Britney's New Look

I miss Britney’s old look! But she still looks good. Sean is adorable as usual!
Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. Diana says

    Fawna – totally agree with you. Focus on the positive rather than the negative regarding Britney. I am sure she isn’t that evil to purposely set out to hurt baby Sean. She is human, and she makes mistakes. She looks great in this pic too! I have shoes like that, they are gorgeous! And what a chubby, beautiful baby he is! And she feeds him too! Wow, what a surprise to all those people feeding negative thoughts in to this column! 😉

  2. Kelly M says

    Wearing those shoes is a stupid idea especially if your pregnant. But if she falls it’ll be another ‘feel sorry for me ” interview. Her knee looks fine now! Brit, Go back to work and stop living on love and sunshine.I’d rather hear you sing than whine.

  3. nicola says

    I`m lovin the dress and shoes, just wouldn`t wear them while carryin my son, doesn`t she av a pram 4 him?

  4. Braydie says

    yea everyone quit bitching about britney…who cares if she drops her child, lets him fall out of high chairs, drives with him on her lap omg thats not dangerous at all guys, you know shes just a “country” gal, she dont know any better.

    OH thats sarcasim(sp) if some of you dont get it…..

  5. Amanda says

    fawna 26# at last. i dont know why everyone is so eager to judge her shes human leave her alone realli let her get on with her life wat does anyone else care thats not you if you dont agree with brit fine but does anybody realli have say hurtful things im sure they wudnt want that said about them. i just wish ppl wud stop bein soo hurtful and rude to her its the last thing she needs right now.

  6. fawna says

    Britney spears is so beautiful, make-up or not, blonde or brunette it doesnt matter, shes young she should try different looks! her baby sean looks sooooo loved and well cared for, there is no doubt that britney is an amazing mother and person,juice in the bottle not water?? who cares!!! give me a break! she is taking good care of that little boy, no one loves him like she does (iam a mother too i know) what I LOVE most is they are always together, she doesnt have him closed off in the house with nannys she is very hands on, unlike sooo many other celebrities, her honesty and candor during her interview with matt was so refreashing (yes she fibbed a bit) so what why should we the public or the media know her due date for instance?! somethings are private and people should respect that always………….I love you britney you are so real and I wish there were more people like you in this world!

  7. Amanda says

    Eyesofpearls shut up wat crap are you talkin yea ppl can talk their minds but come on i walk outside without make-up all the time britneys onli human get off her back. shes probably just given up on lookin perfect all the time havin to wear make-up everyday have perfect hair look after her baby and wat just so she can run to the shop. o plz come on i would not wash my hair and take bout 20 minutes to do my make-up just to go to the shop even if the pap were outside my door wat do i care im me and shes britney let her live her life who are you to tell her how to look just cause she has millions. good on her for not always lookin perfect it reminds ppl like me that the stars are just normal ppl like me and they can have their rough days to. give her a break shes onli human

  8. says

    Britt, keep showing your individuality, your beautiful, and if you don’t wanna put sean pants by god dont do it, oh by the way your hair looks great, brings out your eyes………….. and i am a stylist……….. your georgeouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Erica says

    no. 20 i agree wit u. she is a beutiful young girl and is just doing her best as a single mom….basically…..because kevin is a a** hole. i think she just needs to move on and go and find another man. i feel really sorry for her.. GOOD JOB BRIT! LUV YA

  10. Diana says

    Eyesofpearls – I have to say that I don’t have little ones at the moment, but have a baby Niece and Nephew just a bit older than Shaun, and their Mum certainly looks better than Britney! I do agree with you in a way though, I would want manicures and facials all the time if I had her money that’s for sure!! Wow that must have been hard work for you having a little one, and pregnant with another, and working full time. That is a real credit to you. But what a huge blessing little ones are hey!!

  11. Harriet says

    ABSOLUTLY FABULOUS!…love the colour! if only it suited me as good. I think Britney has had a tough time with kevin and needs a break..i think she is a gourgous young woman who has done herself proud.

