Angelina Jolie's First Interview Since Shiloh's Birth & Maddox Off To School

Angelina Jolie, in her first U.S. interview since daughter Shiloh Nouvel was born three weeks ago, said her son Maddox, 4, adores his new sister – while daughter Zahara, 16 months, is still coping with the addition to the family.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

“Mad loves her,” Jolie said Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. “Because when Z came home she was older, she was 7 months old, so for Mad it’s like having this tiny little pet he can just hold and look at. He’s great.”

But, she added, “Z’s a little jealous because she’s still a little girl.”

Jolie, who said she and Brad Pitt would adopt their next child, also spoke about the relief she felt last year upon learning that Zahara, whom she’d adopted from Ethiopia, was not HIV-positive – as were many of the children she’d also considered taking home.

In particular, she remembers one little boy, about whom “I still have guilt,” she said. “I still see his face and I always will. He was the first child I met who was about to die. He was by himself. I still to this day – even though I know the broader picture, you can’t save everybody – feel that I should have helicoptered him out and spent the money and done something and saved him, even though I probably couldn’t have.”

On a happier note, she said she was thrilled to find that her feelings for Shiloh, her first biological child, were no different from those she felt for her adopted children.

“I was kind of prepared to defend my other children,” she said. “I was prepared to kind of give them extra love and attention, because something was going to be different about this new one.”

And here Angelina was spotted taking Maddox to school a few days ago. You can’t really see Maddox, but Angelina is carrying his backpack for him! Cute!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

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  1. braydie says

    I just want to know how core knows he didnt cheat on jen before angelina? i guess core knows what goes on behind closed doors. as for jen getting with vince sooo fast. OMG BRAD CHEATED ON HER! but i guess its ok since he wanted a woman to just pop out acouple of kids or better yet have a ready made family for him to have, get another woman pregnant before they were even legally seperated. but hey jen got with vince SOO fast? w/e

  2. wify2aMARINE says

    2 Core, your a wonderful person yourself for saying it so well on #46, #47, and #48. We need to realize life is to short for people to be so intersted in themseleves and not others. I love the fact that Angie did a 360 from her wild times to being the perfect Role-Model as she is to me and manying others. I get so frustrated that people are so nieve like Dakota#40 saying, “she should adopt in her own country.” Ok come on OUR country takes care and mane tames more while then any other country. I should no my husband is a U.S. Marine and I hear it all the time that our country has many life choices and we take advantage of all that we have. So I am glad she, like many other people can adopt other children in other countries am NOT saying we shouldn’t here in our own, BUT they have more privileges then others. Well with lots of love for Angie and her family.. I wish ya’ll many blessings…………:)

  3. core says

    Dakota #40 said: “if she really was a do gooder, she would adopt in her own country, there are childeren here who need adopted, but she woudn’t get the noteriety if she did that….”

    I don’t think you know what are you talking about. First of all, do you have children? If not, then I forgive your “opinion”. If yes, let me ask you if you see your kids as “propaganda objects”.

    Second, do you remember that Angelina split with her father, John, exactly because when she was on the process to adopt Maddox, he was a big mouth and told the press about this event??

    And give me a break, she is already a celeb, nobody adopts a baby to convinse people like you to join their fan-clubs, let’s be real.

    Dakota #40 said again: “jen didn’t want a baby with a man that couldn’t be trusted and obviously she was right….”

    Brad did not cheat on Jen for 7 years. It is so stupid to say that a wife doesn’t have kids only to punish a husband for a crime he still did not commited. I will have divorce my spouse too if after 7 years our family would not have kids yet, hell yes!! We all are entitled to have our own dreams. Brad’s and Angelina’s were to have a family and kids. It is that simple.

  4. core says

    p.s. Jen got involved with Vince soooooo fast and sooo on a movie set. Therefore she sould be the last to criticize other actors who do the same. :-)) So much hypocrisy.

  5. core says

    I am a feminist, therefore I cannot possibly respect Jen for being such an ordinary self-centered celeb – interested only in clothes and jewels and so demanding without to give much in return. I respect Angelina because she doesn’t only have a CHARISMA that shows a woman’s soul – not only her body -, but she has a brain. Yeah, she was wild when she was young, but who doesn’t?? The important thing is that, even before the age of 30, she discovered her path in life and that path is bigger than life itself – helping others. I am not Pitt, but if I would be, I would rather spend my life with a woman like Angelina, who knows what is going on in the world, than with Jen, who doesn’t have a clue not even about what is going on with her life.

    Another thing: I didn’t hear Angelina saying something bad about her ex-es or about Jen. On the other hand, I got sick of how many “true cheesy PUBLIC confessions” I hear from Jen about Brad and Angelina. Therefore, it’s easy to see who is a real lady and who is not.

