Reflections On Primetime Interview & New Pics Of Britney At Beach With Sean

Well, I don’t know quite what to say about Britney’s Primetime interview. I only wish her the best, but she is young and clearly confused right now and that merits her mother getting involved! It seems like her mother has abandoned her. Lynn Spears should be with her 24/7 and should have dressed her better for the interview(that Britney requested) and given her some good advice. Britney seemed taken totally aback by some of Matt’s questions…like the one about Kevin’s ex, Shar. You could sort of tell that Britney was lying when she claimed to not even know about Shar. And I found it a bit tacky when Britney proclaimed, “I love money!” after promoting the line of children’s clothing she is about to unveil. Yeah, maybe she is just a very honest person, but if this interview was supposed to have helped her image, I think that all it really did was add fuel to the fire. Maybe Kevin’s weirdness has just rubbed off on her.

Here are some sweet photos of her at the beach with Sean!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. braydie says

    Also i guess she thinks shes above the law…since its ilegal in every state to have your child not in a carseat, boosterseat, or seatbelt thats age appropiate(spelling?) but hey who cares right shes country so it doesnt pertain to “country” laws….w/e

  2. PaGirl says

    Ok Braydie#33 I Do agree With you On Her Wanting Her Privacy,If You Want Your Privacy You Don’t Put yourself On The Cover Of 2 Major Magazine covers with interviews she chose To Do & then ask everyone to Just leave you Alone & give you your privacy & To the Ones On Here saying People shouldn’t Judge Britney, I Don’t think Their Judging Britney as Much As Their Commenting On Her Choices & Her Opinions She Made On The Matt Laur Interview Basically Not Taking Any Responsibility For it Being A Mistake For Holding Sean Preston On Her Lap While Driving ,Maybe If She Would Have admitted It Was a Mistake People (Moms In Particular) Wouldn’t Be So Upset But, To Simply Say Itsss Quote”Country” That Is Simply not right , Its Extremely Dangerous & Even If She Was Just Driving Anywhere Even Just Into The Garage With Him On Her Lap Let Alone The Highway Do you Realize What Could Happen To a baby or any child for that matter if the Airbag went off or an accident? My Word Theres just Simply No Excuse For that I Don’t Care How you Sugar Coat It.

  3. PaGirl says

    I Agree With Braydie#33 About the privacy Britney has asked for . If you Want Your Privacy Then Why Put Yourself Out There & Agree Knowing The World Will See To Be On Two Mager Magazine Covers As She Has Done .And Interviews . She chose To Do Those. And I Don’t think Anyones Judging Her as Some Have Said On Here ,They Just Don’t understand & are commenting that If you Don’t Want To Be Bothered Then Don’t Make yourself Public To the World & Choose To Do things & make mistakes but not admit to them & driving with a baby on your lap even just to the garage or around the neighborhood is extremely dangerous but yet she has yet to Admit it was a mistake or I Think People would understand if she actually admitted it.

  4. braydie says

    IF she wants privacy then she should get her fat ass outta the limelight and stop asking for interviews. She should be the mother seans deserves and quit. No one listens to her crap songs anymore, she is no longer the “pop princess” all she is…is a crappy mother with a dead beat husband that just happened to have a few hit songs in her past that she believes will come back if she makes herself look weak and dumb. kinda sad that SHE actually had to ask for that interview and SHE had to call the late show to go on to tell everyone shes pregnant …….no one cares anymore or they would be calling your ass.
    And TC hows that for taking the fun outta this site asswipe

  5. carleigh says

    Like I stated above Shanna and Viola, Britney wants to sit back and look pitiful with her big brown puppy dog eyes and cry about how bad she gets nailed in the press and how badly they hound her??? I don’t think she helped her cause any by giving the Matt Lauer interview as that just reawakens the interest in her even more so. Maybe if she hired a good publicist, nanny and some decent bodyguards she would find peace of mind? She courts the press when it suits her and now it doesn’t so she cries FOUL..sorry it doesn’t work that way. When you are a celebrity as unfortunate and brutal as this is going to give up your privacy and put yourself up for being a public figure…your going to be scrutinized. Especially since her husband, marriage and children are hot topics of interest. If she wants to be a star then she needs to act the part and stop painting a BIG target on her ass all the time. Stay at home, let things die down and give select interviews and don’t give people so much juicy gossip to ponder…that’s the bottom line. She can’t make the money she makes, be who she is and do what she dose w/o the press hounding her…she’s a STAR!

