANYTHING about a “article”. and yeah it wasnt from a tabloid…lol…whatever you say

  25. braydie says

    Team Jolie yup sure, no tabloids ….(lol)
    wtf article are you talking about??? i never said anything about a article, so i cant tell ya what it would be.

  26. braydie says

    ~Team Jolie ~ since your a chils and probably dont know the law . a name change DOES NOT mean he has ANY legal right to her children M and Z. yes he is in the process of adoption but it has NOT went though yet. angelina has to announce it in the california papers where According to the American law, Jolie has to publish it in the classified ads as everyone has to. if you want to search for the site, your more then welcome.It has NOT been done. also just because some one wrote something in a tabloid doesnt mean its real ๐Ÿ™ and yes i guessed you were a teenager i can tell i have 3 under my roof. since your a kid, im gonna give you a break …but next time do your homework …you should be used to doing that…..and find out more before you say something untrue….when they do announce it, im sure you wont have to look it up! IT”ll be EVERYWHERE like their newborn daughters pictures. People will have a national brad and angelina day, im sure.

  27. Team Jolie says

    Well see, I’m happy for all those people who have been luck evough to have found their other half, I’m happy for you and whoever that other person, hope you guys have a good life together.

  28. nicola says

    #185 I know 4 a fact that i`ve found my “other half”

    Carleigh, I neva asked 4 a confrontation wiv u, u leave ur comment and I`ll leave mine

  29. Team Jolie says

    Braydie, I am a teenager, I have a life and the article is on my door! Because, once again, I want to keep it without it getting crumpled up on the floor! Do you have anything that says he didn’t adopt the kids? The little blurb that I put up stated “The actor has been given permission to play dad for real.” You can’t play dad for real by just changing their names, whoever wrote this means that he adopted them, and the name change was part of it.
    Nicola, I don’t think that marriages will last forever, I think that they can, but not neccesarily will. I just think that people can find their other halves, that’s all.

  30. Carleigh says

    Nicola your making things way to personal here and I did NOT name anyone poster in specific did I? Why are you so pissed off? All I have tried to do it point out that things do get a bit to personal at times and there you go proving my point. I am not going to even get into a spar with you because I don’t think it would prove anything except to reiterate my points from above. I don’t think I am the MAIN culprit and I don’t think you are either it’s just a BLOG for gods sakes. We are supposed to be having fun and people get so bitchy and the claws and daggers are bared and it is just pointless. I attack ideals, opinions but I am done attacking people and that includes you.

  31. nicola says

    1st of all, TEAM JOLIE, get a life, I neva said ALL men r cheatin womanisers. Ur a true romantic r u? Then u`d be one of those ppl who believe marriage is 4 life !!

    CARLEIGH, u seem 2 be avin a go at urself here, ur 1 of those who “nit picks” at other posts. Take a damn good look at urself b4 u come on here shoutin ur mouth off at others when ur the main culprit!!~!!

  32. braydie says

    Team Jolie First off … didnt sound like a joke. You actually sounded not all there. and actually i did comment on why you think he makes america great. if you read what i wrote it was the first thing i commented on “as it STILL will be now there back in america team jolie” …they dont care about that country. they had their baby there just becuz they knew that that country would protect them. I mean …give me break…what country gets paid to not allow people in thier country for celebraties?? and thats all they did, pay that country for protection…and from who? america. OH YEAH brad makes america great by showing america he hates us. AND like i said before yes we all know shes with him….and we all know what she did to be with him. ALSO what grade are you in if you have posters on your wall? i dont have a problem with teenagers giving posts, my own son has once or twice, but i dont need to know you have kittens on your walls. and if your not a teenager…..damn girl you need to get out.
    as for brad adopting her kids…untrue…has not went though. also they have HAD jolie-pitt as their legal last name for some time now so i dont know what tabs your getting your info from. JUST becuz you change your name doesnt mean you can just adopt a child… ANYONE can change their name to whatever they want at anytime.

  33. Carleigh says

    Nicola I didn’t specifically name any names in my mini-book. I also didn’t say specifically that I was sick of people not leaving a post in relation to a topic (please reread above). I just simply stated that there are “certain” posters on here who like to nit pick and pick things apart. As fun as that might be for the person taking a sick perverse pleasure from messing with someone else my point was that this is a gossip/celeb blog. I believe that if we (not generalizing or naming names notice) if the particular person being messed with simply doesn’t respond that it might take fun out of it for the offending party.

    I realize that my post had nothing to do with this specific topic at hand but I see everyone picking on everyone and that’s why I just stated my opinion. This site is supposed to be for entertainment and everyone seems to have lost sight of that apparently. Maybe if we can all learn to take things on here with just a grain of salt there wouldn’t be so much rivalry and bickering and just downright nastiness. I never said anything about anyone personally but if you feel the need to comment than I appreciate your feedback.

    I’ve been a bitch on here before and have been criticized and heckeled relentlessly and it gets old real fast. Anymore I attack an idea or just state my opinion but I do my best to refrain from attacking an individual. I am not trying to seem pious or preachy just simply stating my train of thought on the matters. Sorry if you were offended that I got off topic but I felt some things maybe should be said so I did.

  34. Team Jolie says

    But checki out what i found, it’s for all the people who belive that brad has not leagally adopted Maddox and Zahara.
    “Angelina Jolie’s two adopted kids can now legally add “Pitt” to their surnames after a California judge made it official yesterday. Almost two months after Brad Pitt started filing paperwork seeking to be the legal adoptive father of Maddox and Zahara, the actor has been given permission to play dad for real. At a speedy, 60-second hearing in Santa Monica yesterday lawyers representing Jolie were told that the petition to change her children’s names from Jolie to Jolie-Pitt had officially been granted.”

  35. Team Jolie says

    The fact stills stands, she’s with him……. and the fact that I wrote “As for making America great, we need more drop-dead gorgeous people in America”, Brayde it was a joke, didn’t you read the rest of the post? The last paragraph explains why else he makes America great, which you failed to comment on. You made it seem like that was all I said.
    As for Nicola, you said “He`s still a man at the end of the day.” You make it sound like all men are “Cheatin womaniser’s” which is NOT true, heck i don’t even think Brad cheated (he may have been married at the time but Brad and Jen could have been separated), and who’s to say he won’t stay with Angie? Maybe he’s happy with her, she’s like his opposite. You know what they say, opposites attract. Angie is Brad’s other half (possibly), and once you find that other half you can’t imagine life without them. But that’s just from a true romantic’s point of view.
    Anyway, as for the the not having a life part, the article is on my door not made into a shrine in my closet! I like Brad enough to tape an article about him on my door, wow, there are lots of guys on my door, posters and articles on actors I like. Kittens are up there too! I like Brad Pitt, the story on him was a good one, I would like to keep it without it getting crumpled up on the floor, sue me……..

  36. nicola says

    Team Jolie, i feel so sorry 4 u, u obviously don`t av a life….Brad`s nothin more than a cheatin womaniser. Who`s 2 say that somewhere down the line he`s not gonna cheat on Ange?

    He may be good lookin in his own way, he may av all the money but even though he`s now got a daughter, he`s still a man at the end of the day.

    As 4 Ange, she`s nothin more than a homewrecker. She`s also very strange. And 2 be honest, she`s not really that good an actress…..JMO

  37. braydie says

    as it STILL will be now there back in america team jolie. also its not luck that she got him…..we all know what she did to get him. you think because brads “drop-dead gorgeous” he makes america great? Hmmm. well your right … all he can do is sit and look pretty. and ..well thats about all he does.

  38. Team Jolie says

    I love Brad soo much, I envy Angie’s luck! Snagging such a great guy. I have this article on my door and I really think that he makes the world great, ever since he joined forces with the ever-so-great humanitarian herself (Angie) they’ve been making differences in kids’ lives who live in countries not as privilaged as America.
    As for making America great, we need more drop-dead gorgeous people in America…..*sigh*
    Besides his looks, he makes America better because he put Namibia in American papers and magizes. Honestly people, have you ever heard of Namibia before magazines wrote that Angie and Brad would be having their baby there? I mean before the Brangelina baby thing, Namibia was flying under the radar.

  39. braydie says

    nicola i agree that she should stay on topic but if you havent noticed YOUR name also has been bought into things that you really shouldnt of been in because you say what you think. I think carliegh is just sick of people that assume they can bring me, her, you, etc etc into things that we dont really belong in or if they dont like what we say then they attack us and SAY NOTHING about the actual topic. look back….people they say things to us dont actually leave a post about the topic…its kinda dumb. I would be more then happy to have a “bitchfest” with someone if they have ANYTHING to say about the topic at hand. but most, IF ANY doesnt.

  40. nicola says

    #172, U`ve just said in ur post that ur sick of ppl not leavin a comment relatin 2 the specific topic in hand. May I just add that u`ve done exactly that.
    In the little essay u`ve left, u neva once mention anythin 2 do wiv the post, u`ve just used it 2 blow off some steam wiv EVERYONE on here.

    Now who`s the hypocrit?

    Havin said that, u did hit the nail on the head, this site`s 4 ppl 2 leave a comment and it`s used 2 attack others. Not 4gettin the language some of u use, let`s not 4get, kids log in2 here 2!!!

  41. Carleigh says

    Some people who come on here and post something not pertaining to the post are on here for one reason. They skim around the posts, pick up bits and pieces and then post nonsense and drivel. Then there are the others who shall remain nameless (and by god they know exactly who they are) that come on here spouting that somehas has physcological problems, anger issues and has multiple personalities…how lame to pick on a person through a computer? Then there are others who simply will pick apart every single thing in a specific post such as spelling, grammer, puncuation, etc., etc. just as an attempt to get a pathetic rise out of a certain poster. Some people will request or ask, some nicely and some not so nicely to refrain from the use of vulgarity and profanity which is fine. But then only to scroll around the boards and topics to find that those very people who request cencorship of certain posters have made themselves out to appear as hypocrites because they use the very vile, vulgar language that they claim to find personally offensive. Isn’t that a bit of shall we say the old pot vs, kettle metality?

    It is a free community here and there will be opinions that pertain to the topic and then you get some who will veer away from the topic at hand and start out having a pissing match or witch hunt. I’ve been blogging here for a few months now and I really rather enjoy MOST of the blogs. I have learned that I can attack ideas or concepts but I have refrained as I did in the past of attacking another poster. There’s no point to doing that and it is childish.

    Maybe some will go oh Carleigh again..blah,blah, blah. But the bottom line of my mini-book here is this. People need to stop attack each other so much and saying such hateful things. I will be the FIRST to admit that I have done it in the PAST. The only time I will go that path now is when PROVOKED into it. I feel strongly that I should defend myself when someone posts something directly lodged at me personally. What kind of person wants to sit back and have their lifestyle, personality, opinions, and personal choices attacked??? This site is for posting opinions and everyone is certainly entitled but we all need to stop being such easy targets for the morons out there who obviously have nothing better to do than try to engage us into a verbal sparring match. We all control what we say and post and we can’t sweat about all the other idiotic things that other people post. Be better than the smaller person and when someone launches an attack at you just simply defend yourself and state that it’s over and you won’t stoop to their level.

    They do it as long as you allow it to go on. Stop retaliating and responding…it’s like the mentality of “how fun is it to play a game alone”..pretty soon the issue will die down all together IF one of the people involved has enough sense to stop playing along to the childish taunts. You can be better than that stupid person and you know it. Not directed at anyone in general just my thoughts on this whole negative, dog-eat-dog mentality on here.