  12. Eyesofpearls says

    Maybe you and I can’t always look nice Diana, running to clean the house, feed the kids, and do the laundry…But for a woman that has millions and all the help in the world?? Honestly, I think that I look ten times better than Britney on these pics. And I had a little one and I was pregnant and had to do a full time job and I know what you are talking about! But I never let myself go this big! I would never go out with unwashed hair knowing the paparazzis are waiting for me. Shaun is a baby – all babies are adorable, but some clothes wouldn’t look bad on him.

  13. Diana says

    Eyesofpearls – I wouldn’t say hideous. I am sure a lot of us would look twice as bad as Britney, and she can’t look nice all the time!! Lets face it, being pregnant and looking after a little one is no easy job! At least we see lots of pics with little Shaun, who is absolutely adorable!! 😉

  14. Eyesofpearls says

    Why should we say nice things when Britney looks absolutely hidious here? ? This is not a forum for nice things only, TC? A star like Britney with all that help and money should NEVER go out looking like this! She looks sooo neglected! The hair, the stained dress, the absense of make-up. Not a single trace of grace there! How could she take her kid out in just a diaper? And she never puts shoes on the poor kid! She looks like somebody who just ran to save her life from a blaze!

  15. carleigh says

    Oh and for the record TC negative opinions is just what it is MY opinion and like you I am free to post and say what I’d like to say. If you are truly offended and feel that my negativism is detracting from your blogging enjoyment by all means I will stop, cease and desist immediately because YOU said so and YOUR the authority and YOUR the only person whose opinions matter right? Get a life and stop bothering me..real simple you don’t like my posts DON’T read em! Have a nice day!

  16. carleigh says

    Hey TC stick it! I speak MY opinion if YOU don’t like it put your foot up your ass and shove and STOP reading my posts! MORON!

  17. TC says

    Carleigh, think your negative opinions all over these boards matter? If you dont have nuthing nice to say – put your foot in you mouth.

  18. Katya says

    The no shoes things is OK – good for babies to learn to walk barefoot. But I hate the juice in a bottle thing – give him water!! No need for sugary juice!!

  19. carleigh says

    Britney looks like SH*T with this hair! She is the queen of T-A-C-K-Y! Sean P is adorable but the no pants or shoes thing is baffling to me too and I don’t think it has anything to do with where she’s from..I just don’t know why she doesn’t have pants or shoes on this child????

  20. Elise says

    I love her shoes… I can’t imagine wearing them while pregnant though… And that dress looks so good on her. I agree that she should’ve picked something like this for the interview.
    I like the hair, maybe a bit too dark for my taste, but I think she pulls it off well.

  21. Nicki says

    I like her hair. It might be a bit dark, but she looks good, she should have wore something like this for her ML interview, the dress, not the dye job. How the heck can she hide with any color hair, that baby is a dead giveaway. I love Sean Preaton, he is adorable.
    I’m thinking the no shorts or pants thing is from the area she was raised in. I lived in Lousiana for 10 years, and the summers are brutal there. Maybe it was just the thing. While living there (3+yrs ago) any baby , even in a grocery store, only had a diaper on, not even a shirt.

  22. Lisa says

    Why does Sean never seem to have any shorts or pants on? Seems like he is always out in just a diaper.

    I think Brit looks better as a blonde, but hey, it’s her life. It is a shame that she has to dye her hair in an attempt to keep the photogs away.

  23. Stephanie says

    I do not think her hair looks too bad … she is a beautiful girl when she puts some effort into it … I am glad however to see some nails on that girl … during the interview with ML her nails were chewed down and painted.

  24. mari says

    Her hair is waaay 2 dark! light brown would hav suit her better than black, itz 2 harsh against her skin.

  25. Tessey says

    I’m not fond of the hair. It’s a bit too dark. My goodness look at those shoes! I love them but her back must be killing her, especially carrying Sean.

  26. Lisa says

    It is nice to see the physical bond between this mom and her baby boy. I hope she keeps her hair light though, this dark does not do it for her complexion.

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