Tom Cruise At Mission Impossible 3 Japan Premiere

As suspicious as I am of Tom Cruise, he looks cute a wacked out way of course! Seeing him here though makes me extra hopeful that we’ll catch a glimpse of Katie and Suri soon!

Katie Homes & Tom Cruise



  1. says

    I really wanna see Suri, i think people would talk trash about her daddy even if he had the photos published earlier anyway, so it doesn’t really make things wierder that anyone hasn’t seen her for 3 and a half months.

  2. nicola says

    The guy doesn`t need the money from his movies. My husband went back 2 work4 days afta our son was born, 4 1 simple reason, we`re not rollin in it like Tom and Katie and we needed the money 4 bills and rent, unlike they do.

    Fair enough they THOUGHT about their baby, but it`s not the same as bein wiv her, spendin time wiv her and bondin wiv her

  3. Lizzie says

    Hana, #53, Sandey was off slightly on the date, but check out US weekly, July 3, 2006 issue #594, Tom, Katie, and Connor, did take a vacation to the town where he and Nicole were married., with out Suri. They bought Connor a cowboy hat, but were thinking of Baby Suri and bought her a pair of baby UggsPage 57.

  4. carleigh says

    I believe if a movie star doesn’t go out and promote their new movies and go to releases and parties that they can be considered to be in breech of contract. I know there are special circumstances that one can use to avoid these premiers but I think Tom Cruise probably really needs to get out there and promote, promote, promote his new movie. After all the wackiness and couch jumping in the past year he really needs to chill out and stop being sucha spaz and maybe promoting his movies is his was of rejuvinating his career. Who knows? JMO

  5. braydie says

    I CAN SEE YOUR HUSBAND GOING BACK TO WORK HOWEVER MY HUSBAND TOOK A MONTH OFF WORK FOR MY SONS BIRTH. ALSO…..TOM IS A BILLIONAIR… HE DIDNT NEED TO GO RIGHT THEN, IF KATIE WAS SOOO IMPORTANT TO HIM I THINK A PROMOTION FOR A MOVIE WOULD COME SECOND TO HER AND SURI NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, AND IT WAS UNDER A WEEK AFTER HER BIRTH BTW.. OPPS SRY ABOUT caps just seen it. anyway, theres no need to try to make him look better, and i dont think anything is more important then spending the first couple of weeks with your newborn to bond IF you can afford to do so which everyone knows he CAN, but he didnt. so i guess the couple appearances he cancelled next to the 100 or so he went to after she was born made up for it? yup well said….

  6. Hana says

    Braydie, I’m a married woman with 2 children and both time when I had the girls my husband got only one week off from work, which we were happy with. I’m sure its under Cruise’s or any actor’s contract to promote and sell their work, which in Cruise’s case the movie took around $150m to make and he is responsible for the movie’s success and a lot of people at Paramount studio who actually earn $50k a year and not $20m relay on the movie and its not just about Tom Cruise’s income. Also I remember extra and other entertainment channels saying that Tom canceled some of his TV appearance when Suri was born and stayed with his family for the first 8 days or so…when he did promote he was away for like 3 or 4 days in total and not 6 days a week like my husband!!! I read somewhere that now Tom has finished promoting his movie which was filmed before he had a baby is taking time off from making movies to spend time with his new family that says a lot about the man who everyone is trying to make everything he does a big deal because he is TOM CRUISE!
    When did we start complaining when a father goes back to work??? did it start on Tom Cruise because nobody complained when my husband went back to work to earn our living.

  7. Braydie says

    hana …what about the week suri was born and this great father as you call him went to promote his new movie??? now that is a fact so if you wanna say anything go ahead.

  8. nicola says

    HELEN, GET A HOLD OF URSELF. As 4 baby Suri, what`s goin on? Babies need constant care 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. A mother needs 2 bond wiv her baby. Y r they goin on holiday wivout her? I could neva imagine eva bein wivout my son 4 a minute. 2 many weirdos out there.

    And another thing, y 2 the same place as his ex`s weddin? Nicole`s already admitted still avin feelins 4 Tom, does he feel the same?????? Only time will tell

  9. Helen says

    Today July 3rd I wanted to wish Tom Cruise a very Happy Birthday!!! And I wish you all the happiness in the world to you and your family. I love you!!!

  10. Hana says

    Sandey where did you here that they went on vacation? what a load of crap! Please don’t start reporting or questioning what tabloid magazine print unless you see a picture or read it on magazine like people. Go and check out Katie was out and about with tom’s mother the weekend Nicole got married. Say whatever you want about Tom and Katie but Tom is a great dad to his children and he will never do something like that. Even Steven spielberg said that when they were filming Minority report Tom only answer his phone if its his kids and one day when they were filming some hard scene in the middle of shooting when Tom’s kid called Tom stopped everything to speak to them and when Oprah asked him about this he said when your children needs you they need you 24/7.