  6. says

    I think that is the best comment i’ve read so far Shanna. Britney does deserves some privacy, and who are we to be judging her? Most of us have probably done worst things. And it’s HER LIFE, we have no right to talk about it.

  7. Shanna says

    You guys DO need to give her a break. She wasn’t given an instruction manual on how to raise Sean after she had him. Everybody makes mistakes with their kids at one time or another; and don’t lie and say you don’t. Unless you’ve walked a mile in her shoes, DO NOT JUDGE HER. You do not know what it’s like to have cameras flashing in your face all day, everyday. The papparazzi follow her every move and she cannot even fart without them knowing about it. Is that the kind of life you’d like to live? Instead of calling her trashy and stupid, take a look at your own life. AT LEAST SHE DOES HAVE ONE!

  8. PaGirl says

    If I Had to name some top Mom Role Models That are Celebrities I Would Say Reese Witherspoon,Jennifer Garner ,Angelina Jolie ,Julia Roberts ,Kathielee Gifford, Kelli Ripa ,Gwen Stafani, Madonna ,Katie couric ,These are All good Examples Of Good Moms That Put their childrens Best Intrests First & That Don’t Take Risks.I’m Sorry But i would Not Put Britney Spears On that List .

  9. PaGirl says

    I Am a Mother & Run a Daycare & I Agree With Nicola ,Simply Put Its basic Commen sense .When you Have children you Have To think In the Best Intrest Of the Child .

  10. Braydie says

    i believe shes shown that she doesnt……. i really hope shes gets it together soon …shes what 6 months pregnant, she cant even control what goes on with one. and i cant believe that she blamed everyone else for all the things thats gone wrong with sean. ( nanny, press, faulty highchair, country people) when something really bad does happen no one will do anything … which we all know its gonna happen…cuz you know shes SUCH a great mom and all …w/e

  11. carleigh says

    Rhonda, I do in theory agree w/ your post however the pic’s of him in the backseat with his head slumped’s my point again. If he is NOT over 1 yr. old it’s a law that he should have been in a rear facing car seat in the MIDDLE of the car…am I wrong? I have always put my 2 yr. old in the middle of the back seat, never on a side by the back doors. What happens if there is an accident on the side of the car your child is on? Also in regard to his head being slumped over that would NOT have happened if he had been in a rear facing car seat that would tilt or lay back a bit so this wouldn’t happen. In a larger car seat I have a cushion that fits around my daughters neck when we drive it not only keeps her head straight but if she does fall asleep she’s not slumped over with her head bobbing around like a rag doll. He should also have had some sort of sun protection i.e. a hat and sun shield on the car seat. She just needs to get educated on a few MAJOR things or she’s gonna get into some kind of catastrophe with her son that she can’t fix.

  12. Braydie says

    it wasnt just his head hanging down. he didnt have the shoulder strap on plus i believe he was too young for that carseat

  13. Rhonda says

    PaGirl- I was takling about when she was in the mini copper with Sean in the back seat and in a carseat with his head hanging down. Everybody made a big deal about his head hanging that happens to almost every child when they fall asleep in a car. The baby in her lap thing was wrong. But have you ever tried to go shopping or just get a cup of coffee from Starbuck and have people with cameras in you face the whole time? Being a mom with a young child and doing these things is hard enough but to always have them in your face must suck.

  14. PaGirl says

    #20 Rhonda Hello, I Think what upsets Moms out there Is that Britney Is in the Limelight Where She could use That to be a role model to other young moms & Simply going down an La Highway With Your baby on your lap in front of a steering wheel is not the best safety for a child that age or any other age for that matter, not to mention against the law.I Had to drive with two young children i watch the other day crying while i was driving & I Couldn’t just turn the baby facing me or hold one of them in my lap while driving ,there’s no excuse for that ,Thats sooooo Dangerous & Against The law . As far as what she chooses to wear I Could care less about that or about who she chooses to be married to But when it’s considering a Childs Well Being yes that should concern everybody ,Its not a matter of making a few mistakes ,Its about risking your childs safety & life ,Someone has To tell her Thats Dangerous!

  15. Rhonda says

    I think that everybody should just leave her ALONE. She is human and we all make mistakes in life. Who care what she wears. And as for the car seat in the mini cooper has anybody ever seen a child in a car while sleeping I myself have a 4 yr old and her head falls down just like his.