  42. nicola says

    I`ve heard somewhere that Jenn won`t marry Vince till Brad marries Ange,as she hopes that they can save the marriage they once had.

    I`m sorry Jenn, but that`s not gonna happen, marry Vince, he`s been cool enough to stick around through all this when most men would`ve run away.

    It`s time 2 move on, Vince obviously wants 2 be wiv u, take him up on his offer and move away, Brad and Ange r just poison

  43. braydie says

    PLEASE DO. kepp to the posts , not ME. whats your fixation on me anyway? say your piece about the posts and move on. NO ONE wants to hear your preaching. im glad to hear that when you think its the end its the end huh? why dont you “enlighten” me some more? what was that you said? “Everyone has a right to their own unique opinion” i believe that INCLUDES me. or do you think yours is the only one that matters, when you ACTUALLY say something about the topics and not about me? your a nutcase.

  44. Lovinall says

    I try to be the kindest one who comments on your blogs
    but when will you get the hint that you seem to bring out
    the rebel in many because of your constant negativity?
    Give us all a break in updates.
    Everyone has a right to their own unique opinion but why do you think so many
    take the time to reply to your comments?
    I certainly do not plan to keep this up. So say what you will. I will just return for updates and pictures and read the interesting posts that are worth reading and your posts will not be among those. You do need a life.
    Hope you do not keep provoking others on your updates. Please give us all a break.. I know I have wasted all the time I am going to on you. Goodbye and Good Luck!
    Gone to live mine now so this is the end of our session.

  45. Lovinall says

    That is funny.
    An honest attempt at humor and non – threatening!!!!
    You are really coming along!!! LOL!!!!!
    Out of the Darkness!!!!!!

  46. Lovinall says

    That’s the spirit!!!! Keep on sending out those awesome vibes!!!! I will never expect less!!!! Crazy One!!!
    Hee! Hee!

  47. braydie says

    Lovinall WTF… your a crazy one arent you. yup ive been “enlightened” …ive come to see how stupid you can be. LOL!!!!

  48. Lovinall says

    Hi Braydie,
    Yep you are right I am back and I loved your reply!!!!
    Did not stumble in this time!!!!!!
    Glad you decided to love Angie and brad!!!
    Now we can share the love in this world!!HEE!HEE!!
    Guess you had a change of heart! LOL!!!!
    I knew you had it in you!!!!!! LOL!!!
    You have found enlightenment!!!! Oh but not from me!!!!!
    Much better when you find it for yourself!!!!!
    I see that I do not have to yank on you anymore b
    cause it seems many are doing that for me!!!
    So keep on lovin!!!!!

  49. Nicki says

    # 158 Core,
    You come here and search out a picture that has been up for 1 month and tell me to go someplace else. Don’t hold your breath!
    You are not forced to read any comments posted here as I am not forced to write what you feel I should write.
    As you felt forced to give a public diagnosis(notice the correct spelling) I felt the need to respond. I didn’t read a whole lot of your forced ranting, but did notice my name and responded. Not sure if it is mentioned again, because frankly didn’t read it all. See it was that simple.

    For you info, I am a huge Angelina, Brad and family fan.

  50. Nicki says

    I wrote last night and it never posted, *sigh*, so I’ll try again
    What a pleasure it is to meet you. And thank you for answering my post. I’m sooo relieved to know #148 isn’t your regular vocabulary. (I was a lil scared, lol).
    Congratulations on your ivy league college. You sound like a focused and intelligent young man. I’m sure your younger brothers proudly look up to you. What a great role model they have in you.
    I’m not sure what awards you are talking about with Angelina, but this article was about only Brad. I’m not saying he is one who makes America great, it was Newsweek. I would have picked a much different list, firemen, policemen, volunteer workers, etc. Unfortunately I think some people get picked for certain lists or awards not on merit alone, but how popular or “hot” they are at the moment. Sometimes they are used to bring attention to certain things, or just to make a certain company or product profits.
    I understand what you are saying about some countries governments being corrupt and not caring one bit about the people. So throwing money towards that government won’t help one thing. Thats why it is better to have an organization, ex. Red Cross, without the government being involved. (Our own government didn’t do everything it could pre-Katrina it should have and could have,JMO) It’s like a catch-22. OK enough government, they make my head hurt.
    You don’t need to apologize to me, but I truly apprieciate it. I’m just happy to see you are a normal 17, almost 18, year old kid. You are more focused than most, and seem to be incrediably (sp) smart, but thats a great thing.
    I’m sure you will do a wonderful job in college and make your parents proud. Thanks again for taking the time to respond, it was nice of you.
    Best of luck with school Dr. Kris!

    I don’t know what happened to my first post from last night, but I hope this one goes through.
    (I’m listening to Missy’s Under Construction CD as I type this, sorry about spelling mistakes, singing alone and typing might not be best for spelling, lol)

  51. braydie says

    P.P.S. my sons home and wants to say something but first i want to say my son has a right to his opinion …hes been to more places and seen more things then im sure you (core or w/e your name is this time) will see in a lifetime. and hes ONLY 17.this site is not ONLY for your mindless opinions of OTHER least he said something about the post.
    this is his words now…….forced to give a WHAT? lol he said if you want to give someone advice spell it right. and he was talking to nicki not to you. he wants to know why you think you can get into everyone posts that doesnt pertain to you and why you think people believe they want to read your post when there about absolutly NOTHING. well he just said he didnt care what you respond to this, it wasnt a question …it was a statment.

  52. braydie says

    P.S. you posts are pathetic. why dont you take your “nick” and shove it up your ass. ๐Ÿ™‚ have a great nite

  53. braydie says

    core core core….your a dumbass. ONCE again you have nothing to say about the topic at hand just your own mindless chatter about other posters. yep whatever you say…is this your other handle talking or dont you want that one to come out and play today? party? again what are you talking about? maybe because your foriegn?? you have to say off the wall stupid crap? What is it about me that you are so obsessed with? did i piss off one of your personalities? …or 2 maybe?3…4…5…6…??? awwww…paranoia? lol thats a funny one. when you sit at your computer and think of things that dont make sense to write about other posters, and not about the topic. whats shameful, is you know english, but only the naughty words. I hates this saying but you really dont have a life do you? its kinda sad. I went to the waterpark all day with my kids. It was tons of fun. I got hit on by a bunch of guys…and teenagers too but thats gross…still flattering though:) MY husband thought it was funny. i have to put on sunscreen because im half black and half Irish( yes its true) i hate to get to dark. ..what did you lard ass do today lol? sit at home? watch lil t.v in between talking smack on the comp to people you will never be or meet? you sound envious. why dont you go for it “core” ….go stalk you presious angelina. maybe she will help you with your “nick” and make you stay on one handle for once because your a liar. so what now ? what you have to say to me you crazy stalker bitch? im sure since you bought up freedom of speech (which was so many post ago) your the one i was talking to under a dif name. piss you off much.

  54. core says

    p.s. braydie, your paranoia is pathetic. if you have multiple personality disorder, you think everybody else has it, maybe? I signed with “core” from the begining, this is my nick and that’s it. if I want to say something, I say it under this nick, as simple as that. I am not waisting my time to play idiot games with you because you do not deserve that much attention. what you deserve is a lesson of decency, but I am afraid is too late for that also. Maybe a doctor(=shrink) may be able to help you?

  55. core says

    Team Jolie, isn’t it weird that all these anti-Brangelina obsessed loosers have also problems with English language? So shameful…That is the best proof that this people cannot have respect for decency if they do not respect their own language! At least, I do have an excuse: English is one of the languages I speak, but not my native one. :-)))

    Braydie, you don’t get it, do you? When somebody has a party you are not invited to, then you don’t go. But what do you do? Not only that you eat all the food on the table and then fart like the pig you are, but you bring your family also, as if there is somebody interested about your bullshit. Use the private messages, chat rooms, emails for intimate confessions ( Nicki, you too, my dear). Otherwise I feel forced to give you a public diagnosise: you hate these celebs not because you know something about them (your poor English stops you from understanding what you are reading), but because the other people are talking about them so much and not about YOU. You intoxicated every decent conversation on this website with your confessions nobody asked for or care about. isn’t that promiscuous and obscene? isn’t that a profanity of what “freedom of speech” really means? I asked you to check yourself in the mirror, hoping that you will be blesses with a catharsis and a new braydie will be born: a respectful, a decent, and a smart one. looool, but that is impossible, isn’t it? :-))

    I feel pity for you, you toothless idiot.

  56. No1 fan 4 life says

    brad pitt i love u 4 eva n eva x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 my love willllll neva end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brapppppp n4 norf london

  57. kay says

    i fink its gr8 4 brad + ange 2 have a baby 2getha but is’nt it a bit fast he just cum out of a 7yr relationship n jennifer aniston must have been really shockd 2 c magazines implyin dat her husband is having an affair, she could of found out herself. Newayz im very happy for brad n ange the look gr8 dey seem gr8 just i hope it last n i pray it does god bless brad,ange and da 3 children.xxxxxxx

  58. Kris says

    This is Braydies son. I like all the musical groups you mentioned. I like angelina jolie as a actress, my mom doesnt, i think shes hot. IM 4 months away from being 18 I dont watch cartoons anymore, havent for awhile. i do like watching more adult movies now ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill be going to a ivy league college in the fall, im going to be a doctor. Ive went to Indonesia right after the Tsunami hit in 2004…ive seen the children there that the parents died or couldnt be found. Their own countrymen didnt even want to help feed them scraps let alone allow them inside there home to sleep for a night. I seen no one help these kids. I know its her money but she should really put it where it is NEEDED. I only saw her give money to a country for protection from her OWN country. Thats more or less what she paid for, and people give her awards for that, thats not right. I went to New Orleans after katrina hit i seen the devastation there. why cant she help the katrina children? Ive seen these things and my own parents have gave a excess of 300,000 to charities this year alone. to things that actually are making a diference. People like angelina and brad dont make america great….its people like my parents.
    BTW I apologize for the bad comment above., i could of said it better but ….I didn’t think my mom would know i did it ๐Ÿ™‚
    also nicki, my fave actor is John Heder. (vote for pedro)and my fave music artist is Missy Elliot…and my fave wrestler is Ravin ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Nicki says

    Braydie, could you ask your son, PunydickpittNangeldicklips ,( the name he picked) who as far as actors or actresses he does admire, or even like? I’d be curious, because it seems like he has the same opinion as you towards these two. I’m just wondering who he thinks is cool. I have a niece and 3 nephews about his age, and would be curious who he wouldn’t say any of that to. I will check with them again to be sure it hasn’t changed in the last 3 or 4 months (live in far away states, but do phone) But I can say on thier list, and am including my 21 yr old neice in this list, it goes, Tupak, Biggie Smalls, Marilyn Manson, Alicia Keyes, Disturbed, Areosmith, Pink, Eminem, System of a Down (or close to that), even Carlos Santana, Bart Simpson, Sponge Bob, Patrick, Good Charlotte, Big Papi, Shakira, Shaquille O’Neill, Michael Jordan, even some wrestlers who I refuse to even remember, I leave the room if they want to watch, too fake for me, but catch my drift.
    If I ask about a certain celebrity, unless a younger one who frankly hasn’t reached celeberity statis, they won’t give a second thought about them. Like ask about Brit, Jess, Justin, etc, they don’t even come into thier thought.
    So I was wondering how your 17 year old son knows so damn much about the personal life of Brad Pitt, who my relatives say who, oh yeah the fight club fighter guy, or Angelina Jolie, who until told was in Tomb Raider oh yeah her, she’s hot, but don’t know her outside that.
    Like they are not part of thier everyday life, so why does he know so much about them now? Not saying he should be into the stupid music(by the way I have half those CDs) my neices and nephs are liking, but why does he know so much personal stuff about A&B J-P? Maybe, which would be great, he is into social and global studies?
    Not saying anything about the tone of his post, I have had my share of nieces and nephews raise thier hackles for me, and was so proud, but just wondering why, frankly, not proded he would say all he did in the tone he did and about two, kinda older movie people who aren’t really in his ? maybe everyday thought??
    Don’t want aa arguement, just asking, and ask away back if needed. thx

  60. nicola says

    Braydie, ur son seems 2 speak his mind and not care what others think. That`s gr8
    Well said though, I can see where he must get it from !!!

