Elle Macpherson & Her Sons

Here model, Elle Macpherson, 43, was snapped out with her youngest son, 3-year-old Aurelius Cy.

Elle has two sons, Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson(who goes by the name Flynn), 8, and Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson, 3. They were baptized as Roman Catholics, in the faith of their father, Arpad Busson, a wealthy self-made Swiss/French financier worth roughly $100,000,000 (USD). Elle and Arpad Busson are no longer together(and were never married), but do seem to have an amicable relationship.

Elle MacPherson

Elle MacPherson

And here is a photo of Elle taking Flynn(then 7) to his school in London. This photo was taken about a year ago.

Elle Macpherson

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  1. laura says

    what a bunch of bitchy bitches ! i think she looks fab – would like to see what you lot gonna look like at that age !

  2. anke says

    yes, andrea or andreas is a very common boy’s name in europe . . . for that matter, many europeans dress their boys and girls in colorful clothes, and shoes that might appear “feminine” by US standards . . . ditto for the longer hair . . . shame on the photographer for that nosepicking pic

  3. Leona says

    Andrea is an Italian boy’s name. Elle’s husband is Swiss so that may have something to do with it.

  4. Nicki says

    So sorry Jenna, I was reading #2 and saw no mention of shirt and shoes, just that you thought “Andrea” was a girls name. My mistake, I guess?

  5. Diana says

    Elle is naturally beautiful, however I do agree that her legs look terrible in the first couple of photographs, however it could be the way the photo is taken too! Sometime the paps are horrible at getting not such nice photos of celebs!

  6. jenna says

    Elle has two sons, Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson(who goes by the name Flynn), 8, and Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson, 3.

    That’s what it says, I know how to read. “He” is wearing a pink shirt and girl’s shoes. That’s the only reason I thought that.

  7. Nicki says

    His name isn’t that. The youngest ones, 3rd name is ALEXANDER, they call him his 2nd middle name, Flynn. Yes his hair is way to long, but he has to live with the fact they gave him a mullet.
    What do bratty kids look like? Better than them actually being bratty and sitting next to them at a resturant, lol, no?
    Everyone is airbrushed in magazines, she still is thin and looks great after having two kids, no? She is 43 and out for the day, or days, two different pics, with her kids. She looks like a great hands on Mom.(except for not handing the kid a tissue in the first pic, lol)

  8. carleigh says

    Wow her legs look awful all knotty, bumpy and lumpy looking. She’s a swimsuit model it makes one wonder just “how” much airbrushing really goes into making stars look so damn good…lol

  9. jenna says

    are you sure that’s a boy? because it really really looks like a girl and andrea is a girl’s name…

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