    In my oppinion, Jen is just a ladder climber who got everything she can out of Brad’s celebrity and didn’t give much in return. A woman who wants babies stops smoking, first of all. But Jen is still smoking, for God’s sake! So, how could I believe when she says she wanted babies with Brad? All we heard about them while they were still married was about the night clubs they went to, the parties, the new and expensive furniture they got, bla-bla. In this situation, I do understand when Brad says -in his last interview with Ann Curry – that he got sick of thinking only about himself. Look at now at his relationship with Angelina, how much did he change! He is involved with reconstruction of New Orleans, he became aware of the world’ poorest people, etc. Angelina helped him to open toward the life and the world and anybody should prefere this type of relationship – a transforming, blessed, and extraordinary love.

    On top of all, Jen looks like a feminine Jay Leno – long chin, ugly cheeks, big nose. What is the worst is that she is so stupid and ordinary, plus the vanity that makes her even more ridiculous.

    excuse my English, is not my native language. 🙂

    I wish you all the best in life!

  6. wify2aMARINE says

    Ok where do I began..Ya’ll haters need to get a clue Angie is the best at what ever she does. An how can you say she is a homewrecker in home that wans’t even happy( towards the ending of their marriage). So you see if the man anit happy YOU heard HAPPY they don’t stray for nothing. Brad saw something better that fits his liking and he went for it. Angie is a wonderful humaning being unlike Jen, Angie cares about others not just herself and yes you said it best #41 Nicki they need to realize other things she does like helping others in far away countries and she worries about OUR world instead of her happiness.. THINK who in the HELL well donate half of her wealth just to take care of others and not worry about if she is FAT, WHAT THE F**K SHE IS WEARING, and who en the HELL SHE IS GOING TO END UP WITH.. I love that INDEPENDENT WOMAN that doesn’t even need Brad to be happy cause she is a wonderful, proud PARENT, and good HUMAN BEING…..:)

  7. Linda McIntosh says

    why are you all feuding about these celebrities? as for me, i think Angelina Jolie changed from ‘carefree’ girl to a ‘caring human being’ — she has influenced a lot of people including Brad Pitt. True, materialism cannot be forever…something to be shared with is more lasting and self-satisfying — very few people possess that! Jen is a nice girl — a true ‘diva’ but has no comparison with Angie in terms of personality, beauty, and sincerity with regards to humanity…definitely, Angie is down-to-earth human being!! very rare among the rich and famous!

  8. NIcki says

    How does one wreck a happy home. If everything was great in Brad and Jens home, and by interviews and yes, rumor, they had been having some problems since late 2003. When she won her, Emmy?, she didn’t even thank her husband!! When asked if he was the love of her life, she said ,not quoting here, does anyone really know that. He is one of the loves of my life. WTF???? Oh yeah everything sounded like it was perfect. This was all before Mr & Mrs Smith started shooting. So again if the home were happy, nothing and noone could have come between them.
    And I do think Jen would fit better with someone like Matthew Mc, or even Lance Armstrong. Vince is like a big frat boy. Jen has a great body and you don’t get that by partying and not working out. So she would have more in common with someone who also works out and has a great body.

  9. NIcki says

    One of the reasons she adopt her children from 3rd world places is because in any of those orphanages, most of the children die before they are 5. The orphanages here, the children aren’t dying daily. They get help from organizations and government. They get medicine if they need it, there they don’t. And she is free to adopt from anywhere she chooses.
    She would and does get attention no matter what she did and thats why the people who hate her are so upset. They pick apart everything little thing just to make her look bad. Only problem it isn’t working. Respected leaders around the world, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, all love her and that just makes the haters more furious. The only people who hate her are frustrated little bloggers who probably don’t even know what is going on in Syria right this minute, let alone all the other world news.
    As for the everything else in your post, I disagree with completely. And I have that option as you have the same option. I do agree with Jen finding true happiness, it won’t be with Vince though. I like Vince and watch his movies, but they won’t be together much longer, maybe 6 months.
    Because I believe Angelina is sincere in all she is doing to help( where ever she chooses to), I am a phony? Sorry that just doesn’t make sense.

  10. dakota says

    c’mon you sappy brangelina advocates… get real…. two movies she has made that got her noteriety, gia and girl interrupted because she was playing herself….. she is a homewrecker… noted on the set of mr. & mrs. smith , how she came on to that pittiful man and he fell for it…. if she really was a do gooder, she would adopt in her own country, there are childeren here who need adopted, but she woudn’t get the noteriety if she did that…. jen didn’t want a baby with a man that couldn’t be trusted and obviously she was right…. do you really think that union will last???? doubtful…. he will get sick of being told what to do and she is just plain weird and she doesn’t look as good as before…. stop the madness with jen…. she’s moved on and hope she will be happier… vince is muh better for her, he has a sense of humor which is important, mr. pittiful never came off that way… personally i am glad they split so that jen can have true happiness …. angelina is not that good of an actress…. she could never do comedy and that is harder to do than drama…..jen is a pro, she can do both , ie, the good girl, derailed….. get with it you phony’s who belielieve that brangelina are doing unselfish things for the world… bull… charity starts at home…..