  61. braydie says

    a little offended…i just love when you guys change your handles lol. why not say what you mean under the name you “use” most? not just cuz it fits the situation somewhat?
    I asked him what he meant… he meant if the countries that she adopts from wont even help their own needy then why would she? It seems to him since hes adopted that there are alot of children in need here in the U.S. He doesnt see the point in adopting other places since he has seen first hand( which he has) that other countries dont care about they children in there own country.. thats his opinion.

  62. a little offended says

    Alrighty then, the language was a tad harsh, but I was wondering what did your son mean by “THAT bitch would rather spend all her ?wellearned? money in other countries helping out kids that arent even being helped BY THERE OWN COUNTRY!” I don’t get the piont of the sentece please explain.

  63. braydie says

    my 17 year old sons comment in number is 148. He HAS been talked to. He was just curious about why i come on this site lol and decided he had his own opinion about it. which he does I told him but not with the kind of language he put in his comment. no matter how funny it is, lol. when i read it i said to myself OMG this person is too funny, then i went to write a post and seen that name was on mine lol. He doesnt talk like that that gross IRL however he is that funny …he could of picked better words to describe his thoughts. so i apologize for the nasty talk. Im sure he just wanted to protect his mom lol.

  64. PunydickpittNangeldicklips says

    I CANT STAND BRAD PITT. he has the brain of a 12 year old retarded boy. recognition?? FOR WHAT!!! HE hasnt done anything to make this country or ANY country great. Angleina is even WORSE! THAT bitch would rather spend all her “wellearned” money in other countries helping out kids that arent even being helped BY THERE OWN COUNTRY! SHE SHOULD GO BUY HER OWN COUNTRY AND BUY THEM SELVES AS MANY KIDS AS IT TAKES TO KEEP THAT PUNY DICK PITT AROUND..SINCE WE ALL KNOW HOW WELL HE STICKS AROUND WHEN HIS “WOMAN” AINT POPPING OUT A FEW AT HIS COMMAND! ALL you team jolie FREAKS should go out and sit outside thier home for acouple days. see how far your loyalty is when THERE PUTTING YOU IN A PADDY WAGON YOU STALKERISH, NON-OPINIONED BUTT MUNCHERS. KISS SOME MORE ASS FROM A BLOOD DRINKER, BROTHER LICKER, FATHER FUCKER WHORE AND A WIFE CHEATER(PROB BEAT-HER) LOVIN LIL GIRLS 2MUCH, PUNY DICK PITT. IM OUT.

  65. braydie says

    ok core ….opps i mean “team jolie” …blah blah…….WHY dont you people ACTUALLY say SOMETHING about the post!? TOO ignorant to have a thought for yourself? my you really think in your pea size brain that you actually hurt my feelings at ALL? you didnt lol. IF you dont like what i have to say that dont read it …that simple. say your piece about the topic at hand and NOT other posters AS ALWAYS. also YOU would think core was very reasonable sounding person…since all he talked about was cows, shit welfare drugs and alcohol or yea and theet. YES IM A BRANGELINA HATER…GET OVER IT! NO matter what you say or think, i will continue my negitivity and my insults about them as much as i wish. because I actually talk about the post and not other posters UNTIL I get pulled into shit so take your opinion about me and shove it right up “Cores” ass. ALSO …wheres your point exactly? since you havent said NOT one thing about this post?

  66. Team Jolie says

    Couldn’t finish your post Boring, I mean Braydie. It’s too long and frankly I’m tired of you and your negitivity, Core is actually a very reasonable sounding person. As opposed to you, a Brangelina hater. I have read all your posts and others’ posts who have opposed yours and I can’t even make out your piont from all the insults you loaded your “answers” with. It’d probably be better if you actually just SAID your point Boring, (damn, did it again!) instead of just arguing with people on here.

  67. braydie says

    LOL “core” you make me laugh. What did you mean by i poop in public? ALL i see is a bunch of Bullshit from your post. What feedback did you give about the article??? NOTHING. NOT one thing have you stated that was about this post. as for your statement about me being bossy and hateful sounds to me you got some of that down pat. When you write something like this “Just shut down the computer and go brush your theet before you open your mouth next time cuse you stink.” maybe you should try to spell things right cuz what SOUND like is stupid. as for bossing posters around wow seems you still have a nack for ir dont ya. I dont think your a man. all you sound like to me is a pissed off lil kid that got told off and now has to curse up a post just to TRY to get whatever it is your tryin to say out. Which was nothing…. ALL i heard was blah blah blah. and ive noticed in the past when people say things like “I hope you have enough money left from your wellfare after you spend it with drugs and alcohol” more or less means there on it themselves. and dont know of anything else to talk about. so why dont you go buy yourself a diary because you can curse that whole book up, also im sure in your head it will also agree with ya everytime. as for ASSUMING you know me ….I look like tyra banks …only better…also until you actually have anything to say thats worth responding to i wont answer anymore of these kinds of post. not because i believe you are outwriting me lol, never, just cuz i dont have time to explain things to a dumbass like you.

  68. core says

    If I am an idiot, what that makes you, stupid? you are talking with me, so that puts you at least on the same level, stupid cow!

    Have the decency and let the other people talk about what they like without you to poison this conversation with your dumb negativism! I stated my opinion that I would have done the same if I would have been Brad: 7 years of waiting for a woman to have children is enough for a man who passionately wants a baby. If you think that the fact that you and your stupid Jen are women makes you some godesses who deserve everything without to give anything in return, then go and fuck yourself and take Jen with you, idiot. That’s totally stupid, to pretend that someone has to quit on his dreams because you are not ready for 7 years. I cannot believe this non sense!

    This is MY OPINION, okay? I did not ask you what do you think about my opinion, so don’t feel obliged to offer it for free, it will go to the trash can anyway.

    I do not give a shit about what do you think about this, this is what I think and I have the right to say it, you got it? I don’t need you to come after my post and argue with me, how many time do I have to repeat this?

    Go and buy yourself a diary – I hope you have enough money left from your wellfare after you spend it with drugs and alcohol, as you sound very high and obscene most of the time – and write your frustrations there. Here is a place for feedback regarding the article. You did not give any feedback, you just poop in public, you dumb exhibitionist!

    BTW, I am a man, you stupid fat idiot, so fuck you and your bulshit. Just shut down the computer and go brush your theet before you open your mouth next time cuse you stink.

  69. braydie says

    “Core” you sound oddly familair. I wonder who this can be. well anyway …since YOU gotta bring me into crap once again…i just love that you think that you have to ask for permission from me to say what you want. ive never implyed that i wanted anyone to even agree with me let alone wish for them to ask me for anything. i also dont boss the posters around. actually that would be people like you …”Get a life and shut down your computers”, “Wouldnโ€™t a Prozac make you feel better?? “, “Braydie, stop bossing around all posters” In just one post you seem to have the nack for it yourself. i HAVE asked anyone to get a life…WHY WOULD I? whats the point in even saying that stupid ass comment…EVERYONE has a life dumbass. ALSO what you think 38 is to old to have kids? and just because she didnt want them right then and there , he should divorce her for it? your a idiot. Seems to me you have a whole lot of opinions on us for just coming to this site? do you think with all your blabing about how “bad” we are in your mind…its really you thats the person thats not all there? Unfucked is that what your meaning was? if so i get mine on a regular basis. my husband actually wants it from me and not from everyone else like brad pitt. So who ever you want to be today, im guessing i know who this is, go right ahead and say your opinion about topics here. OH yea , you dont seem to have anything other then what you think of OTHER posters. maybe take YOUR own advice, bitch. :+()~

  70. core says

    Tasha, you are so right in your pshichologic description of this pathetic Braydie.

    Braydie, stop bossing around all posters, this is not your site! All I’ve read were your stupid and hateful arguments with others. Do you thing we should ask your permission to apply our own freedom of speech? Why do you have to laugh uncontrolably and grobian after every positive post about Brangelina? Wouldn’t a Prozac make you feel better?? lool. I do think you have a pathetic life and you have to be an unfu..cked bitch if you hold so much hate in your soul for two people – brad and angie- you never met and who never did nothing wrong with you.

    The same comment for the other loosers, such as nicola, summer , etc. Get a life and shut down your computers – it is too much for you to handle in a civilized world. ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. core says

    Brady #107, how long do you think Brad should have waited for Jen to be ready to become a mother???? Jen is already 38 for God sake and they’ve been together for 7-8 years!! I think he waited long enough. Jen was busy to go in night clubs and party all the time, that was her ideal life.

    There was an interview with jen and vince the other day about their hobbies, you will not believe how fit they are for each other: she likes clean kitchens and french fries and he likes parties and poker. way to go, loosers! loooool.

  72. core says

    It’s easier to gain publicity how Paris Hilton et comp do, by posing for the cameras whenever and wherever. So I really do not see Brangelina’s humanitarian work as a run for more publicity. It will be enough for them to go to a party and all the paparazzi would follow. They do not need to go to Africa for that.

    Brad is a smart guy, intelligent and educated. I admire him a lot.

  73. rosa says

    is good the brad has a baby with angelina and all but i still think he should be with jennifer aniston.

  74. nicola says

    Sorry 2 hear of ur problems motormouth. Is this the reason y u seem 2 resent others??
    U come on here avin a go at others, r u just takin ur emotions out on us?
    Deep down, i bet ur a gr8 person, just no need 4 the language, ur a woman

  75. NIcki says

    MOTORMOUTH MAMA- I have worked with a lot of handicapped people. Young and older, but never any with M/S. I did with M/D years ago and it sounds somewhat similar. It was always horrible when you came to work and they were gone to the hospital. It almost always meant they would never come back. I know a lot of the Moms of these kids were in support groups, and they said it did help. Do you have a support group?
    My best friends husband was recently in a horrible car accident and he will never walk again, (I know it isn’t the same as your husband) and he could get some use back in his arms, we are praying, but all the hospitals and rehabs have all mentioned support groups. My friend said she would look into it when they finally get home and settled into thier new routine.
    I mention this because all the professionals seem to stress it over and over.
    Your son will know about his Dad from you and know what a lucky man his Dad was to have you.

  76. NIcki says

    ( im still going call you that cuz its cute:+) Have a great nite all:)

    Braydie, lately you never fail to make me laugh. Your not a total bitch. Thanks for the chuckles!

