Reese Splashes In The Waves With Kids!

Reese looks happy to be enjoying splashing in the waves with Ava and Deacon! I love her bikini! She may not be as extremely toned as some celebs like Denise Richards, but I actually think she looks much more beautiful. That is just my opinion though! She has certainly made a beautiful family with Ryan!

Reese Witherspoon

Denise Richards
Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon



  1. says

    nicola, I didn’t call you by name, so why the big flames from the message, i said to those who critisize her…………… where you one of them? if not but out………….. love ya reese

  2. carebear says

    i think she looks great and where is her hubby ryan? i hope they are pregnant then the world would be a more beautiful then it is.

    I love Ryan and Reese

  3. PaGirl says

    I Think Reese & Ryan Are a Great Couple With Gorgeous Children ,Ryans Such a Cutie! ,They Are One Of My Favorite Couples & I Think She Looks Just Fine Here . Everyone Isn’t A Size 0. She Looks Good & Healthy As Do Her children.She Seems Like a Really Good Mom .

  4. Kelley says

    I hope she is preggers. If she isnt then hey, no shame in her game. She could just have the belly pouch not sucked in. Tee hee, i still gots mine and darn proud of it?

  5. says

    I agree andifnot…reese is the everymans celeb…down to earth,family oriented and just glows(preggy or not) she seems real approachable

  6. says

    We are asking because in Hollywood everyone is a size zero, so ya the sec they put on 2 pounds we wonder if they are preggers, nobody in Hollywood has “normal” bodies like you and I, jez my size 10 is being modeled in Hollywood by “”plus size models” so ya thats all, thats the way it is there and thats why we ask when these beautiful women go up to a size 2 if they are expecting. Not to offend them but we all know Hollywood standards, they are not like, well mine I guess!!! Ha Ha.

  7. nicola says

    Excuse me Amanda, no one is critisizin her, simply askin a question.She looks pregnant, so what, it`s nothin 2 be ashamed of. And 4 ur information, i spend every day wiv my son so think b4 u jump in and av a go at others

  8. says

    I agree with you (andifnot) are the rest of you to blind to see her true bueaty? Reese is an intellegent woman who’s spending the day with her daughter, that is what should be seen. how many of you go out and spend quality time with your kids? not many of you if you are on her talking about she isnt toned or look at her big belly, she must feel really secure with herself and happy with how she looks, and who she is to wear it, so………. give her props and stop bringing people down focus on the good things like wow I would love spending the day at the beach with my kid or point out some positivity, trust me it makes for a better day!

  9. andifnot says

    She is so beautiful and it is so nice to see her having fun with the kids, but I have to ask…. does it really matter if she is PREGNANT or not, don?t get me wrong, it would be great if she was, but everyone seeing a celeb as a reg. person, in a bathing suit and not looking like Cindy Crawford 10 years ago doesn?t mean she?s pregnant. Maybe she is just a beautiful person and has a normal body like the rest of us because she isn?t throwing up everything she puts in her mouth. I absolutely adore Reese for all the good movies that she has been in and for her splendid adventure through life. I think she is one of the most beautiful actresses out there. Because she looks and acts NORMAL, NOT ABOVE THE REST OF US!!! I mean really what if she isn?t pregnant and reads this, she?s just going to cry that you all think she is because she has a little tummy… how do you all look in a bikini??? Worse I am Sure.

  10. dreamer says

    I agree, this family is beautiful and Reese as usual is pretty. hope she is pregnant!! keep more pics coming.

  11. Jewel says

    This family is so down to earth. They are so cute together and seem to be the happiest family all year round. I agree that they do make cute children together. Hope they make more!

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