  11. Sandey says

    Did Tom and Katie really go on vacation the day his X got married to Keith Urban to where he and Nicole were married with out baby Suri? That made me feel sick inside. Personally it is not a big deal if anyone ever see’s the baby, there are many many babies in this world we will never know exsisted, let alone see, BUT, I can’t imagine a mother and father for that matter having a new baby, going on vacation with out her, having a good time and a trip down divorce memory lane no less and leaving her home. I hope there isn’t one ounce of truth to that report, that is worse than creepy, it’s sick, in my opinion on both mother and father’s parts. Poor baby Suri if it is so!

  12. Hi There says

    At this point I don’t really have the same excitement level for baby Suri as I did in the beginning. I wish they would just release some pic’s already so that we know the baby hasn’t been snatched by some Scientology cult member and sequestered away until she’s 18. I am sure she’s cute because Tom and Katie aren’t ugly at all so I am just wondering why they haven’t released the pic’s yet? Things that make ya go HHHHHHHMMMMMMM?

  13. braydie says

    since katie herself couldnt even see her OWN baby for what a month( as reported) i guess we all can wait . shes gotta make up for that lost bonding time…..

  14. Jazz says

    I say Tom and Katie should definitely WAIT to show off their baby. Newborns are not as beautiful at the new born stage. Judging from all the hype surrounding the Jolie baby, and the disappointment people showed, I think they should have waited to show their baby!

  15. nicola says

    Why r they neva out with their baby? wiv their looks i bet she`s adorable, can`t wait 2 see pics of them 2gether….i bet they`re a lovely family

  16. cherisse says

    The thing about Tom is that for all the yrs. of being a private person i guess he finally decided that he wanted to let people know how he really feels, believe, and what he thinks.

  17. Hellen says

    I watch M:I III and it was great. The action was excellent and it had a story line…Cruise is accomplished and canny and M:I III is just the flick to make us all forgive him.
    I can’t wait to see what movie he comes out with next.

  18. says

    Tom, it’s ok hun, i know that you had a baby and your not using your kid for publicity (good for you) and you already have a women (so who cares if they dont like the way you look in this pic) and if you like scientology (well that is good for you)

  19. braydie says

    Sandey i agree with you I dont think that everything is as perfect as Tom hoped it would be. He wanted to show the world his “love” for katie and does all this stupid stuff and then goes off one week after the babies “birth” and does promotions for his movie? somethings wrong there if my man got on a plane within a week of my sons birth i’d be hot. hes a billionair, he didnt need to go RIGHT then. as for katies ever changing belly…i think it was cuz her pants were so tight when she wore them that it made her look deformed and then when she wore dresses , her belly popped out in happiness.
    as for TC…i believe your on here JUST as much as carliegh so why the stupid comment on getting a life?? You can turn anyone in that you want …they’ll just get a diferent email address and name.

  20. carleigh says

    Boo Hoo should I cry because u “reported” me to Babyrazzi? If that were the case then half the bloggers on here would be suspended or blocked! Please what are they going to do find me and spank me! EEEEEEWWWWWW, I am shaking in my little moon boots now!

  21. Kelley says

    Actually, Carleigh did the right thing on this one and attacked an idea so why mess with her? You should encourage people when they do the right thing. As far as reporting someone to Babyrazzi, perhaps you would have more credense if you weren’t being profane.

  22. Diana says

    Carleigh and TC – you both don’t know each other, so give it a break. Try and say some nice things on here, and don’t make it personal 😉 It will just get you more and more frustrated!

  23. carleigh says

    And for the record just WHEN did you decide to make this personal TC??? I said nothing to you personally so lay OFF me please. TYVM

  24. TC says

    There you go again carleigh. Spare us. At least your cursing at a dead person, not a poster. You ruin this site.

  25. carleigh says

    Scientology is NOT a religion it is a FREAKIN CULT! How can you convert to something that is NOT a religion but based on a stupid book by DEAD L. RON HUBBARD??? To understand the teachings and endoctrinate it into one’s life is one thing but to go around spouting off about sh*t he has no idea about Tom Cruise has turned from Top Gun to TOP NUT JOB!

