Josie Maran To Be A Model Mom!

28-year-old Maybelline and Sports Illustrated model Josie Maran is expecting her first child any day now. The father is Lee Alialbozi. She revealed in the January 2006 issue of Shape Magazine that she has quit modelling and acting and is now happily living in Hawaii (Oahu’s North Shore) teaching children. She has also started doing yoga, eating organic foods, and has quit smoking. Interestingly, she was involved in a long-term relationship with magician David Blaine once, and was in a rock band called “Darling” with Nicole Richie! Best Wishes!

Josie Maran

Josie Maran

Josie is perhaps most recognizable from her Maybelline ads

Josie Maran



  1. sakundes says

    im a long time fan of josie and i sould say that she has the most mesmerizing smile on the planet. the way she smiles and those vampiric incisors are just so adorable.

    and her eyes, so brown and so expressive, im so happy for her that she’s now having her own family and is settling down for the better.

    best wishes josie, i hope to meet you sometime in my lifetime. =)

  2. Jesse says

    Does anyone know what she’s having? Or if she’s had her baby yet? I wish her all the best… I’m sure she’ll be extremely happy with her life!!

  3. carleigh says

    I don’t even remember who this woman is….but she’s cute and it’s nice she is living a healthier life and going to have a new baby.


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