Elizabeth Shue Welcomes Baby Girl

Wow! Major flashback was brought on by Elizabeth Shue’s happy news!

Elizabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue and her husband, Davis Guggenheim, welcomed a baby girl, Agnes Charles Guggenheim, on Sunday, a rep for the actress tells People.

“Mother and daughter are happy and healthy,” says rep Stephen Huvane.

This is the third child for Shue and Guggenheim, who are both 42. They have a son, Miles, 8, and a daughter, Stella, 5.

Shue was nominated for an Oscar for 1995’s Leaving Las Vegas.

Congratulations! I think Elizabeth looks amazing at 42! I was instantly transported back to The Karate Kid and Adventures in Babysitting! Adventures in Babysitting was the first PG-13 movie I was allowed to see in the movie theatre and my grandmother took me…I LOVED THE MOVIE! Craziness! I feel OLD! Check out these pics!

Elizabeth Shue

And Elizabeth in The Karate Kid! OMG!

Elizabeth Shue



  1. says

    Your right to each thier own….Also #6 maybe it is a surname, I guess I never thought of that, it doesn’t seem to be with her parents last names but whatever, I don’t have to talk to these kids when they come home from school crying cuz they are being picked on, it was just my opinion. I see first hand how mean kids can be to eachother but oh well, LOL. Its all good.

  2. Kelley says

    Maybe there is a special reason for the name. Everyone hated that I picked Jaiden for my son, saying that it was a girls name. I used it anyway.

  3. says

    elizabeth shue is a natural beauty…so happy for her and would like to see her in more movies.My daughters liked her in Dreamer and thought she was so pretty.

  4. says

    Did I read the baby’s name right???? Oh my gosh, Agnes Charles????
    That is a terrible name she should have waiting till the drugs wore off to pick the name, like really come on Charles?? This is a really distasteful trend going on in Hollywood right now. (Stick to gender approipate names people)!!!!!JMO JMO


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