Kate Winslet Is A Mom Making A Difference

It is refreshing and inspiring to see a celeb like Kate focus on helping children, not her waistline!

Kate Winslet

“Film star Kate Winslet has opened Bristol’s new special care baby ward during a flying visit from the set of her latest film.

The Titanic actress cut the ribbon at Southmead Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit after a fundraising drive paid for its £1.2m refurbishment.

The Tiny Lives Campaign raised £700,000 towards the cost of the work.

Mum-of-two Ms Winslet, 30, spent two hours touring the new unit, meeting parents and children.

She said: “”The Tiny Lives campaign touched my heart and it is clear it has made the world of difference to the parents – I’m thrilled to be part of this special day.”

Karen Willis, fundraising manager, said: “It was great Kate could come today and add some Hollywood glamour.

“She pulled out all the stops to be here today – it was the icing on the cake.”

The four-time Oscar nominee, who has a home in the Cotswolds, flew in from the US where she had been filming The Holiday with co-stars Jude Law and Cameron Diaz.”

I spent an idyllic summer in the Cotswolds, and though I live in an idyllic non-Brit environs, still pine for the lavender fields and thatched roof cottages and old stone churches of the English countryside. But, that is not the point of course! Thank you Kate for using your celebrity to help children. It is an inspiration to us all. I may need to do more research, but it seems that The Tiny Lives Campaign in the UK may be similar to the March of Dimes in the States,


  1. dreamer says

    I agree, Kate is beautiful and thankyou Babyrazzi for adding kate on the celeb list, my requests finally paid off. Kate is gorgeous and a good role model for all.

  2. says

    i think she truely is divine, and esquizet! She is grounded in so many ways, she could never look bad at doing anything since she has a big heart, not to mention beautiful in every way!

  3. Louisa says

    tiny lives is a charity for babies born premature, my eldest daughter was actually born at the unit the kate visited, its about 10mins drive from where i live but i didnt know about it until after! dam!!

    i think its fab that supporting this charity and that she loked so normal on the pics, not all done up and celebrity esqe!

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