The Reese Chronicles!

Well…looks like Reese isn’t pregnant. She is suing Star magazine for their front page story that declared that her and Julia Roberts were pregnant. Hmm…I wonder if Julia IS pregnant, as she isn’t suing yet!

Reese Witherspoon

“Contrary to the fabricated Cover Story,” the lawsuit says, “the true facts are that [Reese] is not pregnant, does not have a ‘baby bump’ and has not otherwise gained weight such that she has had to resort to wearing ‘Empire-waist dresses,’ ‘baggy clothing,’ or an ‘old-fashioned 1920’s bathing suit.'”

And it seems the rumors are making her extra concerned with being in tip top shape! I would hate for everyone to think I was pregnant just because I’d gained 5 pounds! I love her Victoria’s Secret Pink brand capris!
Reese Witherspoon

Reese and Ryan enjoys a little time without the kids in Brentwood on Tuesday.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

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  1. Braydie says

    she didnt make her other 2 kids a secret why would she if she was with her 3rd? shes a great mother and i hope that she sues them for everything and puts them out of business( wont happen but i can wish)

  2. mary says

    hey ~~ most celebs don’t take their husbands last name because they are already famous & known
    Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
    Demi Moore & Ashton Kutchner
    and so on………………

    but i don’t think reese is preggers yet !! lol

  3. braydie says

    I love reece shes one of my fave actresses and im happy shes going after them….if shes pregnant or if shes not ..its up to her to tell the world.
    also Sandey, dont bother…no one listens to those kind of ideas lol…im not saying that to be mean just i’ve tryed it and im branded the bitch now so thats what im gonna be from now on . but good try

  4. Sandey says

    I’m liking Brit for a change. She is doing good, let her be. Butt I’m also finding Anna a hoot, let her be also too. Hey, how about let everyone be entitled to their own opinion and we’ll listen, give our own, but not get all “I’m gonna kick your butt” stuff. That’s just tacky? Listen, think, add, learn, and form a educated guess Anna is funny, don’t be mean or rude to her, she speaks her mind and hopefully isn’t just blowing smoke to watch the smoke. I’m thinking another opinion not in agreement with my own is thought provoking. Sooooooo, what do Y’all think about that thought? It is easy to read her stuff and get all bristled and bitchy, but let it sink in, give it a thought and add it to your own, don’t get mad at her, like I said, she is a hoot , enjoy her, laughter does not come easy in this country. Anna is funny, don’t get mad and attack, laugh and enjoy her funny choices

  5. Nicki says

    She looks beautiful and normal. Just because someone has a tummy that isn’t sunken in, they say pregnant!
    That photo of her in the blue bikini in the water with Ava, she looks GREAT! They are on vacation at a rented Malibu place. So she hasn’t worked out for a week or 2. She looks perfect to me. You should see me after Thanksgiving dinner, lol. (Anna, for you, don’t know if you remember, but I don’t eat meat, but everything is very yummy, and all those pies, lol)
    Leave her alone she is beautiful, and she does have a 6 year old and if other kids are saying “Oh your Mommy’s pregnant?” I’m glad she is sueing them! I’m glad she doesn’t look like Nicole Richie or that Mischa??? (whoever). She looks healthy and happy, well not so happy in these pics, but hey, she does have Ryan!!

  6. KellyMay says

    Lisa, still can’t find them. The internet offers too much info LOL I read them in a mag I think I may still have it! I’ll keep my eyes out for it. Got to get some work done here now although I did get some interesting Julia info, she makes a lot of money per movie WOW!!!

  7. Nikki P says

    It actually looks like her TRAINER or running partner, whomever it is, has a li’l baby bump…?

  8. KellyMay says

    Lisa, I’ll see if I can find them again. It was an article a few months back, she was pretty arrogant from what I remember…I’ll be back

  9. Diana says

    I think the paps are cruel too with the way that they take pics of celebrities. Sometimes they are in the most unflattering poses when they are normally very slim, and the paps knock them and splash their pics all over the magazines. And, so what if they are more healthy looking than stick thing models. I know my husband prefers me to be more curvacous than stick thin. Reese is very beautiful. 😉

  10. Nikki P says

    Well…in a couple of the pics. I’ve seen she did look pregnant – in my opinion. Either way, it’s her business. Can you just imagine now after all this fuss if she in fact is or does become pregnant before all of this blows over – I’d be kinda embarassed.
    Anyway, I think she’s a very classy young woman and a great role model – there should be more celebs. that we can say that about but sadly there are not.

  11. KellyMay says

    I love Reese and Ryan, I have followed them for years! My husband and I are the same ages as them and my kids are exactly the same age as hers too (same order as well). I would love to see them have another babe but I can definitely understand the upset with the article! Ugh nothing worse then seeing your tummy splashed all over the place when you aren’t pregnant! Nail ’em to the wall Reese!!!

    Interesting about Julia, I have a distaste for her after reading some comments she made about singleton pregnancies after having twins. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  12. kay says

    I agree! Reese is beautiful and I hope that this speculation doesn’t lead her to become anything different. I think that she is thin and trim and any speculation to the contrary is pure make-believe.

  13. Kelley says

    WE as in all of us (or atleast a lot of us) would love to see her have another baby, but Star magazine doesn’t give two hoots about anything other then trying to stay in circulation. They have not been doing well from what I hear.

    Reece, real name Laura Jean Reece Witherspoon (she didn’t take Ryan name legally???????) had been really good at staying low key. I mean think about it, when she got preggers with her last two kids it wasn’t that big of a deal so this is probably pretty overwhelming to her to have the tabs speculate. I just hope she doesn’t do anything to harm herself like so many other actresses do if the media picks on their wieght.

    I am conviced that the media, not hollywood, is what lead Lindsay, Hillary, Mishca and Nicole Richie to get so skinny that they look like skeletins. Poor ladies, they put on 2 pounds and the media lables them as pudgy or pregnant.

  14. dreamer says

    oh Reese, Drop the lawsuit!, its only because we would love you to have another baby, cos your so beautiful and im sure a new addition would make your family the cutest and most liked.


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