  26. Anna says

    I’m a Tomkat fan and I love this website! I’m Greek orthodoxs and my sister has been married to a Scientology for 7 years she hasn’t converted herself but she uses Scientology teachings in her and her children’s life and Kellymay is right in Scientology beliefs it is important to limit bad energy for the first 6 months of a child?s life. Tom and Katie would has said this if it wasn’t for the media’s reaction and making a big deal of everything they’re doing in Scientology. By the way Tom looks very nice in white and I love him when he wears suits.

  27. hannah says

    Tom is hot in white! remind me of A few good Men, but that’s not the best pictures!
    The best are Tom dressed in blue green.
    He is damn beautiful. Like wine.

    He doesn’t stink like brad pitt either! lol

  28. Diana says

    KellyMay – that is so cool, I am a Christian too. It is sad that Scientology can be so brainwashing and have funny ideas, but as usual the media can hype up a lot of things, and I am sure that in the long term Katy and Tom will do what is best for baby Suri and they will all be very happy 😉

  29. KellyMay says

    Personally I love Tom and Kate (aka Katie;)) I think the timing of the pregnancy obviously couldn’t be helped being it was a surprise, and just happens to fall when Tom is releasing another sequel to one of his greatest movies ever. He is committed to his career and had to be there for his openings and naturally I’m sure Kate wanted to be with him. I’m not surprised we haven’t seen Suri yet, going along with Scientology beliefs it is important to limit bad energy for the first 6 months of a child’s life. (BTW I’m a Christian not a scientologist LOL) The first time that baby goes out in public is going to be crazy no matter what, personally I’d keep her safe too! I am just as anxious as everyone else to see her!

    Kelley, I loved your comment about kidney stones and men LOL I am a nurse and heard that comment many times but not ever having kidney stones couldn’t relate but I have had babies! I somewhat agree with Tom about meds for depression, the pharmaceutical world has too much control and often it seems they don’t want people to get better because if they did then their products wouldn’t be needed. Often people start meds for depression but never address the reason they are depressed in the first place, don’t get me wrong the meds do help many people but they are just a bandaid IMHO 🙂

  30. Sandey says

    I am so sure someone will open up a can of whoop ass on me for this, but you don’t suppose, if there really is a baby Suri, that possibly she isn’t as perfect as Tom believed a natural child of his should be and she is being re-done or something before he shows the world his perfect baby? Or perhaps she is conected to a i-pod being programed in scientology? Still there was Katie’s ever shrinking growing shrinking belly, I find it difficult to believe a guy who would jump on Oprah’s couch (would a normal person jump on that woman’s couch? I think not) because he was in love and then drag Katie out to show her off isn’t proudly showing off their child with the same gusto. Didn’t Tom say something about his home being a B&B?? Breast feeding and Burping or something like that? If the month seperation is happening, then wouldn’t it be bottle feeding and burping? Is her mom still there? Don’t think I would leave my daughter with a new baby with out making a major fuss about it with that creepy old guy.

  31. Lisa says

    These too will not last. Isn’t it customary in Scientology to seperate mother and child for the first month of life or something like that?

  32. Hana says

    Sorry I forgot to wish Tom and Katie all the best and I can’t wait to see pictures of their wedding and of course Suri. I hope I’ll be half as happy and complete as you two in life. Good Luck!!!

  33. Hana says

    I agree with Diana and Guylaine. OK Tom spoke his mind last year which some of us didn’t agree with but how long are we going to criticize him for that…now that he has stopped talking about this subject we should also give it a rest. Tom made some mistakes even though he doesn’t want to admit it and now he is becoming private again we should give him a chance. It seems to me Tom and Katie love each other so lets gives them a chance too and if I’m wrong time will tell.
    Last but not list I read in a magazine that Tom and Katie don’t want to sell Suri’s pictures because they don’t want to seem to be using they new born for publicity, which I think was right because when they were open about their relationships we all said it was for publicity and now they don’t want people to think the same. Also the magazine reported that they are planing to release pictures of their baby with their wedding pictures.

  34. Diana says

    I totally agree with your comments Guylaine. Personally I think he is a very good looking guy, who is very happy, in love and who has a gorgeous wife and daughter. I wish him the best of luck. And for all those people who call him a freak you wanna take a look at yourselves first, before you go ahead and knock him. They deserve all the happiness that they get.

  35. Diana says

    I totally agree with you Guylaine. I think it is those people who call him a freak that need their heads testing. Perhaps it is the insecurities that they have deep down that makes them like they are. I totally agree with the freedom to say what you think, but they should have evidence to back their comments up before they shout their mouths off. 😉

  36. GUYLAINE says

    Whatever happen to freedom of speech? So what that you think he looks like a freek. Don’t you people have a life?? Do you get put down for what you believe in?. Katie knew how he was before they got together. Why should anyone cares at all what he says or do, you don’t have to live with Tom. And beside I think people are just jealous of Tom and Katie’s relationship because they actually love each other which is rare these days. And as for Katie’s parents, you should support your daughter soon to be husband.

