Catherine Zeta Jones & Family In Wales To Support Local Hospital

Here Catherine, 36, Michael, 61, Dylan Michael Douglas, 5, and Carys Zeta Douglas, 3, are at their hotel Saint David’s Hotel and Spa in Cardiff. They are there to attend the celebratory opening of phase one of the Cardiff-based Children’s Hospital for Wales.
Catherine Zeta Jones

Many thanks to JustJared for the pics! I have been hard pressed to find any large images of Catherine and family recently!


  1. Kamineko says

    Finally! A celebrity who LOOKS like amovie star in public. I have NEVER seen a candid pic of her where she is dressed like a slob or doesn’t look feminine and lovely. Just like the old time movie stars, she has CLASS.A beautiful woman.

  2. says

    I think CZJ looks gorgeouse, she is my idol, she doesn’t look plastic in my book, just some good genes, absoulutly beautiful

  3. Aileen C. says

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is so beautiful. Any man is lucky to have her. Nothing bad should be said about her and anyone of her family members. Plastic, noway! It’s the eyes of the beholder “God” who can say who is plastic inside and/or out. And, even if her hubby is too old, she loves him and her kids loves him obviously. Lay off Catherines life. Even if one kid looks like her and the other one looks like the father doesn’t mean they won’t grow up beautiful either. “She is one lucky star!”

  4. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    this is to ah (commenter no.2): just cuz ur jeleous of them doesn’t mean you call them plastic and plus they DON”t look plastic for your information… though i think czj’s hubby is too old.

  5. Lisa says

    All children are adorable, so yes Carys is adorable now at 2or 3. I am just looking ahead and as an adult woman I know if CZJ was my mom I would love to look like my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lisa says

    Its too bad that Carys looks so much like her old goat dad, any girl would be pleased to look just like mom if mom is CZJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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