Angelina To Adopt Again & CNN Interview Is Tonight

For those of you interested, Anderson Cooper’s interview with Angelina will air tonight on CNN at 10 PM. She can’t stay out of the limelight for long it seems.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

“Next we’ll adopt,” she says in the interview. “We don’t know which — which country. But we’re looking at different countries. And we’re – I’m just – it’s gonna be the balance of what would be the best for Mad and for Z right now. It’s, you know, another boy, another girl, which country, which race would fit best with the kids,” she said, referring to her adopted children, Maddox and Zahara.

It’s great to adopt kids and save them from a terrible life, it’s their only chance to survive. But it’s no less important to bond with your biological child. A baby needs a devoted mom, totally attentive, not someone whose baby is hardly a month old and is already looking for another adopted child. Notice that she doesn’t mention Shiloh in her statement about adopting.


  1. Braydie says

    Angie47 , admire all you want …angelina isnt the greatest thing to walk on this earth, what just cuz she adopted acouple kids? thats really all shes done. i give money to other countries, are you going to admire me? BASK in my glory? i think not, your opinion is that you love her and thats fine but please dont peach cuz i do as much as angelina does to help other countries. also she only gave money to those certain ones beacuse she knew they would block the pesterrazzi from taking so many pics…she didnt want to help them ..she wanted to help HERSELF. , but i also give to my OWN country . as for her stupid income… she wont be getting my stupid income cuz i wont ever watch another movie of hers or brads, let alone pay for one. as for the shoe lady…so what if she collects shoes..there alot cheaper then collecting children. as i feel THIS certain female movie star is doing.
    DID you spell check that post??? im sure there was alot of mizspeelins…….

  2. Angie47 says

    I really admire Angelina, simply because she has donated over $4 million of her money to charities in the past few years…more than I can say for a lot of other celebrities out there. Sure, a lot of things she does may be questionable (what countries she adopts her children from, her tattoos, etc.) but it could be worse. There was a magazine article about a certain female movie star who has over 300 pairs of shoes, some of which don’t even fit, but she bought them just because they were cute. She openly admitted that. How many kids could eat with that wasted money? So many celebrities these days live the glamorous life for a job that really isn’t even that difficult. As Angelina said, she has a “stupid income” for what she does. But, she’s putting it to good use. More than you can say for most stars.

    By the way, notice how most of the people hating on Angelina can’t even spell. Boy, you really are proving your point!

  3. nicola says

    Children r not collectable items. She`s treatin them like a set of playin cards. Honestly, bond wiv ur other kids 1st b4 they ALL feel pushed out

  4. braydie says

    I watched that interview and she really has a thing for herself. I didnt believe she actually said what she said til i heard it. She needs to bond with not only her newly born daughter but her adopted one also!

  5. nicola says

    How can she think about adoption so soon after givin birth? My son`s 1yr old and i also had a c-section like Ange did. The last thing i wanted was 2 av another baby so soon, it`s unfair as Shiloh will need all the attention and will take up 90% of her time. She needs a hobby. Kids are not posessions, they are for life!

  6. Alex says

    Hmmm! All really reasonable points! I have always admired Angelina Jolie but I do worry that she is not seriously thinking about what the CHildren will feel like when they grow up! I am adopted and I sure wouldnt want to feel like i was from a farm! Its sweet but I think she should have concentrated on Maddox and Zara for a while longer, Shilouh, in my opinion wasnt the best thing that could have happened! I hope maddox and Z will not be jealous in the future becasue they are not biological kids! I know that favourtisim, however unevident in a mothers life can actually be a major factor even if they don’t notice it! xxx Very Glad to see them so happy though!