  16. Nicki says

    Oh Please Daisy……….So they said Primetime instead of Dateline. It doesn’t really matter, Dateline is on in primetime(for television) which is after 8pm or 7pm in central time.
    Nothing was strechted to unbelievable porportions! Did you see the interview for yourself? Her own words came out of her mouth.
    She is headed for a Mariah Carey breakdown. No I don’t wish that on her, but anyone with eyes and ears can see she isn’t “herself.”
    Carleigh I don’t usually agree with some of what you post, but I do this time. Your so right when you say she complains about the media, then brings them into her home to complain about said attention.
    Sean P. is very, very cute. He is just adorable and I have no doubt she loves him, she just needs to use better judgement and not worry about a photo-op.

  17. carleigh says

    We could have done better w/o the big annoying hunk of gum smacking around in her mouth. She really needs a PR overhaul because as much as I felt sorry for her and still do because of the beating she gets. I have to sit back and ponder that the reason why this happens is because she opens herself up for the scrutiny by how she acts and presents herself. She seems real and genuinely upset by the constant media intrusions into her life, but in the same token she courts the media when it’s appropriate for her. So when they say or do things that she doesn’t like then she wants them to go away and leave her alone to just be a “mom”…well unfortunately it is never that simple. I am sure we will hear more to come.

  18. Daisy7859 says

    I could hardly get past the first line in this story because a main fact is incorrect. The interview did not take place on Primetime. It was on Dateline. These incorrect facts really show how much the truth in Britney’s reality is stretched to almost unbelievable proportions. It upsets me that people do not leave this girl alone. I think it was appropriate for Britney to do this interview on her own terms, and bless her for that.

  19. Lucy Ray says

    Young Britney was a packaged PR product. She’s no longer the fresh-faced, innocent (if she ever was) darling of the press. She’s real now and that’s what people love. They love seeing someone get their “come-uppance” (as we lower class white folks say here in Britney’s south) and the problem with Britney is that she believed her own press and forgot who she really is and therein lies her problem. People are laughing at her and instead of moving OUT of the spotlight, she keeps moving in to it in ways that are less than flattering that when she had a cadre of PR people keeping the “product” saleable. No one has much respect for her now and her music talents are a faint memory. I do feel very sorry for her. I’m sure she’s a sweet, gullible child (as was apparent from the interview) but it’s time to really grow up, Britney. If you don’t want the paparazzi to catch you in a “bad” moment, then don’t let them. Don’t come out looking like you just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever clothing was laying on the floor beside you. Take some time with yourself and THINK before you act. Also, maintain your own privacy in your own space and love your family, even your husband because someone must, and DON’T read the tabloids. People will always talk. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “no one can get your day, unless you let them” (or something to that effect) which means, hold your head up and ignore the riff-raff and just be who you are and be SECURE in your own SELF and your own SELF ESTEEM and if “they” don’t like it, then “f” ’em!

  20. PaGirl says

    I Just want to comment on Britneys Interview With Matt Laur ,Yes i Agree Paparazzi can Go too far to get thee best photo But I Also realize That If you Want Fame You Have To Accept You are a Role Model & Some Of The Things Britney Has Done Lately Make Her Look Very Immature & Not Role Model Material For other Moms Her Age,I Swear When I Saw The Interview She Was Chewing Gum Like A Pop Teenager & Not really taking things Seriously Matt was Asking Her . Britney Kept Saying Accidents Happen ! Well What If The baby would Have fallen ,Then What . I Just Took the 8 week old I Watch To the Store The Other Day & The 12 month Old & They were Crying In The Car & I Couldn’t Just Put Them On My Lap To soothe & Calm Them I Would Have Put Them In Danger ,No Wonder The Doctors Were Saying Things At The Hospital, Heres a Celebrity Singer With enough Money To Pay 4 or more Helpers/Nannies so these things don’t happen,so that accidents don’t happen & I Just think all these Things Along With Her Interview Show that she is an immature young mother that was so used to everyone taking care of Her that i don’t think she quite is grown up enough to be a mother ,its sad. I See Woman Her Age That are very Mature Moms & Very Responsible Moms. How Come We Don’t Hear About These accidents or other things Happening With Jennifer Garner ? Brooke Shields? Reese Witherspoon? & Etc Etc:? Because They Are Responsible .Yes Britney Says We Are People Too ,I Realize That But She Knows Shes In The Limelight In Public More & Continues To Think Of herself like carrying coffe & sean both , I Wouldn’t Have carried Coffee In One Hand & a baby In Another Walking In Heels,Why Not Hand Sean Or The Coffee To The Body Guard Instead Of Trying To Balance Both That Would Have been The Responsible Thing To Do ,Thats all I’m Saying .

