Kate Moss With Lila Grace & Pete Doherty Is A Pain

Kate Moss, 32, was snapped with 3-year-old Lila Grace the other day. She recently decided against writing a tell-all book about her life, but Pete Doherty, whom she has had some sort of dalliance with, has announced he will write such a book. That’s crummy. He should keep his mouth shut…Kate is a mom and shouldn’t have to worry about such junk! I must say though, that it is hard to believe that Kate ever could have had a relationship with this guy! Very odd!

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

“Just when Kate Moss thought she was rid of Pete Doherty, the junkie rocker has inked a deal to publish his personal diaries chronicling his druggie lifestyle and dysfunctional relationship with the supermodel. Editors at Orion Books, which will publish the tome next March, can only hope the Babyshambles frontman will be around to publicize it. He’s been arrested numerous times for possession since last year, and is now doing 12 months of community service and undergoing detox.”

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  1. i got sweets says

    I have to say, I really think kate should have that kid taken from her. If she was anyone else in the county she would already have been taken! i can’t belive social services are just stading and watching someone in the public eye be so negectful. And that is what is what wrong with this county.

    ALSO. Pete has already wrote the book. its a diary type thing, most of it is already on the babyshambles website.

    but whatever. im only 16.

  2. Abi says

    i totaly agree “tabitha”!!!
    peter doherty is one of the most influential musicians in the world and Kate is absolutly beautiful.
    leave them alone and focus on your own faults.

  3. Abi says

    For starters,
    “He should keep his mouth shut…Kate is a mom and shouldn’t have to worry about such junk!”
    Peter Doherty did have a life before Kate.And he still does,just because he’s chosen to release a book now doesn’t mean it’s just going to be about his relationship.

    “Just when Kate Moss thought she was rid of Pete Doherty,”
    You make it sound like she doesn’t love him or something!!
    she blatently does. She wouldn’t be with him still if she didn’t want him.
    I hate how people who read the media feel like they have the right to pass judgement and call him a “junkie” or whatever. He’s a poetic genious and doesn’t get enough credit from the media.Maybe the people writting the articles should read some of his lyrics or listen to his cd.

  4. Tabitha says

    i think everyone should lay off kate moss! why everyone is prying so much into her business is beyond me, shouldnt people be worrying about their own lives and not of hers. pete doherty is, even though this has obviously gone un noticed by the majority of the population, an extremely talented and poetic man. it disgusts me that people only see him as a ‘junkie’ and casually ignore anything that may make him an influence on anyones lives. kate moss may just be one of the most beautiful women on the earth, people should grow up and learn to be more optimistic about life and not just pick up on the bad things.

  5. Kamineko says

    She needs to get a grip on reality, for sure. However, there’s no proof that the car was in motion when the pic was taken. She may have just been sitting in the car with the child prior to strapping her in. I have done that, while getting packages, purses and such adjusted. Looks like they are just sitting in the back seat of a parked car to me.

  6. samantha says

    i agree with kristen you have to think about when this child grows i dont think kate is thinking about lila feature what is she going to tell her did she not think about her childs safety when she didnt put lila in a car seat britney spears didnt and look at the grief she got for it but i gess kate dose not care i mean she all rudy the press she gets for everything else

  7. kristen says

    i think lila grace will need alot of help when she grows up she is 3 she dose not know what her mom is doing i think kate needs to think about her doughter

  8. says


  9. nicola says

    This woman is disgustin, she missed her own daughter`s birthday cos she was in rehab…..ppl like her don`t deserve kids.
    Hello…car seat !! they save lives

  10. Diana says

    Eyesofpearls – I agree. She never looks that nice, even with make up on.. the supermodels of her day are a lot more beautiful. She is not role model at all, but the companies who hire her to model for them are just as bad. They said they would drop her, and slowly but surely she is modelling for them again!

  11. Eyesofpearls says

    I will never understand how this girl made a career in modelling!!! I can’t find a single beautiful thing about her even if I try. And her drugs scandal showed that he is not much stronger in the brains department either.

  12. Diana says

    continued.. and cope with the consequences of your actions. Plus, I don’t know how she ever became a supermodel. She is not that beautiful at all.

  13. Diana says

    Nikki – I agree. I think that she is selfish. I know that we all make mistakes, but you should live with those consequences. Not be back in all the mags, advertising campaignes etc… You should have to live with your mistakes 😉

  14. Nikki P says

    “Kate is a mom and shouldn’t have to worry about such junk” She probably should’ve thought about that all the many times that she didn’t behave very motherly, i.e. cocaine, etc.! I see absolutely no reason she should be granted amnesty for her poor behavior just because she’s a mom – how convenient an excuse that is when it comes in handy for her! Just being a mom ought to make her WANT to hold herself to higher standards for the sake of her child if nothing else. Now she’ll have to explain this situation to her daughter when she’s old enough to start asking questions about it – yeah, she should take responsibility for her actions!

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