  7. PaGirl says

    First i have to say after seeing the interview with Angelina Jolie ,I Was Impressed ,Shes Really showing How Much Of a caring Individual She is & Regardless Of Her Past Shes Really Shown Shes a Good Mom & Doesn’t think about herself ,I Have To say The Britney Spears Interview Just did not impress me , Britney Acts Very Immature & You can see If You Watched Angelinas Interview How Mature Of a Mother She Is & Like she said Shes Not That Same Teenager She Used To Be ,She herself Said She Cares More About Others & those children then herself ,I Think Thats amazing ,We Should all learn From That . She is an Amazing Mom , They are very Lucky Kids to have so much Love & I Beleive Brad Will Be an Awesome Father Goodluck!

  8. Braydie says

    Diana and kelley thanks for the info….next time i have a “bitch fest” ill ask for your permission

  9. nicola says

    If Brad and Jenn`s marriage was in trouble, why wasn`t he man enough to confront it head on? Instead, he chose to hurt the woman who adored him and jump in2 bed wiv the 1st person who gave him the eye…..he`s no man, just a coward !

  10. Kelley says

    I have seen some script from the Anderson Cooper show, and I think Angie came off very well in it. The perception was that she didn’t talk about Shiloh, but from what I see she did in the actual interview. Did anyone see the Josephene Baker story? She was a black entertainer back in the 20s i think. Anywho, she danced nude and wore banana skirts with no top. She adopted several children like 12. All different races from many different countries and she called them her “Rainbow Tribe”. Sounds a lot like what Angelina is doing. I just hope it doesnt end the same way. The public turning against her, she goes broke and all teh kids get seperated in to foster care.

  11. Sandey says

    Wellllll your right I made a lot of stupid statements, I don’t hate her (Jen), I only know what I see. In my view point she and Brad lived a life of being “The Beautiful People” out there for us to look at and wish we had that kind of life. Who wouldn’t want to be one of the Beautiful People treated like American royalty who never have to worry and budget? Who can go any where any time they want just because they happened to be in the right place at the right time or born in a actor family? In my stupid way of saying it, it seems to me Angelina is beautiful, is wealthy, but is putting herself in a position that is not very glamorous. She appears to me to be using her look at me status for others, not for just look at how beautiful, rich, and talented I am. Part of my big mouth shove in my foot and keep swallowing is I thought Angelina was pretty disgusting and find myself pretty surprised I was wrong about that too, I guess she grew up and grew up good, in my opinion. Sometimes I am an ass, thanks for reminding me. But, by the way, I may be an ass, but not a fat one, come on now, that was a joke, Sorry to have not choosen my words more wisely. Some of the comments really piss me off, just like I pissed you off, I began looking at this site just to see the babies while I had my coffee in the morning after I started reading the comments, I became an ass just as some of the commenters I was reading. I apologize for acting stupid

  12. Diana says

    Thanks Kelley, its good to get positive as well as negative opinions, but like you said when it is attacking one another who post things on it, that’s when it gets nasty and personal. Have a good day Kelley 😉

  13. Kelley says

    Well said Diana. Perfectly ok to post opinions about celebs, (who aren’t on here and will probably never read it). Its very simple, attack idea’s not indiviuals.

  14. Diana says

    It seems to be a bit of a bitch fight on here at the moment. There is no need to be nasty to one another. Yes, people have their rights to write what they like about Angelina and Brad but lets not get personal and start getting nasty with one another. Its not worth it!!

  15. Braydie says

    and also i make millions on my WaWaWa as you call it. since im in computer securities… I work for homeland security. im the one that makes sure your identies arent stolen with new programs i wirte. so i actually need my WaWaWa.

  16. Braydie says

    Sandey so its ok for you to like dislike jen but no one can dislike angelina huh. what has jen done to you so badly that your ashamed???? I dont give a flying fuck what kind of woman angelina is let alone thinking shes 90% more woman then i am. I think her past speaks for itself and just because the last acouple years shes been “trying ” to overcome that past alot of people still think of her as the person she was and could very well still be…but you know her right ???
    as for your comment about us being critic’s and get off our fat ass’s…i believe your on here just as much as anyone else is…well…at least you get off your fat ass to walk to ANOTHER chair to stare at ANOTHER screen for hours on end your better then the rest of us huh…OK sandey better hurry to your TV to think of more stupid things to write about…burn the shirt sandey not cuz your ashamed but maybe cuz you cant fit into it

