Britney With Sean On Balcony & Rumors Of Namibian Birth Not True

Fun in the sun continues for Britney and family on Miami Beach! Britney was photographed holding Sean on June 16th as she watched Kevin ride a jet ski from their penthouse suite. Still missing her former security guard Perry…. It seems he disappeared very quickly!

Britney Spears

And it appears the rumours of Britney planning a Namibian birth were a hoax. No surprise there. That sounded very strange, it is amazing though how fast Namibian government officials were blabbing about Britney’s people contacting them. They seemed to have contacted the press immediately!

And Britney…why oh why do you keep this guy around! How can you stand it!? This is K-Fed hosting a party at the Mansion nightclub. Just partake of his opulent glory!

Britney Spears

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  1. says

    Brit is a regular young lady that experiences the same problems that the rest of us young women go through. Think back to the first guy or the worst guy that stole your heart…wouldnt you have walked on glass for him or even got angry at your mom for not letting you be with him or EVEN took him back after he cheated…this is the same thing we ALL play the fool at least once! Give her a break, I know she signed her life to the media when she became famous so we all get to air her dirty laundry but think about your worst relationship and how foolish you were. would you want that aired? She didnt want to be dumb i”m SURE but like the rest of us she wanted LOVE but just found it in the wrong place! she’ll wake up and when she does that Loser will be just another song she’ll make that we ALL can relate to so cut her some slack! I’m not a preacher just someone who’s been through that MINUS the kids! Brit keep your head up and I know you’ll end up HAPPY besides you got your prince charming his name is SEAN! think about it….and like kevin sooner or later…..Im GONE! Holla!

  2. Braydie says

    THANK YOU SUE!!!:) not one word about anyone but the post! 🙂 also a good point! he is not a good singer i heard his demo this weekend and he just sounds BAD!!! I believe she would do alot better in life if she did get rid of him. also
    nicola , he has 3 kids and the 4th on the way. not 4 with 5 on the way.

  3. sue says

    I can honestly say that her husband is on the lower end of the gene pool. The only reason he’s in the press is because of his wife. Without Britney he wouldn’t even get any time in the studio because he’s definitly a white boy Who is NOT even close too Eminem. Give up on your music career already because you’ll never be as famous as your superstar wife. Britney you deserve so much better. He doesn’t respect you only your money. You are a better person so you deserve better. Good luck

  4. braydie says

    HEY TC AND SUE>why dont ya post something other then comments about other posters? If you have a thought or two say them, not just think you can go off on the ones you dont like…just because you dont like what carliegh has to say its her RIGHT to say her opinions.. you 2 are prob the same person IRL so please stop the back to back insults cuz you really dont fool anyone

  5. carleigh says

    Sue why don’t you bite me! I haven’t once posted reguarding you until YOU come on here and start in on me! Get a life please!

  6. carleigh says

    Hey TC get a life! But thanks for being a consistent fan! Nice to know you enjoy “stalking” me through my’s flattering but bordering on creepy do you specifically search for my posts or something?? And you call me sad and pathetic??? WOW! As for tiredofNitall…type in legible english and maybe I could understand you…like I care anyway…LOL

  7. Angie says

    Anybody that trades sex for love or money knows the score and knows what the price is. You can’t honestly think someone loves you for you when they are asking for the ATM card all the time, and you can’t bet on the long term either. Real love doesn’t count the pennies in your pocket behind your back and Brit knows that. She’s stuck in the head game of He’ll change once we…..fill in the blank. It runs its’ course and then you wake up sick of it and start throwing said mates belongings off of your swank balcony. Just make sure the baby isn’t playing amongst them.

  8. tiredofNitall says

    #4 carleigh, what do use a magnifying glass on every picture. “abdomen, bruise” – duh tat. You really need to get a life. Waiting for your big post on tattoos.

  9. carleigh says

    Hey Erica I didn’t ask to be called names…so if you don’t have anything constructive to add then just keep your ignorant ass comments to yourself. I made a comment about a question I had about a mark on her abdomen and you call me stupid? Who are you bitch!If you can’t simply answer a question w/o being a total bitch then save it.

  10. Tasha B says

    All I can say is she gets what she deserves, that may sound harsh but I’m sure she knows what she has on her hand and she still chooses to stay with him. All she wanted was a husband and kids and all he wanted was money and the fame life, so on that note, don’t they make a perfect couple to be able to provide both? lol

  11. nicola says

    The guy knocks me sick. he`s got 4 kids and 1 on the way and doesn`t take care of either of them. What kind of a role model is he 4 all fathers out there?

  12. Braydie says

    I am looking at this pic of kevin and thinking HOW CAN SHE HAVE SEX WITH THAT! he’s so nasty…he reminds me of my creepy neighbor thats always tryin to look in my windows.

  13. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    i think britney is sooooooooo stupid to even let him stay in her basement! why the fuck is she having his children! plus she can’t even take care of them! her life at this point is just SAD and SCREWED!!!!!!!

  14. nicola says

    He should stay in the basement as far as i`m concerned. He doesn`t deserve her. Only after her money

  15. says

    well maybe she loves him…………… when she is ready to move on she will…………. its her call not ours, she has the last word, if you like her have faith in her she got this far didn’t she? she knows what, when, and how to handle her life, she will get through this maybe its just taking her to wanna work things out which is a mature way to look at things being she has a child, if it doenst work out with him she will know, and go from there

  16. nicola says

    Like i`ve said b4, whenever u need Kevin, where can u find him???? The nearest bar or casino. I wouldn`t want him as my baby`s father, he`d rather be wiv his mates than his own family, if i was Brit i`d av the divorce papers ready !!
    Wannabe rapper

  17. Kelley says

    I just hoped that with the money and influence that she has that perhaps she could try to educate herself and perhaps learn to have a bit more class.

    I said in another baord that I thought that face that she became a start so young was probably a lot of her problem. She never had any real life experience and was taught mostly by tutor from the age of what 11? There have been many stories that say unless the child requests in depth education they are given the bare minimum to get the through. I’m not even sure if Britney finished all the high school requirements since she probably never planned on attending college. Now there are a few examples of child actors who went on to college. I saw recently interviews with the girl who played Winnie Cooper on Wonder Year and Mahim (sp?) Ballick on Blossum. Good examples of continuing education even when you are planning to make your career in tv/movies

    My long winded (sorry) point is, she probably never had enough education or the kind to learn to carry herself well unscripted. I personally felt that her interview proved that she needs some help. I think she does need to loose Kevin and focus on re-inventing her career.

  18. Jude says

    I don’t know why everyone is so surprised and outraged that Britney Spears married someone like ‘K-Fed’. Look where she comes from and her behaviour in general. She is as common as muck! Did you really expect her to end up with royalty or something?

  19. Erica says

    its not a bruise stupid its a d*m tattoo.. da
    and britney should be conserned about her life not us and britney looks good!
    Go brit!

  20. carleigh says

    He’s a low life sh*t bum! He does make pretty babies though so I guess everyone has to be good and gifted at something because he obviously has no other redeeming qualities to speak of. Britney looks like she has a bad bruise or stretch mark on her abdomen?? Am I the only one who see’s this?

  21. caroline says

    no, she won’t dump him..he get her publicity..he makes people feel sorry for her and keeps her in the limelight..She can do so much better. Makes one wonder why such a beautiful & talented lady wants to throw her life away.

  22. Braydie says

    he has a rat face im mean look at him …….i just cant stand that guy. why did she of marry someone thats such a lowlife…no matter what she says just a matter of time that she’ll dump his sorry ass

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