Beautiful Pic Of Angelina & Brad At Baby Shower!

OK…I just didn’t know what to do about this. It is a beautiful picture of Brad and pregnant Angelina, but I didn’t know how I felt about posting here. Please go HERE to view! ENJOY!

UPDATE: Just Jared has added 2 more beautiful pics. What joyfulness they seem to be sharing!


  1. Agwuncha Echezonachukwu Don says

    Hello Angelina jolie, congratulations for your new born baby.You have been so wonderful,both on your beauty,smiles,well built body,Acting and your sexy looks.I am also happy for you Husband Mr.Bradd Pitt,he is such a nice and handsome man.I WISH YOU A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE AND God’s Blessings AND ALSO I WISH YOU MORE Beauty.

  2. willa frenette says

    As far as Angelina goes, yes, I have seen the pic of your baby, Shiloh, she is beautiful, but, unfortunately, look at what it took for that to happen.

    Angelina, you broke up a marriage, whether it was good or not. Jennifer and Brad were trying to work things out and you had an affair with Brad on the set of Mr. and Mr. Smith (you must admit that now). As far as the other children, that is wonderful, but, how much love are you really giving to your own off spring, Shiloh????

    In your latest movie, you had an affair with a married man, alot like real life, right? Pretty sad, you don’t think much of breaking up loving couples. I have not seen your new movie yet, but, I don’t need to see it since you’ve managed to do the same in real life and you’ve really hurt Jennifer Anniston, and she didn’t deserve that, she was going through a hard time finishing up her series of “Friends”–she needed Brad there to support her, but, in the meantime you were having your way with Brad–mind you he was no better either–it does take two!!!!!

    I just hope that Shiloh grows up with better respect for people and have a better idea of what relationships take than you and Brad do! Obviously your hormornes take over before respect of the marriage does, neither one of you were thinking of that……….were you???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!………………………..

  3. BG says

    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to finally have a whole family of your own.It was indeed worth the wait.Finally life is whole!

  4. Butterfly says

    Big Hello! Angelina, You re so sweet woman… You re so wonderfuly to have a beautiful new daughter and another Maddox, Zahara that beautiful of your kids and Great show Brad that you love him because his want to have children his dream…. you did make it for him…. You re so beautiful as big heart and be there Brad, make his happy of you….. Better then ex wife Jennifer never be there for Brad want or dream…… My Goal Brad get marry of Angelina and keep together forever and want to show children look up parent love and cares to show children and family together forever! Love Butterly

  5. beverley hailstock says

    Hi Anglie you are a beautiful woman that I admired. Girl you know how to make your man happy by not being selfish. Now that you have a family, I wish God’s blessing
    on you on your family. I hope to hear about getting marry to Brad soon. You are a wonderful couple. Jessica Simpson is no danger or Jennifer Aniston. Brad has one of the hottest woman in Hollywood and just thinking about you with another man will drive him crazy. You go girl.

  6. Nicki says

    Emily, see #9 post and click on that one. All three pictures are there. It brings you right to them.

  7. toniesha says

    im so happy for brad and angelino. and angelina u are lucky to have that fine man of ur’s. oh man if i was u i would rock his world everyday. but anyways, i hope shiloh will have a succesful life and go to big schools and get famous like u guys. but not like the presidents daughters. ok i hope u love and wishes. and i pray for u guys everday, to have a succesful future hoping nobody will come in or out of ur relationship letting u be their enemies. well bye

  8. carleigh says

    Hey Joelly the one I found was on and there is only one that I saw so I don’t know about any other might try googling like I did but then it took me a bit of digging to find one that wasn’t thumbnail size.

  9. Nicki says

    I agree about the vouyeristic side is in all of us viewing this and enjoying it all. I do believe the memory stick was stolen, or “just found” , and not for certain, just rumors, but he worked as a van service, or owned one, and did part time stuff at an airport and he “just came across it”, yeah. If that is indeed the case, and who knows right now, then he is still scum out to make a BIG buck, instead of returning the memory stick and getting a good reward as a thank you from all involved. He is shopping for the highest $$$. Out to make a quick fast buck. But his karma will come back and kick him in the a**.
    The other two; one was of Angelina holding baby Z like she was at the “airport when they went on a safari and were getting on the plane to leave. Kind of like when she was hugging her and Z was straddling her baby bump, but this was in the desert. The other one looked like the “shower” as soon as they arrived, Brad and Angie in the same clothes as pic you saw, but she was holding some sort of white balloon and they were both looking at it, semi smiling, almost like they were shocked or surprised about what was going on. JMO. But they were smiling, just not as much as the pic you saw.
    Joelly, I have it saved, sorry only the one, but if we could do emails, I would send it to you. If you really want to see it let me know somehow. Maybe we can make it happen.

  10. carleigh says

    I had to go to another website to view one single picutre…where are the other ones? Jared pulled em. The one I did see was cute though but ya know something I think even as much as we all seem to enjoy our vouyeristic side and dig and pry for celebrity info..I think these pictures were very personal and should have been kept private. Somebody from their inner circle is trying to make a quick buck or two because the pic’s are quite personal in nature. However that being said…they really do look very happy and in love and that’s wonderful to see for anybody. I think even the most die hard Brangelina haters would be hard pressed to disagree with me.

  11. Joelly says

    I would really like to see the picture, unfortunately the picture has been removed….anyone know where I might find it? Let me know please!

  12. Nicki says

    IF that isn’t proof they are blissfully happy, nothing is. No photo shoot, not staged, just honest happiness.
    I love it, JJ just posted the other two pictures. They are happy in love. Those smiles say it all. Best wishes to the happy famliy!
    Ok, so do I feel weird looking at private moments not meant for public use, yeah, maybe, but those pictures say so much about thier happiness.

  13. Amanda says

    I love the picture. I am so happy for them, and wish them all the best in the world. An absolute beautiful family!

  14. Lettie says



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