  77. braydie says

    MOTORMOUTH MAMA- I feel for you and your story. i really do and im not saying that to be mean or a bitch. BUT that is no reason to curse up a post because you dont like a celeb. MY point was that things are said both ways…you dont like people talking bad things about brad and angelina, well i dont like good things said about them. But i dont have to curse up the post to state my feelings. the way you talked about your husband should be the way you talk in every post. you got your point out with out cursing. NO ONE knows what goes on in celebs lives…or in our lives. no one knows what troubles we go though …or happiness we have. we come on here and state our feelings and opinions. 5 min’s later we all go back to our lives, whatever that may be. nothing anyone says on here bothers me. cursing gets to me, cuz i know kids read this site….but I want a good arguement.i like when other posters have diferent opinions then my own. so keep going pottymouth mama. ( im still going call you that cuz its cute:+) Have a great nite all:)

  78. braydie says

    lovinall~ really no need for a enlightenment from YOU……awww i guess if it was sucha waste of time you wouldnt of had the “time” to respond huh? I have never said i was a bitch.. i am. also all my post arent always hateful. maybe in your eyes. 10 fold huh….maybe thats why i cant stop being a bitch. ๐Ÿ˜› also i dont give a crap if you stay or go lol. FOR REAL!!! I guess you dont like having your “opinion” messed with ..its kool i get it. Nah i dont know whats going on in the world …I just live in it. so I guess i wont ever see the “light” wtf that means. Nothings a waste of time…it was fun telling you off. just hope you see it which i can see you actually coming back on to see lol. Was that enough kindness shared with you ???


    Because I believe this is happening to teach me how to be selfless and dedicated. By Jim being sick we have grown closer in our emotions, thoughts and deeds! I can no longer understand what he says to me but I have the ability to sense it from him! We communicate in a different way almost on a spiritual level that is just between us! I love this man and the thought of losing Matty’s father breaks my heart more for him because he will never get to know what an amazing man his father was! He has only seen Jim sick and that is so unfair! I have to find ways to make sure that Matty knows the “real” man his father was before this illness robbed him of his life! So no we never cheated on each other because we are all each other has ever had and I can go to my grave knowing that we have shared a love in this lifetime that if you could see us you would know what real, lasting, abiding love is all about!


    #128 my husband has been confined to a wheelchair w/ MS for the past 7 years and I spend every day taking my portion of the “in sickness and in health” part of my vows to him quite seriously so I guess there would be no way to wish he would cheat on me when the poor man can’t even stand, walk, chew or swallow on his own anymore. Pretty soon we have been told the paralysis that has been creeping through his body is going to suffocate him by paralyzing his abilty to breath and then I get to bury him! I wouldn’t dream of cheating on him he is the love of my life and we have been together since we were 15 years old! So when you have to sit back powerlessly and watch the man you love, the man god sent to you, the love of your life and your soul mate and father of your child writher away day after day and lose his dignity! Watching someone you love dying and knowing there is NOTHING you can do and you are powerless to stop it there is no other feeling worse in this world! It’s a slow death..I have to WATCH IT HAPPEN DAY AFTER DAY! Losing a spouse is never easy but sometimes I wished if he had to go it would be quicker and less drawn out because I love him and it kills me to watch him suffer. He deserves far better than this and I would never desert him no matter how long this takes I am by his side for the longest journey we will face together!

  81. lovinall says

    Braydie, do not worry i will not waste my time here anymore trying to enlighten the unenlightenables!!!
    i have a life and it just does not include being hateful to or about others. Go on and keep hating! You all like it so much and collectively you may send out your mutual hate
    but get it back 10 fold!!!!
    I am done!! Oh and your blogs are never nice about anything! So just keep on hating! I am out of here!!!!
    Waste of time! FOR REAL!
    Yes I see you are sick of nice comments and make no effort to be a nice person. soon it will just be a site of hateful things and you will I imagine feel right at home.
    I did not make a dent on how to try to be kind in a world that needs all the kindness we can share.
    Besides you do not make sense and I doubt you will ever see the light? Do you even know what is going on in the world? HMMMMM? I am so out of here. Total waste of time.

  82. nicola says

    Well said Braydie #112.
    Answer 2 ur question, I`m 1 of those ppl who do not wish 2 read motormouth`s OPINION.
    There`s no need 2 use that amount of language, leave ur opinion and get on wiv it, kids could be readin this, av some respect, ur meant 2 be woman, and no woman uses that sort of language, it`s all filth.
    As for Jennifer, she`s 100% better than Angelina. Brad`s like 50% of men out there, when the goin gets tough they run away!!!
    1 more thing motormouth, how do u know ur husband`s never cheated or isn`t doin it right now?????

  83. Braydie says

    and nicki …yes i cryed lol. i also got a soft spot for monica potter when she and the boy played in the water …it reminded me of what i do with my 3 “boys” when they where younger…but there too old now 17..15 and 13. i cant wait for my 5 month old to start walking so we can play in the sprinklers:)

  84. Braydie says

    lovinall —OMG blah blah blah. I can see people loving brad and angelina but you need to chill out a bit… god stalker much??? Have you ever THOUGHT we brad and angelina haters are sick of all the GOOD things that are said about them?? no i dont think you have…IT GOES BOTH WAYS! yea so what if shes kissed her brother or wore Billy Bobโ€™s blood in a vial…she a mother now so its ok right?? W/E you could of sumed your post up in three sentances…

    “I love brad and angelina, they are the greatest, i want to be them,I want them to adopt me so i can grow, no one has the right to say anything bad about them!”

    I dont usually tell people how to write there post unless its cursed filled but im sorry your post gives me the feeling your not all there.

  85. lovinall says

    Simply Astonishing!!!! Give Angie and Brad a break.
    One riducoulous comment over and over!!! they have plenty of fame without having to addopt children to get any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the things said of publicity in the blogs who said these outrageous things proof my point!!
    If any of you have ever been a Pitt fan you should know he always wanted a big family!
    Angelina jolie has just got older wiser beyond her years
    and you can see how much she loves her children.
    Have you ever heard her say one bad word about Jen?
    It is too inbecile to even think they need publicity for addopting children.
    If you want to believe tabloids it is Jen jumping into a relationship which seems to be from being pitied!
    She sure got overkill on that emotion!!!
    I did not like saying that!
    But you people make me so upset by insulting such a class act woman which Angelina has become.
    There is no way Angelina had anything to do with Brad leaving Jen. But She has everything to do with him being happy now and he has everything to do with her being happy too.
    So she grew and became a wonderful loving person
    with this huge heart. UN Ambassador for UNHCR!!!!
    I admire that she is still so young and has become so
    Know one seems to even know Brad was also before meeting her out there doing work in Africa for One???
    It seems the mean blogs are all stuck in the past and cannot seem to realize people get divorced for many reasons? But it certainly was not because of Angie!
    Some couples grow apart and their interests grow apart! Why attack and be so hateful? There is too much hate in this world! Why can’t you just be happy for them?
    They are both doing more than any of you will ever do!!!
    It is hard to take all these acusations and nothing more!
    What is this about his education or lack of????
    Ridiculous! I can only have the utmost respect for them and their children and the family they are building. it is so heartfelt to read the way Angelina has awakened and grown as a human being. Just realizing and admitting how affected she was and how it changed her life from being a self centered person to having the opportunity to find out how those people lived changed her life forever. that comes from the heart and is personal growth! The fact that she dedicated her life to a cause bigger than herself is admirable and she even explained it so well. Brad as well was already interested in those same goals before they met and the real beauty is that they share a real connection on those issues. It was hard on Jen because it was so touching but she chose to further her career and try to attain more fame and success for herself and that is what she seemed to want. So be it!!!!
    She got what she wanted in her eyes but probably could not believe how success can be from more than fame and maybe from their example and the truth can
    be painful and so be it!
    But Gwyneth never said anything but good about Brad
    and was very kind and I believe she was honest and she said there was no cheating on either side and he did not deserve any of that gossip. I just cannot believe
    you all can be so mean about such obvious love and growth between two people who have shown such admirable qualities. So what if in the past she kissed her brother or wore Billy Bob’s blood in a vial. People grow and blossom and become better from experience
    or they do not. They are examples of the blossom of growth and what they have now is the result of it.
    they found love and have wonderful children and are happy together. I too wish them every happiness and
    their children too.
    Oh by the way glad Vince and jen are together! LOL!!!!

  86. NIcki says

    Braydie, did it make you cry the first time you saw it? I have seen it about 4 times and the crying has not been so much, but I do tear up every time, just not as much as the first 2 times.
    I do love Vince, actually more in comedy roles, but I suggest this to anyone interested in Vince Vaughn. I do love Vince, but I like him to make me laugh.
    But this movie shows the range of depth he can go to.
    \ I will say he was a jerk Dad in the begining, but being burned by ?Monica Potter, he was bitter, and had no idea what to do. But he caught on fairly soon.

  87. braydie says

    nicki i have that movie on tape actually ..yes its a very good movie and vince is awsome in it.

  88. NIcki says

    sorry, meant to add, Monica Potter plays the kids, really cute kid, mom and Joey Laurens (who Vince dated for a while) played the new girlfriend. It is a good story, any one who can should check it out.

  89. NIcki says

    Braydie, no problem, just like to get the facts, and apprieciate any help in getting them. Just not sure if Brad Grey is still involved, but I’m sure that will be cleared up sooner or later.
    I do love Vince’s movies. Monday at 10 am or 11 am on cable, so movietime thing, his movie “A Cool Dry Place” will be on. It isn’t one of his stupid funny ones, which I do love, but it is Vince in a whole different mode. A good movie if anyone is interested.
    He plays a single father, whos ?wife or longtime girlfriend leaves him with the kid. About 4 or 5 years old, the kid. Really doog.

  90. Braydie says

    Your right i just looked up plan B and jennifer is not involved anymore..i thought she still was…but brad grey does still own a part in the company.

  91. NIcki says

    Sorry, wasn’t finished, don’t know what happened.
    I’m not sure if Brad Grey is still a partner, just what I read somewhere, forget exactly where. (not Star, NE, or any of them)whatever.
    But thanks for your anwers Braydie.

  92. NIcki says

    Braydie, thanks for that. I did know he was the senior class president, I heard him say once he knew if he was class president he would get to talk at graduation,lol. I never knew he went to college. I read he graduated in 1988 and went right to Hollywood and struggled for 8 years. I know he did a few TV spots in 1989 like China Beach and 21 Jump Street. That could have been during summer break though.
    I don’t think Brad will go back, but it would be good if he did.
    Brad Grey and Jennifer are not part of Plan B anymore.
    Jen is no longer a partner, but is still attached to a few projects. And Brad Grey I thought left Warner Bros. to be part of Paramount. I’m not sure what that does to Plan B, as it seems like a conflict of intrest.

  93. Braydie says

    nicki…brads actually 2 credits shy from graduating. I wonder if he’ll ever go back. I also knew he has his own production company ..its called Plan B Entertainment, however he isnt the only one that owns it.. Brad Grey and jennifer also own a third of it. as for vinces education ..he was his high school class president, also went to his home town college for drama and graduated. but he also went to los angeles and struggled like any other wanna be actor. thats all i know.

  94. NIcki says

    Braydie, I haven’t finished #112 post ,because frankly it is for motormouthmom. I did read the begining…Just curious, and I do love Vince, just don’t know much of his background. What education does he have? Not knocking him because I LOVE him in his movies and it really doesn’t matter, just wondering.
    But to let you know, Brad is a sucessful owner of a production company, plus an A list actor. He also is only 3 credits shy of a college degree in journalism. Just interested in Vinces education, although he is very funny, so I guess thats all that matters. Just wanted to know the facts. Thanks for any reply.