  21. CJkemp says

    While feel sorry for Britney, I also greatly admire celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick who acknowledge that their chosen profession has brought undue attention to their child and, in doing so, have greatly controlled the press.
    My advice to Britney would be, “Go home, have your baby, and love your children.” The thing to remember is, the more you put yourself in the limelight, the more in the limelight you are.

  22. stacy says

    The interview was amusing and sad. The mascara or eyelash on her face and chomping gum, kept looking at her eye, waiting for her to brush the fly away. . Instead of saying I made a mistake she’s in denial. She blamed the sidewalk, not that she was trying to juggle a baby and drink. Crying om tje restaurant because employees trying to take her picture, no because she almost dropped her son. The driving thing too crazy. Courtry bumpkin or not, you just don’t put a baby that you behind the wheel.

  23. Mandi says

    She is so obviously lost and has no supportive family lifeline. Her makeup and clothing were giveaways to her stress and lack of support. Where is her family in all this?

    I live in LA and I know where her home is. There are at least 10 cars outside her area every day. EVERY DAY, people. She can’t do anything without someone watching.

  24. Sarah says

    I understand that there is a certain price to pay for you to be famous, but come on , get real. I think the paparazzi all should be shot. There should be some kind of limit put on to how much they can HARRASS these people who just want to be able to go get some freakin coffee!!!!!!

  25. russ says

    When they say there is a price for fame, here is your posterchild! When she cashed all of those millions in royalty checks, did she really think people were paying for the music? She is a product that was packaged and sold. The paprazzi made her the millions and now is the time to pay the piper. You don’t walk around the grocery store eating as you fill the cart and then decide not to buy the groceries because you’re full.. Unless, you are a redneck with little class, pride or manners. Hum. Britney, did you hear that? That was the sound of your last fan leaving. The only people happy this morning in Hollywood is Tom Cruise and his PR team. OOPS She did it again!!!

  26. Stephanie says

    I actually felt sorry for her prior to this interview … I wish that she would have come across as humble … Instead she came across very trashy, very stupid and I too feel sorry for her babies ): After she made comments about Julia Roberts, Jessica Simpson and Goldie Hawn – all I could think of was – they are sooooooooo much more classy than you my friend. Of all the Hollywood mommy’s right now … sorry Brit … you looked like and sounded like you just stepped out of a trailer in deep south LA.

  27. Sarah says

    I dont feel sorry for her children…what a shitty life that would bet o live. Having to have a hundred cameras following you around all day. That has got to make things a little stressfull. She is under the public eye 24/7, cant any one give the girl a break. Lets see, when she was pregnant with Sean, she dressed in bigger clothes. Like dresses and big t-shirts. She got ridiculed for that. Now that shes dressing more trendy in this pregnancy she gets ridiculed for that also. The public will never be happy with what ever she does. I say that she is a good mom and what ever is going on in her personal life is just that HER PERSONAL LIFE.

  28. Tanith says

    Sarah you are totally right, I agree with everything you said. How can her people let her do this to her self? She made her self look even worse than before if thats possible. I feel sorry for her children!

  29. Sarah says

    She was so guarded and defensive throughout the entire interview. And she had zero ability to look critically at herself, passing all blame off on the paparazzi for making her look bad. And all the scapegoating! (“Look at Julia Roberts! She was seeing a married guy who had kids! And Goldie Hawn! And Jessica Simpson!”). If she could have taken any little bit of personal responsiblity for her actions, I might have felt some sympathy (maybe). She looked totally trashy and obviously isn’t the brightest. Her PR person should be fired, as Britney couldn’t have come off worse. The media has portrayed her as irresponsible and rather stupid, and she only confirmed the news in that interview.

  30. Kristine says

    I feel soryr for her that she can’t even get a coffee without having a million people following her. But I agree with Shirley, I think her outfit was completely inappropiate and the gum chewing looks awful during an interview. What mom shows off her chest like that. Not only was her shirt terrible but you could see her bra and her belly through that see though top. Which would have been fine if she wasn’t wearing a daisy duke skirt. Maybe they wouldn’t follow her if she didn’t make herself such an easy target. I agree she shouldn’t care what they say. But people only know what you show them.

  31. Shirley J says

    I am sorry, but I thought she looked absolutely disgusting. Could her dress have been any lower cut without completely flashing all of us. I don’t know how Matt Lauer even got through the interview. The gum chewing was annoying and her answers really made her sound stupid. If that interview was supposed to help her image it failed.

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