1. whatever says

    Why not just leave Jen out of it? I doubt that you know anything at all about what she did with Brad Pitt.

  2. says

    I believe Brad Pitt will be a beautiful father.He’s already gorgeous,and well toned.I am so happy for them.May God bless them in every way.You too Angelina.Oh yeah,and on a second note in my opinion you shouldnt have to explain nothing to Jen.She did’nt know what to do with him when she had him.That’s one friend you don’t have to buy a present for on christmas.

  3. PaGirl says

    I Hope All you Fathers Had A Great Fathers Day Weekend! I Think Fathers Take More Of a Role In Raising Their Children Now A days Which is Great! & I Like to see that Like With these Dads!

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