  37. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    don’t they take the baby out or something!!!! and plus katie and tom are going out alot. Doesnt katie need to be with her baby???????

  38. DJ says

    Misunderstood, with them constantly showing their affection, etc on a constant basis the public/fans are of course and naturally curious and anxious to see a picture of this little baby. Being form Toledo myself sort of like having your little sister not show her baby. Just sort of strange, you have to admit. How can we rejoice when we do not even get to see Suri. Sort of like someone baking a cake and then say sorry you can’t have a piece.

  39. Braydie says

    i think hes waiting for the highest bidder. i can see hiding her out for acouple weeks but we havent even seen a carseat or NOTHING. so im sure hes waiting for the amount he wants for pics of suri…. i mean its gotta be expensive keeping his cult happy so they wont kick him out … i never liked this man …i feel bad for katie, i would be so embarrassed if my husband to be acted the way he does. im so glad that nichole got out.

  40. Kelley says

    I don’t really need to see or hear about stars who loose the weight fast or don’t. Like so many other things in H-Wood I feel that they put un do pressure on normal women who do not have the benifit of Nannies, maids, cooks, personal assistants and drivers. I mean, how many of us could loose weight fast if we had a nutricionist durring and after our pregnancies as well as a personal trainer.

    So they haven’t shown baby tomkat yet? Well good, makes the public more hungry for it. I agree that Tom should realize that people who are his fans really want to see the baby and perhaps he could endulge us with one pic. He doesn’t even have to auction it off, just release the same one to everyone.

    As for Katie, since she has not been out and about maybe she is finally taking some time to just be a mommy. I felt bad for her being drag a$$ed around two weeks after she had Suri. SHe looked plain miserable.

    For those of you who are critical about people being negative toward Tom, just realize that he made a lot of people angry when he came out and said that “Physiciatry is a psuedo science” and that “the medications women take are unnecessary and don’t work”. At that point I consider him fair game. He insulted women over something that he can never experiance first hand. Its like men who say that passing a kidney stone is a bad as child birth. I give a big ol’ whatever to that, I have dont both, and I would rather pass a stone anytime.

  41. cherisse says

    Also the last time i saw Katie she looked great for someone who just had a baby. I am glad to see that she is taking the time to spend with her baby instead of focusing on getting her shape back like every other new mom in hollywood. If you have not notice that every time when a new mom have a baby they always talk about how they are going to get their shape back. I’m happy that Katie is not sucked into that.

  42. Hellen says

    I agree with you Cherisse! you’re right Tom and Katie can’t win. The media and the bloggers are looking for just about anything to criticize them on and its because people are very interested in them otherwise if you’re sick of them why would you go looking to read about them. I’ve been reading through this website and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes page looks very popular to me because a lot of people comment on them two more than any other celebrity and BABYRAZZI seem to write just about any sighting of TomKat. If you don’t care about them then don’t comment or read about them!!!

  43. cherisse says

    There are lots of other hollywood couples who have not shown off their baby yet and all you can think about is TomKat’s baby that tells me that no matter what they do….staying out of the public eye people are just wanting to find something on them just to put them in the news admit it you say you are tired of them, but really you can not get enough of them. And for Suri when the time is right they will show her, they might just do not want to be like everybody else and just show her so early where the photographers just houd all over her they just waiting until all the hapeness go down.

  44. Lizzie says

    Ben and Jennifer waited to show us Violet’s face. We did see strollers and things before with Violet in them though. We have seen nothing of Suri.

  45. Tia says

    OMG People you’re acting as though Suri is 18 years old? come on she is only 2 months old and I know lots of people has shown their babies picture but there are also people like Ben and Jennifer who actually waited 4 months before showing their little one. Tom and Katie will do the same when they are good and ready. They should actually be praised for not using a baby for a publicity.

  46. Ali says

    Leave the man alone…with all these media interest in them TomKat should wait a bit for the media to come down before they show Suri.

  47. Hana says

    He looks great!!! Can’t wait to see Suri I’m sure they will show her off at their wedding. Love you TOM

  48. DRAMA says

    He is a creepy guy. And just where is Suri, I agree with DJ, Does she really exist? Besides TCLTC!!!!!!! Maybe shes not real? Wouldnt put it past him.

  49. DJ says

    You would think they would be proud to show off their little one; everyone else has. i am a bit confused, you saw tons of pictures of Kaite pregnant, but not one of the baby, what’s up? Suri is at least two months old already? I am wondering if she really exists?


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