  11. Braydie says

    I dont believe she looks fat ….actually she looks really thin and boney, i hope she isnt doing the bulimia/anorxia thing…. shes a lil saggy though and i dont think she looks happy in any of her pictures on here..she looks like shes faking the smiles. i also dont believe that jen is all”sad” and “heatbroken” over anything shes moved on and she has never looked happier.
    also to queenrje: people like you tick me off.If you a man: you sound like a woman hater and that all women should “cater” to their men and that a women that isnt ready for children or that “nonsence” as you put it deserves to be hurt, lied to, made a fool of, and cheated on. NOW if your a woman… sound just sad. SAD SAD SAD.

  12. just a friend says

    wow nicola u go girl. get them told how it is its nice to read from someone who speaks thier mind and not suck up to celebrities. SHES LEAVING HER OPINION PEOPLE BACK OF AND LEAVE YOUR OWN

  13. nicola says

    #35, who the hell do u think u r leavin messages like that 4 me? I don`t see the world through rose tinted glasses like u all so clearly do. U praise all of these celebs 4 their antics like it`s right. Think of all the younger ppl who look up 2 these so called role models. Why r they gettin away wiv doin the things they r doin? If me or u did any of the things they do, where would we be? Thrown in2 court and prosecuted.

    As 4 Brad & Ange, look happy do they? I think not. I don`t chat s***, it`s all u ppl who can`t handle the truth, they`re famous so it must be right.

    Get a grip of urself and open ur eyes and look around, no one`s perfect, especially the famous. So next time u wanna come on here and start shoutin ur mouth off at ppl u don`t even know……think again!!!!

    And as 4 the religious comment, screw u.

    I`m gonna carry on writin what the hell I like, u don`t like it….tough s***!!!!! I`m entitled 2 my opinion and that`s what I`m gonna carry on givin

    1 more thing, buy urself a dictionary!!

  14. Kelz says

    oh and nicola no offence but u seem 2 b a very critisisin person but have u bothered to take a really good look at urself lately u feel the need to spite brad, ange and brit but u barely seem 2 no wot ur chattin bout anyway either ur this big religous no it all type or ur just chattin s*** get over ur all ritous self ur annoyin

  15. Kelz says

    FAWNA i totally agree with u brad and ange are obviously happy and they spend their money to help others which is a lot more than most celebs will do all the others are obsessed with the big house cars and shopping sprees but at least ange will go out of her way to help those who need it and improve her self shes given those children the chance to have a happy life and i thinks thats the best you can do

  16. fawna says

    I think everything happens for a reason………….yes at one place and time jen and brad were happy, but people change and grow in different directions, and although we love to point the finger and put the blame on someone, its more involved than that, I BELIEVE brad and angie are giving eachother what each of them needs…….and right now they seem very in love and happy, will it last? maybe, time will tell but to me they both have something valuable to say, they have brought attention to the plight of orphaned children across the world and they are making a true difference in this world together! really how many of us can honestly say that. Our world is so materialistically driven, and iam so so tired of picking up magazines and looking at the likes of paris hilton, nicole ritchie,and posh spice, why are these women even photograhed?! what do they offer? nothing thats what.

  17. maya says

    who cares if she looks great, im so sick of hearing all this hype centered around her kids, she may be a good actress and doign good things adopting and waht not, but her and brad definately arent the best role models in teh world, chearters and adulters, i think jen is way better off w/o him and thank god she didnt have any kids with himi so she doesnt hafta keep any ties with him…go make some movies….so sick of all their stupid attention grabbing drama aaahh!……

  18. stacey says

    number 9, who do you think you are? angelina is not fat and is not saggy, hey she’s just had a baby and by the sound of it, your just envious of her gettin her body back so soon. how would you feel if they said you are fat and saggy and need to go on a diet. they love their children and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are as long as you love your childen and take care of them. they are fantastic people and i wuld love to have her body

  19. PJ says

    is it just me or are there a lot of over obesive people out there? yes shes a good actress but oh my god get a life. brad was happy with jennifer i saw them a 6months before they split in hollywood and they looked so happy. then angelina came along and pitt coulndnt help himself. two timin ass. hes only doting on her children because of her. i saw an interview two years ago and he was talking about having kids with jen. hes a typical womanising man

  20. lulu says

    hate jen an her prmodana attitude, love angie cuz she very humble an got good heart. need alot of that in todays society

  21. EVA AMBROSE says

    wat can i say…angie and brad keep up the good work..dont mind all those people who are just envious of you guys..with regards to jen, good luck on vince and good luck too in having kids of your own…consult your doctor if u can still bear kids, otherwise adopt and help some poor kid out there….you cant take all ur wealth when you die so better spread your dough around to help others…dont you think thats a worthy cause?angie is a person who has a past but has turned for the better so i advise all u people out there to do the same thing and not to give out negative comments all the positive…make love , not war!!!