  95. Braydie says

    carliegh…no worries ..i know…. were the bitches of this site….everyone gotta have one or two right:) I also believe i made good arguements on things and if people dont respect that then they can kiss my ass. I never say anything on posts i know nothing about …i dont try to “assume” things. I also dont believe this is the place to say everything that was in post 106. has NOTHING to do with the topic…and no need for the constant cursing that makes people sound dumb. you can state your opinion without so many bitches and fucks….and if you cant dont come on a baby blog.

  96. Braydie says

    motormouth mama….blah blah blah…and why bring carliegh into this? she never said anything.
    I am a bitch, ive never stated i wasnt and your just pissed because you know im right. BTW at least vince has a education unlike brad, as for him being a drunk ..what proof do you have? All brad is … a washed up middle aged actor ..who at one time might of been the sexiest CHEATER in the world. but now…..hes JUST a cheater. wow 14 years of marriage huh? you sound like a 14 yr old that dont know WHAT marriage is about. whats a wind bad???? I guess i dont get dumbass…also if you dont think you have any need to explain then why did you write your curse filled post…..actually with a mouth like yours…you dont sound educated or even have any opinion ANYONE wants to hear. ( sorry to talk for anyone that takes offence to that …but who really wants to read all that crap?)IF proving your “point” consists of bitch this ..fuck you… wind bad?….. your not doing a great job. so i believe i will continue with my “STUPIDITY AND NONSENSE” since i actually have a point to my posts. as for ruining this site….if you think that then why COME ON IT??? and if jen cant act..then why has she made 100 mil on her latest movie and its still going strong…I believe thats ALOT more then angelina made on ANY movie shes been in, in the same time period. so pottymouth mama, get your facts straight and NOT just what you read in tabloids.

  97. CARLEIGH says

    Sorry Braydie but I felt like since we have been labeled or lumped together I had to include you in there for good measure. I am done explaining myself to the low life hypocrites on this site. The one’s who constantly ask why we are so rude, why we pick on other posters, blah, blah, blah. I think if people would search back through the blogs that we don’t always use profanity, we don’t always have negative things to say but alas that is all that stands out for you or I. That’s what irritates the crap out of me. Everyone else can say whatever they want to say about whoever they want to say it about and yet when you or I are dragged into a three way arguement we get hosed for defending ourself…BS!

  98. CARLEIGH says

    I get real tired of people on this site making myself and Braydie their scapegoats. If you don’t like what someone writes or someone’s opinion that’s fine but to constantly keeping blaming everything that happens here on she and I is ridiculous! I don’t speak for Braydie however she and I together have gotten enough bashing to last a lifetime. For the last time if you don’t like someone’s opinions that’s fine nobody expects a person to believe the gospel according to Carleigh. I never asked for anyone to believe me or to critique me. I have refrained from using profanity to the worser degree of some here and it’s not my duty to pick apart piece by piece every single profanity laden post. Sometimes I feel like slinging some no too popular words around…show me someone on here who doesn’t do the same thing from time to time. Yet, I am blazed and blamed for that much and more. I won’t leave and won’t stop blogging here because that is my right just as it is for everyone else to do so. I do not enjoy engaging other posters in verbal reparte or bashing because it drags me down to where I soooo don’t want to be. Most of the time in my life I chose to take the higher road if possible, however, when my name is directly used in a post unprovoked I come out brash, unabashed and swining because I don’t like to be picked on just like anyone else. Braydie and I aren’t monsters…we are adults and just like everyone else we can like who we like and posts what we’d like because we are FREE to do so in this forum. To the others out there who would bash us and hang us out to dry..oh well we can’t and shouldn’t be expected to please anyone but ourselves.

  99. motormouth mama says


  100. braydie says

    motormouth mama your name speaks for itself doesnt it? Jen was never a victim, also things go both ways … he was ready, everyone knows this but HE should of waited til SHE was ready. You sound like jen was the one to go out and get pregnant by the first person she seen. NO it wasnt jen that did that it was Brad…he met angelina on that dumbass movie and forgot all about his VOWS he made when he and jen got married, and got that freak pregnant. Jen GOT what she deserved? YUP she did…she got a man that will treat her sooo much better then that piece of crap brad, and vince is so much hotter in my opinion.. you sound like a very stupid person. IF your married (which i doubt no matter what you say)but if you are.. I hope wish ..that your fat ass fugly husband will cheat on your fat wrinkly ass. SEE how you feel after that. Jen ugly? i dont agree with that either. passions and goal together???LOL w/e .. like ive said in the past he dont give a rats ass and when they break up …which i do see…he wont give a penny of his “hard earned money” to anyone ..let alone a 3rd world country. LONG LIVE BRANGELINA?? Keep wishing.

  101. motormouth mama says


  102. nicola says

    Brangelina fans, get a grip, this isn`t just a site to praise them at all, it`s called avin ur own opinion.
    As far as i`m concerned, Brad and Jenn hadn`t split up when he got with homewrecker so the way i see it is that the guy cheated. They were STILL married.
    Fair enough, Jenn`s moved on and she`s done in wiv all ur laughin in her face. Brad and Ange aren`t the innocent 1`s in this, it`s Jenn. She never said she NEVER wanted 2 av kids, just that she wanted 2 wait till the time was right, sometimes i wish i did, but my son`s the best thing 2 ever happen 2 me.

    Lay off Jenn, she`s been humiliated enough !!!!

  103. carleigh says

    Tasha—you are nobody to critique anyone for inproper grammer or Langauge arts here….let’s see we have incorrectly spelled hipocrite the correct waya is HYPOCRITE, yelleing is YELLING and incapibility is spelled INCAPABILITY! SOOOOOOOOO…to burst your bubble TASHA your FAR, FAR, FAR from a perfect poster in either grammar, puncuation or spelling. Don’t tout and spout towards someone about their shortcomings when your not in any case any better off than that person might be. Maybe instead of getting Braydie a book we should chip in and get you a Merriam Webster Dictionary and a copy of Remedial English 111….might benefit you a bit wouldn’t you agree?????

  104. Braydie says

    nicki no worries ….Everyone knows i dont need someone to speak for me, but im glad you did i missed “hipocrite”..If i can understand what people say i dont care how they write it… WHY do you think that you made me look stupid tasha? Dont assume things that you dont know…because once again your wrong. yea i seen the word “twards” also thats what i was talking about lol but since she went though her post and reread everything i guess shes the one that stupid. also i guess she didnt want to disassociate herself with me and that shes the one thats a confrontational rageaholic, since she keeps going on and on….. i guess she didnt get what i did to her….got her so pissed that she DID excactly what everyone else does on here. but oh well.
    Brangelina fan thats your opinion and thats fine but tell me excactly WHY he makes america great. in my opinion he hasnt done NOTHING, at all, BTW i dont think angelina has done anything EITHER. ALSO this web site is not a dedication to brad and angelina …and what do you know of what is lies or the truth…do you know them? With a name like Brangelina fan I think not. If you want to worship them go to brad or angelinas website dedicated to them.

  105. NIcki says

    Braydie, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to speak for you, you don’t need me or anyone else to do that. I was just responding to what I thought was very hypocritical of her.

    Tasha another word you used-hipocrite is suppose to be hypocrite. Don’t bash others an Language Arts and spell check, when you don’t utilize them yourself.

  106. NIcki says

    While Braydie and I agree on practically NOTHING, she is cool (OMG did I just write that,lol). She is who she says she is and makes no excuse for it. I like that in her.
    And, (lol) to tell her to get a life is wrong. Your here, I’m here. She said you were verbally attacking her becuase she was making fun of you for saying it in a previous post. Maybe this is her “yoga” or punching a pillow. It was kind of preachy of you to tell her to do yoga like you.
    What works for one doesn’t always work for another.
    And, your perfect spelling??? Go back and look at the word “twards”. I can only assume you meant “towards”.

  107. Tasha says

    This Braydie person is such a hipocrite! Verbal abuse is constant criticizing, belittling, insulting, and rejecting. That is EXACTLY the kind of crap she says about Brad and everyone else on here. In her last post she said I verbally abused her, just because I made her feel stupid. But that’s like trying to make Shaq look tall, he can do it on his own. Stupidity sounds like it comes naturally to this girl, just like yelleing or, once again her incapibility to shut the hole in her face, that just won’t seem to stop flapping! I think we should get her a book or better yet a muzzle. Or a computer with a tighter security system, change her password. She says I spelled words wrong in my posts, I looked over them, perfect spelling.

  108. Brangelina fan says

    I love Brad and Angelina they make this world a better place to live. Brad did not cheat on JA. And all you JA fan should get lost. This is a web sight of Brangelina fans. We only want to read good things about them not insulting lies.

  109. Kat says

    I agree bradyie , tasha is just talking smack. LOL and i love the ANDS you put in , tooooo funny. i dont believe brad has done anyhting to make this country anything..hes just a actor. I love the way you made her “verbally abuse” you so she HOPEFULLY will know what the diference is. WHAT is up with her telling you to …live it, love it, USE IT ??? WOW and she called you a wack job lol

  110. braydie says

    Well now tasha, what you just did is considered verbal harrasment. get the diference now you dumbass? AND ( opps i did it again) I guess its ok for you to say what ever you wish about someone if its what YOU want to hear right? AND As for getting a life….i believe you’ve been on here just as much as i am. AND i will rewrite what i wrote about the end of story thing since you seem not to be able to read so well. YOU wrote “end of story” on the end of post 85. Dont know what you write in your own posts?? AND I was just explaining to you that it WAS NOT the end of the story. AND NO matter how much YOU think you can stop people from stating their opinions. AND as a matter of fact………YOU wrote to EVERYONE to stop “attacking” him. so i believe i have a right to comment. AND You must really think your something if you believe that im upset or angry in any way beacuse of you. think again. AND i believe someone needs to use spellcheck herself. Go over your posts “doll” your not the best speller in the world. AND i have lots of friends, im sure all your friends are sick of you correcting everything they say or what they even THINK for that matter. Cuz you know it ALL dont ya tasha. If you havent relized it yet I AM A BITCH, and will continue to be. so please if you cant handle it then please “disassociate yourself from me” LIKE I GIVE A SHIT! Go ….do your yoga. leave the talking to the adults.

  111. Tasha says

    Motormouth mama, you have a very interesting point. I also think that they parted because of child realated matters, that’s why I’m so happy about him being with Angelina. She loves kids, but do you know if Vince wants kids, eventually? Maybe ever?
    Braydie, what exactly do you mean by, “and since you think you can just say end of story and think that will come true it wont.”? It makes no sense.
    1. First rule of Language Arts NEVER start a sentence with the word AND.
    2. It’s called an apostrope, live it, love it, USE IT! (It’s the same with spell check and grammar check. UTILIZE them, that’s what they were made for!)
    3. Re-read your sentence and tell me what’s wrong with it? Better yet, to make the list shorter tell me what’s right with it.
    I don’t understand what story you think I want to come true. You are obviusly some sort of wack-job who enjoys picking at every little mistake and little aspect of someones life. Like I said before, GET A LIFE. I can tell already you are a pessimist and I can’t associate myself with you anymore. But don’t worry doll those things can be fixed, over a long period of time and I suspect all of your friends (if you have any) would be happy about the change because I bet they are tired of you speaking on topics you have not a clue on. Because I’m tired of your no-class antics and I don’t even know you, I’m happy about that, because you’d probably drive me out of my mind. With your non-stop, makes-no-sense chatter and your inability to shut-up. You may be “speaking your mind” but I wonder does your mind have a mute button? If not, maybe you should buy one or have one installed because I’m willing to bet anything that you have irritated a minimum of six people on here. Not because you were “speaking your mind” but because of your retorts and ANSWERING their comments. A tip for your future, a comment requires no answer. Those people are just “speaking their minds” using their “right to free speech” Last time I checked, freedom of speech didn’t involve starting an argument with them. All I said was, “Stop attacking him.” and you started arguing with me. I was just “speaking my mind”. As a matter of fact I wasn’t even talking to you!
    I just figured something out, you are a confrontational rageaholic. You need to get a stress ball or something. Do yoga, like me. Just express your anger in a healty way, punch a pillow, or a wall or yourself. Just stop being so bitchy twards everyone who posts something! Now, to disassociate myself with you.