  17. Sandey says

    Anyone talking shit about this woman had better turn on her interview with Anderson Cooper. This is impressive. PS she is working for children here in America. Do you ever watch news or just talk shit on your computer????? I might suggest each of you critic’s get off your fat ass’s away from your WaWaWa and try to become one tenth of the woman she is. Another thought here, maybe vote with knowledge wake up and know the billions of dollars we pay in taxes here in America that goes streight into the pockets that are not in this nations interests. Gee, do you all like padding Dubya’s buddies pockets? America is hurting too, you are right, but American’s can but don’t demand accounting from our government. Get off her back you keep sitting around bitching and nothing hwill happen but more harm to America and the world. Good lord, Angelina is 100 time the woman, human being compared to Aniston I didn’t like her and even bought and wore a Team Aniston tee shirt, I’m now ashamed and I’m burning the damn shirt.

  18. Braydie says

    Angelina wont be happy til she has a kid from every country BUT america. OH wait i forgot about shiloh, just like angelina did.

  19. J says

    Wow some of you are very sad. I dont think ANYONE but Brad & Jennifer and whoever they choose to tell kow what happened between them. and its funny how everyone calls her a homewrecker when Julia Roberts did the EXACT same thing.Everyone seems to have moved on, Life goes one people. And as far as the adoption ,a child anywhere suffering is fortunate to find a loving home no matter where they are from.

  20. says

    Instead of Brad buying her rings and stuff maybe he should get her started on a stamp collection . She makes her kids seem like poor puppies at the vet waiting to walk the “green mile” and she jumps in with her wonder woman cape and saves the day. Puke and Barf, the bio baby was NOT mentioned. It seems like “COLLECTING” kids is her new “ADDICTION”….hhhmmm heroin or babies, looks like she is trying out the latter. And it is upsetting because there are families who would love to adopt and would be TRULY GOOD PARENTS and they wait years and sometimes never, them some skeez like her wakes up one morning and decides she wants to be a mother today and BANG she has a baby, it’s not right. Maybe she should take care of the ones she has, did she already forget she just had Shiloh? I don’t think she is bonding with baby. SHELFISH PEOPLE LIKE HER SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS.
    Seems to me the boredom is already setting in with her and she thinks by having 14 kids will keep her busy enough to fight her urge to run. Why is she trying to stock pile them? That is how it appears to me.
    I don’t know how NANNY BRAD will handle all three of them plus start filming his new movie. You Watch…..
    SHE IS NEVER HAPPY WITH WHAT SHE HAS, (another charateristic of an addict!!)
    I can’t wait to say I told you so!!!!

  21. Bobbie says

    How old is baby Shiloh? I question the talk to adopt so soon after a biological baby has been born..But to each his own..I suppose..It just seems so weird to me..

  22. nicola says

    As far as i`m concerned Ange`s nothin but a home wrecker and now they`re just rubbin Jenn Aniston`s nose in it? Hasn`t she been humiliated enough? It`s unfair, everytime she tries 2 move forward, they do somethin and it knocks her back again. I feel so sorry 4 her. Chin up Jenn

  23. Jennifer says

    Kelley, Were women, were soposed to B*#@h. It’s our right. Although I would rather complain about someone I dont like but I try to be a good person as I would not want someone to say mean things about me. We are human though and sometimes say things we shouldn’nt. Thank you for your kind words about my becoming a mother. We worked really hard to get where we are and feel very blessed that others cared enough to see us as parents and wanted to help us.
    I run an in home day care after coming out of the medical field of 11 years and it can be challanging. Even being home all day, you feel like you can never get enough done. I wish I had either a second hand during the day or magic fairy dust to sprinkle around to do my house work and give bath and bottles and etc. I guess money does talk in life. I would hope that nobody would take the gift of parenthood for granted like you said but, unfortunatly it’s true. Sad but true

  24. Kelley says

    It’s cool Jennifer. A lot of times through a thread things get a little warped and it looks like you said something you never said. I am glad you were able to achieve motherhood. It is a great gift no matter the path. I wonder ifs sometimes people who are famous don’t take it for granted?