  22. says

    I think angie is one hot, hot, hot, hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,(oh let me say it just one more time) HOT……….momma, yea i agree if thats fat& saggy, ( LET ME BE THE SAME) She is truely my idol
    N-no homewrecker
    E-enormouse heart
    all I can say is what a wonderful mom what a wonderful dad, what a wonderful loving family

  23. carleigh says

    If I could look even remotely as good as Angleina on her worst day I would be a happy, happy woman..if this is fat and saggy damn I wanna be fat and saggy too! LOL

  24. carleigh says

    If Brad was truly miserable in his marriage and going to cheat on Jen it would have or could have happened with anyone but that’s not the fact. The fact is that is was with Angelina and now everyone wants to sit and ponder why the marriage broke up and blah, blah, blah, blame Jen A., blame Brad and Angelina…we can all sit back and wonder but we will never EVER probably know the truth because BOTH Brad and Jen (the two parties involved in the marriage remember) have chosen to remain quiet and private about their life.

  25. norma ronne says

    we in africa do have bras idiot . LA SENSA IS AT ALL MALLS ALSO LA PERLA.


  26. dreamer says

    I agree too Tazima, but in recent pictures and interviews jen’s feeling’s are too sad and heartfelt, she is trying very hard to hide her feeling’s of brad and ang’s baby. she seems so envious, i do feel for her and it’s sad that she does seem to regret her split Big time !! and how conviently she now says that she wants a baby and that was never the problem so why then did she not have baby with the gorgeous brad, just don’t make sense why she was so careful not to get pregnant and brad with angy, well HEY BINGO !! THEYR HAVING BABY!! GO FIGURE.

  27. tazima says

    i think if brad is happy wid angy den its ok and jen is happy wid vince den thats ok 2 i think da 2 pairs should live there lives

  28. dreamer says

    Jen Fans Are SOOOO Jealous !!! of Angel and Brad !! Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and ha again ! Just can’t stop laughing…….. at Poor Jen….

  29. dreamer says

    Anjie is fantastic actress and extremeley clever lady. she’s got courage, looks, brains kids and Brad !!! There’s really no hiding the fact that Jen is kicking herself for not having kids with him, she can only blame herself ! Her loss iss anothers gain, and maybe a little Destiny said there was never meant to be Brad and Jen. what ever, jen now has to settle for second best and get on with it ( U fans of hers that is!!) Angie is also much bigger high profile Actress with a REAL Star Quality. Jen could never even reach that level.

  30. says

    And for all those people that thinks she’s a home wrecker check this out.For# 1:A man is not going to stay with any woman if he’s not happy.#2A man should’nt have to wait,and put up with no type of nonsense.

  31. says

    Hate,Hate,,and more hating.Angelina looks good.Ican’t speak for those out of shape haters,All i can say is- PUT THE PLATE DOWN YOUR UNDERARREST!

  32. Maria O. says


  33. says

    You said it, #4.
    Angelina looks FAT and SAGGY!!! ( Hello, don’t they sell bras in Africa) And don’t tell me she just had a baby, cuz all the other actresses don’t look gross like that.
    The OTHER ACTRESSES are all so beautiful, Kate, Gwen, etc.

  34. carleigh says

    Angelina looks to be back in fighting form already as judging by the last pic of her taking Mad to school in the purple dress she looks marvelous!

  35. sherry lingenfelter says

    I think all her kids are absolutely adorable….what lucky children they are….to have Angelina as their mom and Brad Pitt as their dad. Oh to be soooo lucky! Not only do they have the “most beautiful” parents in the world but they also have the most “caring and thoughtful” parents…who else in the world does as much humanitarian work and charity work as these two. I admire both of them soooo much and wish their family the best of luck in whatever they do. The world is a better place because of people like them. Go Brangelina and God Be With You and your family ! The world loves you!

  36. mona chicoine says

    i don`t think angelina is a homewrecker, i just know that
    angelina and brad are not worth the time of day.
    i don`t like attention getters and that is angie/brad.
    lets adopt, we`ll be all over the news. ha.
    jennifer is much to good and pretty to be with that wannabe
    brad pittiful.

  37. Diana says

    Wow, another Diana on here… that’s cool, however may I say that I live in England, and don’t think that Angelina or Brad are home wreckers, but each one to their own;-)

  38. Kim Pierce says

    Angelina is my favourite Actress, you go girl keepupthe good work and enjoy your family. i hope someday you will visit jamaica too and strengthen soe of our needy chidren too. god Bess you

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