  112. braydie says

    ALSO why dont YOU state SOMETHING about the actual POST not just about other people that give THEIR opinions.

  113. braydie says

    tasha what the hell are you talking about?? you do NOT make sense. the actual act of being verbally abusive to someone …actually needs that person to be there. DO YOU really believe that hes on here somewhere reading everything people write about him? let me inform you on something…HE ISNT. so until that day where he comes on here and says that HE finds it offensive i will say WHAT I WANT. Because that is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. JUST like you blabble that you wrote is your right to freedom of speech…and JUST beacuse YOU dont like what people have to say doesnt give you the right to accuse ANYONE of any mis doings. AND MAYBE THERE NEGITIVE FOR A REASON! and since you think you can just say end of story and think that will come true it wont. You sound very uneducated once again. MY opinion is about this article that it pisses me off…..Brad pitt does NOTHING to make america great……….NOTHING but thats JMO but as you stated it s pissing others off also. so maybe that will be the “end of story” Brainiac.

  114. motormouth mama says


  115. motormouth mama says

    Who give a royal fucking rats ass about Jennifer Anniston the BITCH! She was a fucking ice queen who didn’t want to give Brad kids so they parted company. Fastfoward almost two years later and Brad has the woman and family that he has been saying for ages that he wanted and he deserves to be happy! FUCK JENNIFER! Let her cry her little beety eyes out for all I get a shit ! She lost a good man and she’s a self centered bitch!

  116. Tasha says

    Look, you can still attack someone verbally whether it be freedom of speech or fact! Whatever it is you are still tearing him apart! What he did, what he didn’t do, and so-on I mean, comment on his life but reguardless you are attacking his lifestyle and how he chooses to live his life! You and others are tearing him down, bit by bit analyzing his every move, I mean if he steps out of line once it’s like the insults start flying at him. This alleged “affair” was one little boo-boo on his image. One incident and you people are constantly bulding him up to tear him down. I mean, the article is supposed to be a POSITIVE one but 99.9% of these comments are NEGATIVE. So the article builds him up to people, they post it on here hoping to get positive feedback and the people who do give posiotve feedback are constantly being torn down by you or others, like #79 for instance, she was giving her opinoin and, yeah if you wanna analyze his personal life. There are going to be some things there that may look bad to some people and others are like, “Yeah, okay that can be forgiven, next.” I mean get a life, because all you do is constantly look at his past, pick out something small and make it bigger than it is or needs to be then you make it seem like a friggin’ world crisis and make it seem like he needs to be sent to hell or whatever because he supposedly cheated on Jenn (which I don’t think he did). I mean, whoopdie-friggin’-doo, it’s over isn’t it? They broke-up, Jenn’s not upset, she’s happy with Vince and Brad’s happy with Angelina. End of story.

  117. Braydie says

    um no “brainiac”, I know what you meant and like i said what were doing is NOT a form of attacking him verbally. this is freedom of speech and until brad HIMSELFcomes on here and wants to get in to this with us where not doing anything but stating OUR opinions. I dont see him doing that, so until that day ever happens this is just a blog that has people giving thier opinions and thats called freedom of speech. like i said LEARN THE MEANING BEFORE you try to go all lawful. also “not to threaten how you stand” I think that ANYONES personality has everything to do with how they treat people and what they do in everyday life.

  118. Tasha says

    Okay, I didn’t mean attacking him physically, brainiac. I mean, you are attacking him verbally. That is a form of attacking if you haven’t noticed. Which, I have noticed you and others doing.
    And Demetra, not to threaten how you stand on the whole Brad’s-a-cheater thing, but I think you mean you don’t like his ACTIONS, concerning the whole Brangelina deal. Because, correct me if I’m wrong but, his personality has nothing to do with what he did or didn’t do. Depending on whether or not a person thinks he cheated on Jenn.

  119. Demetra says

    I do not like Brad’s personality because yes he is a cheater. I do not like Angelina as a person because I think she is a homewrecker and promiscous. BUT I do not know how good of parents they are at all. I have yet to see them in action, i dont admire most things about them but I do admire some of their charities and I honestly can’t think of something wrong with her adopting. I don’t think they think many things through but I cannot judge Brad Pitt until I know more about his or Angelina’s parenting.

  120. Braydie says

    i cant see no beauty sorry. also they havent become a influence on me …”HONEST??” lol thats too funny….

  121. lovinall says

    Very strange what some people come up with. Well here is one for Brad. I joined One after seeing his efforts with them. That was a very long time ago and so I feel he has done something for good because I became a ONE supporter after I saw Him in Africa. So I would say his influence is a good ONE!!!
    Angelina is so beautiful inside and out. I watched her interview and was so moved by her and her dedication!
    I do not like to speak out badly about anyone but the tabloids made only Jen look bad and pissed off. Maybe she even handled it badly and kept the tabloids happy at her expense. I never saw so much coverage about a woman scorned until ………….
    I never felt like Angelina did anything wrong at all as many movie stars meet on sets and that makes sense to me because they are more bound to fall in love with who they meet and in their enviroment it is pretty normal they would meet another star.
    I do not think Angelina wears pants as Brad is one hot dude and he seems really in love and happy from what I see. I am so happy to see the love that is so obvious between them. I hope they last forever as I am a big softy when it comes to love!!!! They both look very happy and both are doing very admirable things. I am just tired of mean comments about one of my favorite actresses. I think they both do what they do from the heart. I wish them every happiness and all their children too. They both really have shown by their actions they are very admirable. Very honest caring examples of people who can influence and bring good changes and hope. Brad and Angelina both have become wonderful influences on the minds of the public and it is honest. How can anyone not see the beauty in that?

  122. Braydie says

    Stop attacking him? didnt know i could actually attack someone though a computer. …its called freedom of speech. maybe you should learn what the meaning of those words are.

  123. NIcki says

    My 2 cents……I have to agree with Braydie(#73 post) wow there is a big surpise,lol. Briana you said in #72 , you don’t read the tabloids. But if you go back and read your #61, you said according to the latest magazine article, you don’t state which one, but thats not the point. The point is, then you claim you don’t read them.. Which is it? You read them or not. Oh yeah I forgot, “, I donโ€™t read tabloids hon, i happen to have a close realationship with some people who are not to be named here and i get this info first hand.” Please.
    Braydie, I’m with you on this one girl. Now don’t get use to it, lol, but I do totally agree with you here. A little to Harry Potterish for me to believe Briana.

  124. Rachel says

    Who seriously cares if Brad has adopted the kids or not, he has shown interest and started the process of making him their legal dad! geez ppl. I’m glad Brad left Jennifer. Angelina looks so much more his type and he looks happier. He has something special with her. He never had a child with Jen, so you know something is special with him and Ang. I think she is a great women with a huge heart and character and the two of them together will do great things. more ppl need to be like that. Their daughter is beautiful and they have a great family. They don’t flaunt it infront of the media, they appear that they try to hide it. The media gets what they want and probably wont leave them alone. Alot of its probably made up, and props to them still being together and looking happy!

  125. Braydie says

    Briana lol sure you do …… I think your a liar…and that you ACTUALLY dont know some of these “people who are not to be named here” I believe that just as much as i believe brad makes america great. I guess you dont know them since the adoption HAS NOT went though, I just rechecked agian. You should be better prepared with your posts love.I guess it more easier to lie and say you know them, that way people dont disagree but JMO i think you ARE a liar. Why dont you go talk with your “close personal friends” not to be named…instead of blabbing on here about them? Keep you delusions to yourself. First hand info huh…. i think your a first hand liar

  126. Briana says

    Braydie, I don’t read tabloids hon, i happen to have a close realationship with some people who are not to be named here and i get this info first hand. THANK YOU. ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Braydie says

    no problem nicki. and to the end of post 57 …lol that was funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ people think i dont care about there opinions but i do or i wouldnt come on here. If it was all the same post over and over again it wouldnt be any fun. i hope people continue to say there feelings and thoughts and no matter if its good or bad. I just hate it when it gets too heated and they take crap personal. I dont mean to sound like a bitch ..this is just how i talk in IRL why should i change ? Im very open about what i say and i dont hide my feelings. so to anyone that thinks im a bitch, i am, but dont take it personal ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. NIcki says

    #67 Was from Nicki, not SIS.
    Braydie, My niece was on here earlier, she is out here for the week. She is posting under SIS. Apparently I got on here after her and didn’t notice she left her name in.
    That was Nicki, me, on post #67. My laptop is being fixed right now and I didn’t even think to check before I posted here, usually it is my laptop and she usually isn’t here. Stupid me.
    She will be gone Tuesday, so she probably won’t comment again after that. I just noticed the SIS after I hit submit. Called her in and she told me it was her.
    Oh my now I understand the other thread where you thought I was Carol, SIS and some guy, sorry forget now. Oh boy can’t wait until I have my laptop back. She is only 16 so please forgive if she defends me, or I should say my posts. She is new to the gossip blog thing, and seems to be having to much fun with it.
    Sorry for any confusion. Now I have to figure out what she did and said.

  129. SIS says

    Braydie, #64, Thank you for explaining . You do come off a bit harsh, but I apprieciate your explaination (sp) and do like the fact we can have a discussion about it. I do admire your sis and family for adopting her friends little girl after that tragedy. If they world had more people like them, it would be a better place.
    I do enjoy having a, semi, lol, truce with you (#57), thank you for that. I enjoy a good debate, or should I say arguement? Thanks for your responses and look forward to more. And yes we will never agree on BP and AJ and JA. Thats ok I just enjoy talking about it. Thanks.

    Summer, I was taught manners by my family, sorry, please, thank you. If I said it too many times for you to believe it was sincere, sorry, oops, I guess I mean TOO BAD! (How’s that Braydie?)

  130. carleigh says

    I just think it’s time to let Brad and Jen and the hype and speculations die..them and their marriage are over. Jen doesn’t talk about it and neither does Brad. We all have heard the “truths” in the smut pages sold in the grocery stores but only Brad and Jen know the total honest whole story and so far neither has been very forthcoming. As for Brad and Angelina—if anyone does the math correctly Angelina didn’t fell pregnant until 7 MONTHS after Brad and Jen broke up and maybe they were screwing around whose to say! Like I stated before we won’t ever know. But OMG…give this sh*t a rest! Like em or hate em’ just stop with the spiteful crap on here! It has nothing to do with this blog.