    It would be easier I suppose to have many children and close together if you have the benefit of a staff. I would take two kids shopping too if I didnt have to rush home, clean bottles, make new bottles give baths feed dinner and the thousands of other things I do after I get home from my first job.

    I am jealous. It is easier I guess to tear someone down when they seem to have it all. That goes on here a lot and I am one of the ones who does it. I should be ashamed, but I’m really not. After all, we are just posting our feelings for each other to read. It is not as if we are sending these thoughts directly to the stars. So a little bitchin every now and then shouldn’t hurt.

  25. Jennifer says

    Kelley, please dont feel that anything I said was directed at you. I was simply talking and working off of the last couple posts before mine. What I had to say had no direct conantation (sp?) to anyone. I personally can not have children but now have a daughter through the gift of surrogacy and egg donation from friends and family so prior to that my choice was adoption. I have no preference for international or domestic adoption. I think all children have equal rights to love and family. If I had the money, I would adopt several children and I would work with an agency to find me the right child not the right country or nationality.

  26. Kelley says

    I will tell you this, I felt bad for Jennifer when she and Brad split up, but always knew there must be a unknown reason. Brad is older, her wanted children. He said that in every interview. She of course feels that she has plenty of time. I find it no small coincidense (sp?) that he wound up with a woman with children. I find it strange that they are having kids and that as far as we know they have no immediate plans to marry. Hey, you know live and let live.

    For the record. I do not have opinions on where she adopts. I only question her humanitarian and financial donations.

  27. eBirdie says

    And why not a little girl from China? An orphan from Romania? Of course, adopting domestically would be wonderful too, but I don’t think you can say that one is better than the other. It just doesn’t matter. Either way a child is being given a home.

    Also, humanitarianism has to do with humanity, not nationality. Why complain about it? Why complain about helping other people just because they don’t live next door?

  28. ah says

    kelley you are right
    Too bad she can’t spread a little of that humanitarianism in her own country
    why not an american boy or girl fron united states WHY????

  29. Jude says

    Realisticly how much time do you think these people spend looking after their children? It doesn’t matter if she has 3 or 33, all she has to do is bring in a little more hired help. Do you really think she gets up in the night when they cry, cooks for them, washes and changes them….I don’t think so. And as long as she makes sure she gets photographed regularly smiling beautifically with her equally beautiful children, we all get sucked in to thinking she is such a wonderful mother. Excuse the cynicism, but I just don’t buy it.

  30. Lisa says

    Come on, a man that looks like Brad Pitt with his money could of been screwing hundreds of girls when he was unhappy/unfurfilled in his marriage. It looks like he walked into a situation where he met his true soulmate and the woman who completely changed everything in his life and makes him happy.

  31. maryj smith wilder says

    Let’s also try to remember that the magazines and interviews don’t tell the whole story. Many things might be done without the coverage of the press. I can imagine that Angelina was asked, “what’s next, more adoptions? or more pregnancies” and she answered from the top of her head. Otherwise, I agree that the differences between her own children should be minamalized from here on out. Excuse my mispelling…heh. And aren’t we lucky that we can still chose what we want to watch, read, or see?

  32. cherisse says

    Tender heart my ass. That b**ch ain’t nothing but a home wrecker. And didn’t she just have a baby maybe she should slow down a bit. Aren’t she suppose to focus on the new born they need a lot of things. Thats who she should focus on first instead of being in a rush to get another baby.

