Heath Ledger & Matilda Chillin'

Little Matilda Rose is now 7-months-old! She looks very pretty and serene like her mom Michelle Williams. Here Heath and Matilda Rose were spotted Thursday relaxing on the sidewalk in Brooklyn, NY while Michelle shopped in a frame shop.

Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams

And here with Michelle….he looks a little awkward the way he is holding Matilda Rose!

Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams

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  1. arizon says

    yeah. he seems more loving around matilda than michelle. he smiles alot when he holds her. michelle never smiles, with or without her. the baby is beatiful. does any1 see a resemblance of matilda and michelle though?

  2. bethany says

    i think they look great together they are the perfect family well on the streets they are but heath is such a good dad and he looks like he loves her alot and that makes a good parent

  3. Diana says

    What a beautiful family they are… they look great even in these pics, dressed down so to speak! But they do look good!

  4. braydie says

    carliegh dont defend your self anymore just call them a bitch and move on …….thats what im gonna do

  5. carleigh says

    Hey Kelley I have made a few personal posts that have been aimed at specific bloggers in the past but ya know what I haven’t done that in more recent history because I felt like it wasn’t neccessary to get my point across. I am just as entitled as you or anyone else here to post my opinions and have begun to do so w/o the benefit of much profanity…to lessen the offense factor to others I have even used the astrick on certain occasions. It appears to me that if someone has a problem with what I post or the content– which I have refrained from making personal until someone directly posts using MY NAME in it, then maybe they need to just SKIP over my posts and go on to other astetically pleasing posts. I am not going to sugar coat my opinions because this is a free forum and I can state my opinions and do so because of that fact alone. I have toned down much of my previous tirades simply because I have worked through the “personal issue” factor and don’t really care one way or another if someone doesn’t like what I have to say…I simply don’t CARE! I am DONE defending myself, taking a beating from other posters on here because they don’t like what I write…and you think I like what everyone else writes on here too?? No not all the time..but I just got to the point where it hit me..why should I care??? Go find another cause to crusade for Kelley because your not getting anywhere with me. I don’t think I said anything nasty, pointed or personal in this thread or in any thread in the past few weeks w/o the benefit of it being aimed right at me first and you wanna be all high and mighty and ask me to just “state my opinion and try not to offend anyone?”, OMG, we are blogging we are not at a friggin garden party or church social! You said it yourself above,” Also..this is a public forum and if someone wishes to make an assertion then they are free to do so. “..so Lil Miss Perfect Hypocrite..why is that just applicable for others and so not for me as well??? That’s what I would love to know? You know the old adage about glass houses and stones..the two just don’t mix in my estimation.

  6. Katya says

    Looks like he’s shielding her from the cameraman flashing in front of them!

    And Heath is Aussie – much like my friends from Oz-land they know how to dress to best protect from the sun – in long sleeves, hats and pants. That is why all the most innovative sun protection gear is from Austrailia and New Zealand. Those folks have the full force of the sun!

  7. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    why do people accuse people of how they dress? they dress however they want why does it matter to you!!!!!!!!! god leave them alone!

  8. Braydie says

    i have no comment on the way there dressed i actually wore something like what she wore just today and i thought i looked fine and not like trailor trash:(

  9. says

    They are doing stuff as a family and that is what counts on keeping a family going and sticking together………….. and look at the bond that baby and daddy share how sweet ……………… they are a fav in my book

  10. Kelley says

    Oh, for the love of God. It was just a question, and my point was directed at a lot of celebrities. Also..this is a public forum and if someone wishes to make an assertion then they are free to do so. You don’t have to agree with it, but you don’t need to be so confrontational either. Carliegh, you cause a lot of trouble on a number of threads and perhaps you should take a look at how you phrase things. Perhaps you don’t mean them to be so critical, but without the benefit of body language and facial expression you come off as pretty harsh. Perhaps you want to, but I want to believe that you don’t. Is there any way that you could just post your comments without responding negativly to other peoples?

  11. Nicki says

    Yes Brashgirl, it does look like a cigarette and Thank GOD she is standing behind the baby so the smoke doesn’t blow back in her face.
    Matilda looks like a very cute baby.

  12. brashgirl says

    Is that a cigarette in michelle’s left hand?? The one that is close to the baby?? hope not!!! they look like great parents….

  13. carleigh says

    Who cares about how they dress? They look like a sweet, happy little family and it’s obvious that Heath is a very caring and protective father. The little girl is adorable.

  14. Kelley says

    One thing that always puzzles me is how they dress like it is cold outside. I mean, the minute it hits 70 here in NC im in shorts. I would die if I dressed that warmly. I realize they are in NY, but I thought the weather pattern was running warm there?

  15. tina says

    i love this couple, just one thing they have loads of money so why do they dress trailer park fashion? is it the new trend? i mean you can still look fashionably relaxed on your day off and don’t have to let it slide completly

  16. Braydie says

    i love these 2…they seem to be always together and look like they are loving parents…
    and i agree Kelley looks like sun was in her eyes

  17. Kelley says

    Boy, Heath certainly can’t deny that child can he? She looks just like him. It looks like in the second photo that he was shielding her from the sun.

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