The Kate Update!

In case it wasn’t obvious, I LOVE Kate! In this first pic, Kate was snapped enjoying a carriage ride in New York with former beau, Michael Sheen and 7-year-old Lily. Michael is cute! Not as suave and cool-looking as Kate’s current man, Len Wisesman, but looks like a good guy. It is nice that they can be amicable for the sake of their daughter.

Kate Beckinsale

And here is Kate recently strolling with Lily. Love Lily’s bohemian look. Kate would look adorable in the same outfit as Lily!
Kate Beckinsale

Kate looks very sophisticated here at a Good Morning America interview.
Kate Beckinsale

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  3. says

    DANIELLE, The little girl doen’t look bratty, and it doesn’t look like kate is letting her run wild, they look like they are having fun. Is it because shes just dressed cute that you can make that assumption? what is it I would like to know, because I dont seem to see what’s so bratty about her!

  4. Diana says

    Daneille – I appreciate your comment, but how can you tell the kid is bratty? She looks like she is just having fun.. 😉

  5. dreamer says

    In 99% of her pics WHY does she wear those BIG Black glasses.?? i mean i know its hollywood, and paparazzi all around, but she does have money ?? surely she can change them or show her face. Maybe she agrees that there isn’t really much to look at anyway.

  6. dreamer says

    yeah kate’s a nice girl and that but i think Kate Winslet is a much more beautiful and great actress, please can we see more or even some pic’s of Kate Winslet!!

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