Al Pacino & His 5-Year-Old Twins Sell Lemonade

Cuteness! I love Al Pacino. I have a particular love for his role in Scarface…sans the violent scenes, of course, which I have never watched! He is here selling lemonade with his 5-year-old twins Anton and Olivia. Their mom is Beverly D’Angelo. He looks like a great dad!

Al Pacino



  1. Carol says

    If he didn’t want to be there he wouldn’t. As for how he’s dressed. That is just Al. One of my favorite actors. What a guy!

  2. Terry says

    Long sleeve black shirt, black pants….hmmmmm….looks like he’s just passing through to me. See the jeans & gym shoes on the left? Think that’s a nanny?

  3. says

    go nelle! i agree………….If he didn’t want to be there he probably would’t like some celeb fathers (k-fed) he seems like good daddy……….. give him props for being out there.

  4. Nicki says

    Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo have been going through a bitter custody battle for at least 4 years. It has died down lately, but are still working out a custody solution.

  5. says

    You know things are bad when……
    Just kidding, I love him too he is one of the best actors out there…him and Robert Dinero.

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