  131. nicola says

    If Brad & Jenn were avin marital problems, y the hell didn`t he face them like a real man instead of runnin off wiv Ange? As far as I`m concerned, that`s the coward`s way out.
    Fair enough, u can`t help who u fall in love wiv, but it`s no excuse 2 cheat on ur wife. Jenn adored him.
    Brad was hardly in the press till he got wiv Ange.
    Hasn`t Jennifer been humiliated enough?
    I hope she marries Vince, and av kids 2gether, that`ll wipe the smug grin off Brad and Ange`s faces!!

  132. Braydie says

    and to summer….the problem with this blog is that everyone gets into everyone elses arguements. that was between myself and nicki and we resolved it with just myslef and nicki. i dont have a problem with what nicki was stating…and nicki i dont mean to sound harsh, thats just me. nicki was confused on what i was talking about …so i explained more in detail. there was no need for her to say she was sorry at all ….i respect everyones opinion (even though sometimes they think i dont) i dont believe that she was trying to manipulating me.

  133. Braydie says

    Briana ….ok FIRST off you need to stop reading tabloids.
    SECOND brad pitt HAS NOT adopted her children, just beacuse the kids name is changed doesnt mean the adoption has went though. I know this for a FACT. anyone can get a name change….ANYONE.
    THIRD who said brad and angelina where married???? I dont believe anyone did.
    FOURTH you have zero evidence that brad DIDNT cheat on jen while shooting the movie with angelina. and since you know that is the excact reason brad broke up with her was beacuase the didnt want children why dont you tell him for me that hes a asshole, i guess you know him.
    and FIFTH… jen and vince arent broke up it would be in more papers and on MTV news if they did not just in tabliods. so next time read the law….stop reading the tabloids…and stop trying to be so factual when your info is what you when in smut mags…..thank you:)

  134. Nicki says

    Brad has had a few girlfriends and one wife, NOT once has he ever cheated on any of them. He and Jennifer were having problems since late 2003. He has never by any girlfriend or by his wife, who in interviews, at least two with X wife , said he cheated. Even his self proclaimed “love of his life” Gwen P. We finally found out, 5 years after they split, that the reason was because she cheated on him. NOT once did he EVER bring that up and he went through hell for it, everyone blaming him for it.
    He looks very happy now and I believe he will be with Angelina for the rest of the best part of his life. By that I mean until he stops breathing.. A loving woman and 3 kids, (so far) he has the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They have it all, I wish the best for them, and they have it !!!

  135. Briana says

    People, let’s get this straight. First off, Brad and Angie are NOT married. Brad wants to get married but Angie will not oblige, only because she believes that marriage is not something that would make their bond stronger! For now they are not married because their marrige would be nothing more than a publicity stunt. I’m with Angie on that one.
    Secondly, the adoption is legal because the kids’ names have been leagally changed to Jolie-Pitt and so have the parents’ (Angie and Brad)
    Thirdly, Jenn is not sour about the break-up with Brad, can’t you see she is (or was) perfectly happy with Vince? But according to the latest magazine article, Vince dumped her and she appears to be crushed.
    Hello people have you even considered the fact that the break-up could have been mutual? Before he started
    on the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they just didn’t let it leak to the tabloids until after because they wanted their marrige to go quietly?
    So unless you have talk to Brad Pitt about his failed marrige to Jenn and he says that they decided to break-up BEFORE he began to work on Mr. and Mrs.Smith with Angie then you may be free to call him a liar and a cheater. Other than that, you have ZERO evidence that he cheated on Jenn.
    FYI, they broke because she was not ready for kids and he was. That’s why Angie is so perfect for him she love kids so does Brad, she wants and big family, he wants a big family. They are the perfect couple!

  136. Nicki says

    I was saying sorry again because I meant it Summer. I am not manipulating anyone. She misunderstood me and thought I called her a liar. I did not and would not. She misunderstood me or I didn’t explain myself correctly, for that I was sorry.

  137. summer says

    she is arguing her point so why say sorry…..i’m sure you got the message the first time round…..

  138. summer says

    BRAYDIE, it sounds to me like nicki is manipulating you, whats with sorry, again sorry……………….
    she says what she wants and she can whats with the sorry..

  139. Braydie says

    No worries nicki. i just wish i could show you the interview. I dont like angelina and i dont think it was right what brad and her did to jen however….im glad shes not with that asshole billy bob.

  140. Nicki says

    Goodness no Braydie, I am not trying to change your mind. You saw what you saw and I read what I read, which was about 1 year after they broke up. I was just showing you my proof of what I saw, and it wasn’t tabloid.
    And I would never and did not, call you a liar. The article was to show you I am not a liar either. Again sorry for any misunderstanding.

  141. Braydie says

    And? you think because you put a article on here…it’ll make me believe i didnt see the real life interview that billy bob said what i said above? I know what i SEEN … also i know i cant change your mind like you cant change mine so im done trying to explain that i actually seen him talking and saying those words.

  142. Nicki says

    Sorry I meant to put this in to;
    TUESDAY MARCH 23, 2004 12:54PM EST

    By Stephen M. Silverman

    Billy Bob Thornton, on the promotional trail for his new movie, the much-delayed “The Alamo,” paints a rosy picture of the early days of his 2000-03 marriage to Angelina Jolie — the collapse of which he blames on their having opposing ideas about the direction of their lives together.

    “She’s all over the world, and I respect her for it,” Thornton, 47, tells GQ magazine, noting Jolie’s role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. “I want to stay home.”

    But early on, says Thornton, “It was a great relationship. For the time we were together, we loved each other and we did it all the way. We didn’t leave any stone unturned. But we had different ideas about how we wanted to live our lives — that’s all it was.”

  143. Nicki says

    Braydie, I’m not sure why you are so angry. I didn’t put words in your mouth. I simply asked you a few questions. I am sorry you are taking this the wrong way. I was just trying to understand, I that is why I asked you questions. Again sorry if you misunderstood me. My fault!
    Your sister and brother-in-law seem like a very soild couple. Congratulations to them and thier family. That little girl is a very lucky girl to have people like that in her life.
    I said about Jen and Brad- “I don’t believe” that is my opinion. It’s not written in stone anywhere, just MY opinion, as you have yours. No need to jump down my throat. Please. AgaIN SORRY FOR ANY MISUNDERSTANDING. I will leave now.

  144. Braydie says

    First off please dont call me a liar…i know what i seen with billy bob. second your putting words in my mouth that i never said. My sister adopted her best friends lil girl 7 months ago when her friend died in a accident. my sister already had 3 boys with her husband. i said IF they would ever break up, i know my brother in law wouldnt feel as strongly for the adopted child that he does for his boys. but since they have been married for 19 yrs and been together for 24 i dont think that would happen. Also my brother in law is now her legal father so again please dont put words in my mouth. As for you saying that jen and brad grew apart …now that sounds like a tabliod story since I believe that only brad has said anything in any T.V. interviews with reputable people. I seen myself him say that they wanted diferent things in life at that moment so they had to part ways. JMO but thats not growing apart, thats selfishness, everyone knew he wanted children so he found someone who would even though that person said IN MANY INTERVIEWS that she would NEVER have any bio children she would just adopt. I seen it for myself so dont try to tell me any different.
    also # 49 wasnt pertaining just to you. I never said you said anything did I? I was asking a actual question that pertains to this post and it wasnt directed just to you. He doesnt derserve any kind of recognition that makes america what it is. and i feel sad that newsweek would pick someone like brad pitt.

  145. Nicki says

    Braydie, I’m a little confused. Are you saying your sister adopted your niece first and then later on married and had bio kids with him? When they married, he chose not to adopt her? You say you know he loves her but if they were to seperate he wouldn’t spend any time with your niece?
    I feel a bit sorry for her. My Uncle has 4 children, 2 bio and 2 adopted. Not one of them is treated any different from the other. Maybe it is because he actually did adopt them. If your brother-in-law could do that, then it seems he doesn’t really love her. I don’t think it is a woman/man thing, it is love for your child.

    On the Billy Bob thing, I heard him say, or read his words, that they broke up because they were going in different directions in life. Her with her UNHCR work and traveling and him not wanting to basically be apart of that. He liked to stay home. I believe the not caring for him anymore after Maddox was a tabloid story.

    I don’t believe Jen and Brad broke up because of kids, they both said it wasn’t. They both wanted different things out of life, they grew apart. JMO. And Angelina said she didn’t see how she could bring a bio baby into the world with all the kids she knew already needed homes. She didn’t say she would never have one. Also she didn’t have a partner in her life at the time she said that. Makes sense to me. I think she knows he will be around for her and the kids.

    As for what does Brad do to make America great? That was Newsweeks statement, not mine. But I believe it had to do with the New Orleans project. Probably also a little bit because he is very popular now and can help sell magazines.

  146. Braydie says

    nicki yes i can say that in the same sentance because im not in the relationship with my sister. if her husband would leave her for some reason…i can say I know he wouldnt spend any time with my niece, compared to the time he would spend with his sons…thats life. Now dont ge tme wrong. I know my brother in law loves my adopted niece but he also knows she isnt his. women are much more accepting of adopted children then men are. since you bought up billy bob yes he left her…what was the main reason? i saw a interview about 6 months after they broke up and he said he thought he wanted the same same things as she did but when they adopted M it was like she didnt care for him anymore only the child. so HE left. just my point… everyone says brad left jen cuz she didnt want kids right then and there…so he found someone who would. someone who said HERSELF she didnt want any bio children of her own, then she goes and does it. makes me think she did it JUST to keep him around. JMO

  147. Nicki says

    “if him and angelina break things off which i see in the future( she doesnt stick around long with men) do you really think hes gonna take the time to do things with them now that he has his own daughter?”
    You say this in one breathe then say………………..
    “Ihave a adopted niece and i dont see a diference between her to my blood nephews.”
    So if you can do it, and thousands of others also, I have adopted cousins, no difference than blood ones, why wouldn’t Brad? Do you honestly think after this year and a half of bonding with Maddox and Zahara he would go pick up Shiloh for the weekend and not the older two? Not a doubt in my mind it would be all three, unless him and Maddox had a “guy” weekend planned. JMO.
    Also my opinion, most of the women who allow thier kids to call a new boyfriend Daddy are looking for someone to take care of them and said kids, not a partner to build a life with.
    And I’m not sure but Anglina didn’t say WHEN they were adopting next. Could be next year. (and also BBT dumped her, she didn’t leave him)

    #46 Lucy- Do you really think Jen would have taken him back if he did try to win her back? I don’t think she is that stupid.

  148. Lucy says

    I think he should have cried back to Jenifer, she was the best thing he ever had. Cheaters never win in the end, I give them a year.

  149. Braydie says

    I dont believe that they are already married. many kids call men or woman mommy or daddy that arent legally theirs…and they still leave. i guess since brad is a “star” it means he’ll be around for life? i dont think so… he mgiht care for them , he might even love them but if him and angelina break things off which i see in the future( she doesnt stick around long with men) do you really think hes gonna take the time to do things with them now that he has his own daughter? BTW i dont read tabliods, never have. What im saying is my own personnal opinion , not from some smut mag. I have a adopted niece and i dont see a diference between her to my blood nephews. With her saying she wants to adopt again so soon after adopting Z and having her baby i wonder where her priorities are? She hasnt bonded really with shiloh let alone allow Z to really get to know her new family…. now angelina wants to throw another child into it and its just gonna be a big mess. i dont know whats going on in their life behind closed doors, but i also know how hard it is to bond with a adopted child, it isnt easy.