  33. Kelley says

    Jennifer, I admire and agree with your statement. On a side note. I do not make any assumptions when it comes to which child she should adopt from. That is her choice and I would never condesend to berate her for it. It is also her choice and her choice only where and to whom she donates her money. Anything I have said is only my opinion, but all I ever say is that she should donate money to America and Americans in addtion to any funds she donates to other countries. I buy People magazine. I specifically avoided buying the issue with Angelina and Brads pics with Shiloh. I contacted People magazine and asked then to skip that edition on my subscription and add that back to the end of my purchase. They agreed and informed me that this was not an unusual situation and that many other similar requests were made for this issue. I personally chose not to be a party to the money I spend for a magazine being sent out of this country. It’s a purely personal choice and one that I had to make for my own concience. That said. Congrats Brad Angie Zahara and Mad on your new addition.

  34. eBirdie says

    I admire Angelina Jolie for her work with world refugees and for adopting needy children. As for whether she adopts them from the US or from countries overseas, I don’t think that matters one bit. Children without a family are being given one and that is what is important no matter where they come from.

    I will say, however, that I hope she doesn’t continue to emphasize the difference between her adopted and biological children so strenuously. Differences between children in one family should absolutely be recognized, but I think it would be better for the family if personal differences were stressed more than differences of origin, over which those children have no control. It may lead either the adopted or the biological children, in the end, to feel slighted or less valued.

  35. Jennifer says

    I just think she has a really big heart and is willing to offer that heart and open her home to a needy child. As much as I would like to see her connect with children in america she for some reason has this passion for children from other countries. I wish we could prevent starving children here but the realization is that not just one person can do that. So I think that she should go with her heart and adopt a child that she feels she connects with. I look at this way. All children are equal no matter what country they come from and if she helps just one than thats better than what I can do. (Financially speaking of coarse) I would like to see her try to help our country as much as she helps others. There are many children without opprotunity here as well. It just never seems to get televised as much. I hope that any child that gets adopted can feel loved, nurtured and fortunate to belong to family. May Angelina and Brad be blessed for all they are able to do and all the children they can help. And may anyone elses who helps children be blessed as well.

  36. Eyesofpearls says

    Girls, I’m sure Angie has a big heart, but it seems to me that she has started collecting those kids a little bit to soon and too fast. Maybe “collect’ is a harsh word, but it feels as if she wants to get more of them, as a girl collects Barbie dolls! I know many of you will disagree with me, but shouldn’t she just enjoy her motherhood for a while, bring up her kids, see what it feels like when they get chicken pox and fever, instead of just thinking “which race will suit the kids best”. Somehow…this feels weird to me. What do you think?

  37. Kelley says

    Well to answer your question, there are plenty of children starving in the UNited States. I will not spend a bunch of time here typing something that is OT.
    I will never say that she should not help other countries. She is a UN Embasador and I applaud her for that. I just happen to feel strongly that there are children here that need and deserve her help just as much as children from other countries. Personally I never want to have to look at a starving child here in America and say, “Sorry dear, no food for you. You live in America the land of opportunity.”

  38. maryj smith wilder says

    It cuts out a bit of the fun here when some find they have to correct other’s writing. Lighten up, please. Angelina feels she has a mission, and perhaps she will adopt in this country. All children are the world’s children. Maybe she sees the children in this country as having a future no matter how impoverished their childhood is. Not many kids in the USA die from hunger. Or am I missing something here? Thanks for the pictures, which make my day. I agree that Brad now has his desired family. I wish them all the best.

  39. Kelley says

    Too bad she can’t spread a little of that humanitarianism in her own country, you know the one where people pay 4.1 million dollars to get a picture of her baby. Which it is funny that she never mentioned Shiloh as being a concern. I could play devil’s advocate here and say that perhaps she is doing a little CYA, considering that she has security guards cover her with blankets to protect Shiloh but she had Zahara out and shopping a month after she got her and she never really his Mad either.

    Either way, she does look very pretty in that picture and I am happy for Brad that he now has the family he has openly admitted he always wanted.

    I certainly hope that she is adopting because she has so much love to go around, and not because she needs people to think of her as a guardian angel.

  40. Elizabeth says

    I love you Jolie people see you as wierd but you have a tender heart you are humanitarian and so beautiful.your heart is just as beatifulas you are keep up your good work and please stick with Braid.

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