  150. Nicki says

    Braydie, I don’t believe a woman who loves her child so much, Maddox, and then adopts another baby, and announces in the paper(I know it has to be done) and allows the first kid to call him (Brad) Daddy to be waiting to see if” he will stick around”. I believe she knew he would or she would have never allowed Maddox to call Brad Daddy. ( I’m sure Zahara is also) I think all the crap made up in the tabloids (tabLies) are to provoke them to make a comment, and Brad, as he said before, is the “Zen master” of the tabloids. They can’t provoke a comment out of him because it doesn’t matter one way or the other. They know and that is all that matters. I know people don’t want to hear this either, but I believe they are already married too.
    I respect your opinion about not being able to stand the woman either. That is your right. I’m glad you can see that she does love her kids. I believe Brad does too.

  151. braydie says

    no you dont have to announce it however pesterazzi will know and then everyone will know…also im sure they will have some sort of celebration and most of the papers will announce the adoption, i just cant see why its taking so long…as i said before my sister adopted her friends girl in under 4 months, and that was with red tape…they have none of that. i bet shes making it wait to see if he will stick around …ill give one thing to angelina, she does love her kids. however i still cant stand the woman.

  152. Nicki says

    SOBOSSY, I’m not sure what Heaven you are talking about, but I don’t want to be part of that Heaven. Spite and vengence isn’t part of the Heaven I want to go to.

    And noone knows if they are married or not yet, or if the adoption has gone through yet. You only have to announce your intent to adopt, you don’t have to announce it when it happens.

  153. Lisa says

    I still cant believe that Brad left Jen for Angelina. WHY hasn’t she married him yet? Because this is all a game to her. It’s really very sad. I saw an interview with Jen and they were showing scenes of her and Brad and what touced me was she said, ” I can see his soul and his heart through his eyes, that’s why I love him.” That broke my heart because they looked really happy together. I understand that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but he really rushed into it with the homewrecker and that’s what she is. I really love your site!

  154. nicola says

    She`s usin these kids 4 publicity and draggin Brad in2 it. Jenn`s doin pretty well, Brad doesn`t know what he`s lost and I hope that 1 day all this will come back and smack him in that pretty face. He made his bed so lie in it!!!

  155. says

    #33, #34, #35— YOU SAID IT. THEY BOTH SUCK BIG TIME. Skank-a-lina will never be happy with Bard or any other guy and she can keep right on adopting all these kids but they won’t keep her happy either, she has done evil things in this life and it is stopping her now from achieving true happiness and rest within herself…you get what you deserve and they have to live with what they do!!!!

  156. Debbie says

    Brad, I feel so sorry for you. Angelina is looking for something that no man can give her except her father when she was young. She wants to be liked so badly that even though she has two babies in diapers, she is telling you that both of you WILL adopt and as soon as possible.
    She hasn’t married you yet and some day you will be thankful. If I were you, I would take Shiloh and run.
    I do feel compassion for her adopted children but why does the world look at the USA for all the answers and MONEY?
    Countries must be made to start taking ccare of their own.

  157. says


  158. says


  159. nicola says

    Honestly ppl, how long do u think this relationship`s gonna last? The only thing they av in common is Shiloh. Brad`s not adoptin cos he wants 2 he`s obviously bein forced in2 it. Angelina wears the trousers in the relationship, y do u think the adoption`s takin so long?????

  160. braydie says

    taz just because jens “clock” is ticking she should have children???? all womens clocks are ticking and i wouldnt push anyone to have a child. as for how long they were married it was 5 yrs not 7. also angelina stated MANY times she did not want any bio children…she just wanted to adopt so what was her rush to have a bio child with brad? I wonder …..also i hate to say anything bad about other posters but what you said doesnt make sense to me , maybe it will to others…

  161. taz says

    The work they are doing is amazing. How many celebreties are out there helping kids from 3rd world countries. He gave 7 years of his life to a marriage. After a while you need to go on. It’s obvious that Jen is more focus on her career than her marriage. I feel now that the media has her ex and his new family in the hot spott. She will rush to get married and have kids so she can share the spotlight. How come Vince who also worked in the same movie or Angelina and Brad goes out with his coworker exwife. That doesn’t seem right to me. She picked the 3rd wheel of the movie. We don’t know what goes on behinds someones door to judge them. I think Brad and Angelina are a great hooooot couple and they are doing a lot for these unfortunate kids around the world. Jenn can continue doing movies and her clock is ticking. So she better hurry up otherwise the older you get the older your egg is the more complications you will get.

  162. braydie says

    I never said that he wasnt a good person for accepting M and Z. but the facts also have to be correct …he has not adopted them, and the paperwork has been in motion for almost a year now, whats the holdup? my sister adopted her friends lil girl when her friend died and it took 4 months. Im glad he got this for JUST giving money he really hasnt done much else but that you always see angelina out there in the “bush” but you never see him at all, i dont think he makes america great…theres so many other people out there that deserves it more……..also im just waiting for this to crash and burn. brad and angelina aren’t going to last. and when they do breakup…do you really think hes going to continue to give his money away ?? i dont think he will, JMO.

  163. minnie says

    I agree with Nicki. They don’t just do this because they want to look good in the public’s eyes. I mean they’re so rich and they’ve got everything. Why would they go out there in Africa? All you other people who don’t agree should. They are great for adopting kids, and Angelina isn’t the UN Ambassador for nothing! Sheesh. Brad is a loving father and people should be proud of him for accepting Maddox and Zahara.

  164. Nicki says

    Legally it isn’t finalized yet, but all the paperwork is in motion and has been for quite some time. Well I guess it is for the absolute best that him and Angelina are together and raising a family and helping the causes they see fit.
    Best wishes to them and the wonderful work they are doing and will continue to do to help.

  165. braydie says

    For one he HAS NOT adopted M and Z…. it has not been finallized. as for helping “poor” countries …W/E he didnt give a rats ass before he got with angelina.

  166. Lela says

    I honestly do not understand why a person that evolves pass a relationship is an arse. He looks happier and more human than ever. I can’t see Jennifer engaging in the humanitarian and parenting work that seems to be bringing fulfillment and pleasure to his life.

    I doubt that anyone so young, beautiful and wealthy would choose to repeatedly expose themselves to the world’s worst poverty and diseases just to look good in the eye of the public–they can do that by attending the typical Hollywood and NY fundraisers. It takes dedication, empathy, and love to speak for the needed and more to share their lives. We should be applauding and supporting them for their work.

    I seriously doubt that he sees these kids as toys. The bonding between him and his children, especially Maddox, is obvious. Only a person capable of loving another human being just for existing can understand the love that can exist between a parent and an adopted child. I am lucky to be one them.

  167. Trisha says

    congradulation Brad and Jolee Pitt family,
    obviously everyone is talking attention has been judged by so many,
    Im very happy for the five of you Brad to turn all the gossip columns into positve feed back and im so sorry the poperotsi is better know as hemroids to all that have talents such as yourself.
    Angelina at first i was like wow she just took this man from another women and didn’t even have the moral perspective to realize he was married in not only the publics eyes but Gods as well.
    well just goes to show no one really knows any personal life of others and can only base on gossip threw colums so where are my values.
    I think you are both beautiful and have touched a inner place of streagth for eachother that is amazing the babies are very blessed as is your family. Lots of incouragement to you all and congradulation.

  168. carleigh says

    He has become a very active humanitarian in the recent year and I think it is wonderful to see him being so compassionate. Any child that he and Angelina have is going to be very lucky to have two wonderful, giving, kind and loving parents. They seem very committed and sincere in their desires to help the less fortunate and I am sure those out there who say “oh they are doing it for publicity” or this or that..who cares they are doing wonderful things for others in dire need and poverty stricken third world countries..there is never a bad reason for helping others in need. They don’t do this because of any obligations they do it because the genuinely want to help others who are all but forgotten by the world! Kudo’s to them both and I wish them and their beautiful family much peace, love and happiness!

  169. nicola says

    The guy`s an arse. instead of workin his problems out wiv his wife, like a REAL man, he jumped in2 bed wiv the 1st woman who gave him the eye….He`s no man, just a coward. The pair of them adopt for 1 reason…..2 look gd and get sympathy from the public. Fair enough, they`re from poor countries but what about children all ova the world sufferin from other problems …IE, ABUSE AND NEGLECT…….Find her somethin 2 do, kids r not toys that u can replace when ur bored wiv them, they`re here 4 life !!

  170. says

    Up next Pat O’Brian walking the red carpet to interview Mary Poppins, Nanny Mcphee and Brad Pitt, Stay Tuned….to find out who will win.
    These awards are a long time coming, statistically Nannies spend more time caring for children than the actual parents do!!!! Yes that makes America GREAT…..

  171. Braydie says

    also the adoption isnt final so no he hasnt adopted any kids as for helping the poor 3rd world countrys w/e he didnt want anything to do with it til he got with angelina

  172. Nicki says

    Newsweek isn’t a tabloid. AGAIN it isn’t about adopting. Did you actually read the short article included with the pic?
    The “millions” of other fathers aren’t going to sell mega copies of the magazine, Brad will. Are you going to rush out and buy Newsweek because Barney Bishop has an article about him adopting a kid? NO and neither will most other people. The magazines want to sell lots of copies to make money, they pick people who are hot at the moment to get people to buy them. The tabloids make up lies for the same reason, to make money.

  173. nicola says

    How many other men out there av adopted a child? Some wealthy, some not, why`s he any different? Children r bein adopted every min of the day all ova the world, y does he get praised 4 it? What about the other millions of fathers out there doin the same thing? I don`t see any of them in the tabloids, do u?

  174. Nicki says

    Cam, Where does it say he is taking credit for picking Shilohs birthplace? I think Dreamer said “adopting from poor countries”, so I think only Ewan McGregor is the only one in your list that applies to Dreamers comment.
    He didn’t get this recognition for just adopting a few kids. He got it for the many, many ways he is helping find a solution to the problems he feels need to be addressed in the world. What a wonderful and selfless act for someone who is rich enough to sit around and do nothing but enjoy his wealth. I applaud him and the others who see things need to be done and then go about trying to help.
    I believe we have only seen the very begining of all the great help this man and others like him will do in thier lifetime. Caring and compassionate people are always blessed, some even tenfold.

  175. dreamer says

    Cam, ok thanks, i feel so much better, for those wise words, but when Ali says ‘ I hate him ‘ , she or he dont even KNOW the guy to hate him!! OR maybe they do???

  176. Cam says

    Dreamer these days everybody adopts a baby like Hugh Jackman, Ewan Mcgregor, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tom Cruise to name a few so Brad and Angelina are not the first so donโ€™t take comments so personal.

  177. Cam says

    Dreamer these days everybody adopts a baby like Hugh jackman, Ewan Mcgregor, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tom Cruise to name a few so Brad and Angelina are not the first so donโ€™t take comments.

  178. Cam says

    dreamer these days every body adopts a baby like Hugh jack man, Ewan Mcgregor, Michel Pifer, Tom Cruise to name a few so Brad and Angelina are not the first so don’t take comments so personal.

  179. Cam says

    Whatever he is an idiot for taking credit when it was actually Angelina who wanted to have the baby in Africa.

  180. dreamer says

    R U Jealous or something!!! Brad and Ang are Fantastic and the best thing to come out of hollywood, they have adopted 2 kids from poor countries to give them a life and good start…………HAVE YOU!!! i DON’T THINK SO………………. I DON’T REALLY THINK ANYONE CARES WOT U THINK!!

  181. Ali says

    I hate him!!! And it seems to me that Angelina is the one who wearing the trousers in their relationship.

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